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Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor Review 2022

There are many infant video monitors available in the market.

However, the best infant video monitor is the one that gives parents an unflinching assurance of keeping a watch on every movement of the baby.

This is irrespective of whether the baby is crying or playing, or whether it is day or night.

Even more fascinating would be to have such a monitor at a competitive price. Well, one such top-rated baby monitor is the DXR-5 model from Infant Optics.

According to several Infant Optics DXR-5 review sources; this monitor is a simplified version of the DXR-8 monitor.

While this affordable and user-friendly monitor lacks the advanced features of DXR-8 model, there are many strong reasons for you to invest in it.

This model functions as an awesome video baby monitor due to its reliable settings to stay connected 24 x 7 with your infant.

This is a big comfort giver and peace of mind sustainer, which any best infant video monitor tends to offer, especially to first time parents.

That being said; the DXR-5 unit’s audio monitoring is just reliable and that the support options are robust.

Most Important Features

While this device lacks advanced settings, it makes up amazingly in the fields mobility and functionality. It does so with the help of the following incredible features.

1 - Highly Portable Monitoring

The Infant Optics DXR-5 is built using very lightweight plastic. Most video baby monitor review experts do not support plastic use in monitors but this plastic in this model makes it highly convenient to carry from one room to another. It is also small enough to fit inside the pant’s pocket.

The 900-mAh Li-ion battery works incessantly for 12 hours to monitor your infant on a full recharge. The credit goes to the unit’s power saving features!

2 - 2.4 inch TFT Screen with Infrared Vision

The TFT screen of this model allows viewing up to 15m in full darkness through its invisible infrared night vision ability. This vision turns on automatically when you put off the room lights.

The screen’s video also adjusts according to the level of light in room. However, in any situation, you get a translucent video. Although night vision somewhat degrades the video quality, it is yet clear enough to monitor your infant.

3 - 30 FPS Video Streaming

According to Infant Optics DXR-5 reviews, the video quality of this unit exceeds than several other top-rated baby monitors in the 2.4 GHz collection.

You get a feel of smooth, live telecast at a speed of 30 frames per second (FPS) without any delay or jam. You will hardly find another model with such a high quality of streaming and full color at a competitive price.

4 - Secure Automatic Frequency Hopping System (FHSS) Encryption

With the help of FHSS technology, this monitor transmits both audio and video files in an encrypted format in its gamut of 2.4 GHz, from the camera to the monitoring component. This ensures that nobody can interfere with the feeds or hack into monitoring system unit.

5 - White Noise Eliminator Module

This module keeps away static interference or unwanted noise from streaming the video, because of other wireless gadgets such as Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones in close vicinity.

It is automatically tackled with the audio feed, indicating that the module will not be active in case the level of noise nearby is under a pre-decided level for 10 seconds.

6 - Voice Activation (VOX) Technology

This is responsible for the great battery life. In this mode, the monitor system saves much battery charge although being still active and alert. The system automatically switches the monitor off after three minutes of inactivity or noiseless surroundings.

This mode is called the standby mode, which is commended by several Infant Optics DXR-5 reviews. The moment the monitor senses even a slight noise, it re-activates automatically.

7 - Transmission Range

This is pretty reliable. According to Infant Optics DXR-5 manual, the unit’s range is up to 800 feet. However, the mileage can differ due to the fact that the signal shall penetrate via the home walls.

You can still get a pure audio and clear video quality even at 200 feet distance from the child’s room, providing that there are not too many walls or other wireless devices to reduce the network speed.

Further, a common issue for all video monitoring devices is that the signal is not totally free from Wi-Fi interference, if the wireless devices are within 2 feet of the monitoring device.

8 - Additional Camera Capacity

The DXR-5 portable video baby monitor comes with the ability to operate and watch up to four separate cameras at once. Nevertheless, you have to switch to the desired camera while monitoring, as there is no automatic setting for the same to show all four videos at once on screen.

This can be a bit bothersome but you get rid of investing in different baby monitors. You now need to buy only a separate camera, which will not be costly at all.


  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable & durable than it looks
  • Quick and easy setup anywhere
  • Crystal clear audio and video feeds (no white noise)
  • Awesome audio monitoring
  • Super battery life of 12 hours
  • Safety through encryption


  • No pan/tilt and lullabies
  • Reasonable small screen
  • Plastic material, but very lightweight
  • Sometimes, battery turning off without warning

What Do Customers Say About the Product

Most customers are very fond of this baby monitor and have similar opinions as per what we have said above. Majority of them have given very positive feedbacks for this product.

The main reason behind such a consistently high rating is its many wanted pros. Of all the pros that the customers have pointed out, the ease of set up and use along with sound and video quality are the most loved ones.

Considering the price at which this monitor is available, the inclusion of some advanced features such as infrared night vision and auto-mute mode is proving like an unexpected surprise.

On top of that, customer service for this product is also tagged to be of top-notch quality.

There is no doubt that this portable video monitor for toddlers is attracting many parents through its blend of basic and advanced features.

However, a few customers have complained about short battery life, not so loud sound, and Wi-Fi interference. While the latter is a common issue with almost all monitors, the former two tends to cause a bit of inconvenience.


If you are looking for the best infant video monitor without many bells and whistles but with a good price, the Infant Optics DXR-5 deserves to be your choice.

It is a decent unit with basic functionality that gives incredible audio and video quality, although advanced settings or features are not incorporated.

The small screen might restrain you but then that should not make you ignore the varied set of pros this monitor comes with. The monitoring ability is of top quality, while the night vision adds charms to it despite the fact that there is a risk of degradation.

The device is ideal for those who wish to have all standard functions without spending many dollars, especially the beginners. However, this baby monitor is not for those who need a versatile one such as a dropcam pro.