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Best Double Stroller Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Double strollers are now important part of the life of the mothers because you can’t walk for miles with infants nor you can shop because your hands will be busy in picking up toddlers.

They can take their kids anywhere they want and double stroller made it insanely easy.

However, there's ONE problem. Finding that “Good” double stroller isn’t an easy job.

That's the reason why I have made a list of best double stroller 2021, which you can buy right now.

It may come as a surprise to you, but there are 5 different styles of the double stroller: tandem, side-by-side, sit-and-stand, jogging and umbrella.

The stroller which have one seat at front and one at the back is called Tandem double stroller.

This stroller is easy to fold and usually have small and medium wheels. The seat at the front is smaller than the back one.

Infants are sensitive one so during their first year, umbrella stroller will be best for them because umbrella like cover save your infant and toddlers from sunlight and heat and it is very easy to fold like umbrella and suited more for the infants who are up to six months.

5 Best Double Stroller Reviews 2022

The most amazing quality of this infant toddler double stroller is that this is the extra light weight double stroller.

It is even more light weight than the single light weight stroller and also light weight than other light weight double strollers.

Its weight is just 16lbs. it is very easy to use and easy to fold and can be picked by one hand also.

It has place for parent cup, child cup place is also in it and it is paced in a bag.

So this one is best for the use while travelling in crowded places.

It has pocket on the canopy which can be used for keeping different things and protect infants from sun heat.

This double stroller is highly recommended by the customers because of its amazingly light weight.

Especially mothers are very happy with that because they can easily fold and carry it in their one hand even.

It is perfect to use while travelling on airport, shopping malls, crowded places and Disney land.

This product receives very positive and appreciating response by the customers.

So one can say that ZOE double stroller is just amazingly perfect.


  • Extra light so very easy to pick.
  • Easily maneuvered with one hand.
  • Best to use in crowded areas like parks and shopping malls.
  • Large canopy is very helpful in carrying different baby and parent’s products.
  • Super easy to open and close.


  • Not attractive as much as other double strollers. Colors and design need some improvement.
  • Not comfortable for the sleeping infant toddler because it doesn’t recline well.
  • The fabric part is fixed & cannot take off for washing.

The city select baby jogger is the stroller which is for growing families means the family with one kid and expected the other.

They have no need to buy the other stroller just buy the second seat kit and turn your baby jogger into double stroller without spending extra money.

It has the quality of 16 combinations of mix and match.

Most of the customers said that this is the best double stroller for infants and toddlers because you can take it anywhere.

Many of them said that this is best for twins saves money because of its adjustment quality.

While some didn’t like it as they said they have to buy parts separately so it puts burden on their budget but most of the customers are satisfied by this product and they simply love it for their infants and toddlers.

This baby jogger is currently known as a very common choice for new parents.

Thanks to the aforementioned feature, where it can be used for the second child as well, it is definitely something that most parents should take into consideration.

The material is latex free and BPA free! You must know that this is extremely important, simply because it makes using this stroller is perfectly safe for children of all ages.

There won’t be rashes nor allergies, caused by the aforementioned materials.

With the weight of only 35 pounds, this stroller is also one of the lighters products of this type.

It is definitely perfect for usages on remote locations, where the weight may be an issue.

Despite a low weight, it is well-made, so it offers a high quality.

Without a doubt, it’s not an easy to task to buy a double stroller, especially for new parents.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much when choosing this one.

Most importantly, this stroller has been carefully tested by professionals, it offers a high level of safety for both of your children!

This stroller is affordable, and it is at least 2 times cheaper than other products of this type.

Keep in mind that you will get seats for 2 children, so it is the same as you buy two, different strollers.

The look and the design are carefully chosen, so this item brings certain improvements.

For example, it looks like more expensive products of this type and all components are modern and interesting.

Another great feature is its compact fold.

It only takes about 1 mintue or so to fold and put away, so it’s very convenient for storage and traveling.

The most interesting feature is this stroller come with various choices of colors. It is available in ruby, onyx and black versions.

Every version is made on the same way with the same features and comes with the same quality.


  • Very easy to fold.
  • More space for storage.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Very easy to add and remove the seats.
  • Durable so you can use it for your infants for their riding years.


  • Little bit more heavy than other double strollers.
  • Expensive one also because all the parts are sold separately.

This stroller has seven different alignment styles; it has wheels made of rubber so that your baby can enjoy smooth ride.

Space is made for the parent’s cup and it has side zip also for easy access to storage basket.

Your toddler can enjoy it because it has large footrest area, it can recline in 3 different position and also has space for headrest and it has a car seat connecter also.

If we talk about the review of double stroller, then one must say that the best reviews are given by the customers about this product.

They are really happy with the invention of this product.

Certainly, this is the amazing double stroller for infants and toddlers.

Customers love the seven different configurations of the seats as they have the option to fix them as they need and want.

Zip access to the storage basket is also liked and appreciated by the parents.

