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Best Baby Bassinet Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Would you rather wake up multiple times through the night to check on your little angle or have your newborn sleeping next to you in a bassinet?

Most of us pick the latter because all moms and caregivers worry about infants. A newborn is fragile with his or her tiny fingers and their small frame.

When out of sight, all terrible thoughts run through our minds. The only way to end that is by getting the best baby bassinet.

A bassinet is a small structure that is similar to a basket and keeps your baby close to you when sleeping. The other reasons for a bassinet include:

  • Peace of mind for your baby. It works both ways. Your baby got used to your presence in the womb, and if he or she feels your presence, sleeping is easier.
  • Besides the peace of mind, a bassinet makes for easy feeding, and you can adjust the pacifier when it falls off.
  • Most bassinets are lightweight and portable meaning you can tend to your baby from any room and even outdoors. Being able to see a newborn even if they are sleeping is comforting, and you can change the sleeping position.
  • A bassinet is perfect if you plan on traveling.
  • If you are against your baby sleeping in a different room from yours in their early months, a bassinet works fine.
  • If you are recovering from a C-section.

5 Best Baby Bassinet Reviews 2022

The neutral leaf pattern is the first that gets your attention on this bassinet.

Then, there is the sleek minimalistic design and the elegant fabric.

These physical features win over your heart instantly, and you automatically feel that your baby will be safe in the bassinet.

But, as any good mother would, you have to look for other features besides the looks.

It is your baby we are talking about here!

This bassinet is suitable for infant weighing less than 15 pounds, and it measures 33x17x45 inches.

The skeleton of this bassinet is a steel frame and the fiber pad polyester.

The material for construction if fiber which makes for the great looks.

The fabric is machine washable. Even with all these features, the bassinet weighs 10.5 pounds only.

You know what this means, it is lightweight and moves around easily. Is it safe to get around?

Yes. It has a locking mechanism that makes this possible.

If your baby is stubborn and you have to sing all the lullabies to lull him or her, then, this bassinet is what you need.

The pre-loaded electronic music module selection of soothing lullabies will put your baby to sleep gently. This promises to calm your fussy baby.

For storage space, this bassinet has got you covered.

It has a large two-section basket under the bassinet. You can store all your baby’s essentials there.

The other important feature of this bassinet is the adjustable canopy.

You can style it whichever way you deem fit. The design of the canopy makes it move up and down with ease.

This canopy is also removable.

If your baby hates the cover overhead, just get rid of it, and he or she will smile more.

It requires the use of batteries. These batteries last for about 100 hours.


  • It is CPSIA regulated, and GOTS certified organic hence totally safe for your baby.
  • It has adjustable, removable canopy.
  • The center sling keeps your baby comfortable, and your child will think that you are still holding him or her.
  • It's easy to assemble and lightweight to move around the house.


  • The music is very loud.
  • Not sturdy enough, and the wheel is hard to turn.

This Halo bassinet is one the best bassinets that makes this possible because of its unique baby and parent-friendly construction.

It is the only bassinet with a 360-degrees swiveling angle.

Therefore, you can see your child from any angle as he or she sleeps and getting out of bed is easy.

The side wall of the bassinet lowers making it easy for you to tend to your baby.

If you underwent a C-section, then you will appreciate this feature even more.

For safety, you can lock this wall in an upright position.

This bassinet is ideal for use in small spaces thanks to the 4-point base which fits most beds with a height ranging from 22 to 34 inches.

The base fits under the bed, and you can tend to your baby with ease from the bed. It also has a 32” clearance from the wall hence ideal for small rooms.

The 4-point base is sturdy and stable, and you don’t have to worry about it flipping over.

Safety also comes from the use of a polyurethane mattress pad which is waterproof, nontoxic, and fire retardant. It is BPA-free.

For soothing your child, the bassinet comes with a nightlight, three soothing sounds, three lullabies, two-level vibration and a nursing timer.

The light and the sounds shut off automatically in 30 minutes.

