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7 Best Family Beaches You Need to Visit

The vacations have started, and you must be wondering where to take your kids to so that they can have a break from the same old boring life and enjoy.

Maybe somewhere with water since kids love water, right? Well, you are in luck because we have just the perfect solution for you.

The solution to this is beaches. Not only do you get to stroll on the soft sand while your kids play in the water, but you also get to appreciate the gift of nature for you.

Here, we will provide you with a list of the top 7 beaches that you need to visit in the US.

1 - California Beaches

California is a favorite among beach lovers because of the constant sun and the long coastline where you can go for long walks with your significant other or the whole family.

The most famous beach in California is the Coronado Beach. This 2-mile shoreline directly over the bridge from downtown San Diego has everything a family could need: flawless climate as in summer, infrequent rains, white sand, and gentle, warm water.

Additionally, there’s no smoking permitted on this shoreline – or any in California for that matter.

2 - Ocean City

What makes the beach unique is the amusement park rides that are present for the people who visit Ocean City.

Moreover, the long boardwalk gives people the freedom to stroll around with their families and take in the peaceful sight and the refreshing smell.

The beach is affordable for families to visit and offers rides for both adults and kids who you can listen to squealing and laughing on the rides.

Not only this, but you get to visit the souvenir shops on the coast which are another positive.

3 - Oahu Beaches

Unlike most other beaches, Oahu shows the urban side of the island. The beautiful and luxurious scenery is the main attraction of its beaches, which is a lot better than any other island in Hawaii.

This urban and luxurious appeal is especially present in Honolulu due to the fact that it happens to be the capital city.

Another appeal of Oahu is the nearby historical and cultural sites that you can visit when you are walking on the beach.

You would also be able to find resorts and hotels in the neighborhood where you and your family would be able to spend the night if you so wish.

4 - Maui

Part of a trio of flawless shorelines isolated by volcanic rock outcroppings, Maui is perfect for children.

The water has little waves, and you can even observe the fish from the surface. Children can have fun spotting ocean turtles or puffer fish.

For a better view, you can get snorkeling gear across the road from the shoreline for just under $2 per individual.

The huge verdant region behind the shoreline is ideal for kite flying, playing with a Frisbee, or eating shaved ice from one of the stands.

5 - Biloxi Beaches

Due to its closeness to the Gulf Coast, you would be able to experience a cool breeze at the beach.

You would also be able to spend time in one of the food stalls after a long day at the beach.

This beach is for all type of people. For families, the beach is layered with soft white sand which is best for taking long and peaceful walks.

If you are interested in gambling, you would have access to some of the most glimmering casinos.

For history enthusiasts, you would be able to find historical places like the Beauvoir grounds that would awaken the war history enthusiast in you.

6 - Outer Banks Beaches

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is outstanding among other shoreline islands that you absolutely need to visit.

Obviously, the Outer Banks’ distinguishing strength is the invention of flight, where two siblings sent a controlled flyer in 1903. The place is now marked with a memorial to the Wright brothers.

A common pastime in the Outer Banks for local people and guests alike is going off-roading on the shoreline, which is a brave approach to appreciate the seashore.

Some drivers look for the ideal isolated picnic spot, while others set out on wild horse safaris.

7 - Hilton Head Beaches

Even though the 12-mile long shoreline is one of the star characteristics of its beaches, what really wins Hilton Head a place on this list is its calm and shallow water.

This is one of the best beaches for kids because they won’t be able to go more than 3 ft. deep at a 30-yard distance, so there’s no real danger of your kids drowning.

You get to rent a three-wheeled dune bike, not unlike the tricycle your kids have at home, at the nearby service stands.

In short, the beach is for people who are looking for some relaxing time with their family.

What to Bring When Having Family Beach Vacations

When you go to the beach with your kids, it is vital to remember to take everything with you. The reason is that you won’t be able to find these items as easily on beaches, and that could be a huge problem.

One of the things that you have to take with you is beach bags for moms. The bag should have an extra pair of clothes for kids, some towels, money, and cards that you might need like license or credit cards. You should also remember to take extra toiletries with you.

For people who have small kids and toddlers, baby essentials are necessary. These essentials include baby wipes and diapers that are crucial because there might not be any store where you can get these things.

A baby beach tent, while not necessary, would make your trip easier. It would give your little toddler some place to sleep when they are tired of playing in the sand.

The tent provides shade to your little kids, and you won’t have screaming, crying kids hanging off your arms because they want to sleep and they have nowhere to do that.

You might also find it useful to pack up and bring a sandbox for kids. This would give them something to do while you take a walk with your partner or by yourself.

Some sand toys like buckets and shovels should be packed with your other supplies so that your kids could have fun making huge and beautiful sand castles on the beach.

Regardless of the possibility of the beach having restaurants and food stands, taking snacks and beverages with you will help control hungry kids.

Pack stuff that isn’t too much of a bother such as grapes, pretzels, and saltines.

Also, make sure to pack water bottles and glasses and a Ziploc loaded with little plastic utensils and paper plates.


One of the best places to go to beat the heat is a beach. You get to play in the water, walk on sand and have fun with your family.

The beaches that we have listed above would not disappoint you at all, and you would remember moments spent there for a long time.

It is crucial before you leave your house to pack the essentials. For this, the best option is to make a list of all the essentials and check it several times before leaving.