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Best Crib Mobile Reviews 2021 – Top 7 Picks

I don’t know what children think about staring at the ceiling for hours, and I don’t even know if they think.

All I know is – it is boring, and babies cry when bored.

There are many ways of breaking the boredom and going out to the living room to watch TV isn’t one of them.

It turns out that you don’t even have to take your child out of the crib, just get the best crib mobile.

A crib mobile is a hanging structure supporting toys and other objects to keep your baby entertained. The best baby mobile promises to quiet your baby in minutes.

Besides keeping your baby engaged, a crib mobile is the most effective stimulant for mental development in newborns.

It is, therefore a baby essential.

When you choose a baby mobile, you have to get the one with the best visual and/ or audio effects.

7 Best Crib Mobile & Baby Mobiles Reviews 2021

This is our pick for #1 crib mobile. If you take a look at the reviews, it is a favorite of many other parents.

It has a design that makes it easy to attach infant carriers, play yards, bassinets and strollers.

It has an arm that attaches to a play yard or the crib.

For attachment to an infant carrier, it has a Velcro fastener.

On the stroller, the mobile attaches easily with the help of a large clip.

The spinning toys keep your baby entertained.

It also has 30 minutes of five different melodies to entertain and soothe your baby to sleep.

This is the kind of crib mobile you need for your child for a high emotional intelligence.

It also encourages the development of language and communication.

The movements, sounds, and the colors enhance visual and auditory senses.

Since you can take this crib mobile with you wherever you go, your child will feel secure when in a new environment.

It also comes in different colors – blue and pink. This way you have one for your daughter or son.

It will also be easy to match the theme of the nursery.


  • Great price.
  • You can take it anywhere, and it is versatile since you can fix it on strollers, infant carriers, bassinets, cribs and the play yard.
  • The colors and the movement stimulate visual senses.
  • The sounds stimulate sensory senses and also soothe your baby.


  • The clamp may be faulty.
  • You cannot adjust the volume.

This is one of the top crib mobiles that works best for babies since birth.

It has soothing and fine music that enhance sensory development in your baby.

Music plays continuously for 20 minutes which is adequate time for your baby to fall asleep.

It also moves, and this helps in developing your child’s visual senses.

It revolves, and there is always a happy face character that looks at your baby throughout.

It also has black and whole spirals for visual development.

At night, this mobile converts into a crib side music and night light.

These will keep your baby engaged before he or she falls back to sleep.

There also is a cylinder with colorful animals that keep your baby entertained whenever they are awake.

It has a battery life of 20 hours.


  • A sensory celebration of fine music and movement
  • Black and white spirals for visual development.
  • 20 minutes of continuous music.
  • Converts to crib side music and night light.


  • Expensive price.
  • The arm makes a loud clicking sound, and the music isn’t the best.

This is the ideal crib mobile for use by babies from birth until the age of two. It is made of plastic and polyester, but it is safe.

It has an endless choice of music.

The music is in a music box, and all the songs are in different categories including jazz.

These categories of music enhance your baby’s auditory sense development.

It also entertains and soothes your baby to sleep.

The music plays continuously for 40 minutes. The music box has 18 different tunes.

You also get to replay your baby’s favorite song thanks to the shuffle function.

Music delivery is through the two high-quality speakers. You can control the volume of the music too.

This mobile also features calming night light and an overhead night light.

The adorable monkey, elephant, and giraffe have unique patented movements and friendly faces to entertain your baby.

These movements are also soothing.

Your child will grow with this mobile, and he or she may only lose interest in it as a toddler.

It grows from a toddler mobile to a stand-alone music box.


  • Baby's first music box with endless music choices.
  • It has various music categories like jazz.
  • Calming night light, 2 high quality speakers.
  • 40 minutes of continuous non-repeatable music.


  • Expensive price.
  • It makes loud clicking noises.

This Fisher-Price crib mobile is another favorite for most parents.

It is plastic, but it has a long lasting value.

This baby mobile converts into a crib-side music box with a ceiling projection.

The music is soothing and will put your child to sleep fast.

The music has sounds from nature, the womb and it also has heartbeat sounds.

These sounds offer a level of familiarity to your child.

It can play for 20 minutes continuously.

The music isn’t disturbing, and it includes categories of music such as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven.

For visual stimulation, this crib mobile has close-up images on canopy projections.

The canopy projections make it easy for your baby to focus and to finally fall asleep.

The images include adorable animals that spin and smile, keeping your baby company and entertained.

It also has lights that help keep your baby entertained.

Therefore, instead of holding your baby after feeding, just place him back in the crib, and the mobile will entertain him until he falls asleep.


  • It is sturdy and easily detachable.
  • The colors, lights, and the movement of the four plush animals help in building your child’s visual senses.
  • Long-lasting value—converts to crib-side music box with ceiling projection.
  • Close-up images on canopy projection make it easier for newborns to focus.


  • Changing batteries isn’t easy, and the batteries are also expensive.
  • The remote will not work if it's not in direct line of sight.

To end boredom and for your baby to stay in the crib for a few minutes without crying, you need this crib mobile.

It will eventually put your baby to sleep. It is ideal for children under three years.

It fits the crib’s rail, and it rotates easily playing music. 

The movement and the sound engage your child while stimulating visual and auditory senses.

