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Best Backpack Diaper Bag Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Having the high-quality backpack diaper bag is something that is more than just useful, practical and needed, no matter where you are.

Yes, these products are simple, but they can help you more than you can imagine and they are definitely something that can make your parenting easier.

5 Best Backpack Diaper Bag Reviews 2022

If you are looking for a backpack diaper bag that offers all the advantages of high-end products, but cost way less, the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack W/ Stroller Straps is a great choice.

The first and the basic feature is the number of pockets.

This bag comes with 12 of them, so as you can imagine, it offers more space than most models available right now.

It is well made as well and the manufacturer offers a guaranteed satisfaction, which is rare nowadays.

In addition, this manufacturer is well-known for making durable and high-quality products.

A sundry bag and changing pads are included in the package. These additional items make the entire diaper bag better and more useful.

They are also made from durable materials, so the general quality isn’t compromised.

Additionally, this backpack also comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is extremely rare to get this addition and it is more than just perfect.

This makes it the most common choice for parents with several children and those who are planning for one more.

The bag comes with different straps, which is ideal for people who want a backpack type of a diaper bag.

The manufacturer claims that this is the best type that makes the entire bag very practical.

The last, but not least advantage of this bag is the unisex feature.

Yes, most products of this type are unisex, but all of them are a bit more focused on women.

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack W/ Stroller Straps is certainly the best pick when it comes to diaper bag backpacks.


  • Offers 12 different pockets, which is more than most other products have to offer.
  • Extremely durable, far more than some products from this price range.
  • Comes with different straps, which make using it simpler.
  • High quality polyester material and zippers.


  • It can get heavy due to its spacious size.
  • It would be nice if it had an extra insulated bottle pocket.

The situation with the Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag is very simple.

This is one of the best bags of this type and it is the most recommended choice.

Why? Simply because it offers several advantages.

It is affordable. In fact, this bag is cheaper than most other products of this type, but still, it offers all features more expensive ones have. We can say that it is a bargain.

The space it offers is immense and it can be compared with some of the most expensive and the biggest bags of this type.

It will offer more space than most parents need, so it is definitely the best choice when it comes to this factor.

Organizing is one of a kind and it is something that makes this bag very easy to use.

It allows you to storage all your items simply and in a matter of seconds.

Changer pad is included and it will help you maintain the bag in perfect condition.

Cleaning it is better and simpler than with other models, so it is a great choice, once again.

The bottom line is simple. This bag is one of the most common choices on the market and it is treated as one of the best bags in this class and the best one in this price range.

Adding the fact that it will last for a long time, no matter how often you use it, actually makes this bag the first and the best choice.

It definitely has to be taken into account.


  • Well-made and durable.
  • Comes with a top handle and adjustable straps.
  • Plenty of space for storage.
  • Great for organizing baby items to go.


  • The design is obsolete.
  • Plastic components.

Maybe there are thousands of different diaper bags on the market and maybe most of them are similar, but the Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, Royal Envy isn’t one of them!

This is a unique product of this type that comes with unique features and design.

The best part of this bag is the fact it has been designed and made for mothers who want to use the best and the latest diaper bags.

As you can imagine, the design of the bag is impressive and 100% original.

The practicality of the bag isn’t compromised with the design.

It still offers 3 exterior pockets and 7 interior ones, which makes it very practical, if we take into account the dimensions of the bag.

A bottle compartment is a great addition as well, and it has no negative effect on the design, which as we mentioned is very important for this model.

In general, it offers a perfect combination of the practicality and style.

A Teflon fabric protector may not sound as a well-known thing, but it is something that most parents should get with their diaper bags.

This is a special type of material that is used for treating the exterior fabric.

It makes washing and cleaning extremely simpler and the entire bag more resilient to stains and minor damages.

A quick reach pocket is an interesting addition that has to be mentioned.

It is designed for a smartphone, so it is perfect for busy parents.

It allows you to reach your phone in a matter of seconds.

When you are in a rush and you have a phone call, this small, feature will be more than just important.

Washing in a washing machine is possible and thanks to the aforementioned Teflon fabric protector, it is more effective than with other diaper bags.