Hardly some of the customers have some complains about this product but the lovers of this stroller are more in number.

So this is the fantastic stroller said by the customers.


  • It has seven different alignment styles.
  • It is very easy to fold with both seats even.
  • It can be connected to the car seat.
  • Removing and flipping seats is easy.
  • Huge basket with side zipper access.


  • Very big and bulky.
  • Cup holder is weak.
  • Takes quite takes up considerable space when loading into the car.

The latest Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller has been designed and based on the latest technology.

Even better, the manufacturer spent several years developing this model, so it is different than most of other models of this type.

This double stroller is perfectly designed for 2 children, 50 pounds each, so it can be used by most families.

Another fact that makes it better is the ability for older children to stand at a rear place.

This makes it more practical and more interesting.

In order to understand, why this tandem double stroller is the best, you should know that it has been made from lightweight metal and nylon.

As the end result, you get a stroller that is lightweight, durable and resistant to smaller issues.

More importantly, it is practical and it can be easily transported, due to the fact it has been based on the latest folding technology.

This addition makes it better for parents who like carrying their strollers on different locations, and spending time with their children in parks and interesting locations.

In addition, it comes with a storage basket, so it is more practical than you may believe.

The basket is big, and it can accommodate all items you are going to need, while spending time with your babies.


  • Allows children to either sit or stand
  • Multiple storage options.
  • Folding mechanism in stroller is easy to use.


  • Quite hard and heavy to maneuver.

This model is the most common choice at the moment.

It comes with amazing features and it is built with the help of several surveys and researches.

In any case, it certainly is one of the best side-by-side double stroller on the market.

The reasons why are simple. It is made from strong, but lightweight materials, so it is very durable and lightweight, at the same time.

It also comes with two storage bags, so it is far more practical and useful than most of other products of this type.

Keep in mind that it has 5 safety points, so it is also safer than other products of this type.

Another fact that makes this model perfect is the folding capability.

It is small and compact, so it can be placed in any car and it won’t occupy a lot of space.

The manufacturer spent a lot of research and developing this stroller in order to make it perfectly comfortable for your children.

As the end result, your babies will enjoy in the highest level of comfort and they will like spending time in this stroller.

Keep in mind that most strollers of this type, on the market, are not very comfortable, due to the fact they don’t have additional cushions and features like Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller, so they are not a great choice for your babies.

The model in question is something that can make a difference and provide only the best to your babies at any given moment.


  • It fold pretty compact and slim.
  • Reclined seat for sleeping toddler.
  • Insanely easy to fold.
  • Very lightweight for a double stroller!
  • Affordable price.


  • Short shade-cover.
  • Not adjustable for taller people.

Types Of Double Stroller

As mentioned above, there are different types of double stroller for infants and toddler, so choose according to the baby’s need and easiness so that he/she can enjoy the little ride.

Let’s have a look on the different types of the double stroller it will be best guide for you and really helpful while choosing a stroller for your infant or toddler.

1 - Side by Side Double Stroller

Side by side twin stroller is designed like one seat is next to the other. Side by side double stroller is the wide stroller and it is used only in the wide spaces and it is difficult to tackle them while entering a door.

But the time and design is changed now the new one are bit narrower than the old one. This stroller gives equal space for both kids and they also can see one another. This one give parents the help to attach one seat with the car seat.

2 - Tandem Double Stroller

This type of double stroller is design in a way that one seat is at front and the other is at the back. This one is the narrow one so easy to pass through doors and narrow spaces.

This type of strollers is very suitable for toddler and infants because elder can sit at the front and younger at the back.

3 - All-Terrain/ Sport Double Stroller

This type of the stroller is suitable for the parents who loves to walk. The all-terrain double stroller for twin’s alternative name is sport stroller.

It is available in both types with three wheels and with four wheels. The wheel at the front can locked also. An additional type in all-terrain is the double jogging stroller which is best for the parents who are used of jogging because in this type the front wheel does not turn.

This type will definitely love by the jogging lovers because of the qualities of this jogging stroller because it has big wheels like bicycle and also have hand brakes. So best for the parents who can’t live without jogging.

4 - Sit and Stand Strollers

The sit and stand stroller is the best solution of the problem of the parents who have two kids where one is toddler and the other is infant. And the toddler wants to walk but not more than some steps.

It has one seat at front and there is standing area at the back where the toddler can stand and view the surroundings. The standing area can be used for keeping things also when only infant is riding in the stroller.

5 - Umbrella Double Stroller

Umbrella double stroller is used for the kids who are more than six months, it is not suitable for the newborn infants. There strollers are the light weight double strollers and also the simple one because they can fold very easily like our umbrella that is why they are called umbrella double stroller.

More suitable for the parents who loves travelling through planes because of its folding quality and it is very easy to check. It is also suitable while visiting parks because it has a shade and storage basket.

