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How to Clean A Pack and Play

The best pack n play is an ultimate solution when parents need to travel with infants or toddlers.

Unlike a crib, mothers prefer the pack n play due to its many attributes like mobility, manageability, and compactness.

People are favoring it not just for the outdoors but also indoors. How to setup a pack n play might seem tricky for the first time, but once you get a hang of it, it becomes really simple.

To set it up, remove all the accessories inside the baby play yard like the mattress and loose polls and place it upright on the floor. Extend its feet moderately, which will give support to the stand.

Support the play yard with your hands because it will be a little unstable in this position. Pull up the bottom of all the four rails until they produce a tick sound.

Check all of the rails again because if they are not locked correctly, the child using it may encounter some safety complications, which can lead to harmful consequences.

After that, press the center base inside the play yard and lock it. Then tuck the mattress inside and properly cover the straps inside the mattress so that children can't reach it.

3 Ways to Clean a Pack and Play

There are various ways in which you a play yard with bassinet can be cleaned. Some of the ways are listed below:

Technique # 1

  • Remove the mattress from the playpen and take the bassinet and playpen to an appropriate place where all washing can be done.
  • Fill the can or bucket with detergent and warm water and mix it. Then, dip a clean wipe, sponge or cloth into it and start cleaning the play yard from top to bottom.
  • Scrub the netting as smoothly and gently as possible. For support, place one hand at the back of the net to avoid damaging it.
  • Wipe its bottom after cleaning the top.
  • Wash the bassinet from the top to bottom.
  • Rinse it by using a hand shower and then let it dry.
  • Clean the mattress (without cover) separately with the same procedure of scrubbing it with a soapy cloth, washing it with a shower, and letting it dry.
  • Wash the cover in a washing machine with a washing powder.

Technique # 1

  • For cleaning a playard with bassinet, first fill a bath tub or big tub like a bucket with hot water. Then, add basic H2 until it starts producing a sufficient amount of soap foam.
  • Fill the can or bucket with detergent and warm water and mix it. Then, dip a clean wipe, sponge or cloth into it and start cleaning the play yard from top to bottom.
  • To mix it nicely, run your hand in the water.
  • Immerse the playpen with mattress in the water. If the mattress is made of cardboard, don’t soak it. Remove it before soaking the structure in the water and clean it with baby wipes dipped in the solution in the tub.
  • Remove the structure from the tub and set it some place to rinse with clean water.
  • Set it out on a cloth a towel to let it dry. For rapid drying, use a fan or hair dryer.

Technique # 1

It is the same technique as technique number 2 but with different ingredients for washing.

  • Instead of basic H2 and oregano oil, just use a bit of laundry detergent, one fourth cup of baking soda and a little vinegar. (Or just use a laundry soap or detergent).
  • After thirty minutes, flip the playpen.
  • After another thirty minutes, discard it from the dirty water.
  • Rinse it with clean water.
  • Let it dry.


For purchasing a baby play yard, parents must look at all of the features it offers and compare it with other models like what kind of material it is made of, how much weight it can carry, or what is the suitable size.

The best pack and play for baby should be able to hold at least 20 pounds of weight. It should be a play yard with bassinet where children can play, sleep, and eat easily with comfort

A very important aspect is its price. If parents do not want to purchase an expensive play yard, they can buy a simple one, but they should keep in mind the features that their baby would need.

Other important features that should be kept in mind are the mobility of the play yard and its ability to be folded. If you travel a lot with your baby, portability should be a major factor for you.

Wheels and canopy should be of good quality to keep children in the shade and protect them from direct sunshine. It should also have a good amount of storage to keep toys and other baby items.

If you want to know the exact things you should look for, you should look at a buying guide for the best pack n play.