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Top 70 Motherhood & Parenting Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is the mantra has been passed on for eons. We do not dispute that one bit, which is why we have put together a list of the some of the best motherhood blogs for you.

The blogs belong to mothers just like the rest of us. They are not only passing on the wisdom that they have gathered from years of raising their bundles of joy, but they are also seeking an avenue to let out some steam.

You want a good laugh? Read most them and then check out the comment section. Hilarious things that children and husbands do!

Okay, enough talk, mamas, and mama-to-be.

Let’s get into it.

Diary Of A Working Mother

Jenifer, the founder of Diary Of A Working Mother, is a mother of three and a resident of  South Florida. Her blog not only talks about running around after toddlers and baby talk, but she also finds time to talk about crafts and her favorite items to bake. Actually, she throws in some yum recipes that are easy to try, seeing as her target is working mothers with little or no time to spare.

Jenifer’s recipes are not only easy, but they are also fun for children. She employs her artsy side to bring out playful pieces that children and adults will enjoy. And moms, she got you covered in her cocktail recipes!

Oh, and one more thing: this mom loves her entertainment. Of course, kids are the biggest entertainers with their never-ending observations and harsh truths, but a mom needs some real TV, no? A segment of her blog is dedicated to entertainment, where she reviews movies and TV series.

Not Your Average Mom

47-year-old Suzie is not your average mother. She is also a stepmom, wife, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Safe to say she wears several hats, not least among them managing this blog. She started her blog to paint the real picture of motherhood. She admits that this journey is the hardest she has ever taken, but the most rewarding.

In her blog, she publishes harsh truths that most moms would think twice before admitting. She even posts those photos that most would find embarrassing -a messy home, spilled foods and drinks and children wrapping panty liners all over their bodies.

Her truth is refreshing in a world where honesty is overlooked.  Oh, and she curses! Such a real momma!

Mommy A to Z

Four-year-olds can be a handful. If they are not tagging your skirt to complement their Mickey Mouse t-shirts, they are standing naked by your bed in the wee hours of the morning staring at your face with curiosity.

They will then start calling your name softly and innocently ask if they woke you up. How can you be mad at that?

Such are the stories from this blog, Mommy A To Z. The blogger talks about her motherhood journey, the good, the ugly, and the in-between.

She also tackles going back t work after a long hiatus. Because you can never exhaust baby stories, she has published a book, Mommy A To Z, An Encyclopedia, covering baby talk and what to expect from a toddler.

Mommy Katie

Mommy Katie knows that other mommies have stories too, but they lack an avenue to tell them. That is why she allows contributors to tell their motherhood stories. These contributors become part of the Katie family.

Mommy Katie is not your typical mommy. She embraces childhood and gets into whatever phase her babies get into. Role play? She will be all in, bringing in costumes to complete the picture.

When she is not talking about babies, Katie is reviewing baby things, from diapers to strollers and sunscreen. She also reviews plausible holiday ideas, complete with photos of places she has visited with hers. This blog is the ultimate one stop shop for mommies.

Working Mother

This site is a combination of several articles from different contributors tackling various topics. This website addresses not only challenges faced by mothers (working and stay-at-home) but also fathers.

Apart from the usual talk about babies and how to handle them, this site also has valuable information for parents with grown kids. 

Most of the articles on ‘Working Mother’ are in list form, short, and easy to read. A segment of this blog is dedicated to careers, where working parents give and get professional advice.

Want fashion tips from professional stylists? You’ll find it in the Lifestyle section of this site. The site also has a segment for flexible work for mommies who want more time with their young ones.

Scary Mommy

When Jill Smokler started Scary Mommy in 2008, she intended for it to be a simple book where she talks about her motherhood journey, creating memories for her children so that they can read the mischief they got into during their childhood.

Well, the blog had plans of its own, clearly, seeing as it grew into this massive meeting place for mothers from all walks of life.

The reason for its success is the realness of it. The blog tackles the reality of motherhood, living up to its tagline, Mothers Are Not Perfect.

It has evolved to include videos where moms talk about their challenges and how they deal with them.

Get this: one mom confesses that she uses recreational marijuana! How gutsy!

Rookie Moms

Heather and Whitney have interesting stories. Their paths cross at a time when they needed each other the most-as new moms.

You know the story that comes with being a rookie, the baby is her, but you do not know where to start, or who to turn to. Luckily, they had each other, even though they were both rookies. Someone equally clueless to figure out baby land with, no?

Together, they run Rookie Moms, where they share their experiences and adventure. They find fun stuff to do with their kids and then document those ideas for other mommies who could use them.

We could also use good referrals, right? Did I say they have a book together? Yes, because the blog could not contain all their adventures.

Design Mom

Gabrielle Blair worked as an Art Director in New York City until she became a mother for the fifth time (she has six children). Back then, she was still a hobby designer, but she realized that her talent and eye for detail could benefit parents all over the world. That’s how Design Mom was started.

