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Best Co-sleeper Bassinet Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

We recently discovered a new rule in parenting – relax and get as much rest as you can.

Sounds impossible to moms with newborns, doesn’t it? The truth is that, it is impossible only if you are restless. With your baby sleeping next to you, you will rest easy.

Disruption of sleep by getting out of bed multiple times to check on your baby leaves you fatigued all day, the next day and that is why you need to find the top co-sleeper bassinet.

This type of bassinets allows your baby sleep beside your bed every night.

You can easily lull your baby back to sleep easily when she sleeps next to you because you will hear her fast. Once she hears your voice, she will calm down easily.

For moms who gave birth via C-section, the co-sleeper with adjustable side heights makes access to the baby easy. You won’t have to struggle getting out of bed to reach to your baby. This also applies to you if you are unwell.

The high-quality co-sleeper bassinets also make it easy for you to move your sleeping or playing child from one room to another.

5 Best Co-sleeper Bassinet Reviews 2022

The cocoa and fern color combinations of this co-sleeper bassinet make it attractive and unisex.

The colors also blend seamlessly into most bedroom decors.

This co-sleeper bassinet gives you a 360 degrees view of your baby in any direction.

This is every new parent’s dream which is made real by this co-sleeper bassinet.

This wide view results from the use of a clear fabric on the walls of the bassinet.

The upper part is the bassinet and holds your baby while the lower section has a convenient storage basket.

You can keep baby clothes and diapers in the storage basket.

It is mobile, and you can pull or push the bassinet easily. It has built-in leg extensions which have castor wheels.

Since it works best by the bedside, you move it easily in any preferred direction. The leg extensions are adjustable to different heights for comfort.

The bassinet is perfect for beds measuring 24 inches in height. This height equals the height of most adult beds from the floor to the top of the mattress.

It is, therefore, comfortable to use and you can easily reach your baby and comfort or feed him or her.

If, for any reasons you have concerns over your baby sleeping alone, or if you have a small space, then this is the best co-sleeping bassinet for you.

Once your baby reaches five months or she can push the bassinet, you’ll have to discontinue the use of the bassinet for safety reasons.


  • The assembly of the bed is easy.
  • It is strong and stable after tightening it, and it is, therefore safe for babies.
  • It is a perfect solution for parents with small spaces and who want their babies within their view.
  • The storage basket at the bottom enhances convenience.


  • The mattress is quite hard to sleep for some.
  • The wheels are quite flimsy.

This white co-sleeper bassinet puts your baby on the high ground.

As long as your baby is in the bassinet, you can watch over them from a distance.

The white halo design the matching gray base makes this bassinet attractive and perfect in every room.

It rotates and swivels around 360 degrees.

The ease of rotation brings your baby close to you, and you don’t have to move or get out of bed to see, tend to, feed, or play with you baby.

The side wall lowers easily making tending to your baby even easier.

You can lock the wall in position when tending to your baby or after raising it back when she sleeps.

While this bassinet makes access to your baby easy, it doesn’t raise any safety concerns. It is strong, and the base is stable.

The four-point stable base is highly adjustable, and it fits most beds between 22 and 34 inches tall.

It only needs a 32-inch clearing from the bed, and it fits under most beds. It is perfect for small rooms.

For your baby to fall asleep easily, the bassinet is comfortable, and it has soothing sounds and lullabies.

There also is a nursing timer and two levels of vibrations. These features automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

Therefore, they don’t disturb your baby once she falls asleep.

Unlike other co-sleeper bassinets, this comes with a high-quality fitted polyester sheet.

Cleaning the sheet requires wiping with a damp cloth though it is machine washable too.

The mattress is safe. It is a polyurethane mattress pad which is waterproof, and it doesn’t have any toxic flame retardants. The mattress meets CPSC and JPMA safety standards.

The two storage pockets included making for quick access to items like diapers and wipes.


  • The mesh walls mean that you can see and soothe your baby easily from any direction. The side wall also lowers, and it makes it easy for you to tend to your baby.
  • It fits under the bed and swivels easily for you to see your baby without getting out of the bed.
  • You can adjust the height easily.
  • It has soothing sounds and lullabies to lull your baby.


  • The vibrating setting is very loud.
  • Expensive price.

If you feel at peace with your baby sleeping next to you through the night for the first few months, then you have to consider getting this co-sleeper bassinet.

It is one of the top co-sleeper bassinets on the market, and it attaches to your bed for your baby’s safety.

The neutral colors make it perfect for your little girl or boy. The beautifully curved wooden ends make this bassinet stylish.

You can move it between rooms easily thanks to the four strong and stable wheels.

The size is perfect, and from your bed, you can reach your little one with little effort. It makes watching your child easy.

It is comfortable and safe. The linings have mesh fabrics which are breathable for comfort.

The mesh linings enhance breathability hence they are safe. The mesh also enhances visibility.

The extra storage space under the bassinet enhances orderliness. It also keeps baby essentials within reach.

The division of the storage area into two means that you can individualize each space to keep the bedroom organized.

It fits beds measuring 24 inches from the top to the floor. This co-sleeper is ideal for a home with small spaces as well as large homes.

It doesn’t take up too much space, and you can take it to different rooms easily.