If you want your baby to fall asleep fast after feeding, then you will need this crib mobile.

It plays for about three minutes continuously.

The plastic material used in construction is ABS. This plastic is safe and strong.

This crib mobile is, therefore, durable. It is available in white and matches any theme for the nursery.

It is convenient and easy to use given the fact that you can pause it while playing.

Although it is easy to use and designed for use on cribs, it is selective.

It only fits cribs with a rail thickness of 1.57” and a rail height of 2.75”.


  • Very affordable price.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It is a baby crib mobile bed bell Music Box for little baby below 3 years.
  • Hook Rotates while playing music, you can pause while playing.


  • It doesn’t fit all cribs.
  • The music plays for very few minutes.

To keep your baby engaged and to enhance brain development, you need to get an interesting crib mobile.

Since a newborn cannot lie on the side and they have to face the ceiling throughout, a crib mobile will break the monotony.

Not only it boosts development of visual senses with its high contrast images and colors, but also it comes with ten interchangeable cards which offer a wide range of graphics and colored patterns from simple to complex.

For you to give your child graphics cards matching their age, the cards have labels indicating the recommended age or age bracket.

Therefore, as your baby’s vision improves so will the complexity of the patterns.

You can also change the distance between the cards using the adjustable cord on this Stim-Mobile.

The change in the distance of the cards will depend on the development of your baby’s visual senses and abilities.

Repetition of the high contrast graphics from toy to toy encourages early visual activity and pattern recognition.

As your baby grows, they can hold the toys and play with them.

This will enhance the development of gross motor skills, touch, self-awareness, and eye-hand coordination, and their experiences with cause and effect.


  • Affordable price.
  • Feature high contrast images and colors for early visual development.
  • Ten interchangeable cards offer a range of simple to more complex colored patterns and graphics.
  • Adjustable cord on the Stim-Mobile allows you to easily change distance.


  • It doesn’t spin on its own.
  • It lacks a music function.

This crib mobile is ideal for auditory and visual stimulation.

For visual stimulation, this crib baby mobile has calming ocean-themed graphics in the ceiling.

The oceanic characters are brightly colored ocean animals with four dangling animals.

These animals spin gently, soothing and calming your baby.

For auditory stimulation, the crib mobile features long-lasting soft music and mobile lullabies; these soothe your baby putting him or her to sleep.

The mobile has over 45 songs with different sounds and melodies.

Therefore, the sounds and the music build auditory senses.

You have a timer to determine the duration of a song.

It is ideal for use by children below two years.

This mobile also has a projection mobile projects graphics on the wall with a 2-in-1 transformation into a crib toy as your baby grows.


  • It has brightly colored ocean animals for development of visual senses..
  • The music is great to lull your baby and also for the development of auditory senses.
  • Musical mobile plays 45+ soothing songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.
  • Projection mobile projects graphics on the wall; 2-in-1 toy transforms into a crib toy.


  • The music system can wake your baby.
  • It doesn’t spin well.

What to Look for When Buying Crib Mobile for Your Babies

The big problem, however, is finding the crib mobile considered the best. To simplify your search for the best, we have a list of features you should consider before buying the crib mobile.

1 - Movement

Does the crib mobile move? A moving crib mobile helps your baby gain visual stimulation.

You should consider getting a moving crib mobile whether it uses a motor or moves with the help of air currents.

You will come across wind and motor operated crib mobiles. The movement of a wind operated mobile can improve if there is an electric fan in the room.

A motor operated mobile, on the other hand, starts to move at the push of a button. This kind requires batteries for powering.

You’ll also need to keep in mind the direction of movement. It rotates in alternating clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

2 - Sounds

Does the baby mobile make any sound? Does it play soothing music to lull your baby to sleep? The sounds from a crib mobile stimulate your child’s auditory system.

3 - Colors

Besides movements, colors also stimulate the visual system. Look for a mobile with different bold colors.

4 - The Type of Crib

To prevent irreparable damage to the crib gets a compatible mobile. Before buying the mobile, ensure that it is compatible with the crib.

You can make inquiries at the manufacturer or check out online user reviews. Some mobiles fit on rounded cribs while others fit on cribs with square rails.

5 - Theme

If you’d like to maintain a theme in the nursery, you will have to look for a crib mobile that matches the room.

A consistent theme also helps in boosting your child’s mental development. You should, therefore, avoid chaos. Shop around for patterns and colors matching the nursery.

6 - Other Features

Do you want a crib mobile with flashing lights or one that glows in the dark?

Are you getting a manual or a remote-controlled mobile? Will it be portable or not?


A crib mobile is that thing you have been looking for to keep your baby in the crib for more than a few minutes without crying.

The best has a high-quality construction. It also has features that keep your baby happy and engaged.

A good crib mobile goes beyond entertainment and enhances your child’s mental development.

The images, colors, and movements enhance visual senses while sound develops auditory senses.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile - Editor's Choice

Among the seven, we have a winner – the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile. This crib mobile has an adorable design with bold colors to keep your baby entertained. It is also the only crib mobile we know that you can use in the crib, bassinet, stroller, infant carrier and the play yard. It also has five different melodies that play for 30 minutes enhancing auditory stimulation.

Product Brand: Tiny Love

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