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How to Pick A Name for Your Baby

There are literally thousands of baby names that you can choose from and at times, the task is just too daunting. It can be overwhelming for parents.

The pressure is immense because you know that name will fuse with them forever. You will have regular suggestions from your friends, families, and even strangers but the ultimate decision is still yours.

So, where do you begin?

Begin by discussing possible names with your partner. Make a list and add names that may suddenly inspire you.

You can check out the most popular names list for babies here.

Write down the names and see how it looks on paper. Is it too short or too long?

Show the list to your partner. You can graciously consider ideas from family and friends but do not be pressured into deciding on a name that you just don’t like.

Grandma Prudence may have lived with it, but will your daughter love it? You can’t please everybody with your name choice.

  • Try saying each of the names out loud. How does each name sound?
  • Does it sound compatible to your last name?
  • It’s best stay away from names that rhyme with your last name and with puns.

You might be giving your child a reason to be teased by other kids so exercise caution. Be kind to your child.

Include your name choices in your conversations and see how it fits or how natural it sounds.

Tell your choices to a select few people whose opinions and tastes you trust. Try your mother, your best friends, or your sister and observe their immediate reaction to the names.

Sometimes, a reaction is all you need. You can do it in a mini naming party.

Have fun with it, set up a voting system, and you will see the names everybody will hate and the ones which they will love.

Sometimes, kids can be cruel. Be careful with your baby’s nicknames and initials. You don’t know just how clever and nasty first-graders can be. Zachary Ian Thomas is actually zit. Do not set up an embarrassing situation for your kid.

On the other hand, this doesn’t rule out the inclination for uniqueness. A one-of-a-kind name always stands out from the sea of boring, regular names.

You wouldn’t want your John with four other Johns in the class, especially if your last name is the regular Smith. Go all out and name him Ezequiel.

But if your last name is Beidleman, then by all means give him a rock-solid Joe. Be imaginative but don’t go overboard.

You can give your baby a traditional name or a unique name but please try to keep it short. Go easy on the syllable and spelling and you can save child from frustration. It’s unique, for sure, but the spelling corrections he will face may be too much of a hassle.

Get creative with the traditional family names. If you want to use names from both sides, combine them like Sophia on your side and Marie on his side.

It’s your baby’s heritage and she should be a part of it. Sometimes, the family’s religious preference can be used as a middle name. If you still want a different name other than the family name or religious affiliation, you can always add it to the middle name.

Pick a name with a special meaning or connection. You were unsure about Danielle at first but it actually denotes miracle and a miracle is what your baby is. You can go for your ethnicity and historically inspired names too.

Choose the name that always makes you smile. Envision your baby responding to the name. If that name makes you smile every single time, it’s the right one.

Sometimes, you don’t have to pick a name right away. There are parents who can’t decide on one until after the baby is born. This speaks of a parent’s intuition.

You may find clarity the moment you hold your baby in your arms. Look at his face and his eyes. Is he a Jacob or a Dylan? Your baby will give you the answer.

If you have two names that you absolutely love and just can’t let go, then give the second name to your second kid. You don’t have to endure another frustrating decision on your second child when you already have the name. This is also a good way to compromise between partners who have different name choices.

These are not set rules in naming your baby.

The most significant part is still your spouse’s and your happiness. You have to love the name and your baby will love it too.

So They Don’t Like Your Name – Now What?

It is disappointing and sometimes heartbreaking when the name you cautiously choose for your baby is hated by others. It happens all the time and the lack of response hurts more than blatant criticism does.

How do you handle this agonizing circumstance?

Ask yourself why their reactions bother you.

  • Do you want them to love the name as much as you do?
  • Do you doubt your decision?
  • If you actually have doubts, maybe there is still something you can do to wipe out this regret.
  • Why do you want them to like the name?
  • What are your reasons when you made the decision to choose the name?

Even with all the pessimistic opinions around you, your reasons will not change. Embrace your decision and don’t be defensive about it.

You have your personal reasons but you have to accept criticisms. Maybe they just need some time to warm to it, especially when they’re around the baby all the time.

If you have chosen a unique name, be prepared for other people’s reactions. Start off by saying that it’s a unique name but you love it. This will give them time to pause and prepare.

If you receive a rude response, be calm, and do not engage in an argument. Focus on your feelings instead. Ask for a little kindness and consideration in accepting your choice.

Humans, by nature, are fearful of things that are different. Show them your serene and adaptive approach and they will be more accepting.

Ultimately, these people don’t have a say in your child’s name. It is your child and what matters is how connected you feel to the name.

Name Inspiration

If you are stuck in the rut of name choosing, maybe it’s time to look for inspiration somewhere else. There are places and things that you may haven’t thought of yet but can give you a fresh and creative name muse.

Look into your hobbies.

It’s a fantastic supply of inspiration. Do you like boating or swimming? Maybe you can consider the name Marina.

Are you an aspiring musician? How about the name Piper or Harper? These are from the things that you love and it’s easy to put this inspiration to test.

Your baby’s name may be hiding within your own name. There are some who rearrange the syllables and connect the parents’ name to make one intriguing morphed baby name.

For example, Darren and Marcie can be Darcie. Though not all names are applicable to the puzzle name, it’s a new, fun way of baby naming.

A name could be lurking in everyday things with fascinating names. PageRosemary, and Slate are good names to start with. You can tweak the spelling as an alternative if you don’t want it to sound too much like an object.

There are names which are inspired by movies and television shows but you can also choose from computer games. They usually hold fascinating and meaningful names. There’s LaraLuigi, and Beatrix.

Names from mythology are the loveliest inspiration for your baby. They carry rich culture, history, and meaning. Just to name a few, you have Hector from the Greek Mythology and Freya from Norse Mythology.

Literature has provided us with a vast selection of baby names and enough stories to justify them. You can decide on Yvette from The Scarlet Letter and Ackley in Catcher in the Rye.

If your due date falls on a holiday, it’s great to pick name ideas from this festivity. On Christmas, you can name your baby boy Nicholas. If it’s on St. Patrick’s Day and you think Patrick is overdoing it, try going for some Celtic inspired names like Bowen or Cameron.

There are other fun and unusual ways in searching for that perfect baby name. Ideas may strike at any time so jot it down and good luck!