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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review 2022

Any parent would prefer only the best things for their children.

When it comes to taking care of them, no parent would like to fall short of anything that is essential, safe, and comfortable.

This is perhaps the biggest reason for any parent to monitor’s their infant’s activity and movement in home, especially when parents are in another room or when the infant is sleeping.

This is why you need a reliable and convenient baby monitor, which Infant Optics DXR-8 video monitor claims to be!

Engineered and manufactured by San Francisco-based Infant Optics, this monitor is the first of its kind to have the latest interchangeable lens technology due to which you simply can use it as a professional camera.

The unit also streams video in real time to a compact LCD display measuring 3.5 inches, which renders as a crystal clear image.

It packs in everything that you would expect from a baby monitor.

Let’s explore them out!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

 The Infant Optics dxr-8 video baby monitor is packed with lots of more advanced features for increased convenience to gratify the fussiest parents. It has infrared night vision, talk-back function, and more.

Let’s start with the biggest selling point, which is Interchangeable Lenses as per many infant optics dxr-8 review experts.

  • Multiple Lenses

    The unit possesses three types of different lens namely, Normal, Zoom, and Wide Angle (separately available at a price) for selecting the most apt viewing angle as well as focal length as per the specific environment. The Normal lens comes with the Aluminum Lens Hood for a crisp and clear image by capturing the middle range as well as immediate baby surroundings to ensure his safety.

    The 2x Zoom Optical Lens allows viewing your baby closely, which is especially essential while he is asleep or is expressing a particular trait or habit. Unlike the digital zoom setting of other top-rated baby video monitors, the optical zoom works without worsening the image clarity or resolution.

    At an extra price, the Wide Angle Lens gives a 170 degree panoramic view to keep a watch over the active baby who keeps roaming across the room.

  • Customized Viewing

    The Infant Optics dxr-8 video baby monitor allows customizing the screen as well as the viewing angle for having the best possible view of your infant. You can remotely control the camera through the LCD unit, for you to pan, tilt, and zoom to get the most desired view of the crib.

    You can spin the camera 270 degrees as well as tilt it up to 120 degrees. Moreover, the camera is quiet when you use it remotely, which does not disturb the infant’s sleep.
  • LCD Display and Infrared Vision

    Another cool feature of this baby monitor is its compact and sleek 3.5 inch LCD display that is being admired for its superb color and clarity to see what is happening in the crib or room. This size is greater than most standard monitors, according to several video baby monitor review experts.

    Through this screen, it is easy to keep an eye on what your little one is doing even in dark or dim lit room, which definitely gives peace of mind. The clear view in dark or at night is due to the infrared vision, which also allows taking video images that are not grainy as those captured by other monitors.

    This feature is commendable as you really do not want to keep the light on when your baby is asleep. The LCD’s screen controls are intuitive and simple to use, even if you do not read the manual.

    A footrest kind of support at the LCD unit’s rear allows you to make the device sit up, instead of making it to stay flat on the table. This adds to the comfort of viewing the resting and playing baby, especially if you standing across the room.
  • Sound Activated LEDs

    A sound-activated row of LEDs turns on your screen when your small angle makes a sound. This easily alerts you whether your infant is crying, especially when the volume is kept low. This also allows preserving the battery charge.
  • Talk Back with Your Baby

    The Infant Optics dxr-8 video baby monitor features a built-in talkback feature through which you can calm your crying baby down by speaking from your own room. The monitor can even be your intercom system for being a convenient medium of communication with a person in baby’s room.

    This saves time because you need not run to baby’s room every time to give her something. The sound is crystal-clear, which means you can hear all possible noises in the room.

  • Wireless Portability

    Unlike most other monitors, the Infant Optics dxr-8 video baby monitor comes with a portable power source. It lasts for 6 hours with non-stop screen display and 10 hours if you switch to power-saving mode.

    The unit also has a retractable antenna for locating the optimum range inside your own home. If you go beyond the reception range, the alarm designed for out of range alerts you, which is something that the DXR-5 monitor did not have.

    Well, you can also take it outside if you wish to work in lawn or garden, and still set it to show the views of baby’s room. Moreover, you can charge the monitor from any USB outlet on laptop or PC.


  • Simple setup
  • Multiple lens for personalizing the viewing of your baby, including a wider view
  • Exceptional image quality as well as accuracy due to optic lens
  • Good wireless range
  • Long battery life for constant monitoring
  • Ease of use due to big LED screen and vibrant colors
  • No white noise or static; superb image and audio quality
  • Clear night vision to see what the child is doing at night


  • A bit hitchy reception
  • No video recording or snapshot taking possible
  • A bit troublesome setup if you are a beginner
  • No lullabies

What Do Customers Say about this Product

The views of customers using this product from Infant Optics are almost similar to what we have revealed here. The unique aspect of this product is its set of rare but truly handy features due to which it continues to get high positive feedbacks.

As a result, this baby monitor has become the Amazon’s best seller in security monitors and displays category.

Most customers are simply thrilled to see and use the interchangeable optical lens with optical zoom functionality without any difficulty.

These customers along with others also love great battery life, wide wireless coverage, clarity in dark, and talk mode.

That said; a few customers have complained about interference with Wi-Fi devices, although it is occasional. Well, it is a fact that such interference can occur.

However, the key here is to keep good distance between the wireless devices and this monitor. 


The Infant Optics dxr-8 video baby monitor is a simple to use and innovative baby video monitor, regardless of the user’s technical knowledge. With multiple lens to adjust the views, the cost of this unit does not seem to be expensive. However still, if your budget can extend this far, this baby monitor is worth having.

The manufacturer has kept all basic features intact while including additional and advanced ones. Despite this horde, it is truly easy to operate.