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Best Baby Rattles Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Nothing defines a quintessential baby toy than a rattle.

A baby rattle is a toy that produces a rattling sound when it is shaken.

Rattles have been in existence for centuries, and it still remains a favorite of babies all around the world.

Apart from providing endless amusement to the baby, the best baby rattles can also function as one of the teething toys.

These seemingly small toys often hung on crib mobile are known to improve hand-eye coordination in infants.

It can also help them refine their motor skills and work on their dexterity as well.

With so many choices on the market, it is easy to find a mediocre baby rattle. However, the task of finding the best one can be a herculean task.

Therefore, we have taken the liberty to review five of the best baby rattles.

Join us and find out which one of these baby rattles appeal to you and your baby.

5 Best Baby Rattles Reviews 2022

Babies are not the most coordinated, so chances of them dropping their toys are very high.

This ingenious wrist rattle will keep your baby sufficiently entertained without dropping it.

The rattles in the form of butterflies and ladybugs on the wrist bands are soft, and their smiley faces will delight your child. The wrist rattles come in two.

A fantastic addition is that there is a pair of foot finders as well.

They are also equipped with cute rattles, which will make it really fun to play with.

The wrist rattles and the foot finders are a one size fits all.

So you will not have a problem using it irrespective of the size of your infant.


  • Wrist rattle and foot finder combo
  • Colorful design
  • Soft and skin-friendly materials
  • Improves sensory development


  • Foot finders may not work for bigger infants
  • The rattling sound could be improved

If you are looking for a rattle combo on a deal, you can’t go wrong with this one.

It comes with a ten-piece set, which includes – rattles, shaker, teether, musical toy set.

It comes in a colorful design that is guaranteed to delight your baby.

This rattle set is so versatile that newborn babies, as well as toddlers, can use it.

The variety of textures, shapes, and sizes of the toys makes it very versatile so they will facilitate the development of motor and sensory skills.

Our baby will also love making a variety of sounds with this rattle set.

You can also choose this rattle set as a great gift for expecting mothers.


  • Ten piece set
  • Comes in different sizes and textures
  • Makes a great gift choice
  • A storage box is included


  • Contains plastic components
  • Must be used under supervision

This is a rattle and a teether in one.

The rattle is in the middle while the teethable balls are on two ends.

The rattle is housed in a BPA-free casing with colorful beads while the balls are flexible and easy to hold.

Your baby will have no problem holding this toy as it is textured.

The proprietary Oball material that makes up the rattle and teether makes it flexible, so your baby will love playing with it.

It can also be squeezed, and the balls will bounce back seamlessly.

This shaker teether combo is also very easy to clean. Wipe it with a damp cloth whenever required.

It is, however, not recommended to submerge the rattle in water.


  • Rattler and teether combo
  • Flexible design
  • BPA free material
  • Effortless to clean


  • Not suitable for toddlers with full teeth
  • Not very durable

This pair of wrist rattles will surely make your little bounce with joy.

It comes in a wrist band design with an animated monkey and panda.

You can also choose the one that comes with a ladybug and a butterfly as well.

Although it is marketed as a wrist rattle, you can also use it on the ankles of the baby without any problem.

The velcro closures make it possible to be closed securely.

Adjusting it according to the size of your baby’s wrist and ankles is a breeze.

The materials are soft and do not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin in any way.

And of course, the rattles work to perfection, which is sure to keep your child entertained.


  • Cute animated designs
  • Soft on the skin
  • Can be worn on the wrist or the ankles
  • Machine washable


  • Velcro closure has durability issues
  • Rattling sound is a bit low

This baby rattle takes the trophy for being the most whimsical and cute.

With its top part shaped like a cloud, the rattling also sounds like falling rain.

That is not all. A row of colorful ribbons lines the bottom of the cloud, which adds to its overall appeal.

The handle houses the rattle, and it is made of clear materials so the beads can be seen easily.

At the tip of the handle, you will also find a squeaker ball, which makes this rattle even more fun to play with.

Another great feature that you will love is that this rattle is part of the Silver Lining Cloud collection.

So you can also buy other pieces to complement this rainstick rattle.


  • The rattle sounds like falling rain
  • Cute and fluffy design
  • Comes with a squeaker ball
  • Very soft on the skin


  • The ribbons can come off easily
  • A bit pricey for one piece


Baby rattles are more than just a toy. They can help your baby in their sensory and motor development.

The cute designs of these rattles floored us completely. 

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