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Best Diaper Bags for Dads Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Having a kid puts weight on your shoulders. Literally!

Not only are they tiny humans who need your attention half of the time, but they also come with lots of stuff.

The burden of carrying their diapers and stuff doesn't only fall on mothers but dads as well.

high-quality diaper bag certainly give you quick access when your kid spits up or needs a change of clothes.

Instead of searching around, the bags avails all the bibs, wipes, burp cloths, change of clothes and diapers at a go.

In the case of long family adventures, or just a stroll at the pack, as a dad, you will need support.

You don't have to carry the same flowery diaper bag mama carries. There are stylish unisex designs for dads.

5 Best Diaper Bags for Dads Reviews 2022

It has a streamlined and simple design and its basic black color.

It comes with twelve multi-sized pockets, so you will never run out of rooms for all the stuff you need.

It can hold multiple bottles and baby wipes. If you like being neat, this bag allows that.

It comes with an additional sundry bag. The outside is easy to access pockets for wipes.

This bag also includes a diaper bag stroller straps and a handy bag.

It's not over bulky or large. It will ensure that you can go hands-free whenever you need to.

It is made of polyester, so it's easy to clean. It is strong, well-constructed, and durable because it has non-fray stitching.

The bag has heavy duty zippers, so this is a bag moms and dads can use for a couple of years because the zippers will not break.

When you are going for a long trip with your baby, a regular diaper bag won't do you any good; this one will.

It is strong, durable and has more than enough room to put even the extra items for your trip.

If you are traveling dad, this is the best travel diaper bag, it more than capable of carrying everything.


  • It comes with diaper change pads and sundry bag.
  • It easily straps onto your stroller.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has an insulated bottle pocket.


  • It would be nice if it had an extra insulated bottle pocket.
  • It can get heavy due to its spacious size.

The bag resembles a book bag so that you won't feel embarrassed toting around your baby's accessories.

It is basic black color, simple but sleek.

It has some pockets with multiple compartments allowing for ample storage.

This diaper bag has a padded adjustable strap that slung over your shoulder or allows you to carry it by a handle.

It has a removable diaper pad that allows you to change the baby comfortably even on the go.

The bag has interior pockets with zips that can hold your money, keys, and other valuables.

You can also put the wet and soiled items here, just ensure they are placed separately.

It has insulated bottle pocket that holds up to two baby bottles and keeps the milk at an appropriate temperature ready for the feed.

The bag does not take too much space in the stroller or even in the car. It is also very comfortable to wear.

If Batman was going to carry a back pack, this is it!

It is designed to focus on functionality and practicality while still offering a spacious interior with a lightweight design.

It comes with small inner pockets, zipped pockets and three main compartments.

The zip on the main compartment is of a decent size and easily allows you to access your baby's stuff.

It is made of polyester hence it's durable and easy to clean. Inner pockets have a layer of thin plastic which help with liquid spills and easy to wipe down and clean.


  • It is vented, so the soft straps are nice on hot days.
  • The interior is very vast.
  • It is adjustable to fit both parents.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • Stitching comes away after some time.
  • Misses the convenience of stroller straps.

This is a fashionable diaper bag; it allows you to be a trendy and neat dad. It can hold all your baby items; food, diapers and extra clothing as well while freeing up your hands.

You can easily strap it onto your stroller. It is material Nylon fabric with PU back coating which is stronger than polyester and with higher strength.

This diaper bag is highly wearing resistant and resistant to deformation.

It has non-fraying stitching and sturdy zippers which is assurance it will last for years.

It is big enough with seventeen internal and external pockets for endless organization options.

The front compartment is for food storage while the back compartment is for baby clothes and other soiled things.

It is practical because it has grab handles and padded shoulders to make you comfortable all day.

It also comes with a changing mat for your baby.

It is the type of bag you would happily use as a diaper bag or just as an everyday tote or fashionable backpack.

Your choice! It could be comfortable to serve your everyday purposes without it being strictly a diaper bag.


  • Comes with 50 days free exchange and returns.
  • Has 185 warranty days.
  • It has stylish design.
  • It is unisex and can be used for mom and dad.


  • Only come with the gray color.

This bag has many pockets that provide the option for organization and storage.

It has line sunglasses pockets that prevent the shades of the bag from scratching.

It has a pocket for keys or phone hidden on the back.

It comes with a changing pad.