It also comes with a polyester fitted sheet, and you can wipe it clean with a damp piece of cloth.

This sheet is machine washable. To keep baby things within reach, it has two storage pockets.


  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • The 360-degree rotation angle makes for quick access to your baby.
  • Works well for small spaces.
  • It is safe, and the polyurethane mattress pad doesn’t emit volatile gases.


  • The mattress is quite thick and hard for babies to sleep.
  • It's heavy to move around the house.

Sleeping far from a newborn is tough for mom or dad. We all worry a little too much.

But, our reasons are valid – aren’t they?

Just think of how delicate and fragile your little angel – wouldn’t you do anything to keep them safe?

Though you cannot tower over them all the time, here is something that may help – the Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper.

The name gives it away, doesn’t it? This co-sleeper lets you sleep next to your baby, and you can reach them fast.

With the legs on this co-sleeper, you can draw your baby close if they start fussing or crying.

You can comfort, feed them, and bond with them without leaving your bed. Who wouldn’t want this comfort?

Parenting and caring for a newborn is strenuous and tiring.

A new mom or dad hardly gets enough sleep and getting up every few hours is disruptive.

This co-sleeper is perfect for you and your baby – everyone goes back to sleep after a few minutes.

What makes this co-sleeper this efficient?

First, its innovative design that incorporates the use of built-in leg extensions means that you can adjust it for different bed heights.

It also comes with four castor wheels which simply mobility around the house.

You can keep an eye and get a few things done when your child is playing or napping.

To maintain order and for quick access to all your baby essentials, this co-sleeper has adequate storage space.

This storage is in the form of a large attached storage basket.

It is a little heavy; weighs 26.4 pounds.

It is also a little big and measures 34 x 20 x 31 inches meaning that it will take up a little extra space.

Carrying it around will not be easy when you cannot use the castor wheels.

The design material for this co-sleeper is nylon. This makes for the 360 degrees view of your baby.

It comes with a fitted sheet strap and a plate and will work well until your baby reaches five months.


  • Afforable price.
  • It is easy to assemble it thanks to the clear installation instructions.
  • Easy access to your baby and if you are a paranoid mom, you can finally sleep peacefully. You don’t have to get out of bed.
  • It is safe, and you have a 360 degrees view of your child. It also keeps baby away from toddlers and pets.


  • The wheels feel flimsy.
  • The mattress is very thin and hard.

You are probably going through review because you are looking for a bassinet you can travel with.

Well, you found her.

This travel bassinet by Brica meets every man’s needs.

Your baby gets to sleep comfortably any place anywhere, safely and comfortably.

Wondering how this is possible?

It has a slim, lightweight design and weighs 2.4lbs. This bassinet also folds flat, and you can stow it away easily.

It comes with a carrying handle that increases convenience – it can fit in your suitcase easily.

For your little one’s comfort, this travel bassinet comes with a mattress pad and a fitted sheet. The pad is water resistant.

Though it comes with a fitted bassinet sheet, any other standard bassinet sheet will fit this Brica bassinet.

The bassinet’s fabric is breathable thanks to the mesh panel sides which promote air flow.

The mattress on this bassinet is removable.

The construction fabric is stain resistant, and you can wipe it clean easily. The fabric is also lead-free.

Wondering what assures you of your baby’s safety with this bassinet?

It has a safe-T-Lock system made of sturdy frame locks.

The locks lock with an audible click at four different points letting you know when the bassinet is ready for use.

Also, when done, you just press the release buttons then fold up the bassinet.

Unfortunately, this bassinet will be viable for use within your baby’s first three months or before they weigh 15 pounds.

You should also discontinue use when your baby starts to push the bassinet with their hands and knees.

So, if need to join your friends or family outdoors, or you need to travel with an infant, this is the ideal bassinet to buy. It also makes a perfect gift.


  • Lightweight and highly portable thanks to the easy folding.
  • It has a firm base.
  • The four-point safe-T-lock system makes this bassinet safe and secure for your baby.
  • The mesh sides make this bassinet visible and breathable.
  • It is stain resistant and easy to clean.