The blog takes simple pieces and turns them into masterpieces at no cost. Gabrielle uses her experience and talent to turn blank and uninspired spaces into beautiful rooms, and she shares all her working with thousands of followers from all over the world.

When she is not sharing about design or project, she is sharing details of her family’s latest travel escapade and recipes. Don’t forget the DIY crafts!

Modern Day Moms

Modern Moms is not an ordinary blog, but an award winner that is all about telling it as it is. The writers on this blog take no prisoners when they talk about the harsh realities of motherhood. The articles are varied, with the central theme being motherhood.

This blog segments the issues. It tackles everything from beauty to fitness and recipes. There is also a part dedicated to entertainment for moms and dads as well as children. The recipes are not only targeted for baby stuff but also meals for the entire family.

If you’re interested in arts and crafts, you are catered to, seeing as the one part of this blog is solely dedicated to DIY projects. Fancy videos? Most of the recipes are in video form.

The Science of Mom

Alice Callahan, Ph.D., believes in science. She knows there has to be scientific proof to most things that are beneficial to human beings, which is why she researches on each piece of information that could benefit parents into the first year at the job. Her guide is such a big deal that Johns Hopkins University Press published it in 2015.

What exactly does she talk about? She breaks down the benefits of introducing the baby to solid food in their first year of life. She also talks about safe sleep for young children. All these facts have scientific backing.

Callahan has a book, The Science Of Mom, where she extensively discusses more issues that are beneficial to parents.

Diary Of A Working Mother

Jenifer, the founder of Diary Of A Working Mother, is a mother of three and a resident of  South Florida. Her blog not only talks about running around after toddlers and baby talk, but she also finds time to talk about crafts and her favorite items to bake. Actually, she throws in some yum recipes that are easy to try, seeing as her target is working mothers with little or no time to spare.

Jenifer’s recipes are not only easy, but they are also fun for children. She employs her artsy side to bring out playful pieces that children and adults will enjoy. And moms, she got you covered in her cocktail recipes!

Oh, and one more thing: this mom loves her entertainment. Of course, kids are the biggest entertainers with their never-ending observations and harsh truths, but a mom needs some real TV, no? A segment of her blog is dedicated to entertainment, where she reviews movies and TV series.

Being the Parent

When mommies get together, they talk about everything but themselves. Their new bundles of joy consume their lives. So, how d you get information that is targeted to mothers, before and after pregnancy? Here, at BeingTheParent.

This blog encompasses contributions from moms who narrate their experiences. They tell the rest of us what worked and did not work for them during the nine months. You want to talk about sex during and after pregnancy? The moms here get real and nasty. They speak of family planning too, what worked for them and what doesn’t. You may want to camp here for professional advice too.

One other important issues that this blog handles is how to care for children with special needs. Lord knows this topic is not covered enough.

Real Mom Nutrition

Sally, a registered dietician, and mom, is not judgmental of what we eat or feed our families. What she does is guide the masses to the light.  Her blog, Real Mom Nutrition, is a fun piece that talks fondly of the ‘worst meals ‘ and how to turn them into healthy ones.

Most kids are picky eaters, and Sally knows this only too well. Her recipes are geared towards those little ones who hate the site of veggies and anything healthy. She also has tons of ideas for plating food so that it attracts Lisa, the picky one.

Struggling with what to pack in little one’s lunchbox? Sally’s got you, with the over 100 healthy meal ideas that will turn you into a super parent!

Soccer Mom Blog

Stacey, the Soccer Mom, has learned a few things along the way as she raises her two little children. She shares them on this blog so that fellow mommies do not have to shoot in the dark. She talks pregnancy, breastfeeding challenges and hacks, marriage, and the health of both mind and body.

Stacey is creative, and so she is always looking for innovative ways to create things from scrap. She shares all her hacks on the blog.

Stacey loves good food and drinks, and so part of the blog explores meals from different cultures that she encounters in her travels with the family. Every mommy deserves a good cocktail after a hard day, no? Well, her recipes will knock you off your socks, literally!

Embracing Imperfect

Autism is not discussed enough. There are not enough platforms, including the mainstream media that talk about it openly.

This mother of beautiful daughters living with autism talks about raising special needs children from childhood to puberty. She speaks of the diet, how to handle tantrums, and sparing a little time for yourself.

In the blog, this mom talks about toxicity in food and products that we use on the daily. She helps us identify them and proposes non-toxic products.

On matters faith (she is a Christian), this mom talks about dealing with everyday concerns in a godly manner without irritating those that do not share a common religious ground. She offers help to parents dealing with special need children. 

Live The Fancy Life

Jessica is a mother of two boys, and she loves the fancy life. Her site is as beautiful and organized as are her design projects.

She creates beautiful spaces that other parents can recreate quite easily. Other things that you will find on her site include DIY projects for the kids’ rooms and toy transformation ideas that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought them sooner.

When she is not working on her design projects, she is vacationing with her family and documenting all of it. Her blog will leave you yearning for a holiday!

