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Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews 2022 – Top 4 Picks

The first days after giving birth will be followed by either of these two things: torrential milk production or no milk at all.

If you find that you have plenty, it would be ideal to express it and store it for ‘lean days.’ Refrigerated breast milk will keep in the fridge for 3-5 days, but you can freeze it to last as long as 6 months.

Storage may have been an issue a long time ago, but not anymore.

The best breast milk storage bags will be designed to withstand thawing and freezing, and they will be sealable to keep your baby’s milk for as long as you need to store it.

4 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews 2022

One pack of Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags contains 100 pieces of them, and yet the package is highly affordable.

It is no wonder they are the best selling in on Amazon.

They are made of thick material that is tough to tear or destroy.

The spout of the bag is as wide as the length of the bag itself, and hence easy to pour milk in and out of it.

You cannot pump milk directly into the bag, though.

It is sealable to keep contaminants out and to ensure that your milk does not spill while in the fridge.

One of its best features is the base that stands on its own in the fridge of freezer.

When you fill the clear bag with milk, it does not expand in diameter, but instead, the base extends a little to enable the bag to stand independently.

This way, it takes minimal space in the fridge. You can lay the bags down too to save space.

The double zipper ensures that the milk stays intact, regardless of how you place it in the fridge or freezer.

These bags are designed to withstand freezing and thawing so that you can freeze milk for as long as six months.

They take up to 160ml of milk. It is not much compared to plastic storages that will take up to 1,000 ml, but the upside is that the milk from the bag will thaw faster.

It is portable too. The bags are BPA free, and they are pre-sterilized. They are not reusable, which may be seen as both an upside and a downside.

The bottom line is that Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags are the best of their quality and size on the market.


  • Leak-proof, BPA and BPS free material.
  • Ideal for storing and freezing breastmilk.
  • Holds large quantities.
  • They take up little space, easy to store.
  • Inexpensive compared to other brands.


  • Occasional leakage, make sure to seal it properly.
  • Quite thin so be careful when milk is not frozen.

Most mothers hate the transfer process where you pump milk into one container and then transfer it into the storage bag.

Kiinde Storage Pouch skips that process, as it is compatible with all breast pump brands.

Fewer dishes to clean and a shorter procedure, no?

Not only will you skip the cleaning and transfer stage, but you will also reduce the chances of exposing the milk to germs.

The twist cap is certainly the best feature of this pouch, as it seals it perfectly to prevent leaks and contamination.

It stores up to 6 ounces of milk, which is a third of what your toddler will need per day.

You will require three of these for the day, but then again this capacity is better than that of most storage bags on the market.

It is certainly more expensive than Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags.

Considering that they are not reusable, they are not ideal for everyday unless you do not mind parting with this amount every week.

However, they are perfect for traveling.

The bags are pre-sterilized, saving you the trouble.

They are also clear, and so you can see the amount of milk left after use and even the amount you have pumped.

The transparent surface is also great for labeling and marking the date so that anyone feeding the baby notes the oldest pouch and depletes it first.

The pouch is compatible with all nipples, and so you can feed the baby directly from the bag.

The nipple attaches naturally to the mouth of the bag to ensure there is no space to let in any air during feeding time. The pouch collapses as the baby depletes the milk.


  • The twist cap seals perfectly.
  • Thick durable plastic.
  • Very easy to pour and store.
  • Bag can stand up on the counter easily without tipping and spilling.


  • They take up a lot more space due to the twist cap.
  • More expensive than the typical storage bag.

Made with Phthalates and BPA-Free material, these 6oz storage bags are quite economical.

A pack contains 100 pieces, and they will last the entire month. At their price, they are ideal for daily storage.

As is with most breast milk bags, they are not re-usable.

They will only last until you dispense of the milk and then you will trash them.

They save you the cleaning part, though, as you just get a new one and get ready for the day.

These bags are pre-sterilized too to save you time.

The base is self-standing when you fill them up. You can lay them flat in your fridge or freezer to save space.

The spout makes for easy transfer as the width of the bag. Laying them on a flat surface when they are frozen helps speed up the thawing process.

The thick plastic material that makes these bags is durable and tear-free to keep the milk safe and fresh.

The bag has a double zip lock for securing the top and preventing leaks and contaminants.

The lock system is so sturdy that even if the pouch dropped on a hard surface, it would not give in. The material is not only sturdy, but it is also free of toxic substances.

On the face of the bag is a unique and thoughtful feature. You have ample space to label the pack with a place for the name, date, and time that the milk was expressed.

This way, anyone looking at the bags will tell the oldest from the freshest.


  • Leak-proof seal.
  • Pre-sterilized to insure the milk stays SAFE and FRESH.
  • Made from a BPA-FREE and Phthalates-FREE non toxic material.
  • You can record Name, Volume, Date and Time.


  • The bags can be hard to seal sometimes. Hence, there can be leaks.

A pack of NUK Seal N Go contains 50 pieces, which is great for the price.

All the 10 pieces are pre-sterilized to save time.

The spout does not allow you to pump directly into this bag, and so you will have to transfer the milk from your pumping container.

The gravity-fed pour spout is designed to prevent spills and to make transfer easy.

When you are done, filling the 6oz bag up you will seal it with the double zipper seal that prevents the precious breast milk from spilling or being contaminated.

When opening the bag, you can tear the upper part with a pair of clean scissors to reveal the seal. The tear line is properly indicated for guidance.

The transparent BPA-free material that makes this bag is clearly marked to allow you visibility when filling it up.

You can also label the bag on the clear front part to indicate the date the milk was pumped.

The bags will not allow your nutrient-rich milk to lose any of its goodness. It has an oxygen barrier that preserves the milk’s freshness when it is frozen for a long while.

There is plenty of space between the Ziploc, and the last fill point to allow expansion of the milk during freezing.

This is why you are advised to fill milk to allowed capacity and not anymore.

The fluted self-standing bottom lets you fill the bag uninterrupted and even to label it in this position.

You can choose to store it in this standing position or place it lying down to save space in your storage.

Milk stored in this bag thaws faster than that in a glass container.


  • Leak-proof guaranteed.
  • Self-standing bottom prevents spills.
  • The pack is reasonably priced.
  • Pre-Sterilized and disposable for safety.


  • The bags can be hard to seal sometimes. Hence, there can be leaks.

Benefits of Using Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • 100% Safe

They are pre-sterilized, and so you can use them as they are. They have seals that keep the milk safe from contaminants whether it is in the fridge or the freezer.

They are BPA-free too, and so you can confidently use them knowing that your baby’s food is contaminant-free.

  • Convenient

These bags are not the only available form of storage, but they are the most convenient. They will not take too much space in the fridge, and they are portable.

If you hate cleaning up after every meal, you will not have to wash these bags, as they are disposable. Additionally, milk stored in these storage bags thaws faster than that in a plastic or glass container.

These storage bags are environment-friendly too. They are made of biodegradable material, and they are recyclable. As far as cost goes, they are quite affordable.


Breast milk storage bags keep your milk in excellent condition without breaking your bank account.

Some climate enthusiasts may say disposable bags fill up the landfills, but the fact is that these BPA-free bags are recyclable and their material is biodegradable.

Because breast milk is precious, you do not want it to spill when you transfer it from one container to another.

They are also convenient in many ways. You can reheat your baby’s meal straight from the bag, and you can take them anywhere with you.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 100 Count - Editor's Choice

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags are especially easy to store as they stack well in the fridge to occupy minimal space. They also have adequate capacity. The label of the Lansinoh bag is clear at the top so that you know how old the refrigerated milk is. A pack of 100 bags will last you a month, and yet is priced leniently.

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