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How to Gift Your Loved Ones during Christmas Season

It’s that time of the year that we need to spend our time with our loved ones or at least send them a gift to celebrate this Christmas season.

Gifting our family and friends doesn't cost an arm and leg; instead, it's those small gifts that create impacts on our loved ones.

From as little as $69, you can make some festive occasion memorable for life. You got to choose the right quality and reliable gift shops to buy gifts for your family.

Several people do not give grants for a simple reason of logistics involved in sending these gifts.

There are hustle freeways of sending gifts to your loved ones and without scratching your head.

Placing Orders

There are two ways in which your loved ones can get gifts; you can opt to shop at your convenience online through easy cart shopping. With the Secure Pay payment method, you are guaranteed a smooth and safe transaction via credit card.

Visit the site and select your preferred gift hamper, add it to the cart and provide contact details. Upon placing an order, your item will be delivered within 1 – 7 business days depending on the location.

When making bulk orders for a corporate, you will use the corporate order form which is sent via email. The order is processed, and tax invoice details of the request such as recipient name and delivery address are included.

Specific Christmas hamper gifts for each recipient has to be specified on the law too. Customizing parcel greeting messages is possible through instructing the gift shop with sample messages to include on the gifts.

You can add all the glamour and artistry on the award, and all these are possible through customization by the gift shop.

Delivery Of Christmas Gift Hampers

As you place your orders, be assured of the delivery of your orders despite the location. At the Australian Gourmet Gift, safe and sound delivery of parcels is guaranteed.

Apart from the hustle free delivery, you are guaranteed free delivery for gifts within Australia and the major cities. If sending gifts to remote locations, a fee of $ 9.95 will be automatically charged on the shopping cart.

Deliveries are done within one to seven days, depending on the recipient's location. If orders are done before 11 am, they will be dispatched on the same day and orders placed after 11 am are shipped the following day.

Customers need not worry about orders placed during the holidays as Australia Gourmet Gifts delivers 24/7. It's important to note that, as soon as you request Gourment gift hampers & Christmas hampers, the order is checked for stock availability.

Payment Methods

Varied payment methods are available for your purchase. You can opt to pay via VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Zip pay or through Direct Transfer. If you choose to use the direct transfer method, the bank account details are displayed on the Australia Gourmet Gift website.

As you make payment via Credit Card, your details are safe. Payments made via credit card are 100% safe and secure. Right from the use Secure Pay system and storage of your personal information are kept safe. Modern technology is used to ensure secure transactions are made.

Both the Secure Pay payment system and the website are encrypted using 1024- bit PKI and 256 – bit SSL Certificate encryption respectively. There is no need to worry about your hard-earned cash getting lost.

The company ensures the safe delivery of your gifts, and if the parcel gets damaged while on transit, they will gladly compensate for the damage.

Below are a sample of gift items that you can send to your loved ones during this festive season;

Gourment Sensation Hamper

From the brand name itself, you can imagine this glamourous Christmas gift. The ambiance, color, and décor that make up this gift are phenomenal.

Talk of the handmade double choc chip and mini melting moment’s chocolates set you in the festive mood. This gift hamper is quite irresistible, and the whole package comes at $69.95 only.

It's a quality package that has something for every member of the family and still maintains a high-quality standard.

Luxury French Sparkling Hampert

Talk of elegance; try the luxurious French Sparkling Hamper. Surprise your loved ones with this unique gift at an affordable price of $ 79.95 and leave a lasting impact on them for months.

If you are a fun of French bubbles, then this is the perfect gift for your loved ones. It comes with such a rich flavor and not forgetting the 750 ml bottle of Charles Blanc de Blancs sparkling fresh wine made from Chardonnay.

For chocolate lovers, the Rich Chocolate is packed right inside this gift hamper. It's so smooth and creamy which can be taken with Christmas salads or you can decide to add it to smoothies.

You can opt to take some nuts with your wine, whether you need them cooked, roasted or made directly with wine, look no further than the Entertaining Nut Platter.

It's a mix of almonds, cashew, sensational pistachio nuts, Goji berries, and the Cacao nibs. It comes in two flavors, i.e., spiced or honey roasted.

7 Star Executive Hamper

If your goal is to reach and keep those high-end clients, then surprise them with this 7 Star Executive Hamper.

It comes with Starward Nova Whisky which was voted the best craft distilled whiskey globally in the year 2020. It comes with other accompaniments such as Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Cabernet which is non-alcoholic.


Make somebody happy during this festive season, surprise your loved ones with a Gourmet gift hampers & Christmas hampers.

You can choose from a wide variety of gift hampers from as low as $ 69.95, and you don't have to worry about the deliveries and the hustle of going to the shop to make purchases.

Make use of the free delivery for your gift’s deliveries within Australia towns and major cities or add a small fee of $ 9.95 for deliveries in remote areas of Australia.