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Best Baby Carrier for Dad Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Unlike a baby stroller, a baby carrier is a simple transportation solution for your baby.

  • It is also the best way of bonding with your child. This is because of your closeness to your child. A baby carrier cuddles your child against your body, and this creates a close parent-child relationship. Your child develops a stronger sense of trust around you.

  • By wearing a baby carrier, you can easily soothe your fussy or colicky child. A stroller or a rocking chair cannot match that.

  • A baby carrier leaves your hands free, and you get to navigate or move easily. You can also undertake some tasks with the baby cradled in the baby carrier.

  • A baby carrier is an excellent way for to exercise. Carrying your baby on your chest helps strengthen your core.

  • It is a cost effective solution. Most baby carriers for dads and moms are reasonably priced, and with all the other benefits highlighted above, we believe that a baby carrier is the best option for carrying your child.

Before buying, consider the following:

  • Comfort – your baby’s and your comfort.
  • Versatility.
  • Sturdiness.
  • Ease of use, adjustability.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Breathability.
  • Safety of the fabric and head support.
  • Other customer feedbacks.
  • Cost.

5 Best Baby Carrier for Dad Reviews 2022

Don’t dads look super cool carrying babies?

Well, if you know a gentleman who’s soon to be a dad, you better get them the best baby carrier as a gift.

We have a recommendation for you – the Original BABYBJORN Baby Carrier.

You cannot go wrong with this baby carrier.

It is black, matching all the pants and t-shirts in every dad’s closet and made of cotton, meaning that it is the safest and the highest quality baby carrier on the market.

Bonding between babies and dads is crucial, and this baby carrier makes that possible because it is the perfect fit for newborns.

You don’t need an infant insert.

It has a firm and adjustable head support that secures and supports your baby’s head and neck.

The ergonomic positioning of the legs and hips is accurate – just as recommended by pediatricians making the best pick for dad.

The baby’s legs and arms move freely in the carrier helping in the development of muscle, balance, and motor skills.

It is small and easy to put on or take off.

The closeness with the child means that your little angle stays in an upright position.

You also get to monitor his or her breathing. The closeness calms the baby too.

A child can face inwards or outwards.

It will take your child through the first year thanks to the size adjustable buckles.

It accommodates a maximum weight of 11kgs.

Comfort and safety result from the baby carrier’s adjustable and foldable head support.

There also are color-coded buckles and a safety click which ensure that daddy fastens the baby carrier correctly.

He can adjust the carrier for a perfect fit.

The shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for that comfortable feel.


  • It's comfortable and secure in an instant.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Developed with pediatricians to give the proper support for baby's head, neck, spine and hips.
  • It's small, safe and easy to use and comes with adjustable buckle.


  • More expensive than other reviewed baby carriers.
  • It lacks a lower back/ weight support.

If you are looking for a baby carrier for a dad that will accommodate an infant weighing between 8 and 32 pounds, get the Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier.

It has an adjustable seat, straps, leg openings and waist belt. You can customize it for the perfect fit.

As a 4-in-1 convertible baby carrier, you can carry your child in four different ways: a narrow seat for a newborn, facing out a narrow seat for babies with head control, facing in with wide seat for older babies and back carry wide seat for older babies and toddlers.

All this is possible because of the convertible seat.

You can also expand the convertible seat to provide the knee-to-knee support as your toddler grows.

The Wonder Cover 2-in-1 bib protects the carrier and your clothes. The carrier is machine washable too.

It feels comfortable carrying your child in the carrier because of the extra padded shoulder straps.

There also is a supportive waist belt that distributes the weight of the child evenly.


  • Great price.
  • Comfortable and versatile thanks to the convertible seat.
  • Works for plus-size guys.
  • It's easy to put on and machine-washable.
  • 4 ways to carry baby-facing in narrow seat for newborns.


  • The material isn’t breathable.
  • It lacks head support for the child.

This is an award-winning baby carrier suitable for dads.

It is comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic design and as your baby grows, so will the carrier (No kidding!).

Them easily adjustable bucket seat supports your baby into the natural ergonomic ‘M’ position.

