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Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Without a doubt, one of the many concerns new mothers usually have after giving birth probably is staying fitness.

There is no doubt that every new mother wants to shed quickly off the excess fat they end up acquiring during a pregnancy.

Yet given how much work is involved in taking care of kids, it is difficult to take time out for fitness as well.

This is precisely why the concept of a double jogging stroller was born as such a stroller allows you to go on a run or a brisk walk while also allowing you to keep an eye on your kids.

Buying the best double jogging stroller in 2021 that you can afford is one of the best fitness decisions that a new mother can make.

You must have seen these jogging strollers in films, TV or when you are out and about in your city.

Mothers can be seen pushing these strollers as their kids sit happily inside, lost in their own worlds.

Wouldn’t you, if you were given a constant joyride in a comfortable stroller.

With that being said it is important to understand that these strollers are not just your run of the mill kind of a lot of special engineering goes in making them.

By the end of this guide, you should have a better understanding of these and be equipped with the knowledge that is necessary for making the right purchase decision.

5 Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews 2022

This unit is a double jogging stroller that makes outings more convenient and fun.

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller, Canyon stroller is not only cheap, but it also allows you to bring your children almost everywhere.

This unit is certainly one of the best strollers in the market.

If you are wondering if this is the perfect stroller for parents who are always busy, worry not.

Because this stroller features a front swivel wheel for easy movement and maneuvering and a lock for additional stability.

The stroller also comes with a high-end adjustable system that handles bumps with much ease and precision.

In addition, it is made with an adjustable handlebar that provides the correct fit for any parent.

Highlight Features

The ultra-sturdy design of BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller, Canyon is a feature worth discussing.

The frame is made of aluminum and high strength Chromoly.

These materials ensure that your stroller is not only stable but also lightweight.

The unit also has broad canopy coverage which is easily adjustable and gives you five different positions to adjust.

Furthermore, each seat features its canopy coverage with a peekaboo window.

The seat is made of dobby and poly weave fabrics with a water-resistant coating as well as open cell foam padding.

The heavy padded reclining seat can be adjusted up to 70 degrees.

There is also a five-point harness system that ensures the safety of your children.

Furthermore, the harness is nicely padded to enhance comfort.


  • Very compact once folded.
  • Very easy to push, even with toddlers.
  • Sturdy and strong frame.
  • Front lockable swivel wheel for jogging/tough terrain.


  • The stroller is really big and heavy to carry around.

This stroller was built to serve you for the longest time possible.

An agile, lightweight and easy to use stroller that features a water-resistant compartment, making it an ideal double jogging stroller for the toddler.

Apart from being light and compact, this stroller has lots of amenities that you will surely love in your car.

It offers a rear suspension for a smooth ride, a reclining seat for napping, an adjustable canopy for climate control as well as a venting mesh.

The Thule Urban Glide Sports Stroller has not overlooked your needs.

It comes with an ergonomic handlebar that accommodates all users as well as activities.

Also, the stroller can fold up one handed to ease transitions into vehicles.

Highlight Features

You can use the Thule Urban Glide stroller for jogging with kids six months and older.

For strolling, infants less than six months old need to be in a car seat with the stroller’s car seat adapter.

With the large rear wheels, the unit can handle tougher terrain very well.

The front wheel locks into place for jogging and also has pivots for easy turning.

The small adjustment system ensures straight-line travel.

The Thule Urban Glide stroller has a sleek and narrow design which is aerodynamic in use and can fold into a smaller package for easy transport or storage.

It also features a polyurethane coated canopy gives an adjustable protection from the components.

The peek-a-boo roof window allows you to monitor your baby.

So, if you are looking for the high-quality double jogging stroller, this is the perfect unit.


  • Very light weight and easy to fold.
  • Adjustable handle bar.
  • Large canopy for shading.
  • Smooth ride for uneven terrain and running.
  • Great storage.


  • Handle bar is a bit too thin.
  • Parking brake is a little difficult to activate compared to BOB.

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie, Orange is a smooth-riding stroller that is perfect for hiking or jogging.

This Orange stroller lets you establish a long lasting relationship through different health activities by incorporating you kids in your workout routines.

Its front wheels are locked to give the stroller the forward focus stability needed to be used as either hiking or jogging stroller.

What a better way to give your baby the positive influence of exercise and fresh air than by leading a great example as you interact and monitor your kid through the broad viewing windows while at getting in a workout yourself?

When you are not out taking a stroll, you don’t need to use a different stroller, because this unit also works as a high-end walking stroller by unlocking the front wheel.

