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Best Baby Car Mirror Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Here is something that will make you lose your composure – a quiet baby in the rear car seat.

It doesn’t matter how composed you are normally because babies are fragile.

So, when you don’t know what she is doing or if she is breathing, you will engage the emergency breaks and fly around the back to check on her.

But, if you are a smart mom, there is a nifty gadget you’ll buy – the best baby car mirror.

This mirror is an innovative solution to the rational-turned incredibly anxious mom. It also works well for the ever composed parent.

5 Best Baby Car Mirror Reviews 2022

This is the top-rated baby car mirror seat, and we don’t think you should get this mirror just because of its high rating.

This is our favorite mirror that will keep your eyes on your baby.

Once awake, your child will also see you, and you can communicate effortlessly.

The features of the car mirror that make this our best mirror include:

A wide angled convex mirror: this wide angle makes it possible for you to have full sight of your precious cargo.

You will also monitor your child’s surroundings.

Therefore, if the baby blanket leans on one side, you can prevent any potential accident.

This mirror has a new design.

It comes fully assembled with an unbreakable pivot attachment that stays in place throughout after set up.

The new design is the result of comments and feedback from other parents.

The use of shatterproof glass: the glass that makes up the mirror largely determines the safety of your child.

If you have been putting off buying this baby car mirror because you worry that the glass will break, you should get this mirror.

The mirror is a shatterproof acrylic glass surface that withstands high impact.

Therefore, this mirror gives you peace of mind.

The 360-degree adjustability: attachment of the mirror to the pivoting and tilting backrest attachment gives the mirror a high level of maneuverability.

You can adjust the mirror in all angles for comfort. The design of this mirror aims to give maximum exposure to your baby.

Easy set up: for installation of this car mirror, you have the two strap clicks.

The mirror comes with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Even with this guarantee, you can trust the baby car mirror because it has undergone crash-testing and it has a safety certification.


  • High-quality design with shatterproof acrylic glass surface.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is adjustable around 360 degrees, and it has a high maneuverability.
  • It comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Fairly large so it is easy to view your child.


  • The straps are a little difficult to adjust.
  • Your back seats must have a headrest.

It’s time to stop worrying about what your baby is doing and if they are breathing properly when driving.

With the fragility of babies, you may be wondering how you can stop worrying, well, just get this TWOBIU Baby Car Mirror.

This is one of our favorite baby car mirrors because it enhances your safety when driving.

Some accidents happen when you are worried because you can’t see your baby and you end up hitting the breaks without thinking. You prevent that with this mirror.

It has a wide and a clear view that lets you watch your baby from head to toes using the reflection on your rearview mirror.

You don’t have to worry about the glass breaking. This mirror has high-quality shatterproof acrylic glass.

The glass is also scratch resistant, and you will be able to see your baby clearly at all times.

The mirror has a solid frame made of lightweight but sturdy ABS polymer plastic.

There also is a solid support plate which is strong, and it keeps the mirror in place throughout.

For better peace of mind, the mirror comes with straps made of robust and durable polyester fabric.

These straps are adjustable, and they have clips which make installation easy.

Since the mirror comes fully assembled, you’ll only attach it to the headrest.

The mirror’s pivoting ball joint is versatile and rotates around a 360 degrees angle.

Therefore, you can choose your preferred viewing angle.

It also comes with bonus gifts which are highly functional.

These gifts are the high-quality hooks and two mirror cleaning clothes.

The cleaning clothes are soft but can clean dust and fingerprints from the mirror.

The hooks work well for prams to hold baby items.


  • The clips are strong and durable.
  • The mirror has a wide viewing angle for head-to-toe view of your baby.
  • It's easy and simple to install.
  • Highly maneuverable, adjustable, and it rotates around 360 degrees.


  • The base makes it wobble as it rattles while driving.

With the safety of your child at stake, baby car mirrors undergo rigorous tests to make sure that the mirror works well.

The tests also make sure that the mirror isn’t a safety hazard in the car. This Baby Car Mirror Bundle by Yes Baby is one of the safest and the best mirrors.

This is a high-quality baby car mirror made of shatterproof glass to protect your child.

The mirror has a wide view, and you can watch your infant and the other kids seated at the back.

The mirror stays safe once attached to the headrest thanks to the ultra-secure strap system.

The straps are sturdy and will hold the mirror in place throughout.

Since the mirror comes fully assembled, you won’t have to spend time or even money making sure that all the parts are in the right place.

It is strong, and its 360 degrees rotation means you can adjust the mirror to any viewing angle you like.

So, if you have been looking for a hassle-free and a safe mirror that will let you see your smiling baby every time you look up, get this.

You will also like the fact the mirror comes with one strong, soft, and beautiful strap cover to protect your baby from strap irritation.

It also comes with a strong cleaning cloth for wiping the mirror.


  • It offers a 360 degrees viewing angle.
  • The bonus straps are strong and beautiful.
  • Heavy duty and shatterproof glass.
  • Easy to install or secure on the headrest’s front.