We Are That Family

Kristen Welch is not afraid to wear heart on her sleeve. She and her family love to travel, and they explore every part of the world without holding back. They are adventure chasers, so they go wherever their hearts take them.

She is no stranger to the difficulties of motherhood, having raised two children to teenage and one to tweenage. Her blog addresses the worries of every parent for her children, her family. She talks about raising them right so that they do not grow up feeling entitled and too good for the world.

Welch also uses this platform to talk about her charity work through her organization, Mercy House. If you are looking for Godly inspiration, head on to ‘We Are That Family.’

Life With Munchers

When Pamela, the owner of ‘Life With Munchers’ blog is not chasing her lovely 4-year old and catering to her toddler, she is sharing DIY tips to redesign and decorate a home.

After over Marketing & PR, she has gained such extensive knowledge on the topic, as well as interior design, that she is applying it all in redecorating her new home, an 18th Century farmhouse in the Aberdeenshire countryside.

Pamela documents the journey of her parenthood and the sheer joy of sharing her time with husband and babies. Her blog posts include information on her family’s travels, tips for traveling with two young children, and DIY tips for the garden as well as the rest of your home.

Does she offer any blogging tips maybe? Oh yeah! She has a segment dedicated to that, and it is pretty insightful too.

Motherhood: The Real Deal

When Talya became a mom, she was surprised at how much she didn’t know. She realized that most people she had met only painted the beautiful picture, but left out the ugly, which according to her, forms 90% of motherhood. Ugly-beautiful, if you get my drift.

Talya, through her blog, Motherhood: The Real Deal, decided to be the voice of reality. She holds nothing back, and that includes publishing less-than-perfect photos and posts on this platform.

When she is not posting about her intense daughter, she talks about food and drinks that we love. Her recipes, though far apart, are easy to follow and diverse. She enjoys travel too, which she documents wittily. Talya is a writer on the side, working with renowned online publications and managing other writers.

Love and BLues

Let’s take a break from the norm to look at the life of Leah, a police wife. Sweet name, no?

Her life is not all rosy and smiles, seeing as she is married to a first responder, and anything can happen on the streets. So, as she hopes and prays for the safe return of her husband every evening, she uses her space on the internet to reach out to wives and mothers in her position.

What is Love and Blues all about? Zero sad tales. Leah wittingly talks about her husband and why she envies him-like the fact that he does not have to spend several excruciating minutes shaving his entire body or tweezing his eyebrows.

She shares educational material too for children and other women married to spouses in law. The wit will have you coming back for more.

Mama And Baby Love

Mothers are probably their worst critics, right? I mean, if you are surrounded by people talking about their perfect children, you are likely to wonder what you are doing wrong.

Well, Stephanie Cornais, creator of Mama & Baby Love is not about that negative energy. Her blog is a breath of fresh air for moms who have been too hard on themselves. She is asking all of us to exhale and live.

Her blog is not only a source of positivity, but an avenue for custom-made meal plans too. Stephanie is also a green living enthusiast, and so she shares insightful information on her space. Oh, and don’t forget the home-made remedies made with love! This blog is insightful.

Mommy's Me Time

Amber, the owner of Mommy’s Me Time, is one fit mommy. She is also a Keto diet enthusiast, and she shares every detail of her workout life here on his platform. Amber’s life is far from perfect. She is a postpartum depression survivor. She uses her platform to talk to moms going through the same, reminding them that they are not alone.

For her workouts, she holds boot camps to rejuvenate those looking to lose weight and get started, whether on the ketogenic diet like herself, or not. The participants not only get access to workouts, but they also get meal plans to accommodate their new lifestyles. Does she throw in free workouts on her site?

You bet! Head on over there.

Mumma Scribbles

Lisa, the creator of Mumma Scribbles, is a juggler. She works full time and still finds time to play momma to her two little adorable munchkins, and as though that is not enough, she organizes events in her spare time! Super mom, you’d say!

Lisa segments her blog to cover food, charity, family-friendly activities, and beauty. She also talks current affairs, especially if they are geared towards family. Because she believes in diversity, she allows other contributors to tell their story in her space.

Oh, and because caring mommies share their experiences with products, she reviews her favorites on her page. Mumma Scribbles is fun and chatty.

Our Little House In The Country

When was the last time you and yours turned off data on your device and allowed yourselves to commune with nature? This family does, often than most. The reason?

They just want an excuse to spend more time together. Besides, the creator of Our Little House In The Country and her family take off for the bushes to camp and spend quality time together. Well, I wish I could do that more often.

This blog is about parenting-the ups and downs, games for adults and children, and travels. Oh, the family is outdoorsy, and mommy bear is always documenting them and capturing keepsakes.

Looking for fun activities for the little ones? You will find them here, plus recipes and DIY projects.

Love Play Learn

When motherhood overwhelms you, Brittany reminds you that she has been there before, as have several other mothers. Want a breather? Take a break, and a cuppa something sweet then get right back at it.

She talks about positive parenting, basically reminding parents that they do not have to be as strict as the army to raise upright kids. A little smile when correcting little Bubba will not make you a sissy mommy. 

