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Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Breastfeeding is very important, due to the fact a baby will get all the antibodies and proteins he needs directly from a mother.

At the same time, breastfeeding will help your baby to develop better and stronger jaw, so this way of feeding your baby is even more important.

Researchers suggest that children who have milk at early age stays fit and fine and are healthier as compared to babies who don’t have it.

Breast milk has antibodies and nutrition that gives power to child to fight against several diseases.

It also helps in overall development of a child. A child must intake mother’s milk for first few months after its birth. 

If you have a baby and you want to offer the feel of breastfeeding action, it is better to buy some special bottles. Breastfed babies’ milk bottles can give your baby the same experience of true breastfeeding. 

These bottles are manufactured in a special way that you can easily store your own breast milk for longer period in fridge. Just start thrusting your milk into your unique bottles. Whenever your baby wants to have milk, only use that bottle.

Moreover, as these bottles have been made with the use of plastic, there is no risk of damage to the milk’s original components.

In addition to it, the lids are also designed in sophisticatedly, so that you may avoid any possible leakage during the time of transferring bottles.

If you wish to provide milk with a perfect measurement, you may observe the markers, found on the bottle.

While any suggestion is given to you by pediatrician for your baby, the marked bottles will surely be helpful.

Keep in mind that your baby will still get all the nutrients and antibodies he needs for great health.

Simply said, you will have to feed your baby with a help of a bottle, at some point. It is mandatory to slowly introduce baby bottles to your baby.

Though mother milk is better for a child but bottle feeding is essential after a certain age and it has several advantages. 

Start at night, after you breastfed your baby and offer him a bottle. This will last 2 weeks, so start at least 2-3 weeks before going back to work.

It's highly suggested to use the bottles with slow-flow nipples. Mainly because they are especially developed for babies who use bottles for the first time.

5 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies Reviews 2022

Apart from being a good looking bottle, the Comotomo baby bottle is our #1 pick for breastfeeding baby bottle in the market today and the reason for that lies in its functionality.

The bottle does a great job of replicating the feel of breastfeeding.

This means that your baby is less likely to reject the bottle and will truly enjoy consuming his or her milk.

Additionally, the bottle is made from 100% sterilized, medical silicone so it can be put in a microwave, a dishwasher, a sterilizer and even hot boiling water.

The bottle comes equipped with dual anti colic vents that ensure that there is plenty of air circulation moving in and out of the bottle.

While not many pay attention to such a feature, it is remarkable how long it goes in reducing any spit back, excessive burping and a build up of gas- namely the things that are likely to keep your baby away from the bottle.

The bottle has a true slow flow nipple system in place that has two advantages.

Firstly the flow is rather slow to gradually develop the baby’s suckling and also to minimize any choking or spit ups.

Secondly, the single hole ensures that there is no spillage whatsoever even if you turn the bottle completely upside down.

The nipple set can be changed as your baby grows.

The bottle is also soft, easy to squeeze and the fact that it has a broad neck means that it can be cleaned rather easily.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Soft silicone bottles.
  • Slow-flow nipple.
  • Easy for baby to grip and hold on.
  • Cute design.


  • Hard to see the numbers.
  • Bottle is unstable and easily tips over.

This is without a doubt the most attractive breastfed baby bottle on the market today.

Not only is the design rather cute but also the bottles come in vibrant colors that are likely to appeal to your baby visually.

But in the end it is the functionality that matters and this baby bottle delivers big on its promise.

The bottles are made from BPA Free, Phthalate Free material and are designed to be a breeze to use for both babies and parents.

These ergonomically perfect bottles are easy to use and have been designed so that the specially designed, silicone nipple tip actually feels like a real nipple to a baby.

The soft silicone truly does feel like skin and it is astonishing what a great job it does to replicate the feel of a natural one.

The easy latch nipple also allows for a smooth transition between breast and bottle, whether going to or from.

The venting flow that comes equipped with the slow flow nipple reduces the air intake, in turn reducing the extra air that goes into your baby’s tummy, effectively reducing any discomfort caused by gas, excessive burping or spit back.

The idea is to make feeding very comfortable for the baby so that they do not shy away from it.

There are measurements in big, dark letters on the bottle that make it easy to see how much milk has been consumed by the baby.


  • Wide neck.
  • Multiple colors which is fun for your baby.
  • Very easy to clean. Only 4 parts.
  • The vent on the nipple seems to work great.
  • Easy to grip, not slippery.


  • Nipple collapses making it very difficult to suckle from.