Why You Should Buy a Double Stroller

The demand for double strollers has increased exponentially in the recent years. The main reason is largely accredited to the fact that their design is very practical and offers many benefits to parents who have multiple infants and toddlers.

With the help of a double stroller for infant and toddler, parents don't have to put their lives on hold until their children grow up and can go on about their business as usual.

There are many added benefits of using double strollers, five of which are listed below.

  • Practical to Use
    The main reason for using double strollers is that they are very practical to use. The design may often come off as bulky and unresponsive, but this is seldom the case as many different parents can testify to the comfort offered by double strollers.

    These doubles strollers allow the parents to navigate through public places with relative ease, which is why it is better to get one double stroller instead of buying two single ones.

  • Portability
    Double strollers are also the preferred choice for many parents with multiple infants because they are easily portable.

    These strollers can be folded such that they occupy a fraction of the space that they would normally take up. This makes it easier for parents to fold these strollers and put them in the back of the car when traveling.

  • Maneuverability
    Even though it may seem hard to believe, double strollers are very easy to maneuver.

    Their sturdy design makes it easy for them to move forward when pushed with sufficient force, and they are easy to steer because of the two sets of wheels at the front and back.

  • Different Seating Options Available
    The best feature of a double stroller is that it offers many different seat formations which allow parents to pick the one that suits their needs the most.

    Based on the model, double strollers offer two main seating options. One is the front and back seating option (as provided by tandem double strollers) which is the ideal double stroller if you have an infant and a toddler because the seat at the back has less leg room, so you can only seat your infant there comfortably.

    On the other hand, if you have two twins, you should opt for the parallel seating option (as offered by side by side double strollers) which makes it the perfect double stroller for twins as both seats offer the same leg room.

  • Economical
    Double strollers offer the best features of all other types of strollers at a fraction of the cost. It is often the case that buying a double stroller is cheaper than buying two single ones.

Features to Consider When Buying a Double Stroller

Infants and toddlers are the sensitive one so whenever moms do shopping for them many things are of great importance. So when parents want to buy double strollers for infants and toddler there are some important key factors to be considered.

Let’s have a look on them.

  • Safety
    The first and foremost factor to keep in mind and to be considered is the safety of infants and toddlers because nothing is more important than that.

    Most of the strollers has the belt so that kids don’t fall while they are moving. Brakes are also very important for jogging parents because it helps you to stop the stroller whenever you want or uneven surface comes in front of you.

  • Storage Space
    Well when you are going to buy stroller for twins the best double stroller is that which have more storage space.

    Because mother of two kids needs more space because more space is needed for the necessary things of two kids. And space is also needed when you are going for a shopping along with your infant.

  • Height
    The double stroller is used by both parents and it is not possible that both of them are of equal height, so it’s good to consider that the stroller has adjustable handle so that it can be adjust according to the height of the parents.

  • Weight
    Weight is another important factor to be considered. Parents must see that they can lift it easily or not.

    If you can’t lift heavy weight, then toddler umbrella stroller will suit you more because it is the light weight double stroller. And easy to use also while travelling.
  • Price
    Budget is the most crucial factor to keep in mind while you are going to shop the double stroller for infants and toddlers. Sit and think that what you want to buy and research on it and then buy the stroller which is under your pocket size.

    So that you can buy best thing according to the need of your kid and according to your pocket size. So buy best thing for your infant but don’t disturb your budget.

    There is range of prices available in the market for double strollers, no need to worry about that.

  • Size
    Size of the double stroller is the thing which must be considered while buying double stroller for infants and toddlers.

    Narrow double strollers are best because they don’t need more space while you are entering doorways or doing shopping.

  • Cover
    Cover or shade is very important part of the stroller so buy the double stroller which has the shade which will save your little kid from direct sunlight and heat.

    Cover the kid with shade while he/she slept during the walk so that there will no chance of disturbance.

What I mean to say by it is that keep your activities in your mind while buying the double stroller. If you love to travel than umbrella stroller will suits you more because it is easy to fold and light weight double stroller.

If you are habitual of walking, then all-terrain will suits you more because it is durable and it has lock system also.


All of these double strollers for toddlers and infants has some qualities and advantages because they are designed for the easiness and comfort of both parent and kids. Some of them are lightweight, some have more space, some have beautiful designs and some of them have more storage area.

These strollers are best to use for the parents of twins because they are particularly designed according to their need. They are for your comfort, you can use it anywhere and anytime - travelling, jogging, walking and shopping.

Obviously, they have some advantages and some significant drawbacks but the advantages clearly outweigh the drawbacks.

Because we know how frustrating it is to spend the money on a bad stroller, we've created this buying guide to help you find the perfect one.

Make sure to consider the mentioned factors before making a decision. It will really help you out to choose the best-suited stroller according to your and baby need.

ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller - Editor's Choice

Based on all criteria, we highly recommend ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller as the best double stroller on the market. This stroller is affordable and offers tons of features.

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