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4 Amazing Baby Shower Gifts for the Over-Prepared Mum

She’s already got all the furniture, a wardrobe of clothes and nappies, and a small library of books. What on earth do you get for a baby shower present for the mum who seems to have it all already?

You also don’t want to get something that other people might be about to gift them, which means it’s time to get your thinking hats on and find some inspiration that no-one else is giving.

Here are some ideas for gifts if you are struggling to come up with something for this over-prepared mum-to-be.

1. A “Free Hour Kit”

New mums can have a stressful time trying to deal with a new-born. If offered the chance to slip away for an hour to relax, they might not know quite what to do with themselves. One of the best and most thoughtful presents you could put together is a “free hour” kit.

This is a small hamper filled with goodies they can use to chill out. Include a bath bomb or some bubble bath, baby formula or even a set of feeding bottles, and their tipple of choice; be it a sachet of hot chocolate or a small bottle of their favourite wine.

Such a collection will be treasured by the new mum and she can look forward to a chance to relax once her baby is here. You could maybe even promise to look after the baby for a few hours after it’s born to ensure that she can fully get away from distractions and relax!

2. A High-End Treat

Does your mum have tastes for the higher things in life? You could arrange a cashpot with everyone at the baby shower to build up a small collection of money to buy one of her favourite designer handbags.

It will be a complete surprise for her and it is a brilliant way for everyone to gift her something on top of any other presents you might have got her for the baby.

Even Saint Laurent bags or other designer brands could become much more affordable if you all put a little money towards it.

It also stops one person overshadowing everyone else’s presents with a designer gift.  Come together to treat her in a way she truly won’t expect.

3. A Treat for Both Parents

With a baby shower, a lot of emphasis can be placed on Mum and Baby and the other parent can end up feeling a bit left out. Why not get something which both parents can enjoy?

From their favourite film to a set of essential oils and diffuser to promote better sleep and relaxation, there are gifts everywhere which can both parents are sure to love.

Another idea would be a gift voucher for the cinema (that doesn’t have an expiry date that’s within a few months!) or for one of their favourite restaurants. This will likely be something that no-one else will have brought them, so you can guarantee that you’ll have a unique gift.

If you go down the cinema route, you could even gift them a basket of different popcorn flavours to go alongside it.

Finding time as a couple is difficult after having a new baby, but knowing they have a voucher to use together will spur them on and help ensure they put some time aside.

Mum’s partner might also seriously appreciate not being forgotten in the middle of all the baby shower madness.

They are also going to be heading on the journey of becoming a new parent. While they might not be the one experiencing the pregnancy, they don’t want to be left behind.

4. A Memory Book

One of the best gifts you could give to a mum-to-be is a personalised memory book where they add in momentos and photos from either the baby’s birth, or their first few years growing up.

You could even personalise the book with the baby’s name (if you know what it’s going to be), or the family name. This is an item that they may not purchase for themselves as it probably isn’t on their priority list, but it’s something everyone would love to have.

Give them an extra surprise and add in any photos that you have of the mum whilst they’re pregnant - then they can look back on their entire journey!


Baby showers can be difficult to buy for as it is. However, when a mum is already well-prepared, you can really struggle to think of a thoughtful gift for her.

There might be a few things you can think of if everything else has been taken care of. Focus on the mum and her partner and try to come up with something they are genuinely going to love.

It might be easier than you think to come up with a unique present which blows them away.