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Best Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Isn't it tiring to worry about the safety of your child whenever they are awake?

Aren't you tired of the heart wrenching scares associated with your adorable toddler making his/her way down the risky stairs?

We know that you love your child to bits and you would do everything possible to keep them safe.

Baby proof hardly works, kids are very smart! Don't worry, though.

We've got your back. We have curated for you a list of the best baby gates for stairs.

These baby gates are also perfect for keeping pets out of harm's way and can be used on top or at the bottom of the stairs, from the hallway to the doorway.

The safety benefits of having the baby gates for stairs include:

  • Emotional Stability
    We understand how emotionally draining it is to worry about your child every day with that set of stairs. The only way to be at peace is by having a sturdy baby gate for the stairs.

  • Safety at Home
    Accidents are reported in homes daily. Though natural, most of these accidents are preventable. Baby gates for stairs create this safety haven at home.

  • Certification
    They should be approved and received the certification for use from the safety control departments, and they are perfect for your home. These gates don't have toxins, and they are smooth.

  • Sturdy
    though easy to install using pressure mounts, these gates are strong. As long as you pick a baby gate that fits your child's age group, your family will stay safe.

5 Best Baby Gates for Stairs Reviews 2022

Summer Infant presents their bronze, Summer Infant Multi-Use Deci Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, a metallic 36″ tall gate that fits openings about 28-48″ wide.

If you are a new mom, it means that you are just finding out how much mischief your child gets into and that those two minutes when your child falls silent isn’t the time to kick back and relax. That’s when we panic.

Whether you are a stay at home or a working mom, you need a way to keep your child out of danger and any form of unnecessary mischief.

The stairway is the most dangerous section of the house for kids, and you need the best protection for your baby.

Therefore, we need to protect them, and we can finally protect the little ones with this Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate.

It has a dual locking system and an Auto-close walk-through door.

This door has a door stopper that is easily removable for use at the top of the stairs. This stopper prevents the door from opening towards the stairs.

For use between rooms, this Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate comes with a pressure mounted installation.

This gate comes with optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways.

The bronze finish gives this baby gate an attractive finish, and it comes with hardware that provides tight and reliable protection at the stairway.

This protection extends to your pets too.

Proper mounting of the door with a door stopper and the extra hardware, it provides excellent protection at the top and bottom of the stairs.

The auto-close feature makes it possible for the door to close gently behind you.

The one-hand walk-thru on the other end enhances safety by opening in either direction. You can operate the door with one hand.


  • Very easy to install.
  • Offers tight security at the top and bottom of the stairway.
  • Looks attractive and complements your home's interior décor.
  • The pressure mount installation doesn't leave any marks on the door/ wall.
  • Relatively easy to open and close.


  • Noisy if slam shut disturbing a sleeping child.

This gate is white, matching or complementing your home’s style.

It fits spaces between 29″ and 39″ wide and you can get additional extensions for bigger spaces from Amazon.

With the extensions, the gate can reach and fit 60-inch spaces.

To prevent causing scratches and unnecessary repairs on your wall, this baby stair gate is pressure mounted between the openings to function effectively.

The pressure mount system saves the wall thanks to it spindle rods and a six-inch extension gate for one gate.

For use at the top of the stairs, this Regalo-designed Easy Step Walk-Thru Baby Gate is affixed at the firmly using the high-quality wall cups.

These cups are part of the pressure mount system and save the wall.

This gate has a one hand open and safety locking feature that enhances convenience and safety. two, there must be a cautious assembly of the door within the doorway of the staircase opening.

The instructions manual helps for fine assembly.

It is perfect for use in hallways, staircases, and doorways keeping your child or pet out of harm. You can trust this gate because.

The American Society of Testing Materials and Juvenile Products Manufactures Association gave approval for the gate’s certification.

This gate is 31 inches tall this safe around your horrible twos.

The gate’s lever style handle offers the easiest one-touch releases for the doors.

In case your baby overgrows this gate, you can easily take it down, and the wall pressure cups will keep the wall in good shape after removal.

The cups provide an extra security layer to your child, children, and pets.

To enhance the safety of your home and to keep you child from harm’s way, Regalo ensures that they sell certified gates to you.

Apart from the American Society of Testing Materials’ and the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association’s certifications, these gates come with a 90-day warranty.


  • Easy to install.
  • Very lightweight/ portable, you can keep it in the closet just before your guests arrive of when you no longer need it.
  • Perfect for use with children and pet’s too.
  • No screws or damage to your wall.


  • Not very good for your smart 2 or 3-year-old, they will open the latch anyway.

Regalo got you covered with their white Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate.

First off, the color complements any interior décor and style.

As the name suggests, this is an extra tall walk-thru gate standing at 41-inches tall, and its design is convenient for easy walk-throughs.

The door comes in a size that fits a 29.5-inch to a 34-inch space, but this gate is expandable to 40 inches with the included 6-inch extension kit. Your hips will fit the space just fine.

