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Best Formula for Constipation Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

When switching from breast milk, babies need mild ingredients that are nutritious and easy to digest because they have a sensitive digestive system.

But the best baby formula can be hard to find and it usually takes a few trials before getting the right one.

So when a baby develops constipation during this developing period, you have to feed the right food to relieve the discomfort.

There are numerous baby formulas in the market but not all of them are safe. While some organic baby formula provide all the right nutrients, they can be harsh on their sensitive stomach and cause more problems.

This is why we recommend paediatricians approved baby food substitutes. They are not only for treating constipation but also provide sufficient nutrients.

To make sure that you find the right supplements, here is a selection of the top five baby food.

5 Best Formula for Constipation Reviews 2022

In the early stages, babies need sufficient protein that is easy to digest and probiotics for their overall development.

So Enfamil has come up with a formula that provides both proteins and fiber. The formula is gentle on the digestive system and prevents hard stool.

Once you feed the baby, you will notice a considerable improvement in constipation within a week.

Despite it being rich in Omega, vitamins, and other nutrients, this formula for colic baby has a pleasant taste. It is a perfect substitute for breast milk when the baby is not teething.

Another reason why we like this formula is that it comes in a package of four containers that can last more than a month.

So it is an excellent choice for any parents who want the best baby formula.


  • It promotes soft stool within a week
  • It has nutrients, vitamins, and probiotics for mental and physical development
  • The package comes in a tub of four airtight containers with an attached spoon for easy scooping
  • It tastes pleasant, and it is so easy to make.


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands because it comes in four containers.
  • It does not work effectively on babies with permanent digestive issues.

This formula is one of the best baby food for constipation is because it is also available in a smaller package.

It has the right amount of Omega-3, probiotics, and vitamins and nutrients needed for full body development.

However, if you are not sure about getting a packet of four, this is a healthy option to try out.

This milk powder formula is not only tasty but also contains fiber that helps in softening the stool and prevent future digestive problems.

This baby food contains ingredients that are simple, easy-to-digest, and keeps the baby comfortable by being gentle on the digestive system.


  • It is available in a budget-friendly packaging
  • Enriched with iron, Omega acids, and probiotics for physical growth and immunity
  • This formula for a breastfed baby contains supplements for brain development
  • This baby formula promotes softer stool within the first week of use


  • Like other baby food, this spoils quickly if not consumed within two hours after preparation.
  • Some babies might not like the taste, but you can mix it with another baby formula to improve the taste.

Another excellent formula is this Similac Neosure for infants. It is especially useful for helping with the natural growth and physical development of colic babies.

The unique formula contains all-natural nutrients and Vitamins that eases the bowel movements.

It is a powder-based milk product that works great as a breastmilk substitute. It is easy to digest and gentle on the baby so that they can rest peacefully.

Using this infant food is also an excellent way to boost immunity and gain weight naturally.

Similac NeoSure comes in a plastic tub with a wide opening, which makes it is easy to scoop and blend.

If you are looking for a substitute that is gentle on the baby’s digestive system without compromising on the nutrients, this is it!


  • Similac Neosure promotes weight gain and physical growth naturally
  • It is easy to prepare and digest
  • The formula contains all-natural nutrients that soften stool
  • It is widely available and easy to attain in convenient stores


  • It has a short shelf life and spoils within one month
  • The package is bulky and inconvenient to carry while traveling

This baby formula is power-packed with four times more probiotics, fibers, and nutrients that are essential for the growth of infants.

It has the components of natural breast milk, so it is a highly recommended formula by many users.

One of the many reasons it stands out is the pleasant taste and has helped many colic babies struggling with constipation.

Unlike the other baby formulas, this product contains probiotics without artificial cornstarch and flavoring.

It is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and fiber so you can rest assured that the baby gets all the nutrients needed for healthy development.


  • It has twice the nutritional value compared to other brands
  • Since it resembles natural breast milk, it is a good substitute
  • The ingredients are mostly organic
  • It comes from a trusted brand that also promotes other baby food and nutrients


  • Sometimes the formula gets too foamy or watery
  • It can sometimes retain gas in the babies

Finally, If you are looking for high nutritional value and a good substitute for breast milk, this is also one of the best choices.

This baby formula that comes in a pack of six is another miracle formula that works wonders for babies who need special attention.

The formula is organic and does not contain any growth hormones or artificial flavors that could be harmful to babies.

It also includes 100% natural ingredients for physical and mental development in babies naturally.


  • Suitable for babies with a sensitive stomach
  • It promotes healthy growth and development
  • It is lactose and fructose-free
  • It contains all-natural ingredients


  • Some babies might not like the smell of the formula, but it takes an acquired taste
  • It might cause bad smelling stool


With all these criteria and the features, each one has its pros and cons.

Even though it might be hard to carry at your travels, it does work wonders within a week, babies love the taste, and it is also nutritious.

So if you are considering switching to baby formula, this pediatrician recommended baby formula is an excellent product to start your child care.

Enfamil Reguline Constipation Baby Formula Milk Powder - Editor's Choice

When you consider the effectiveness in treating constipation on babies, Enfamil Reguline Constipation Baby Formula is the best pick.

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