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Best Easel for Toddlers Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

One of the best creativity honing activities you can do for your kids is introducing them to the idea of art.

The best easel for toddlers will help you achieve this task.

The good thing about easels is that they do not take up much space.

Easels encourage children to express themselves freely without any bounds.

There are many reasons why you should think about buying an easel for your child or children.

Besides allowing your kid to widen their artistic creativity, it also engages their muscles because it involves standing up and working on a piece of art.

There are different types of surfaces for easels, and they all give various benefits.

Today, we want to show you the best easels for toddlers that the market has to offer.

We shall review these products to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Let us dive into the 5 best easels and their reviews:

5 Best Easel for Toddlers Reviews 2022

NextX Kids Easel for Two is the first and best easel for toddlers that we want to review because it ticks all the points that a good easel should have.

There are two surfaces on which your child can draw.

With the chalkboard on one side and dry erase board on the other, it means that two kids can draw on it at the same time.

You can adjust the height of the easel according to the needs of the growing child.

In case your kid feels tired and does not want to stand anymore, you can detach the drawing board from the structure and turn it into a handheld easel.

What these features mean is that you get three products in one package with the NextX Kids Easel for Two.


  • It comes with all the required tools like the chalks, markers, and magnetic eraser
  • Adjustable height
  • Enough space to keep the tools on the stand
  • Great value for money


  • The markers is hard to open and close for toddlers

We think this easel is the ideal choice for playdates because it comes with two sturdy boards.

One child can draw on the chalkboard complete with a paperclip, while the other can work on the magnetic dry erase whiteboard.

Cleaning the bins will not be a problem because all you have to do is wipe it with soap and water.

One exciting addition to this easel is that it comes with 94 pieces of foam magnet letters and symbols.

Your child can place these on the magnetic dry erase board side of the product.

Simply fold the Step2 Easel for Two and store it behind a cupboard or under a bed.


  • It is very sturdy and can withstand two children playing on both sides
  • You only need one large tray that they provide to keep the art supplies
  • The magnetic letters help introduce the alphabets to children
  • Space-saving design


  • Too tall for kids under three years
  • The chalkboard may need heavy cleaning after a few uses

With the Gimilife Deluxe Easel for Kids, you get an extra-large product that is environmentally friendly.

That’s right, the manufacturers have made sure that they made this easel using naturally crafted wood.

This way, your child will not get exposed to harmful and toxic substances.

As usual, it has two sides, with an easy erase whiteboard on one side, and a chalkboard on the other.

The easel comes complete with pencil, markers, and chalk holding side panels, along with a big tray at the bottom.

The adjustable legs will allow you to increase or decrease the height according to your child’s age.


  • Environment-friendly and child-safe material
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Includes easel-length holder for crayons, markers, chalk, pens, erasers and more


  • The quality of the parts are subpar
  • It is slightly difficult to rub the marker marks

Melissa and Doug always deliver when it comes to a child’s early education and exposure to their creative side.

This standing easel will help your child learn and master their pencil grip, hand-eye coordination, and test their imagination.

It has adjustable legs, four paper clips to hold pieces of paper in place, two trays to hold art supplies, two types of boards, and a design that is easy to assemble.

If you want a product that ensures quality and deliverance, I think this is the right one for you.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not leave chalk dust thanks to the use of chalk markers
  • Durable quality
  • Easily adjustable height


  • You cannot draw on the chalkboard with sidewalk chalk
  • This product does not come with the art supplies like chalk marker

This double-sided easel will be an excellent choice for those kids who like to explore their artistic side.

And since the chalk that it uses is dust-free, it is safer for children.

All you have to do is wipe the marks with a wet piece of cloth.

Wooden Art Easel comes with all the necessary art supplies that your child will need.

So, you will not need to run around searching for these. 

You get four paint cups, paper clips, dust-free chalk, and number and letter magnets.


  • Includes all the required art supplies in the package
  • Adjustable legs
  • Both sides are magnetic and can hold the letters and numbers
  • Good choice for all ages


  • Somewhat challenging to assemble
  • Does not come with the paper


When looking for a good easel, you have to look out for its sturdiness, easy to assemble, easy to store, multipurpose features, accessories, and good quality material.

Adjustable legs also make a huge difference because you will not need to buy a new one when your child grows taller.

NextX Kids Art Easel for Two - Editor's Choice

The best easel for toddlers right now is the NextX Kids Easel because it covers a lot of features. It has two boards, adjustable legs, and it is very sturdy. If your child does not want to keep standing, they can remove the easel from the frame and draw with a handheld board.

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