The blog focuses a lot on activities right for children, not only for fun but also educative. Her trips with her children have given her insights that you will find useful on your next travel. We love her humor and approach to the beautiful madness that is motherhood.

Arabah Joy

The interwebs do not have enough spiritual blogs, we reckon. Well, that is in comparison to the other types of blogs we have online.

Arabah provides the space for spiritual nourishment. This blog goes ahead to provide an online Bible study plan for those who would like to explore the bible in a group.

That aside, the creator of Arabah provides insight on bringing up spiritually upright children. The bio and adoptive mother of four does not paint a perfect picture.

She delves into it all because motherhood as we know it is not perfect. For fun activities with the kids, check Arabah out.

Dinner tips and reading material for the body and spiritual nourishment? Find it here as well.

A Life in Practice

Claire Elizabeth knows that life is far from perfect. She struggles with Negative Automatic Thoughts (NAT) every day, but she does not allow the diagnosis to ruin her life.

As a mother of two adorable ones, she knows how hard life can be if your mind tells you that you’re not good enough. Still, her audacity to say it as it is has helped mothers dealing with NAT to know that they are not alone.

Claire takes us through her journey I motherhood, the joys of cooking with a little buddy, and encouragement for when the day takes a rough turn.

This is my take-home: when it gets tough, chin up and remember no one gets it right the first time.

Mummy Fever

Charlotte at Mommy Fever believes that there are no rights and wrongs in motherhood, only lessons. We couldn’t agree more. There are no prices for the best mommies, but there are rewards in the name of memories that you create along the way.

Charlotte’s motto for her blog is “embrace the chaos.”She wants mommies to have fun with it since it will not last long. That includes rolling in the mud (or ice) when times call for it!

The blog contains more information, with some on general health, a bit of fashion, beauty, family fun, and travel. Charlotte is keen on healthy eating, so the “In The Kitchen” segment contains healthy meals and information on super foods. You like giveaways as we do? Well, she’s got them!

Surviving Toddlerhood

Read as many baby books as you can about taking care of children, but you will never quite be fully prepared for the job. Rebekah, the creator of Surviving Toddlerhood, learned that when she became a mother. She has dedicated her space on the internet to mommies finding it hard to cope, especially after their first babies.

The family loves camping, and so she gives tips on how to get through it with toddlers. On raising God-fearing children, Rebekah has a segment for devotionals for both momma and little ones.

Rebekah ( also a postpartum doula), loves her food (who doesn’t), and so she posts several healthy meals that we can adopt as we deal with post baby weight gain. The tone on this blog is friendly and easy.

Danya Banya

We like the way this name rolls off the tongue!  This Aussie momma created this blog with one theme in mind: to give moms fun activities do with their little ones. She segments the blog according to age, from toddling to the primary school age.

She includes lots of Art and Craft ideas that parents can try with their children in the bid to boost their creativity. Danya admits that she loves to play with food, and so she finds playful recipes that kids can help with.

They include some really cute edibles while others are borderline creepy! It’s all fun and games on her page as she encourages parents to engage their children more.

Lamb & Bear

Moms do not get a night off, much as they would desire. That is a realization this mom, wife, designer, and blogger came to after her first bundle of joy.

She took in stride and is now used to the trials and challenges that go with it. After all, the rewards, which include toothless grins, butterfly kisses, and cuddles, are priceless.

This momma still wants to feel beautiful, even after sleepless nights, which is why she shares her beauty regimen with fellow moms. She also reviews products that have worked for her in a bid to help other mothers.

Lamb & Bear has an online shop that deals in cute baby stuff at reasonable prices. Head on there for more.

Bounce Back Parenting

Babies do not come with a manual. You learn on the job and through other people’s experiences. That is why Alissa Marquess started her blog to sensitize mothers-to-be on what the job entails.

In her blog, Alissa talks about the loneliness of staying at home with toddlers and learning to yell less and be present more. She talks about resilience and the need to be creative with children. 

Her blog, Bounce Back Parenting, is dedicated to all mothers, and she makes it fun with tons of activities that kids will enjoy. She talks about dealing with anger and learning to allow the kids to express their real emotions. She narratively tells all this, reminding us that there is no perfection is motherhood.

Momtreal Mom

Tanya founded Montreal Mom after she realized that she was always dishing advice to her friends. They were always asking her what to cook, do for fun, and such.

So, she decided to share her insight with a wider scope. The blog incorporates her finding when raising her children, and she starts from pregnancy to teenage, which is the age of her oldest.

Tanya workouts outs and is a crusader for healthy eating, and so her blog comprises parts that talks solely of healthy meals and recipes.

Do you want a meal plan? You can get one in this blog.

She travels with her family too, and she documents those moments in a fun way. We also found useful product reviews on the blog.

Baby Does-NYC

Jak Burke, the founder, and CEO of Baby Does-NYC is originally from London. She started the blog as a way of connecting with other mothers living in New York City and other parts of the world.

