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7 Intimate Care Tips To Keep You Clean and Healthy During Pregnancy

Congratulations, dear mom-to-be! The joy is overwhelming. You cannot wait to hold your bundle of joy.

At the same time, you wonder what you can do to ensure everything goes well for both you and the bunch of love growing inside. Women of all ages need to practice good hygiene, especially during pregnancy.

Because pregnant women are more prone to bacterial infections, they undergo hormonal changes and increased vaginal discharge, which can stimulate an overgrowth of bacteria.

Well, you in luck!

These tips will help you stay healthy and prevent vaginal infections throughout your pregnancy.

1. Wash Twice A Day

You will need to ensure good feminine hygiene during pregnancy. Wash your private parts twice a day with a feminine wash. It should contain lactic acid and Lacto serum.

The lactic acid will help maintain and strengthen the natural healthy bacteria. The vagina has a protective layer with lactic acid, which supports the growth of "good" bacteria to maintain an acidic vaginal environment.

The acidity is the natural protective mechanism against vaginal infections. The lacto serum will provide nutrients to the "good bacteria" as a probiotic.

2. Switch to Cotton Panties

Your vulva need a good supply of fresh air. Creating a warm environment will boost the growth of "bad" bacteria that cause infections. Such as vaginitis, which can increase the occurrence of a miscarriage or preterm labor.

And if left untreated, passes to baby during labor. So, ditch all synthetic undergarments and tight pants. And use undergarments made from cotton, a natural and lightweight material.

There are many types to choose from, depending on your preference. Whether under the bump or over the bump, ensure the size fits well.

3. Use Wet Wipes Containing Lactic Acid

The change in hormones during pregnancy can cause unexpected occurrences. Like a sudden gush of wetness or discharge while at work.

It is common when it gets hot too. Your body will heat up also as it is pumping the blood for two. So your vagina will be on red alert.

It could get sweaty down there. And you need to keep that private area fresh and clean. Do not douche. Use a wet wipe with lactic acid to help maintain the natural acidic environment.

The wipes must be free of fragrance, sulfate, and paraben. Get one that contains healthy ingredients such as probiotics for the “good” bacteria.

4. The Ideal Way to Wipe

During pregnancy, the most dreaded situation is getting an infection around the vagina. You need to practice regular hygiene each time you visit the washroom.

You must remember to wipe from front to back that is from the vagina to the anus. It's an effective way to make sure no harmful bacteria or foreign elements enter the vaginal space.

The entire region is quite sensitive during pregnancy and quite prone to infection, thus the need to be extra careful.

5. How to Deal with Itching

No person wants to hear about itching during pregnancy — however, its quite ordinary due to an increased amount of progesterone an estrogen happening around your body.

There are plenty of ways to deal with itching while at home. You can take a warm, clean cotton towel and place it between your legs to take away the discomfort.

You can take a cranberry juice as it has antioxidants that are ideal for taking away itchiness around the vagina.

6. Watch What You Eat

The key to a jolly pregnancy is in the diet that you consume. The food will affect each area of your body and, more so, the vagina.

Some bacteria are essential for the human body to maintain the PH levels. You need to take in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep all your body balances at ease.

Don't forget to increase the yogurt supply intake as it has essential bacteria and antioxidants that will keep the vagina healthy.

7. Always Have a Toilet Dash after Intimacy

Being intimate with your partner during the pregnancy is quite fun, as it's a fun bonding time. However, these activities tend to stir up things in the downstairs region.

It contributes to excess discharge apart from standard release during pregnancy. After having some intimate fun, you need to dash to the loo.

Did you know that the risk of UTI is quite high during pregnancy due to hormonal changes?

You ought to urinate after intimacy to prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infection after that, and you can come back and enjoy a warm snuggle as well as cuddling.

With the above information, now you are sure to take care of your feminine hygiene during pregnancy. Ensure you shower twice a day as vaginal discharge will increase.

Use washers with lactic acid and Lacto serum to maintain the vaginal protective mechanism.

Wear cotton undergarments only for your vagina. Breathe. And wear loose-fitting clothes and pants to increase fresh air circulation.

You are bound to get sweaty and need to keep yourself clean and fresh. Use wet wipes containing lactic acid and probiotics to maintain the acidic vagina Ph and prevent bacterial and yeast infections.