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Best Cloth Diapers Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

If you have a baby in your home, then you would certainly know how useful cloth diapers are.

These are the pieces of cloth which keep the baby from getting wet and making a mess. In the past, cloth diapers were only made of pieces of cloth and nothing else.

However, with the advancement of technology, these cloth diapers are much better than the old ones.

These new cloth diapers not only prevent the child from getting wet but also offer convenience for mothers with their waterproof, easy-to-clean and reusable characteristics.

Most importantly, it is quite easy to find the right cloth diapers for your babies today.

They come in different sizes, are cheap, convenient and easy to wash, and can go as long as three months.

This means that if you buy two or three diapers for your kid, you can spend the next nine months without worrying about diapers and baby leaks at all.

There are also many cloth diapers which are disposable, which makes them easy and convenient to use.

When it comes to buying diapers for the little ones, cloth diapers are reliable for parents who wish to be assured of comfort without spending too much over the long term and without contributing much to landfills of wastes.

Such diapers are healthier, reusable, comfortable, and affordable.

They are becoming more popular and that different styles have surfaced to fulfill the diverse requirements of both babies and parents. 

Well, the availability of several choices can be bewildering for parents, especially if they are looking for the best cloth diaper for the first time.

Hence, there are several factors such as comfort, fabric, type, fit, and diapering system such as wrap or insert to consider when looking for the best diapers.

On the basis of these factors, here are top 5 cloth diapers chosen for you!

5 Best Cloth Diapers Reviews 2022

Throughout the research, this one proves to be the best cloth diaper for babies that are born recently or are below three years and weigh 6 to 35 lbs.

This diaper is washable as well as adjustable infant swim diaper for cute swimming lessons.

It has snaps adjustable in three sizes around the waist as well as in three more height sizes.

The outer part is composed of a breathable cloth fabric that is soft and waterproof and has cute patterns for swimming in style.

The inner part is an extremely soft, polyester mesh that is responsible for comfort and easy washing.

The diaper holds soft elastic around the waist.

Most importantly, they are absolutely eco-friendly and reuseable.

Instead of throwing them away after each use like normal diapers, you can clean them and use them again for your toddlers.

We highly recommend this cloth diaper as the best cloth diaper to all mothers.


  • Very lightweight and soft
  • Easy to adjust and wash
  • Stylish look
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly diaper


  • Little thinner but not an issue

Many public pools require you to use approved swim diapers for small ones, which refer to waterproof pants with cozily fitting legs and waist.

Available for both boys and girls, FINS swim diapers are quite popular reusable ones.

According to many customers, it is the best option for those who are tired of disposables and in looking for some attractive designs.

This cloth diaper for toddler is available in a variety of sizes so that it can fit babies of different sizes.

This is bound to make the baby happy and parent confident.

You can find sizes such as small and medium for toddlers, large and XLarge for babies above one year, XXLarge for those above two years, 3T for babies who are three years old, and 4T for those who are four years old.

These diapers come with elastic around the waist, while the rest of the part is woven polyester lining, which is friendly to the baby’s skin.

This polyester has no harmful or PVC materials, which ensures safety to the skin.

The diapers are also highly resistant to chlorine, which protects your little one while in a baby’s swimming pool.

They are also easily washable due to which reusability is ensured.


  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Washable diaper.
  • Variety of sizes
  • Cute design.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not a great pee holder and not for poop mishaps

I play swim diapers are admired for their ability to keep uneasy accidents away and offer ultimate protection for swimmers and babies.

They are available in two versions namely, side-snap and pull-up.

The latter is not ideal for poop management due to which the side-snap one is the way to go for respecting sanity.

This one is a top-rated cloth diaper because of its ultimate protection.

It comes with original triple-layer protection featuring an absorbent layer for defense when outside the pool, a wicking liner for soaking moisture so that it does not penetrates into the baby’s skin to form diaper rash, and a waterproof layer to keep unhygienic accidents away.

The diaper also has UPF 50+ for great protection from sun rays.

It is also free of formaldehydes and azo-dyes. The material used is 100% polyester, which is machine washable.

This toddler reusable diaper is actually trimmed and lightweight to motivate swimming.

It also has an easy-lock snap to hold solid matter. Above all, it is approved for public pools.

The diaper is available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.