Remember that this bag can last for a long time and the style won’t be compromised, no matter what you do with it.


  • Stylish design and very convertible.
  • Lot of pockets for storage.
  • Teflon fabric protector.
  • A quick reach pocket for a smartphone.
  • Easy to keep clean.


  • High price.
  • Insulated side pockets are a little tight.

This bag is similar to the aforementioned model, but the design is completely different.

It is also made for parents who want a high end product, but want to look elegant and at the same time don’t stand out of the crowd.

There is no point in saying that this is a well-made diaper bag that comes with impressive build quality and the latest features, so it is perfect for most parents.

At the same time, it is an interesting addition to mothers who follow the latest trends.

The number of pockets is 10 (3 exterior and 7 interior), so you will definitely have a lot of space for all accessories.

In order to make it an even more practical, the manufacturer added an extra bottle pocket.

All of this means that your stylish diaper bag will be 100% useful, no matter where you are.

Agion natural antibacterial treatment is another feature, that is unique to this manufacturer, but it isn’t a well-known.

Despite the fact it looks strange, this feature will make your bag special.

It will keep the lining safe from bacteria, germs and mold, which is mandatory for a bag of this type.

Crumb drains sounds like an interesting addition and it is, despite the fact it is very simple.

These are drain holes in the back pocket, designed to remove crumbs and keep your bag clean.

However, the pocket is large enough to accommodate different items.


  • Has 10 pockets so it is practical
  • It is well-made and high quality diaper bag.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The Agion treatment is more than just perfect addition.
  • Comfortable to carry.


  • High price.
  • Quite uncomfortable straps.

This model is perfect for high-tech parents. It offers space for a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone.

Just in case, there is plenty of room for other items and accessories, so in general, it offers more space than an average parent needs.

It also allows you to carry a bottle with water, which maximizes the practicality of this bag.

Despite all of this, it doesn’t look like any heavy and big bag made just for diapers.

Additional interior pockets are more than just practical and needed.

They are made from elastic material, so they can be used for bigger items. There are no items that cannot be placed in this bag.

Zip opening is another feature that has to be mentioned.

It makes the entire bag much better and simpler to use, especially when you are in a rush.

It offers an extra wide opening, so all items inside are within your reach.

Shoulder straps are included, of course, and they are insulated and comes with cushions.

This makes carrying a bag for a long time less difficult and it is possible to carry more items inside.

Because this is a large bag, with a lot of pockets and the fact it has been developed for parents who will always carry a full bag, these straps are mandatory.

Keep in mind that you must pay attention to the stroller, when using this feature.

In order to understand how great this bag is, you should know that it comes free of materials that may cause allergies and rashes to children.

It is BPA free, and it has been tested, so it meets all regulations.


  • Amazing style, it looks like an ordinary, high-end bag.
  • Practical and it can be used for many items at the same time.
  • Lightweight (1 pound).
  • Comes with several, different straps.


  • Must be careful when you use a zipper.

What Are Backpack Diaper Bags?

These are special backpacks and bags that are made for parents, so they have space for baby diapers and other necessities.

The latest models come with even more features and they are more than just good.

The best part is the fact they come in a variety of colors and versions, so every single parent can choose a diaper bag backpack that suits the best for his particular needs.

Keep in mind that these bags are made for traveling, trips, journeys, and even visitations, when an urgent diaper change is a must. Still, they can be more than just useful in many, other situations.

Some parents believe that these bags are not needed and that ordinary bag can be more than just useful.

However, this is a serious mistake, simply because a normal bag comes with one or two pockets, while a diaper bag backpack offers up to 14 pockets. This makes it far more practical and better than any other choice.

Some simply cannot agree when it comes to a bag of this type. Others choose their first, second or third bag in a matter of seconds.

It is recommended to include a partner in choosing a new bag of this type. Just in case, if you two cannot agree, get 2 of them. After all, their prices are not very high.

As aforementioned, there are a lot of these bags and most of them are different and through out this review, you will be able to get the best model.