You can use this carrier from the time your baby is an infant to when he or she is a toddler.

If you have been looking for a baby carrier that lets you carry your baby in all positions, look no further.

You can carry your baby facing in or out, on the hips or the back as the baby grows, and with the help of an infant insert purchased separately, you will be able to carry an infant comfortably.

As you walk around with baby in tow, you won’t feel any discomfort because of the exceptional lower back support afforded by the wide wrap around the waist band.

This works for dads but is helpful to moms post-C-section.

Extra padding on the shoulders distributes the weight of the child.

It has a custom fit for petite to large body size wearers, the waistband and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

It is safe thanks to the use of oeko-Tex, a 100 percent certified fabric.


  • It is machine washable – made of premium cotton.
  • It is safe and comes with a babyhood for sun protection and privacy.
  • The use of deluxe foam prevents it from loosening or snagging. It is strong, long lasting and durable.
  • Ergo-dynamics keep baby’s hips healthy.
  • It is adjustable to fit all sizes.
  • The waistband has Velcro or a buckle.


  • It feels more bulky than other baby carriers.
  • Buckling the back clip on your own is difficult.
  • It doesn’t have pockets.

This baby carrier by Infantino is an excellent baby carrier for dad.

It has three carrying positions that work well as your baby grows.

These include the facing-in cozy time, the facing out cruising, and the backpack exploring.

These are just right for dad, right?

To relieve shoulder pressure and for extra comfort, it has an adjustable lumbar support.

It also has extra-padded straps which are easily adjustable.

The fabric is breathable hence comfortable for your child.

The Wonder cover bib protects you and the carrier.

Unlike other carriers, this one has pockets for storage. Which man wouldn’t grab this carrier?

It is easy to use, and the sides detach making it easy and safe to remove the baby.

The chest strap keeps the carrier snug.

This carrier is also lightweight (weighs 1 pound), flappable, and very flexible.

The material is totally wipeable and machine washable for big messes.


  • It is breathable and comfortable thanks to the sturdy construction, the chest strap, and the side.
  • It keeps baby safe thanks to the detaching sides.
  • Padding offer lumbar and shoulder support.
  • It has pockets to stash your essentials.


  • It lacks head support for the child.
  • Does not have a lot of back support. The back and chest start hurting after awhile of use.

This is a JPMA-certified baby carrier for dads and moms too. Its recent update (took place in 2015) led to an ergonomically designed baby carrier that is comfortable for every dad.

The fabric is baby-safe, and you can use it carrying a newborn.

It has four ergonomic front and back positions.

These positions include a wide seat option for your child, a front facing position for your newborn and baby facing out or back carrying options.

You can access these positions with simple zipper adjustments.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes this carrier as a hip-healthy baby carrier.

This means that it provides excellent support to baby’s spine, legs, and hips.

The extra padding on the shoulder straps adds comfort when carrying your child.

It also has a sturdier waist belt for pressure relief and stability.

Waist padding helps in distributing baby’s weight.


  • It is sturdy and offers excellent support.
  • Waistband distributes baby’s weight for stability and pressure relief.
  • It has excellent shoulder padding.
  • High-quality design.
  • It is easy to adjust.


  • Expensive price.
  • It is too narrow for bigger babies.
  • Doesn’t offer enough back support.


Having given you the rundown of these products for dads (and moms too), we believe that you have all it takes to give your baby the best carrier.

Through the reviews, you can tell that the best carrier is lightweight, comfortable, adjustable, has an ergonomic and a hips-healthy design and it allows your child to face different directions depending on his or her age.

With these features, we can say that the carrier with these features will help build a stronger bond with your child, and develop the baby’s muscles, balance and motor skills.

It also lets you do other tasks, strengthens your core and well, saves money by lasting through most of your child's childhood.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Editor's Choice

We highly recommend the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original. It is exactly what you are looking for. It is made of cotton; therefore, it is safe. It allows for two safe and ergonomic carrying positions (baby facing and baby facing out), and it offers head support to infants. You do not require an infant insert. This carrier is also small and safe to use by anyone – you can make some minor adjustments to it.

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