  • It doesn’t work for attached headrests.

This parent approved and crash tested baby car mirror is what you have been looking for.

For your peace of mind and for a happy baby who sees their mom or dad whenever they look up, you should consider this car mirror.

It has gone through crash tests at 45MPH, and the mirror remains in place throughout.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the mirror falling off as you drive even at low speeds.

It comes with full factory warranty too.

The mirror comes fully assembled, and you will have it fully installed in a few seconds.

To install it, unpack it from the gift box, strap it onto the headrest and then adjust the viewing angle.

The attachment straps are super strong, and they have Cozy Green’s patent.

These straps are black durable polymer materials which mount to the headrest easily.

The straps enhance the safety and the stability of the mirror.

The glass is shatterproof, and it offers the clearest view of your baby.

The convex mirror gives you a wide angle, and you can view your child and their surroundings.

You also get to choose the viewing angle thanks to the strong attachment ball joints and the 360-degrees rotation angle.

The bonus cleaning cloth gets rid of dust, fingerprints, and dirt for a clearer view.

You will also love that most proceeds from sales of Cozy Green’s car mirrors go to charity.


  • The mirror attaches strongly, and it doesn’t make noise when driving.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The straps and the glass have a sturdy construction.


  • It shifts and rattles while driving.
  • You cannot fix the mirror on fixed headrests.

Happiness and peace of mind wash over you when you look in the rearview mirror and meet your child’s big smile.

On the other hand, not knowing how your baby is sleeping and what they are doing, until you turn around is unsettling. It also increases risks of accidents.

Fortunately, you have baby car mirrors which work like car baby monitors letting you know what your baby is doing as you drive.

These mirrors also enhance your safety when driving. The Sonilove Baby Car Mirror is one such good mirror.

You can install it in seconds because it attached to the rear seat’s headrest easily.

It also rotates and pivots with ease giving you a clear view.

The mirror has a convex shape and gives you a wide view of your baby and the surrounding.

The 360-degree pivot offers high maneuverability.

The glass is 100% shatterproof acrylic, and it has a strong black frame which enhances your baby’s safety in case of an accident or a crash.

It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

This mirror fits most vehicles from cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.


  • The mirror is big, and it has a large viewing angle.
  • It is adjustable and highly maneuverable, but it doesn’t shake.
  • The glass is resistant to breaking.
  • It is easy to install and compatible with most vehicles.


  • The mirror get broke quite easily.

What is a Baby Car Mirror?

It is the second mirror mounted on the rear seat of your car, facing forwards, and angled in the direction of your baby. Once installed, you will be able to look in your rearview mirror, and you will see your baby’s reflection in the car’s mirror.

With this baby mirror, you can tell when your daughter child is asleep if her neck is propped well and if she is breathing well. So, no more emergency slamming of breaks! This also means that you won’t have to wake up your baby and she won’t be cranky throughout the ride.

The other benefit of the mirror is that your baby will grow up knowing that her mom isn’t an overprotective and a crazy mom. Being calm makes a parent approachable, and you want to keep that quality throughout your life.

A car mirror is, therefore, the cool gadget that will let you look at your baby as your drive on the freeway and smile. The mirror is also for your baby to see you.

Features to Look for When Buying A Baby Car Mirror

Unfortunately, you cannot just walk into a shop selling baby car mirrors and buy the first one you see. You have to consider the following features:

  • Your car’s headrests
    Since most baby car mirrors require fastening on an adjustable headrest, your car’s backseat must have a headrest. You may find mirrors that work for car seats without headrests, but they are hard to get.

  • Shatterproof glass
    The glass making up the glass should be resistant to shattering. Accidents are inevitable, and in case the mirror falls off the headrest, the shrapnel shouldn’t injure your baby.

    Some mirrors have hard plastic support to the mirror as well as plastic frames. You may also want to make sure that the glass is acrylic and scratch resistant for clear images.

  • Attachment straps
    How secure are the attachment straps? Wil they hold the mirror in place even when driving at high speed? The best straps are super strong polyester straps.

    You may also want to look for straps with clips for stronger attachment. You should also look for mirrors with unbreakable pivot attachments. The attachment straps also determine how safe your baby will be.

  • Adjustability
    The best baby mirrors allow you to look at your child from any angle. This happens because the mirrors often have a 360 degrees rotation angle. This angle lets you adjust the mirror as you deem fit for your comfort.

  • Ease of use
    Baby car mirrors usually come fully assembled and easy to install. They are easy to use because you’ll only need to fix the adjustment straps in place.


With the peace of mind, safety, and convenience of watching your child without turning your head, you can agree with us that a baby car mirror is a must-have. Being an overly anxious parent and driver jeopardizes your safety on the road, and a car mirror keeps you calm.

While finding the best baby car mirror is challenging at first, it gets easier when you know the features to look for. These features include shatterproof glass, snug and strong attachment straps, and 360-degrees rotation angles.

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