The Medela set of breast milk bottles is a great gift for mothers who actually want to solely rely on breastfeeding their babies but without indulging in all the hassle.

The prime reason for that is the fact that this bottle is compatible with all of the Medela breast pumps so that you can pump out and store the milk in the same bottle, later using the same to feed the baby.

This eliminates the need for extra transfer and makes the job rather easy.

This baby feeding bottle is made from safe, sterile plastic.

So much so that milk can be stored in it for long periods of time without any worry or without any buildup of toxins.

The body of the bottle also has ounce and millimeter markers that you let you see how much milked has been put in and how much the baby has consumed.

As expected, the bottle set is dishwasher safe and can be thrown in for any cleaning purposes.

Speaking of cleanliness, the bottle set also comes with a travel cap for keeping the dust and dirt from reaching the nipple area of the bottle.

When you buy the set you get additional travel caps, solid lids and even a medium flow nipple for when your baby has bettered his or her suckling skills.

A great bottle to introduce the baby to breastfeeding before you actually get him to the real thing.


  • Easy to clean.
  • The nipples don't flow too fast and are not thick/tough.
  • Very soft which is good for your baby teething.
  • Works great with Medela pump.


  • Nipple collapses making it very difficult to suckle from.
  • The print on the bottles scratches easily.

When buying a newborn baby bottle, it is important to make a careful choice as you want the bottle to provide as close as a natural experience for the child while being easy for you to work with.

The Philips Avent natural glass bottle does this very well as it has a nipple that is remarkably shaped like an actual nipple that provides an extra soft, organic experience for the baby while helping the natural latch on, enabling ease of feeding.

The bottle is designed with ergonomics in mind that makes it very easy to hold for not just parents but also babies who otherwise would struggle to hold on with their small fingers.

As mentioned, the bottle is built from glass that is BPA free and is a breeze to clean and to sterilize.

You can put it in hot boiling water or in a sterilizer.

The wide neck makes this bottle very easy to fill and to clean.

This eliminates the struggle parents usually encounter when they are trying to clean narrow neck feeding bottles.

As mentioned, the bottle is built from glass that is BPA free and is a breeze to clean and to sterilize.

You can put it in hot boiling water or in a sterilizer.

The wide neck makes this bottle very easy to fill and to clean with the bottle brush.

This eliminates the struggle parents usually encounter when they are trying to clean narrow neck feeding bottles.


  • Wide neck makes it easier to clean and pour into.
  • Venting system works perfectly.
  • Simple and clean design.
  • Glass bottle, so it's easier to wash.
  • Good nipple shape, like natural breast.


  • Due to the glass material, it's heavier than plastic ones - hard for baby to hold on.
  • No silicone sleeve.

This set of baby feeding bottles is an absolute bargain considering you get 5 of these bottles for a rather economical price but that does not mean that they are of an inferior quality. Quite the opposite actually.

The Avent Classic+ bottle is made from a BPA and latex free material and are clinically proven to reduce discomfort while feeding.

The Philips anti colic system comes integrated with the bottle and allows ease of feeding and digesting.

According to the company, babies feeding with this bottle, who are merely 2 weeks old, has reduced fussing as compared to other bottles.

The anti colic system reduces the amount of air that goes into your baby’s tummy and helps avoid gas, burping and colic.

In fact when you look at the bottle while feeding you will see air bubbles in it, proving hat the air is being released into the bottle and not inside the baby.

The dual flow, extra soft silicone nipple can effectively be used to feed babies of all age.

The best part about this nipple design is that it lets the baby control the flow of the milk via their suckling. This reduces over feeding and any cases of spit backs.

The Classic+ is easy to clean, has fewer parts and is generally a breeze to work with for the parent as well as the baby, thanks in part to its wide necked design that makes it easy to hold and to fill and clean.

The bottles are compatible with all of Philips Avent Breast Pumps, Classic+ Bottles, and Cups.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Soft silicone nipples.
  • Only 3 pieces (4 including lid).
  • Good quality plastic and nipples.


  • Many customers report the leak issue.
  • Features to Consider When Buying Bottles for Breastfed Babies

    Whenever you are about to buy a bottle for your breastfeeding baby, the very first thing you need to do is to decide whether you completely want to switch on bottles or you will be doing both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

    In cases when you are ready to introduce bottle feeding for your babies, you have to look for the top-notch bottles for breastfeeding for your child. That being said, there are some critical features to consider when buying bottle for breastfed babies are:

    1 – Bottle’s Shape and Size

    • Shape
      There are plenty of options available for breastfeeding baby bottles with different shapes and sizes. The shape of the bottle should be in a way that it can be easily hold by the child.