Like most other co-sleepers, your baby shouldn’t sleep in the bassinet when over five months or when they can push their hands and knees.


  • It is safe as it attaches to your bed easily.
  • It is highly-portable, and the wheels have a brake.
  • The storage space is convenient for organizing baby stuff.
  • The mesh enhances breathability and visibility.


  • The mattress feels cheap and hard.
  • The bottom "storage unit" is very flimsy.

A co-sleeper bassinet makes it possible for you to check on your baby frequently and you can adjust the swaddles without getting out of bed.

This co-sleeper bassinet is one of the best and the most beautiful bassinets on the market.

The mesh walls make it easy for you to check on your baby without getting out of bed.

It rotates and swivels around 360 degrees, and you can use this to let your baby face you if she is whimpering or crying.

This rotation makes getting out of bed hassle-free, and if you gave birth through C-section, then, you won’t need to struggle to reach your baby.

You can also lower the side wall and lock it upright for safety if necessary.

This is, therefore, convenient sleeping and feeding solution for all new moms.

The base is a stable four-point structure which fits under most beds with heights ranging from 22 to 34 inches.

The base only requires a 32-inch clearance from the wall. It is, also an ideal sleeping solution when you live in a small house.

The bassinet’s fitted sheet is 100 percent polyester. It is easy to clean, and you can wipe out dirt using a wet cloth. You can also machine wash it.

The mattress pad is polyurethane, waterproof, and devoid of toxic chemicals and flame retardants.


  • It is sturdy, and you can’t knock it off easily. This is also because of its weightiness.
  • The mesh sides mean you watch your baby from any direction.
  • You can pull down the sides for easy access.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • The mattress pad is hard and uncomfortable.
  • It feels really heavy and bulky to move around the house.

It doesn’t come in the best or the most attractive color, but it does its work well. This Arm’s Reach Concept Mini Ezee co-sleeper keeps your baby within arm’s reach.

One side of the bassinet’s walls is lower than the rest, and you can reach your baby from your bed without struggling.

The bassinet has strong and sturdy legs which keep your baby safe throughout.

Though it lacks wheels that fit under the bed, it comes with attachment straps and resistant plates which keep the co-sleeper attached to the bed for safety.

The mesh walls are perfect for ventilation and they enhance breathability.

The mesh isn’t entirely transparent, but you can still see your baby through the mesh in any direction.

Though this co-sleeper bassinet doesn’t come with wheels, it is easy to assemble, and the parts of this bassinet make it portable.

It isn’t bulky, and the small size plus the light weight makes it easy to move between rooms.

The side pockets hold few necessary baby essentials so that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to look for things like diapers.


  • The mattress is thick and comfortable.
  • It is easy to use and assemble.
  • It has a lot of storage space underneath the bassinet.
  • You can roll down the side walls.


  • The storage basket isn’t easily accessible.
  • Many reports that one of the sides would not lock in place.

Features to Look for When Buying Co-sleeper Bassinet

Which features guarantee that the bassinet chosen will offer all the benefits highlighted above?

1 - Safety of the Bassinet

The reason why you don’t want your baby to sleep far from you is that you fear for their safety. So, the bassinet selected must promise to enhance the safety of your baby now that she is sleeping next to you.

For safety, the bassinet should allow your baby to sleep on their back. The mattress should be firm but comfortable. The walls should be breathable.

Though the bassinets come with mattresses, they may not be the best or the most comfortable. The best mattress shouldn’t be more than one inch thick, and it should be firm not to allow your baby to tilt at an angle of 10 degrees.

Though you will want to get a better mattress, you need to ensure that it is fitted. The sheet should be fitted as well. Loose sheets pose a risk of suffocation.

2 - Walls

The walls of a co-sleeper bassinet must be meshed walls. Those walls allow for continuous flow of fresh air. Good airflow prevents overheating or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The mesh walls reduce the risk of suffocation.

The intended use of the bassinet determines the size of bassinet purchased. If you’ll want to move the bassinet between rooms, then it has to be light weight.

However, if you need a stationary co-sleeper, then the size and the weight won’t matter. For a mobile bassinet, keep in mind the size of the hallways and the staircases.

Keep in mind the bassinet’s travel convenience as well.

3 - Materials

The material that makes up the bassinet needs to be strong to hold your baby safely. But, the materials shouldn’t be strong and unsafe.

The material used should be free of toxins and harmful chemicals. Choose bassinets made of non-toxic and organic materials. Also, avoid bassinets made with flame retardants.


Rather than wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, you may want to get a co-sleeper bassinet.

Good co-sleeper bassinet gives you peace of mind because your baby is sleeping right beside you. You can turn to see them without having to leave your bed.

If you just went through a C-section or you aren’t feeling well, the co-sleeper reduces the effort you need to get out of bed to reach your baby.

You can get your baby out of the bassinet for feeding. At the same time, you can soothe your child without getting out of bed.

Arm's Reach Concepts Clear - Editor's Choice

Our favorite pick is the Arm's Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-sleeper Bassinet. It offers a 360 degrees view of your baby through the translucent mesh linings on the walls. The wheeled feet make it maneuverable, and you can see your child from any angle. You can enhance its mobility by adjusting the built in leg extensions. It also comes with extra storage space at the bottom, and it looks good.

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