It can last for summer if you handle it with care.

Usually, you need not put this diaper in a dryer, as air drying is recommended.

The former action, if repeated, can ruin the cloth piece.

On the downside, you may not find this piece as tight as a few other diapers, as it is impossible to tighten it.

Despite this fact, there is no risk of poop leakage, provided that the size selected is right.


  • Affordable price.
  • Available in various sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Strong absorber
  • Machine washable


  • Small size diaper.

This baby cloth diaper is new but is quickly becoming the most preferable one.

Why? This is because it is adjustable.

It comes with one size fits all design featuring an adjustable snap for tightening or loosening the diaper on the sides, as well as one more for adjusting in the region of the groin.

While the manufacturer ensures fitting even for large babies, it might run small for those weighing over 25 lbs.

Due to one size fits all design, the diaper can easily fit a small one ranging from a few months to potty training.

As a result, you need to purchase less of cloth diapers.

Alva Baby is also recommended for its pocket diaper style, which is very easy to use.

Such style features two fabric layers: the external one being breathable and waterproof, whereas the internal one fabric with a pocket opening through which a reusable spongy insert glides.

The insert soaks in moisture from pee or poop and keeps leaks away.

This absorbency is adjustable as per the number of inserts in use.

The insert is removable due to which the diaper can dry much faster.

The two rows of snaps in front take care of fitting for any baby.


  • One size fitting all
  • Waterproof
  • Strong absorbent and good breathability
  • No covers required
  • No leaks


  • Rare bulky look
  • Expensive price

This cloth diaper for toddler is known for its ability to absorb fluid swiftly at once when poured onto it as well as to keep leaks nil or minimal when sited at the 45-degree angle.

It is also capable of holding liquid well under pressure.

Made up quite light in size, the diaper is one of the famous chlorine-free diapers consisting a natural absorbent such wheat or corn.

This not only alleviates the use of petro chemicals but also reliable absorption.

This securely fitting diaper also comes with stretchy and soft panels to keep leakage away.

The pack comes with 140 diapers, which are ideal for babies weighing 16-28 pounds.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very soft
  • Strong absorbent
  • Chlorine free
  • No leaks


  • More expensive than other diapers.
  • Only white color.

Are Cloth Diapers Right for Your Babies?

Many mothers are worried about using cloth diapers. Deciding if cloth diapers are right for the family is not a difficult decision to make. There are many reasons due to which cloth diapers might be right for you.

The first reason that these diapers are a good choice for you is that they are economical. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on these diapers.

Furthermore, once you buy one, it can go as long as three months. Thus, with these diapers, you save an enormous amount of money.

Another reason that makes cloth diapers right for you is that they are better for the environment. Disposable diapers take years to decompose and are a cause of pollution once wasted, whereas these cloth diapers are not used in abundance and decompose easily.

For a single cloth diaper, your baby will use 40-50 disposable diapers. Thus, these environment-friendly diapers are the best way to go.

One of the most important reasons that cloth diapers may be right for you is that they are healthy for your baby. Disposable diapers can cause allergies and rashes if they are overused.

Many babies do not have the skin to resist the material used in disposable diapers and get rashes and other skin problems. This is why cloth diapers are safe and will not cause any rash or skin problem.

With all these benefits, cloth diapers are surely the right choice for you. If you want your baby to play safe all day long without any disturbance, get these diapers.

These diapers are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about dressing up the baby as you can choose among various colors or textures that you think will look good on your kid.

As a result, you do not have to worry about covering the diapers anymore. You cannot just put on disposable diapers on the baby and leave; you have to put on the baby pants. However, with cloth diapers, there is no need to cover them.

5 Major Styles of Cloth Diapers

It is not the old times when there was only one piece of cloth used as a baby diaper. There were not many styles of baby diapers available at that point.

But if you search today, you will find out that these diapers come in different styles. All these styles have their advantages and disadvantages. There are five major styles of cloth diapers.

  • Pre-Fold Cloth Diapers
    If you are looking for a cheap cloth diaper, then you should get the pre-fold one. It has a basic rectangular shape and is made of flat cloth. It is the one we used to wear as babies.

    It is the most convenient among other styles of diapers. You will have to fold this one into the desired shape, fasten it to the baby and then put the cover on top. One of the disadvantages of these diapers is that they are bulky and require a cover and fastener.