      Traditional breastfeeding bottles are usually tall and slightly curved or angled. Angled neck bottles are suggested as they are easier for babies to hold.

    • Size
      For breastfeeding baby the recommendation is to use the bottles which carry 4-6 ounce of liquid, after few months you can switch to the bigger number.

      4-6 ounce is enough for the small kid because only this much amount of milk is sufficient for newborns in one sitting.

    2 – Material of the Bottle

    Commonly available materials for the breastfeeding baby bottles are glass, silicone, plastic, and stainless steel.

    • Plastic
      These bottles that are widely available are shatterproof, cost effective and light weighted but there is chemical BPA (bisphenol A) present in plastic that is harmful for babies, so always go for BPA free plastic bottles.

    • Glass
      Glass bottles are last longer as compared to plastic ones but are more expensive and heavy in weight. There will always be a risk of shattering in case of glass bottles but it is BPA free.

    • Silicone
      These bottles are shatterproof i.e. unbreakable, light and as compared to glass they are soft too. Silicone come BPA free but more expensive than plastic and glass. They are not easily available and thus you can use the combination of silicone and plastic for your child health.

    • Stainless steel
      This one is long lasting, light, unbreakable, BPA-free, but like silicone, these breastfeeding baby bottles can be expensive and not be available easily. As they are hard to find thus they can be inconvenient when repair or replacement is needed.

    3 – Colic free and Venting system

    There is no exact cause of why colic occur but baby bottles with tops having angles and particular venting system can limit the amount of the air that Baby takes in, which eventually reduce the gas and spit-up. There are some bottles in the market marked as anti colic; you can opt for such bottles.

    4 – Nipples and Flow

    Overall, the best nipple bottle can be considered as best choices. They come in different levels and ranges. Always focus on shape and flow rate of a nipple.

    A nipple that resembles or make the child feel as mother’s breast in terms of shape and function that is, it must have slow flow rate in order to make the baby work on it for drinking. Such bottles tend to work best for this purpose.

    5 – Cleanliness

    Without a doubt, it’s very important to keep your baby bottle clean before and after each use. Properly wash your hands before feeding your child. Always remember to feed your child at a clean area with a clean bottle.

    Hence, you must do regular cleaning of a bottle that you are using for feeding. It’s highly recommended using warm water to clean all germs of a bottle. Keeping your baby bottle clean is very important.

    Safety Tips When Bottle Feeding Your Baby

    What you child intake is very important in deciding the overall health and development of your child at a young age. You need to make sure that you are using an appropriate bottle for breastfeeding your baby such.

    That being said, the bottle should follow some standards to make sure it’s safe for your child. So let’s get into it:

    • Position
      When you are feeding your child he/she must be in a proper position to intake the feed. You must give them milk by holding them in your lap in an upright position so that they can intake properly.

      After fix interval remember to remove the bottle slightly so that air can release. Appropriate position has a lot to do with the digestion of a kid.

    • Materials
      Make sure that bottles used for feeding are made of proper material. It must be BPA free and secured in all concern that it should never harm your baby in any ways.

    • Storage
      Always try to give fresh milk or recently made formula to your child. Never give feed that is more than 24 hours ago.

      Mainly because the bacteria grows very fast in food even when it is in fridge and this can create problem for your child.

    • Perfect Measurement
      Carefully measure the quantity you are giving to your child. Always fill the complete bottle for easy intake of a child. If your child regrets drinking of complete bottle do not force your child as he must not be hungry any more.

      Keep a track on time intervals in which you are giving feeding to your child. If you are giving a baby formula to your child properly measure and then mix all the ingredients. This all has a lot to do with the digestion of your child.


  • Suitable for newborn babies
  • Easily fits all infants below one year
  • Made of superior fabric and comfortable shell cover
  • It is light and easily portable


  • You can’t replace the cover
  • Difficult to wash and dry


These are some of the top bottles for breastfeeding on the market. The main fact, you should know about them is that they are specially developed for babies and they are tested, so there are no side effects of using them.

Mothers get certain advantages as well. It is easy to clean and you can use a brush, thanks to the design and the materials.

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green - Editor's Choice

Probably the best model you can get is the Comotomo Baby Bottles. It has been designed to mimic the breastfeeding, so most babies will get used to it sooner than with other bottles. The entire bottle and the nipple are made from safe materials, so your baby won’t have issues using the bottle. Thanks to the materials the manufacturer used, it is safe to use in micro oven, dishwasher or for hot water.

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