The extra height of this gate keeps your curious child away from danger and the pet hairs away from your baby’s crib.

This gate is sturdy thanks to its 100 percent steel construction for durability and strength.

It comes with four wall cups for pressure mounting. This makes this the best baby gate for stairs, and it works best at the top.

It is light weight and is as easy to carry around as is the ease of installing it.

If you need to take it down for storage or traveling, you won’t have a tough time since it is easy to pull down the pressure mounted wall cups.

Adults can walk through this baby gate easily thanks to its convenient design and through pass made possible by lifting the simple lever style handle.

Safety is on top of every parent’s mind through the one-touch release of the gate; you can pass through while keeping your toddlers safe.

This one-touch release is impossible to open by toddlers.

Regalo ensures that they enhance your security. This gate uses non-toxic powder coats and products that meet the ASTM and the JPMA certification standards.

This gate is best for kids aged between 6 to 36 months and comes with a 90-day warranty.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy handle to lift up to open.
  • Would be easy to travel with if necessary.


  • The walk thru is pretty narrow.
  • Not easy to operate if you're carrying anything.

This baby gate is a product from Evenflo and it’s wooden.

If you value looks and would like to complement your rustic or traditional home design, then this is your best baby gate for use at the top of the stairs.

It stands tall at 32 inches and its width expands from 30 inches to 48 inches.

It comes with a removable swing control and offers effective child-resistance with its one-hand release.

It is functional for use in high-traffic areas.

Its installation and removal are easy thanks to its 4-point hardware designed for fitting in different kinds of openings.

It measures 32.8×27.6×2.2inches and weighs a mere 7.7 pounds. You shouldn’t worry about causing any damage to the wall.

The adjustable width and height provides maximum utilization of spaces and well, anyone can pass through these gates easily.

The gate opens easily in either direction enhancing accessibility. It is easy to latch and unlatch the gate.

Are you worried that the gate will swing over while on top of the stairs, well Evenflo considered this and the gate comes with a swing control to prevent that possibility?

The wood used is strong, and the gate withstands a considerable degree of pressure.

You shouldn’t be worried about the weakness of the gate when your toddler throws tantrums.

For extra stability, you should consider using an electric drill during installation.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to install or pull down.
  • Good aesthetics and functionality.
  • Opens to both directions.


  • Just decent quality.
  • This gate is very light. Not great for those living with dogs that might jump on it.

During your search, you will come across a big number of walk-thru baby gates for stairs as we did.

However, all these gates have different features, and they are from different companies.

This also means that the quality and the price is variable.

The Baby Safety Gate Walk-Thru Door is a one of a kid gate door for stairs manufactured by Baby & Mom.

It extends from 29 inches to 30 inches. It comes with a single extension of 5.5 inches.

It is versatile and perfect for use in staircases and doorways and offers maximum protection for children and pets.

Installation of this strong and durable door gate is hassle-free thanks to the adjustable bolts for pressure mounting. Removal of this portable gate is just as easy.

The Baby Safety Gate Walk-Thru’s design includes durable metal designs that not only accessorize your house but also hold sturdily against any force.

This strength plus the precise latching enhances your safety.

Accidental escapes and forgetting to lock the door well are two things you’ll never have to deal with when you have this door.

You can tell if the door is locked or not by the color changes. A locked gate shows red and an open door is green.

The advanced but easy locking system keeps your toddlers out of harm’s way, however, smart they are.

This door makes your life easier as a result of its strength. Note that you won’t just keep your child safe but your pets too.

The grilles are close to each other, and your pet won’t find their way out of the house.

Do you live in an apartment?

Well, even though you aren’t to make any permanent changes and modifications to the house, you can still have this baby gate in your house.

The pressure mounting system doesn’t interfere with the house’s wall.


  • It is sturdy – your toddler's tantrums and their demonstrations will not pull it down.
  • Highly affordable price.
  • Super lightweight, portable and versatile.
  • Leave no marks on the wall.


  • Slow to no response customer service.
  • The extension seems a little flimsy.


Besides safety, the best baby gate will not affect the walls or the staircase railings since they have the easiest installation systems which are hassle-free.

This means that if you live in an apartment, you can keep your child and pet safe without contravening any rules set by the landlord.

Baby gates accessorize your home, thanks to the unique and classy designs they come in. whether they are metallic or wooden, bronze or white, they introduce a unique feature to your house.

The gates are very affordable, and you know it, prevention is better than cure, always!

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate - Editor's Choice

Out of these five baby gates, we recommend the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate. As the name suggests, it’s extra tall. We know that your toddler is smart and they are super curious. This extra tall baby gate that stands tall at 36 inches will keep your baby safe if they are between 6 months and 2 years age. Most importantly, these gates are very easy to install and it can fit perfectly for your entrance ways.

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