The blog is made up of articles from several contributors who range from everyday moms to experts in various fields. The experts will break things down starting with fertility, to baby matters.

The target group for this blog is between ages 0 and 24 months. You will find baby registries, themes for toddlers, and guides on where to get stuff for the little one, and reviews on products for children in this age bracket. Oh, and one more thing: you can shop for your baby from this page.

Let Mommy Sleep

New parents are the most sleep-deprived people, which is what has led to the emergence of might nurses. They take the burden off mommy so that she can sleep through the night and be in the right state of mind to take care of the baby during the day.

Let Mommy Sleep is founded and run by a group of registered nurses who take care of newborns at night, allowing the parents to rest. That aside these nurses provide evidence-based information to parents that help them care better for their young ones.

If you are sleep deprived and at the verge of losing it like most mothers, try a registered nurse today and enjoy a full night’s sleep. It won’t make you a bad momma!

Mama Bean Parenting

Louise, also called Mama Bean, was so tired of all the unsolicited parenting advice she got that she started a blog to tell the advisers to shut up.

They would reprimand her decision to breastfeed until the baby was ready to self-wean, or the advice to allow the baby to ‘cry it out.’ Her blog is all about doing things her way.

Mama Bear Parenting is real and candid. Oh, she even cusses a little! She wears the cloak of motherhood the best way most of us now it; as the perfect job done by imperfect people. Kids turn out okay, anyway, no?

Precious Little Sleep

This blog is fun and easy to read, and it talks all about bedtime! For some weird reason, babies hate sleeping, which is a wonder as you can hardly get them to wake up for school later on in their lives.

Alexis Dubief is a stay at home mom, and a finance guru, and a technical writer, but she chose to write a children’s book on sleep.

In her book, she talks about the various methods you can use to sleep-train your tot. She has backed all the information with scientific studies, and she writes the book in a fun, interactive way. 

If you’re looking for easy ways to get your toddler to sleep, you will find several on this blog.

My Southern Health

This website is insightful, starting with information about pregnancy to taking care of children at all ages. It is segmented for easy navigation with information on topics such as wellness, nutrition, and health topics.

My Southern Health is run by accredited professionals, and so you can imagine the amount of information available. On food, you will not only get advice on what to eat but recipes too. The wellness part looks into various ways of taking care of your body, from exercising to clean eating.

The recipes are not dull as at all! You have cake and creative salads that your family will love. Fruit ice pops too will make your child call you the best mommy.

Your Modern Family

Becky, a mother of four adorable kids, left decided to stay home and raise care for her children when the first one was born. She was a teacher, and so she turned her skills to her little ones.

In her blog, Becky shares her family’s journey and how they get through one stage of growing up to the next.

When she is not finding new activities to keep her brood engaged (and sharing them with other mommies), Becky is writing books. One of them, Potty Train In A Weekend, is a bestseller.

She has an online de-clutter course too, where she teaches other parents de-clutter methods that will earn them some money and free up space. 

The Measured Mom

The Measured Mom is the best gift for SAHM. Anna, the founder, is a teacher but currently a stay at home mother taking care of her six children. She puts her skills and knowledge to good use on this blog where she helps moms handle homework better. 

Her educational blog is a great resource for those looking to home school their kids or those parents who simply want to get better at helping with homework.

Anna has segmented her site into the various subjects for easy navigation. On each, you will find valuable resources for fun home teaching. She also has an entire book list for children and teachers, as well as an online shop for all your reading needs.

I Can Teach My Child

Jenae believes that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children, and so she uses her online platform to equip them for the role. The blog not only captures the journey of her two boys, but it also includes a lot of useful information for training them in every subject.

In I Can Teach My Child, Jenae talks about discovering your child’s abilities and talents while they are still young by observing their manners and interactions. The material on the site caters to children of all ages.

Well, on to some not-too-serious segment on this blog. Jenae has a few fun holiday tips up her sleeve that she shares generously with her readers!

Epic Mommy Adventures

Single mothers are troopers! They bring home the bacon and still spare time to take care of the little bunny. Natasha, a single mom of one, decided to use her space to let other single mothers now that they are not alone.

Epic Mommy Adventures talks about the daily struggles of mothers. Natasha opens up on anxiety that she gets every time her little one has to leave home and how she deals with it.

Natasha does not do it alone. She allows other mommies to contribute so that the content is diversified. Her guest posts include valuable information on health and fitness, as well as teaching the children to be respectful as they grow.

She has an advice column for mommies!

Hands On As We Grow

Kids love getting their hands dirty. They also like helping but most of the times they create bigger messes than they help.

Anyway, my momma says you have to choose between having kids and a spotless house. You cannot have both. I’ll choose munchkins!

On Hands On As We Grow, the focus is all on the babies and doing what they like. The page is full of art and craft ideas that you can do with the children, all of them safe and creative.

The site is full of diversified ideas to cater for babies of all ages. Want to keep them busy as you chop vegetables? Give them an engaging art project from this site.