The front swivel wheel engaged- this lightweight stroller has all the maneuverability a parent could hope for, allowing you to maneuver through crowds or stores while still keeping your child stay comfort.

Highlight Features

The Swiveling front wheel lets you maneuver through various places, and it also locks forward when the terrain is tough or for increased stability jogging.

Moreover, this stroller is foldable, which makes it easy for storage and transport.

The stroller also features an adjustable suspension system that gives you an exceptionally smooth ride.

Also, it has a reclining seat that is easily adjustable to enhance seating comfort.


  • Very easy to push, even with toddlers.
  • Sturdy and strong frame.
  • Front lockable swivel wheel for jogging/tough terrain.
  • Peekaboo windows.
  • Easy to fold for storing.


  • Very high price.
  • No adjustable footrest.
  • Relatively heavy to carry around.

The Baby Jogger2014 Citi Mini GT Double Stroller, Crimson is extremely light and has the best maneuverability, an under-seat basket, and a wide sun shade.

It comes with a compact and lightweight double stroller, ideal for those living in the city and those who want a portable and travel-friendly stroller.

The seat is designed to give your children the support and comfort they deserve, and also allows them to seat upright.

Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller, Crimson is very light and easy to move from one place to another, making it an ideal urban stroller for running daily errands.

As the name suggests, the unique one-hand fast fold feature allows you fold the entire unit with a single hand, making it easy to store in your car trunk.

This stroller is certainly the perfect choice for those who looking for an on-the-go stroller.

For more friendly-travel convenience, the wheels are made with a unique quick-release system that allows for easy on and off.

This unit was designed with the baby and mom in mind, and the numerous features it has, proves that.

You can use the Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller, Gray anywhere on the planet.

Highlight Features

The stroller features a patented quick-fold technology that lets you fold your stroller in a simple single step.

The reclining seats are nicely padded, and each seat comes with a retractable weather cover and a vented seat top.

It also has a large canopy with wide view windows.


  • Very easy to push, great maneuverability.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Large canopies for shading.
  • Very easy to fold for storing.


  • Footrests are not adjustable.
  • The wheel lock is a little difficult to activate.

If you are looking for a baby trend double jogger that gives your special ones some ample space, then Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller is a great purchase for you, especially if your budget is fixed.

Generally, jogging strollers are great products that let you maintain an active lifestyle through running and jogging as you monitor your children.

However, many jogging strollers have one critical problem and are that children outgrow them much faster.

This is actually true when it comes to double jogging strollers, but the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller attempts to solve this problem without being too heavy.

Highlight Features

For performance, this unit features a pair of 12-inch swiveling front wheels and a 16 inch rear wheels that can easily be locked in one direction.

The wheels are made of pneumatic rubber tires that make them ideal for rough terrain.

The canopy is large enough with broad view windows that let you check on your baby while you are jogging.

In addition, the reclining seats provide your little ones with comfort and support.

What makes this stroller different from other ones is its foot-activated brake system that locks the front wheels if you stop suddenly.

Therefore, you don’t have to use a lot of energy to put a sudden stop to your stroller.


  • Cheapest among all reviewed ones.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Very compact once folded.


  • Handle bar is a bit too thin.
  • Front wheel starts shaking when jogging too fast.

Why Should You Buy a Double Jogging Stroller?

For mothers who are blessed with more than one kid, a double jogging stroller is much more than just a gimmick or just an additional expense.

As mentioned above it helps pave the way for a healthier post pregnancy lifestyle by allowing new mothers to exercise regularly without having to worry about the well being of their kids.

A lot of mothers, especially those who were rather active before their pregnancies, find themselves rather restricted and confined to the house once the child is born.

It is no surprise then that countless mothers strive not just for a healthier body but also for a simple break away from the house to rejuvenate the mind.

A double jogging strollers helps them do this, since these are not just better than regular strollers but are also effortless to maneuver, therefore allowing a parent to move around with ease. It is a solid investment in a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Once your kids get used to seeing you jogging from an early age, they would be much more inclined to pick up the habit as they grow up.

A double jogging stroller also makes it easy for you to go around with your kids in tow.

Imagine having to keep track of the kids while you were shopping or going for lunch and having to keep a constant eye on them.

With a double jogging stroller, you always know where they are. Even when you go to visit friends or family, you can always keep the stroller near you ensuring that the kids do not end up getting involved in some mischief.

Apart from easing the mental worry, such strollers also ease the toll on your body.

Imagine the exertion that is required in carrying kids around and as any mother will tell you, kids get tired rather quickly and they always want to be carried.

This can especially be rather painful for your back. With a double jogging stroller, you literally avoid this pain.