  • Fitted Cloth Diapers
    This style of cloth diaper involves multiple layers of an absorbent material. It is in the shape of an hourglass and does not require any folding. Unlike the pre-fold diapers, these diapers have attached snaps to fasten and have elastic. These fitted cloth diapers are not waterproof, so it is necessary to cover their outer layer with a waterproof material.

    The advantage of these diapers is that they are good absorbents. Your baby will feel quite comfortable in them even after a few hours of the leak. These are also easy to fasten as compared to the pre-fold diapers. The only disadvantage is that these diapers are expensive than the pre-fold ones.

  • Pocket Cloth Diapers
    It is one of the most innovative types of cloth diapers. This style makes the diaper easy to use. Unlike the pre-fold or fitted cloth diapers, pocket diapers have a waterproof cover.

    The reason that this type of diaper is called "pocket" is that it has polyester lining between the cover and the lining which acts like a pocket. The polyester lining is a stay-dry lining and keeps the baby dry for a long time. The advantage of these pocket diapers is that these are easy to use, do not require a waterproof cover, and are easy to fasten.

    There are a few disadvantages too. These cloth diapers are not easy-fit diapers. Another disadvantage is that the "un-stuffing" process is a mess. They are also a bit expensive than the fitted cloth diapers and pre-fold cloth diapers.

  • All in One Cloth Diapers
    These are single piece diapers. The basic style of an all-in-one diaper is an hourglass shape. These diapers have two layers of absorbents. These layers are not separate but sewn together inside a waterproof covering. This mechanism makes the AIO diaper easy to use.

    One of the disadvantages that all-in-one diapers have is that they take longer to dry as compared to other diapers. Their advantage is that they are cheap and versatile and can be used any time in any situation.

  • Hybrid Cloth Diapers
    As the name suggests, this is a hybrid diaper and is often called an all-in-two cloth diaper. It is easy to use and provides convenience for mothers. This style of diaper has a waterproof cover which has various absorbent layers fitted into it.

    It is called a hybrid diaper because you can use either the cloth or disposable material as an absorbent layer. The disadvantage of this hybrid cloth diaper is that it is a bit expensive as compared to other diapers and is also prone to leakage.

Why Use Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers will save you money and time and are environment friendly. Here are just a few reasons to use these cloth diapers which other diapers do not offer.

  • You Will Save Money
    Imagine what will be the cost of 7000 disposable diapers? Yes, this is the average number of disposable diapers your baby uses from birth to putting on training pants.

    It will cost you thousands of dollars. So if you wish to save money, you should consider buying cloth diapers. On average, one cloth diaper equals the usage of 120 disposable diapers. With this approximation, you can just imagine how much money you can save.

  • Cloth Diapers Are Easy to Use
    Another important reason to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers is that they are easy to use. Washing the cloth diaper is easy. All you need to do is flush the solid waste and put the diaper in the laundry with good smelling detergent.

    Furthermore, cloth diapers have snaps which make them easy to fasten. Thus, they do not create a mess like disposable diapers.

  • Cloth Diapers Are Environment Friendly
    Another good reason to buy cloth diapers is that they are good for the environment. According to research, millions of tons of landfill are only because of disposable diapers. The number of disposable diapers thrown each year is so huge that they can circle the globe 90 times.

    Moreover, the material used in disposable diapers is not fiber, which makes them difficult or almost impossible to decompose. Thus, if you care about the environment and want to be environment friendly, you should use cloth diapers.

  • You Can Reuse and Resell Cloth Diapers
    The benefit of cloth diapers is that once your baby no longer needs these diapers, you can use the cloth as a washcloth, towel, or changing pad, so there is no need to dispose of cloth diapers. You can just reuse them for other needs.

    Another reason to use cloth diapers is their resale value. Once your baby is ready for training pants, you can wash these cloth diapers and put them on for sale.

    You might think that purchasing cloth diapers is a daunting task, but with all these advantages and reasons to use them, they are the perfect choice for your family.

How to Choose Cloth Diaper for Your Babies?

For new parents, purchasing a cloth diaper can be a daunting task. If you search the market, you will find that it is full of various cloth diapers. It is not easy to choose from these. However, you can also find a lot of cloth diapers reviews which might help you buy the right one.