Stuff Parents Need

Tiffany must have been told that she would have to give up her love for travel when she became a parent. Well, she did not listen, which is why she and her family are still doing what mommy loves: exploring the world together.

Tiffany is a foodie, and so she writes pieces with some of the best resources in the kitchen. She will have lists of cookbooks with the simplest recipes.

You will get ideas on what to make for breakfast when you are stuck and even healthy snacks that the little ones will love. She has learned a thing or two about traveling with babies, and so she shares that wisdom here on this blog.

Growing Hands on Kids

Heather, a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, started Growing Hands-On Kids to help parents who want to raise hands-on little ones. Her advice is useful for mothers with children as young as one month up to 6 years, or better yet, the formative years of your child.

Heather offers therapy sessions to parents and children so that they can develop into independent teens. She deals with special needs kids too. Following the guides you will find in this space, you will be able to identify when your child is overly dependent on mommy, and you will find activities here that will guide you on how to make them independent.


When Christine could not find a top that would help her nurse her baby discretely, she designed the top herself. Her midwife liked it so much that it boosted Christine’s confidence and she recruited her brother Vincent to help her reproduce the design. Together they created Momzelle.

This site is dedicated to maternity wear and tops that make breastfeeding comfortable. Christine’s nursing top was declared to be the best baby shower gift by CBC Radio One.

You know what else you can find from Momzelle? A seamless bra! Okay, that was only one of the items. They also have nursing dresses, nursing necklaces, nursing bands, scarves, and gift cards for future nursing moms. Momzelle online shop is a mother’s paradise.

Mama in The City

Andrea was so in love with Vancouver that she did not want to give up the city life when the munchkins were born, thus the name of the blog. When she is not working in the hospital where all her three babies were born, she and her husband are taking the girls for a walk in the city.

Seeing as she lives in a place that has limited room, she has learned how to let go of what they do not need to create space for new things. You will find some valuable ideas on how to live clutter-free in this blog.

Mama In the City has a home chef for a husband, and she loves sharing his recipes with her readers. She also shares beauty tips and reviews products that work for her.

Simply Natural Mama

How many natural remedies can you hack? Well, Millason is the queen of natural hacks. Her site is full of ideas on how to handle just about anything using natural products.

Apart from what you would expect with natural healing remedies, this mama goes a few notches up. She has a cleaning chart on her blog that helps her navigate the cumbersome job. You will also find recipes for natural cleaning products, from fabric softeners to laundry detergents and agents for cleaning the floor. How cool is that!

On matters beauty, you can bet Simply Natural Mama has some natural solutions. Her reviews will not only leave your skin and home glowing, but they will also save you money. Oh, and another really cool thing: she and her husband have taught their daughter  sign language.

Parenting Chaos

Stephanie, an Early Intervention teacher, became a stay at home mom when her babies were born. One of her two girls is autistic while the other one is not. In her blog, Parenting Chaos, she explains how she works it out with the two of them and how she handles chaos from two young children that are so different from each other.

Stephanie talks about how to explain autism to siblings so that they can understand each other better. Stephanie shares her insight with moms raising autistic children. 

This blog is a resourceful center for all matters on how to raise autistic and neurotypical kids.

Pick Any Two

Mommy can multitask, which is how you find two children demand your attention at the same time. This mother asks hers to choose their battles.

In the same breath, this mother talks about body image. She wants her baby girl to grow up knowing that she is beautiful even before the world puts unreasonable demands on her.

When she is not talking about raising her family, Katie, the founder of his blog is talking about healthy living. She has several recipes on the blog and as she does homemade remedies. Pick Any Two is written comically, so you will find the facts fun and easy to digest.

Parent Co

Parent Co is all about raising kids that are aware of their surroundings. The founder comically tells his tale of parenthood and allows other parents to do the same. You will find an eBook on the site that is all about modern parenting.

The blog goes deeper by allowing guest bloggers to contribute content. The guests will handle any topic that they wish as long as it is family oriented. Some of the guest blogs talk about home ownership. Parent Co also reviews it items that she finds valuable, with most of them being cuddly baby things.

The blog also has a significant segment with podcasts that discuss matters of importance to families. They include entries from psychology experts.

Our Family World

The blog is not only full of valuable material, but all the articles are also listed to make an easy read. The creator of this blog’s content also curates fun-filled videos from the interwebs and reposts them on the site.

The blog was founded by Olfa Turki who works alongside other members of the team to create great content. Thanks to the diversified contributions from other bloggers, this site has a variety of information that is both enjoyable and educative.

To inspire your baby’s lunchboxes, this site has some delectable snacks and meals. You will find information on travel and entertainment. Other things you will find on Our Family World is on parenting tips and also, arts and craft ideas that you can try with children.

Atlanta Parent

Do you live in Atlanta and find yourself out of ideas on what to do over the weekend with the kids?

This blog is certainly going to rejuvenate your mind. It contains loads of fun-filled ideas for families, complete with eateries throughout the state. Access to beaches? Find it all here.

