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Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

When it comes to caring for babies and toddlers, cleanliness is a priority.

Whether it is feeding them healthy and clean food or clothing them, whatever the baby touch needs a thorough cleaning, so using the best dish soap for baby bottles should not be overlooked.

Breast milk and baby formula are rich in natural fat, and they tend to leave a layer of grease or smell on things.

Since most babies' first instinct is to put things in their mouths, make sure the utensils, dish, and even sippy cups are free from germs and pathogens that get stuck on the grease.

Dish soap specially formulated for washing breastfed baby bottles are safe and more fun to use than regular dish soap. They are usually milder and more effective in removing dirt and grime.

But how to pick the best dish soap for your babies when there are so many options? So here is a list of the most highly rated baby dish soap to make your options easier.

5 Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles Reviews 2022

Not only is this baby dish wash specially designed to care for babies well-being, but it is also easy on the users.

Unlike regular dish soap, Dapple dish soap is gentle on the bottle, pump parts, and pacifiers.

It foams easily, and the best part is, it does not leave any residual smell on breastfed bottles.

Be it breast milk or formula residue and odor, this dish soap easily removes any stains from the baby dish without scratching, discoloring, or leaving traces of harmful chemicals.

Some kids get picky or get indigestion when there are traces of chemicals or smell left on the dish.

With this dishwasher, parents can rest assured that it is non-toxic and mild for the users and well as the baby.

Pump-dispenser is another feature that makes it easy and convenient to use while washing a baby bottle brush or the glass baby bottles.


  • It is hypo-allergen because it has non-toxic and organic ingredients
  • Gentle on the hands and gentle for the baby
  • Removes breast milk and baby formula odor
  • Comes in a packet of 3 with a single-hand pump dispenser which is very convenient


  • May turn cloudy in color when kept for long so you should store in a cool dark place
  • Press dispenser makes it hard to get all products off the bottle, so there is some wastage

The next item on our list is the Babyganic dish soap for babies.

The first feature you will notice about this baby dish soap is the packaging. It is colorful, simple, yet practical.

For those who like the joy of lathering while washing dishes, this baby dish soap is not only high foaming but also gentle on the skin because it is made of non-allergenic products.

Scrubbing off leftover grease from breast milk and baby formula is more fun and rewarding.

There are no artificial dye and synthetic fragrances, which makes it pretty assuring for a child's safety.

The ingredients are plant-based, and it dermatologically safe, so no worries about chemical or paraben side effects on babies and anyone else who uses it.


  • It lathers easily and washes off without leaving a smell
  • Effectively removes grime and grease from feeding bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers
  • Economically beneficial because it comes in a large bottle
  • It is a plant-based product


  • Too much water can minimize the lathering effect
  • It leaves a fragrant which might be unpleasant to some users

This product works best for ecologically conscious parents.

Since it is made of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan components, this baby dish wash is considered as one of the safest and highly recommended product.

With a capacity of over 33oz, it is quite an economical choice as well, since it has a pump dispenser because most pump dispensers cause a lot of wastage.

Not only does it remove the smell from baby dishes and utensils, but you can also use it to clean other accessories like the toys.

Since most babies are sensitive to chemicals, this stuff is specially crafted to prevent chemical allergic or poisoning.

So as a responsible and protective parent, it's a good substitute from the harsh regular dish soap.


  • It is made specifically for cleaning baby dish and accessories
  • Pleasant on the hands and utensils
  • It comes in convenient packaging with a pump dispenser
  • Easily removes grease and odor even from glass baby bottles


  • The packaging looks nice, but it is prone to leakage when not closed properly
  • Soap bubbles do not last long and can easily be washed away with water

Another good recommendation in our list is the Dapple Baby dish liquid refill.

Not only does it efficiently remove grease, smell and grime from plastic or bottles, but it is also safe and convenient.

No matter how many times you need to refill the baby bottle, cleaning it is crucial and we understand the toll that, dishwashing agents can have on the products and your skin.

So Dapple Refill is a perfect baby dish wash for frequent use.

It is also plant-based and non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about harming the sensitive baby skin anytime.


  • Convenient packaging that is leak-proof and easily portable
  • It has a high capacity that refills more than two bottles
  • It has a pleasant and subtle smell that masks the smell of breast milk
  • Works as effectively as a sterilizer on milk bottles and pacifiers


  • Hard to form lather and dilutes easily
  • Requires a refill bottle to prevent leakage and spilling

Another great product on our list is the BabyGanics Foaming Dish Soap Refill that can be used to refill the previous bottles.

It is highly recommended because of the authenticity and the trust that parents have on the brand.

The refills are also fragrant-free, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, which makes it safe for both babies and parents.

The plant-based product is free from common toxicants such a synthetic dyes and fragrance.

It also comes with an environmentally and cruelty-free label, which is a bonus for greener initiatives.


  • Hygienic alternative to ordinary dishwashing soap
  • Soft and mild on the skin of both parents and babies
  • Removes grime and grease from feeding residue easily
  • Gentle on plastic and glass surfaces


  • Uses a lot of water to rinse off
  • Does not lather easily


With all these options in hand with almost identical features, the choice is a tough one.

However, DAPPLE Baby Bottle and Dish Soap stand out from the rest because it has all the right elements such as non-toxic and non-fragrant natural ingredients. It is also convenient to use, cost-effective, and the refills are readily available.

Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Soap - Editor's Choice

So the effectiveness and value for money in terms of dish soap for baby bottles, DAPPLE Baby Bottle and Dish Soap is probably the best option.

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