Why You Should Buy a Backpack Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag is something that more than 80% of parents use because they are needed and they are helpful. It is definitely a great choice if you are planning to get one as well. Your parenting will be easier than ever, and your baby happier than ever.

Some of the diaper bag backpacks can leave your hands free, which means that you can actually do something while carrying your baby. Any other way that can help you carry a child and all he needs is less practical.

We all know that most parents carry a lot of items, even on a small family trip. Besides the fact they need a lot of space, they are heavy. A bag of this kind can be carried on the back, which means that a high weight won’t be an issue. Once again, your hands will be free!

Carrying all a baby needs isn’t enough. Every single parent will have to carry a phone, iPod, wallet, keys and etc. A backpack diaper bag will be more than just useful in this case as well. You will have additional pockets, so all your items can be placed in a bag.

A style isn’t something that most parents think about, but it is important for some of them. These bags can help you with this as well. Carrying this bag can make you look classy and stylish. Even better, there are special bags that look amazing, so they are more than just elegant and they look impressive.

Despite the fact backpack, diaper bags are impressive and you must love them, they are affordable. In fact, they are so affordable that you can find a great model for $40. Simply said, there is no better and cheaper solution that can help you with your parenting.

While ordinary bags are made from common materials, diaper bag backpacks are made from a special type of material that is more resistant to stains and lighter damages. This means that they will last longer and they will look like new for a longer period of time.

It means that a diaper bag backpack is something every single parent must love. They offer a lot of advantages, but not a single drawback. It is very rare to find a product that comes with this fact.

Factors to Consider When Buying Diaper Bag Backpack

Now, you are looking for the top diaper bag backpack? Pay attention to the factors, because they can help you get the best model.

  • Price
    The price is an important factor for every single product, but in this case it has an even more important role. A high quality backpack diaper bag will last longer and it will have more features, so it is a much better choice. The materials, used in production are better as well.

  • Backpack version
    This is a unique type of these bags. In general, they look like an ordinary backpack, obviously, but they come with additional pockets and storage compartments. They are also made from durable materials.

  • Messenger bags
    These bags come with just one strap, so they are more focused for fathers. Still, they are available for mothers and for couples, and they come in many, different versions, so they are perfect for every single parent.

  • Tote-style
    If you are looking for an ordinary handbag that has been adjusted to fit this purpose, these bags are the best choice. They may have a strap that can be detached, so they are similar to messenger bags.

  • Stroller handlebar diaper bags
    These are similar bags as messenger, just they are designed to be attached to a stroller. Although, they offer a lot of space, simply because they have big dimensions, they are not very safe. They can cause a stroller to flip back! You can use them, but only if they are very light, if you don’t leave a stroller from your attention.

  • Changing pad
    Yes, this is an important factor, simply because it allows you to remove and clean a pad that is located inside a bag. It makes it more practical and a bag will last longer. Luckily, most bags of this type come with this feature.

  • Handles
    Handles must be short and durable. If they are too long, a bag will drag on the floor. It is very important to choose this factor, according to your height. In addition, this doesn’t apply to all types of bags, but it is crucial for handbags.

  • Storage space
    backpack diaper bag offers just one pocket, it won’t be very practical. But, if it offers 14 of them, it will be more than just practical. Keep this feature in mind, when you are choosing for your new bag of this type.

  • Weight
    If you get a bag that has a weight of 4 pounds, when it is empty, it will be very heavy once it is loaded with all items, needed for your baby. A much lighter bag, with a durable construction, is a much better choice.


If you have read all the content, you already know that diaper backpacks aren’t something that you should use occasionally. They are something that must be used every single time, simply because they can make parenting simpler.

Another fact you know by now is that there are a lot of different models and types of diaper bags and all of them offer certain advantages. In general, each one of them is a great choice.

The backpack types are slightly more practical.  After all, they will help you have your hands free, the entire time, so doing segmenting is possible, while carrying a diaper bag. The best part is the fact there is a perfect model for every single person.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack - Editor's Choice

We must say that the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is simply the best choice! This model comes with everything you are going to need and something even more. It is practical, affordable, looks great and it is durable. The model in question can be only compared with more expensive versions, so it is a wise investment that can last for a long time.

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