Other things you will find on this blog include information on camping grounds, ice cream festivals you should not miss as long as you are in Atlanta, and the best waterfalls in the State. Summer fun guides too!

Other than that, you will find schools guides in case you are new in Atlanta, as well as several places to grab a meal. Most of the articles on this site are listed and easy to read.

Simple As That!

Rebecca loves cooking, adventure, crafting, and photograph She also loves keeping things simple, hence the name of the site. Her plan was and still is to create memories through her lenses.

The site is dedicated to photography, and she has tons of her professional work all over it. She travels widely and captures all those places to leave you yearning for a vacation. 

Everyone’s got to eat, right? A segment of Simple As That! is dedicated to food photography, and she goes a mile ahead to post all the recipes.

Do you want to improve your photography? Check this page out for valuable tips.

Living Well Mom

Living Well Mom is all about healthy living. The blog takes it beyond the usual diet fads to focus on more important aspects of eating that you can easily adopt to change your lifestyle.

Here, you will find well-written and funny articles that tackle weight loss after the munchkins and fun activities that you can engage in to keep them busy.

This mommy keeps it real with photos of messy rooms, a reality check on her weight, and other things that mothers all over the world deal with. She has the best paleo recipes for weight loss that the entire family will find.

She also offers support to mothers with autistic kids, as well as wellness products such as essential oils.

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog

Jenn of Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog is opinionated and a loud mouth as she says on her into. Well, her loud mouth works well for all of us, seeing as she brings fun stuff on the blog. Her topics are diverse, from family and bringing up little energizer bunnies, to relationships and sex. She holds nothing back, this beautiful mommy.

The blog is extensive, with a little tech stuff here and some DIY crafts there. You get plenty of fun ideas that include parents and babies. She opens up about marriage, sex before and after babies, and then directs your attention to fitness and general wellness.

Every mommy is beautiful and she deserves to should feel it, and so Jenn gives us her beauty tips. Can a girl have too many beauty tips? No!

Teaching Mama

Before Angela became a mommy, she was a teacher. She decided to stay home and raise her family. She believes that education should not only impart knowledge but that it should be fun too! So, she brings facts with fun on her blog.

Do your kids live outer space matters? Are they obsessed with the planetary system? Well, Angela’s got some fun puzzles that you can download and print to make learning fun for the babies. She has them for the various stages of childhood, from toddling to pre-schooling.

Learning material aside, Teaching Mama shares her challenges in motherhood and how she overcomes them. Read her already! 

A Moment With Franca

Franca’s blog, A Moment With Franca is a nominee for an award in the parenting and Lifestyle category.

When she is not doting on her family, Franca is shopping, mostly online. On her blog, she gives honest reviews of products she has used, and she recommends some of them to mommies.

Her family loves adventure, and so they are always checking into new destinations. On her blog, Franca documenting those travels, driving us all into that vacation frenzy. She has a ton of refreshing places you can go with kids and activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Taking The Kids

Have you and your husband been thinking of going on a cruise but think that it would be impossible with the kids? Take them along and start them early, no?

In her blog, Eileen advocates for taking the kids with you everywhere. In other words, you, mommy, don’t have to wait until they are grown to have mad fun!

You will find fun activities here to d with the kids. She also finds vacation places you never thought to be kid-friendly.

She covers everything from summer fun to snowy activities so that you and the fam can have a good time regardless of the weather or climate.

Heavenly Home Makers

Thinking up something healthy to cook is not always so easy. It is made worse when you have a fussy eater. Well, this mommy has been through it all, and so she has this list of delicious yet healthy meal ideas you can borrow-from breakfast to dinner. Snacks too.

She also brings you first aid tips that we all could use. You never know when these basic tips could come in handy. She also has fresh ideas that you can apply to your homemaking skills that will make all the difference.

Other things you will find here are meal plans to accommodate your weight management goals. Shop anytime!

Mother of All Trips

Mara, the founder of Mother Of All Trips, is an award winning blogger. Her story-telling techniques are mind-boggling. Her blog is all about travel, and boy does she give us chills! We need a holiday!

Mara, as you will notice from reading her posts, was bitten by the travel bug before the munchkins checked in, but she did not allow motherhood to hold her adventurous spirit back. She travels with her family, and they capture lasting memories that they share with the rest of the world.

If you are looking for guides to places all over the world, or the inspiration to travel with kids, the Mother Of All Trips gives you a good dose.

The Seasoned Mom

“I hate good food!” Said no one ever! The Seasoned Mom’s founder, Blair, found out after baby number three that she could not keep up with the family and complex meals at the same time. She made a compromise, which boiled down t making easy yet healthy meals to spare time for her growing family.

Her blog is all about eating right without having to spend hours in the kitchen. She has a cookbook that compromises of several easy-to-cook meals that you and your family will love. Check the blog for inspiration!

A Mama's Corner of The World

Angela and Chris are the forces behind A Mama’s Corner Of The World. Angela, the writer in the family, writes everything that comes to mind as long as it is home and family related. You will find DIYs here, travel information, and matters food.

