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Best Baby Sun Hat Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Most parents know that children love to play outside, which also means that the sun is going to be their primary enemy.

There are several ways to tackle this problem, and getting a sun hat is one of them.

Sun hats protect your little ones from the harmful rays while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.

But many people find choosing the right sun hat delicate, especially if you have a ton of options.

You have to keep in mind certain aspects such as size, comfort, and materials before you choose the protective headgear.

Colors and design are also part of those aspects.

So how do you select the best baby sun hat?

Well, you might want to stick around this article to find out as we round up the five best sun hats that will protect your baby from the scorching heat and its harmful rays.

5 Best Baby Sun Hat Reviews 2022

Setting up a baby beach tent for summer outdoor activities is one of the most common things parents do to make their kids happy.

But as most parents know, kids always venture out in the sun despite all your efforts.

If you are a parent with the same problem, then a sun hat is the best option for you.

This sunhat from iPlay is the perfect approach in addressing this problem, and one that is our personal favorite as well.

The 100% polyester sunhat provides excellent protection for your kids that also cover the neck with the help of a tie strap.

Overall it is a complete package for worried parents.

Although this hat may look like any other sunhat, the health and safety functionality it features makes it undoubtedly our top recommendation for you.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Soft and comfortable that allows more prolonged usage
  • You can adjust the size as your baby grows
  • Easy to wash washing machine


  • Tie strap could have been longer

If cotton clothes make you feel comfortable, then this sunhat will allure you for sure.

This high-quality cotton sunhat delivers a soft and cozy experience for your kids.

The design is ideal for different age groups, and the neck strap makes it even more convenient to adjust the size.

The unique feature of this sunhat is that your child can wear it on both sides.

This feature allows you to match the sunhat with different outfits, which is ideal for other occasions as well.

Overall it is an excellent sun protection gear for your little one.


  • Ideal for different age groups
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • High-quality cotton material
  • The sturdy and long strap provides a comfortable fit


  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Material is very thin and doesn't hold much shape

Parents always want their toddlers to look stylish and fashionable, but it can be tricky while selecting a sun hat that provides both style and sun protection.

This combination makes this SimpliKids sun hat as an ideal choice.

The breathable design ensures that your kids stay cool in hot outdoor conditions and also protects them from the harmful UV rays.

The hat has a wide brim, which means that it covers most of the exposed parts near the head from direct sunlight.

The adjustable drawstring ensures that your kids get a comfortable yet secure fit that does not hinder his outdoor activities.


  • Packable, compact design for easy storage & travel
  • Perfect hat for warmer seasons
  • High-quality material
  • Provides excellent protection from harmful rays


  • The brim is too floppy

If you are looking for a versatile sun hat that delivers excellent sun protection, then the JAN & JUL Toddler Sun Hat could be an ideal choice.

The sun hat comes with an adjustable drawstring that ensures a comfortable and secure fit for most head sizes.

The presence of a chinstrap also allows you to strengthen the grip further and ensures that the hat remains still even if your kid decides to hop around.

The break-away safety clip is an excellent addition, which allows you to free the chinstrap with ease in case something goes wrong.

The design suits perfectly for active kids as well, and toddlers will love the soft and comfortable fabric that offers complete protection from harmful rays.


  • Nice and wide brim
  • Excellent adjustment options
  • Smart design for multiple seasons
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Expensive price
  • It's might be small to some

If you want some mesh in your baby’s sun hat, then this product is going to excite you.

The SwimZip Kid’s Sun Hat has an excellent mesh venting that allows air to pass in and out, making it an ideal partner for your baby’s outdoor activities.

The fabric is design with industry-leading technology, which protects your child from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The adjustable head strap, along with a dedicated chinstrap, ensures that your child gets a comfortable and secure fit.

It also features a wide brim, which means that your kid will never complain about feeling hot in his sensitive skin areas.


  • Excellent material that floats in the water
  • Multiple color options
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Wide brim


  • Price is a bit high
  • Some may prefer cotton hats over polyester.


We, as a parent, do many things to protect our kids from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Be it applying creams or installing baby car sun shade on your cars.

Whatever you do, there is no doubt that most children find outdoor activities as the most appealing.

A comfortable and safe sun hat is a smart choice, which allows your kids to enjoy their fun moments with ease.

Baby UPF 50+ Sun Protection Flap Hat from iPlay - Editor's Choice

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