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Everything You Need to Know About Video Baby Monitor – Infographic

Why Should You Buy a Video Baby Monitor

The need of keeping an eye on a newborn while being away is fulfilled with a variety of baby monitors thronging the market. With time, these products are getting more advanced and consequently costlier.

There are several types of monitors for babies, such as audio, movement, and video ones. When it comes to choosing one of them, it is a matter of only distinguishing between excessiveness and necessity.

Is it a necessity to have a movement monitor? Is a video monitor for baby an exclusive choice?

Well, when it comes to video baby monitor, it is completely a different matter. While not a necessity, these monitors are essentially supportive for apprehensive caretakers who do not wish to compromise with the comfort and safety even if they have to invest more.

While having an audio monitor is a basic necessity, the advanced security and additional information on offer by a video monitor make it an all-embracing necessity.

That being said, if you’ve decided to buy a baby monitor now, make sure to check out this in-depth buying guide for best video baby monitor.

6 Reasons to Buy a Video Monitor for Baby

Video monitoring systems are available in different varieties such as wireless and HD video baby monitors. There are many benefits of investing in one of these monitors.

Here are top 6 reasons to buy a video monitor:

  • To Detect Cot Death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    With a camera in place, parents can have more periodic observation of naps, especially the frequent snoozes and breathing pattern.

    Many monitors come with a sensor monitor that is secured to the small one’s chest for checking the breathing. If no movement is sensed, the monitor rings an alarm to alert you.
  • To Observe Baby from another Room

    With a video monitor, there is no need for the caretakers or parents to walk into baby’s room every now and then. Within the monitor's signal range, you can just glance in the monitor can assure them of safety and comfort without disturbing the baby from play or snooze.

    From the comfort of one’s recliner or bed you can watch baby breathe and look for any potential hazards before they occur.
  • To Watch While Traveling

    Traveling or working parents can also monitor small ones through the Internet. Smart tools can stream live feeds and facilitate communication both the way between two far away locations.

    This helps parents not only in staying updated with ongoing activities but also sing to make the small one sleep.
  • To Check all Movements of the Child

    It is essential to track all movements such as lying down, standing in crib, and sleeping while being away. Well, this plays a crucial role in sleep training that requires an opportunity for the baby to soothe prior to intervention from parents.

    For those who wish to make this determination, visual information is essential. When the baby is found to be still lying down for soothing on her own, parents then can wait for a minute before intervening, which is essential for the training.
  • To Track Sleep Precisely

    It is common for a restless baby to toss and turn without making any sound. While an audio monitor might be unable to track this rolling or turning, a video monitor shows all such movements even if there is no crying.

    This helps in knowing how much sleep the small one is actually getting.
  • To Enjoy Extra Security

    Video monitors come with extra security even inside the crib. Small ones do pull ups to bump their heads. However, you can prevent these risks via live video feeds.

    The monitor also acts as nanny cam for giving that extra care and keep risks of break-ins away.