  • The mattress pad is quite thin, makes it a little uncomfortable.
  • Make sure to check the size before buying.

This swivel bassinet is a must-have for every caregiver of an infant.

Swiveling and rotation at 360 degrees mean that you reach your baby easier from the bed. You can easily bring your child close to you.

The bassinet’s side wall lowers, and you can tend to that little angel with ease.

You can also lock this sidewall in an upright position if you wish to.

If you are a nursing mom or recovering from a C-section, then this is the best bassinet to have around the house.

For stability, this bassinet has a stable four-point base that adjusts easily to fit the size of your bed.

The adjustable height ranges from 22 to 34 inches.

The base remains secure through the night or day thanks to the base that tucks easily under the bed.

This base only requires a 32-inch clearance from the wall. It is perfect for small spaces.

This 360-degrees swiveling bassinet comes with a 100 percent polyester fitted sheet.

It wipes clean when you use a damp cloth. The sheet is also machine-washable.

For storage, this bassinet comes with storage pockets.

The mattress pad is a polyurethane mattress pad which is waterproof. It is also free from toxic flame retardants. 

Independent testing shows that this bassinet meets or even exceeds the standards set by the U.S.

Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada. It has a JPMA certification.

You should, however, discontinue the use of this bassinet if when you baby starts rolling over, pulling, kneeling or pushing.

It comes with a HALO SleepSack Swaddle that improves your baby’s safety when sleeping.

You can easily customize this bassinet with accessories like a bassinet mobile or a storage caddy to keep your baby’s essentials close by.

The mesh walls add comfort thanks to their breathability. It is phthalate and lead-free.

However, it is quite heavy to carry around though – weighs 47.8 pounds and has a maximum weight of 30 pounds.


  • It makes for convenient access to baby after birth thanks to the 360-degrees swiveling.
  • The mesh panels make this bassinet breathable and comfortable.
  • It has a sturdy design and keeps baby safe.
  • It is pretty and has an elegant design.
  • Side wall lowers so tending to your baby from bed is easy


  • It is heavy to move it around.
  • The mattress is uncomfortable for babies(some caregivers report that it is too hard).

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Bassinet

If you're looking for a baby bassinet, consider the following features:

  • Type - Are you getting a portable, travel, visual style, or a co-sleeper?
  • Safety - Does the bassinet allow your son or daughter to slip on their back without bending? Is the mattress safe? Is the base safe?
  • Mesh side - To prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, make sure the walls have mesh for air flow.
  • Materials - The best bassinet has organic and nontoxic materials. It doesn’t expose your baby to toxins or harmful chemicals.
  • Mattress - Is the mattress comfortable? Does the mattress come with a fitted sheet?
  • Ease of use - The top baby bassinet has an easy assembly process. It also makes for easy usage in different rooms.
  • Ease of cleaning - It should be easy to clean fabrics. Is it machine washable? Is it stain resistant? Is it easy to put it back after cleaning?
  • Size - Can you move it with ease? Does it have a removable basket? Can it get through narrow hallways?


A bassinet is an essential item to have in your home if you have a newborn. A bassinet brings comfort to a new mother because, even if you are the most care-free person around, a new life in your home makes you paranoid.

To sleep through the night peacefully, or as long as your baby is asleep, you need this secret weapon.

You also need a bassinet because it enhances convenience. You reach your baby easily, and you can feed them without leaving your bed.

A bassinet that doubles as a co-sleeper makes it possible for you to share the bed with your baby. You won’t be afraid of sleeping on them or obstructing them because your baby will be on his or her personal space.

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet - Editor's Choice

The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet with the falling leaves design takes the day. It looks great with the nature theme. The steel frame makes it sturdy, and the fabric is machine-washable. It is lightweight, and you can move it around in different rooms. Safety comes from the use of safe materials as well as the locking casters. The other unique feature of this bassinet is the calming nightlight and the soothing music. The pad and the fitted sheet make it a comfortable sleeping area for your baby.

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