This guide will help you purchase the best cloth diapers quickly. There are many things to take into account when you are considering buying a cloth diaper. Here is how you can purchase the cloth diaper that suits your baby.

  • Type of Cloth Diapers
    The very first consideration when purchasing a cloth diaper is its type or style. You need to decide which type of diaper is right for your baby.

    There is a total of five types of cloth diapers, and you can review the pros and cons of each of the style above and select one from them.

  • Price
    Another important feature to consider when buying is the price of the cloth diaper. You need to take your budget into account.

    If you are on a small budget, you might want to purchase pre-fold cloth diapers as they are the most inexpensive cloth diapers on the market.

    If your budget is average, you can choose among the pocket or fitted cloth diapers. However, if you do not have any problem with the budget, you should consider the all-in-one or hybrid diapers for your baby.

  • Number of Diapers
    Another important consideration which will help you choose the perfect cloth diaper for your situation is the number of diapers you need. You need to purchase the diaper according to the lifestyle and age of your baby.

    If you have a newborn baby, you may need 10 to 12 diapers a day, while an older baby will require 8 to 10 cloth diapers in a day. For a toddler, you may need on average five diapers a day.

  • Choose the Cloth Diaper Based on the Baby’s Comfort
    This is another important consideration when buying a cloth diaper. Keeping the baby's comfort in mind is important.

    Furthermore, you should purchase the diaper based on the age of your child as only then will it be comfortable for your baby.

  • Size of the Diapers
    Another feature to consider when buying a baby diaper is its size. When you buy a diaper for your baby, make sure it fits the child perfectly.

    A tight diaper will cause skin irritation, while a loose diaper will cause leaks. Therefore, it is important to buy a diaper which perfectly fits your baby.

    When you search the market, you will find that the diapers are available in small size for infants, medium size for slightly older babies, and large size for toddlers. Thus, buy cloth diapers for infant and toddler based on their size so as to ensure comfort and optimum use.

  • Diaper Material
    Another important feature to consider when purchasing a cloth diaper is the material used. You will find that there are many diapers made of waterproof material.

    However, some diapers do not have waterproof material such as pre-fold cloth diapers or overnight diapers. Thus, your choice of diapers will also depend on their material. You should preferably purchase a waterproof cloth diaper.

  • Reusability
    Another feature to consider when buying cloth diaper is its reusability. As mentioned before, there are five types of cloth diapers, and every kind of diaper has its reusability.

    Cloth diapers can be reused once they are dry. Pre-fold diapers do not take much time to dry, but they also get wet quickly.

    On the other hand, pocket cloth diapers take longer to get wet and dry much quicker than the pre-fold one. This makes them a better choice. You need to compare these features of all the types and choose one that fits your situation the best.

  • Choose a Reliable Source of Diapers
    There are many brands of cloth diapers available, which is why you need to do a proper research about these brands, read some reviews, and see which brand is the most reliable.

    Make your choice accordingly as you would not want to go for a brand that will disappoint you.


Having a baby diaper is essential for a convenient lifestyle. Cloth diapers make your life easy. With these diapers, you do not have to worry about your baby leaking as it will be adequately protected.

They also provide your baby with a good night's sleep. Thus, if you wish to give comfort to your child, you need to search the market and buy the high-recommended cloth diapers.

There are numerous benefits of using baby diapers as you can reuse the cloth diaper in many ways. Furthermore, you will be able to save huge amounts of money with these diapers. As they can be easily washed and reused, you do not need to purchase thousands of diapers for your baby.

They are also environment friendly and fit babies of any size and age comfortably. The best benefit of cloth diapers is that they do not cause rashes or skin irritation.

Beau & Belle Littles Reusable Baby Swim Diapers - Editor's Choice

Our winner pick for cloth diapers on the market is the Nageuret Premium Reusable Baby Swim Diapers by Beau & Belle Littles. These diapers fit babies perfectly and have an internal polyester mesh, which is easily washable and provides ultimate comfort to the child. This diaper keeps babies safe from swimming accidents. It is a one-size fit all cloth diaper, and you can use the snaps to adjust the size of the diaper. Thus, this diaper gives ease of use to both the mother and her baby.

Product Brand: Beau & Belle

Product Currency: USD

Product In-Stock: InStock

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