Since the family travels quite a lot, the information on the blog revolves around the different cultures they meet on the road as well as the various cuisines. You will also find some great tips on staying healthy on the road and at home.

Chris and Angela write product reviews for products they enjoy, and they encourage content from other writers to diversify the content.

Family Friendly Cincinnati

If you just moved to Cincinnati and you have no idea where to take the kids for fun or where the family should hang out, check this site for the insight! You will not only get links to great eateries, but you will also have a list of things to do that suit various ages.

As part of the eateries list, you will find those that allow kids to eat for free! How cool is that? Also, you get locations of all Farmers’ Markets in the city as well as their operation hours.

Family Friendly Cincinnati is one great resource for party places for every event.

Giveaways, deals, and coupons, anyone? Find them here!

Fabulous Mom Blog

Tiffany is the creator of Fabulous Mom Blog. She uses her space on the internet to talk about family, DIY projects that your babies will love, beauty, fashion, and dealing with the pain of losing a spouse. She also has articles on how to handle some of life’s biggest events, such as the wedding day.

Because she loves some good food, Tiffany shares her healthy recipes with the rest of us to replicate. Her home-making DIYs are pretty simple, while the beauty tips are refreshing. You will love her sense of humor and realistic way of looking at life.

The Produce Mom

The Produce Mom knows her way around the market. She has information on every fruit and vegetable on the market, and she has tips on how to get the little ones to eat more of the fresh stuff. If you have a fussy eater who will not touch veggies unless they are disguised, then camp here and get some useful tips.

Here, you will get tips on how to select only the best for you family. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be tricky to pick, but she knows where to look. The recipes are easy to follow too.

Oh and this mom has a produce challenge which will test your understanding of all the information she has given.

Moneywise Moms

Mom is not only the caregiver in the family, but she is also the finance guru. Gina talks matters finance, as she sensitizes mommies on this critical issue that most of us avoid talking about. She is frugal and meticulous in her planning, and so she shares her wisdom with other parents.

Gina talks about having fun on a budget, enjoying delicious meals at home to save money and stay healthy, and also planning so that college does not find you broke.

Have you filed your tax returns? Gina of Moneywise Moms breaks the process down and reminds you about your obligation before time lapses. There is a whole segment on working from home that most mommies will find useful.

Diary of A First Time Mom

Mommies to be could never have enough information. This blog, Diary Of A First Time Mom, covers everything that a mom needs, including the journey through pregnancy and then a little more on what to expect when the baby checks in.

Some of the information you will get about babies include the nutrients that you will need to grow healthy hair and skin, and also some more on breastfeeding. Mommy gets some insight and recipes for yummy smoothies to boost milk production too!

Do you want fun ideas on how to spend the best summer of your life with your toddler, or how to prepare them for their first cruise? You will get it all here on the Diary Of A First Time Mom.

Lazy Mom's Blog

Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing lazy about Joanna, the creator of the Lazy Mom’s Blog. She simply believes in being good enough for her family and not aiming for perfection. Shouldn’t we all?

 Psychology is her major, and so she likes exploring the human mind. In her blog, she talks about mindfulness and raising kids that are not entitled. Joanna is not an advocate for perfection, as we noted, and so she encourages her children to be just that –kids. Her pieces advise parents to embrace the mess, seeing as it will not last that long, anyway.

She loves beautiful spaces, and so her blog includes DIY projects that will improve homes without breaking the bank.

Mama Knows It All

Isn’t that the truth? That mama knows it all? Well, at least babies believe that until a certain age. Brandi of Mama Knows It All talks candidly about her motherhood experiences. She is honest about a leaking bladder after childbirth and all the stuff in between that some people would think twice before disclosing to strangers on the internet.

Then again, her followers are not strangers try an extended family. She shares her meals, her workout regime, and the struggles that every mother knows only too well. Brandi also talks about her husband and his unending support that makes marriage and motherhood all the more fulfilling.

Brandi shares some of her favorite books and those of her daughter. She also has some crafts off her sleeve that you may find quite fun and creative.

Mommy's New Groove

Motherhood is about being real and talking about your post baby bikini body with pride, no?

Well, this mom holds nothing back as she takes us through her tales and those of her baby girl. She talks about how motherhood changed her from a carefree globetrotter and adventurer to this stay at home mom who derives joy from seeing the world through the eyes of her 4-year old.

In the blog, Mommy’s New Groove, this amazing blogger unashamedly admits the challenges of motherhood, letting mothers and mothers-to-be know that it is okay to fail sometimes.  When she is not goofing sound with her daughter, she is out exploring foods from different cultures and fitness ideas.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, mamas!

There’s a lot of material out there for both pre and postnatal information. As we said, you may never learn everything you will need to know before the baby is born, even from reading all the books ever written. However, these blogs will give you a good picture of what to expect.

Maybe the most important part is the knowledge that other mothers all over the world are going through the same thing as you.

Therefore, find a few favorites on this list, read, and have fun on your journey. To your child, you are the best mommy in the world!