It has a dispenser-type pocket on the side to put and easily access the wipes without pulling out the entire set.

This bag is made of high-quality garment fabric, anti-water material and it guarantees your baby's health and safety.

Because of its simplicity and neutral color, both parents can carry the back.

Besides being attractive, its fabric is also soft.

It has faux leather adornments and adjustable padded arm straps for comfort. It is comfortable for long walks.

It is 14 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 18 inches tall.

This diaper bag is larger than most diaper bags. Because of its two-shoulder design, it is comfortable to carry even when it's full.

It also has three insulated pockets- one for an adult water bottle and the other two for baby bottles.

Inside, it has spacious compartments that allow you to have lots of diapers, burp clothes and change of clothes when you are outdoors.

It also has a top handle.


  • It is large size.
  • It looks stylish for dad.
  • Comfortable and made for all weathers.
  • It has a 50-day return policy and a 180-day warranty.


  • The phone pocket is at the back which makes it difficult to access the phone.
  • The zippered pockets on the side are small limiting to small cases of baby wipes.

The designer had the dad in mind. It's funky and hip.

It has many pockets and compartments with enough room to hold all items you'll need for a day out.

It has three pockets located on the front where you can keep the bibs, utensils, food, wipes or anything similar.

It has a changing pad large enough to hold a change of clothes and toys too.

The baby's bottle is within reach which makes it easy to grab.

It is form fitting, comfortable and affordable at the same time.

It could pass off as your main diaper bag instead of having two different bags.

In case you find any defects once you purchase, you have a 30-day return policy.

You could send it back for a full refund or repair.

It is made of durable polyester which makes it easy to handle every day.

It also has heavy duty zippers compared to the defective ones.


  • It is unisex. Perfect for both fathers and mothers.
  • It has a lot of features and compartments.
  • It is high quality and durable.
  • It includes stroller straps which make it easy to cart around as you run errands.


  • Heavier than other diaper bags.
  • The cellphone holder is only held on by Velcro which makes it useless.

Features to Look for When Buying Backpack Diaper Bags for Dads

A diaper bag might be the most functional thing that you own. However, you might not use it if it's not somewhat fashionable.

Here's what to consider when shopping for a diaper bag for your needs;

1 - Pockets

A man can't survive without pockets; it is the art of manliness.

You need to buy a diaper bag with a variety of pockets for different sets of feeding necessities, diapering necessitiesblankets, extra clothing and personal items.

Pockets will help you organize all of these things separately.

2 - Closure

To avoid struggling with a zipper each time you go into one of your pockets, consider ease of closure on your diaper bag.

Good closure ensures that your items don't spill out when the bag tips over while you're driving. Also, choose a bag with the closure that won't make things inaccessible.

3 - Straps

Straps are for comfort. Holding so many things makes the bag heavy. You need ease in carrying.

Buy a bag with straps that are adjustable and have padding. Without padding, the straps will dig into your body inflicting pain.

4 - Size

When it comes to diaper bags, size matters a lot. Whether it's too small or too big, it will inconvenience you somehow.

The size should be comfortable for you. Consider the size when you are shopping for a diaper bag. You don't to tip a stroller over.

5 - Color

Bold colors and bright floral are not a man's style. If you are a man, who doesn't mind bright floral, Kudos to you!

This i personal decision based on preferences. However, consider a bag that will blend into your fashion if you plan to carry it often.

6 - Material

Your baby could spit on your bag; you need material that is easy to wash. Materials like Nylon, Vinyl, and micro fiber are water resistance.

Water resistant material will keep the baby's stuff and your safe in the rain or when water spills. Choose material that is durable as well and fabric that won't sag.


Diaper bags make a world of difference. It makes spending time with your kid in the back a lot easier and fun. No dad wants to be stuck holding a floral tote bigger than your gym bag stuffed with diapers, pacifiers, and everything baby.

In general, make sure that the diaper bag you opt for ensures that you have your baby's items all in one, organized place. Also, remember to consider how many kids you have. That will help you choose the perfect diaper bag.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack - Editor's Choice

Our favorite diaper bag is the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps. It hugs the body more comfortably. It allows you to access everything easily from the bag. The design allows you freedom of movement. It doubles as a hiking and a travel bag. You can also use it on a daily basis and for short trips because it is big enough. It is made with high quality and gets the job done.

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