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10 Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

Babies are bundles of joy, but the underlying truth is that that joy runs on bundles of money. At this present economy, deciding to be a parent takes more planning than ever.

To look after a human being is a gigantic task and not only does it need nurturing, looking after a baby needs a ton of financing as well.

It's no secret that baby products cost a fortune literally, but did you know that a lot of companies and websites offer free baby products?

It does sound like a scam, but free baby stuff for expecting mothers is certainly not a myth.

And don't worry, this article will contain a list of all resources where expectant and new mothers can avail free baby products for their little ones with no strings attached.

Not only does this list provide you with free baby stuff, but it might lead you to new baby products as well. And even if they don't work for you, no need to fret as they are all free!

1. Free Diapers

One can sign up for The Honest Company Trial, where once a person signs up for the free trial, the company sends a box of goodies that consists of five diapers and wipes for babies.

All you have to do is pay for the shipping charges. Huggies provides free diapers as well by signing up for "Huggies Rewards". To avail those free diapers, a person can collect points by downloading the "Huggies Rewards" app and by buying Huggies products online. So, the more you buy, the more free products a mother can get.

2. Free Baby Formula

An expectant mother or a new mother can sign up for "Enfamil Family Beginnings" through Facebook or an email. The process naturally takes a signee through some questionnaire, and once that process is completed, it automatically enters the person into a lucky draw.

The winner has a chance to win a year's supply of Enfamil Baby Formula along with some other baby goodies. The good thing about this contest is that; there are no hidden payments, it's all free!

3. Free Breast Pump

There is a free breast pump for everyone if one is insured under the Affordable Care Act. The breast pumps from Medela and Ameda are covered through this act.

So, if you did not know about this and is insured under that particular act, contact your insurance company and find out!

4. Free Pacifiers

How about a custom-made pacifier that brings out the individuality of your baby? And also, it does not cost a penny! Baby pacifiers are accessories which are a must-need for your baby and also an accessory which needs to be changed regularly.

They may not cost a ton of money, but surely they are an unseen expenditure. ‘Custom Pacifiers' is a website that allows parents to customize a pacifier for your little one and can be availed for free by using the code ‘PENNY1' at checkout. There are tons of prints including one with Darth Vader for the junior Star Wars fan!

5. Free Carseat Canopy

For the parent who likes to run for errands, a car seat canopy is a perfect accessory for a new parent with a baby. Sure, they are available in the markets, and they are not hard to come by, but they also don't come cheap which seems like a poor investment since the baby will be using it for a short time only.

Anyway, the good news is,  "Carseat Canopies" is a website that gives away free car seat canopies to any first-time parent. There is a varied selection of car seat prints for your baby, and once you have selected your choice, you may add it into the cart and use the code ‘PENNY1' during checkout.

6. Free Baby Products from Pampers

Pampers is renowned worldwide for its quality baby products, and it is no wonder that they are in demand by new parents all over the world. With the purpose of reaching out to new parents and to help them out with providing and promoting their products, the company has come up with an initiative called "Pamper Rewards".

This is similar to "Huggies Rewards" where one can collect points to avail free and discounted baby products. To be a part of this product, the "Pampers Rewards" app needs to be downloaded, where parents can buy products and participates in programs.

And through that, the points will be credited for every purchase made, and activity participated. Those points can be then redeemed for free baby products from Pampers.

7. Free Goodies Box

For any new mother, this is an excellent way to get started. Try as we might and regardless of the countless information that any expectant mother collects before the newborn arrives, nothing can prepare a new parent for the surprises that come along with a child.

To make that experience a little bearable and in order to ease a mother into that ordeal, the "Noobie Box" is a hamper that contains a variety of supplies that a baby requires. It contains everything from a feeding bottle to diapers to ointments for your little one.

Those goodies can be availed by going to their website of the same title and signing up for a pregnancy gift box absolutely for free by paying for the shipping charges only.

8. Free Nursing Pillow

One can go to the ‘Nursing Pillows' website for a free nursing pillow. Admit it, nursing the little angel cannot get better with a nursing pillow and every new mother deserves one. Just make sure that the promotional code is added during the checkout for the free product.

9. Free Baby Sling

A mother can do only as much as her physical strength allows. Therefore, a baby sling is a must for that mother who would like to keep her child near while doing the chores.

This is where meaning is given to killing two birds with one stone! Well, of course, a baby sling does not burn a hole in the pocket, but why buy one when one can be procured for absolutely free?

And to do that, all that a person needs to do is open the website ‘Seven Everyday Slings' site and choose one to your liking. Add it to the cart and use the promotional code at the checkout.

10. Coupons & Baby Registry

There are coupons available for receiving free baby samples which are usually given for free with a purchase. Target and Walmart are places where people frequent on a daily basis, and it only makes sense for new parents to profit from those places by registering for ‘Target Baby Registry' and "Walmart Baby Registry" respectively.

These registries provide a baby supplies hamper for the first time with coupons, which can be used for baby products. Besides that, any baby products that are bought through the baby registry are given at discounted prices.  


There is free baby stuff for expecting mothers if one is willing to look for it. There is no need to pay a lot for all the supplies a baby needs because there are websites that are looking to promote their products and organizations that are willing to help expecting mothers.

So hopefully, this list will find any expecting and new mothers at the right time because these free goodies are waiting to be plucked for your beautiful baby!