A stroller also allows for a speedy commute.

Kids do not walk at the same pace as adults and while it is adorable to watch them do their little walk, it can hamper your ability to get things done quickly when you are walking around town, running chores with kids in tow.

On the other hand, it allows the mother and the kids to walk at the same pace thus solving this problem.

Since they actually are not walking, they probably won’t get so tired real quickly, and even if they do, they can take a nap in their comfortable double stroller.

Whether it is jogging in the morning, running errands around town or a quiet evening walk in the park, a double jogging stroller surely does make your life much easier.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Double Jogging Stroller

When compared to your average run of the mill stroller, a quality double jogging stroller has better construction quality, better suspension (with a shock absorbing system) and a front wheel that can be locked in.

So what are some of the things that you should keep in mind when looking for the top-notch double jogging stroller?

Apart from reading these reviews, there are a few points that you need to consider:

  • Front Wheel
    If you have ever run with a regular jogger or at least walked with at at a brisk pace, you know that a swiveling front wheel can make for a rather bouncy, uneven and most of all, an unpredictable ride.

    You cannot really control where the stroller is going and in the end this can be potentially dangerous for the kids, especially if you are jogging on a surface that is rather uneven.

    This is why a good double jogging stroller provides you with the ability to lock the front wheel. The rule of thumb is that you want a perfectly locked straight wheel while jogging and a swiveling wheel while doing everything else so you can easily maneuver the stroller.

  • Large Air-filled Tires
    It is important to ensure that the stroller that you are buying has large air filled tires as this ensures that any stress from any bumps or rough patches of surface is not transferred directly to the babies.

    Traditional strollers used plastic to make tires which was not at all a good idea but many of the top double jogging strollers on the market use large pneumatic air filled tires now.

  • Good Suspension System
    Similarly, you also want the stroller to be equipped with some kind of a shock absorbing system that can further reduce the stress on the children’s bodies.

    If you go around looking in the market then you will realize that most of the quality double jogging strollers have a sling style system in place on the seat that absorbs any jarring motions and many of these also have shock absorbers on the wheels.

  • Reclining Seats
    Now this is a must if you want your kids to travel in not just style but also with comfort. Reclining seats that are set at a comfortable angle will make the job of hauling your kids around a whole lot easier.

    Of course it goes without saying that before you worry about the recline of the seat, you also need to ensure that the padding and the overall finishing of the seat oozes comfort.

    Let’s not forget that this is where your kids will spending a whole lot of their time and if it is uncomfortable even to the slightest, it will result in a hissy fit.

  • Easy to Use
    Now before you buy a stroller you must ensure that it has all of the features that let you work with it with ease.

    Does it have a nice big bar for you to hold on to? Does it have a braking system? Is the canopy of an appropriate size? Is there space for additional storage etc. these are some of the factors that you have to keep in mid when buying a double jogging stroller.

    Maneuvering a bad stroller can be nothing less than an excruciating task so you want to ensure that the handle bar and the braking system are comfortable to use. If you carry a lot of things around then maybe you’d want with a lot of storage.

    There are even strollers in the market that come with a built in MP3 player, so that you have access to some entertainment on your jog or while running your chores.

  • Size and Weight
    The last thing you want is a double jogging stroller that is too heavy for you to push or too big for you to easily carry around. You want a size that is proportional to your own body size so that working with it is merely an after thought.

    Similarly, you want to ensure that the double jogging stroller that you are buying can easily fit in your car, can easily be stored in your home without obstructing anything else and can easily be lifted and moved around even by yourself.

You also should make sure that the double jogging stroller that you are purchasing has the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) safety certification, which assures that the product is safe, and has been through a lot of safety tests.

Apart from keeping the above tips in mind, buying a new stroller should be a fun exercise so go ahead and indulge in it and chose some amazing colors to go with your and your children’s’ personalities. After all, it’s not everyday that you buy a double jogging stroller.


You as a parent will find this double jogging stroller a dream to use, as pushing it and maneuvering it is an absolute dream with the minimal effort required on the part of the parent.

The stroller also provides good shade from the sun, is made of waterproof material, comes with peekaboo windows, a 5 point harness and is as comfortable as they come.

Whether your intention is to jog, or to walk around or run chores, this little baby should suffice for all your needs and sooner or later your children should fall in love with it wholeheartedly.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller - Editor's Choice

We have realized that the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is perhaps the best choice today. It not only fits all the requirements that have been listed, but also has a very competitive price point. This double jogging stroller provides you with countless opportunities to customize it to your heart’s content while providing you with a sturdy, quality product that you can rely on day in day out.

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