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Best Jogging Stroller Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Have you found the best jogging stroller in 2021 that can help you achieve your fitness goals after giving birth?

But let's face it.

New parents often struggle when it comes to taking care of kids. They become so engrossed in their children that they forget to pay attention to their own health.

Taking care of babies is a hectic task which tends to drain you.

Thus, you are unable to muster up the energy for anything else. As a result, it becomes difficult to make time for some exercise routines.

Jogging strollers basically refer to prams or strollers which have been specifically designed to ensure that parents are able to retain a healthy lifestyle while taking care of their babies.

Thanks to the aerodynamic shape that these strollers are provided with, parents can walk, run and even rollerblade while pushing their children in the stroller.

This ensures that while you spend time with your baby, you do not have to bid farewell to exercise.

Jogging strollers are also known as running strollers. A three-wheel design is characteristic of these strollers with two small wheels present in the rear while one large wheel in the front.

These strollers are also provided with a sturdy handrail so as to ensure that the parents are able to push the stroller with ease while jogging.

Different types of strollers in all shapes and sizes for different workouts and situations are available in the market.

There is no dearth of options that will have to be faced in this regard.

Regardless of using one such stroller for the main ride with sporadic jog or as a regular exerciser, you will find a jogging stroller for every relevant need.

Based on tracking, rolling resistance and tracking, distance covered, maneuverability, and ease of use, here are top 5 jogging strollers to consider and compare side-by-side to select the most suitable one.

5 Best Jogging Stroller Reviews 2022

This one is among the easiest and not-bulky single strollers to use and control but is the highest rated stroller at present.

It is still not the most lightweight jogging stroller.

Its unique draws are its front wheel that pivots to take away all hardships of the user’s shoulders and back and suspension system that is adjustable to keep the little one comfy and steady throughout the ride.

There is no need to push hard or use much energy even on gravel.

Further, the inclusion of five-point harness with padding and ultra-padded seat that is adjustable contribute to increased comfort as well as full security of your little one who then enjoys a safe and pleasant adventure.

The three-wheel design features two rear wide wheels working well on a myriad of surfaces.

It is easy to lock the front wheel so that it looks forward to ensure more stability on rough terrains or while jogging.

The suspension system adds up to an exceptionally smooth experience.

It has shock absorbers for ensuring reliability and comfort.

Security also comes from the harness with fasteners and a rear-wheel brake.

A lightweight frame also adds up to smooth experience for daily activities as well as adventures.

Constructed from aluminum alloy, the frame is light in weight and folds only in two steps and ensures easy transport for the users who are either caretakers or parents.

The fabric is also durable, as it is resistant to stains.

For further ease, the accessory adapter permits affixing the brand’s infant car seat adapter for using the unit with famous infant car seats.


  • Sturdy construction, good materials - very durable.
  • Comfortable, breathable seating.
  • Large canopy/shade.
  • Various storage options.
  • Versatile to use on different terrains.


  • No adjustable handle.
  • A bit bulky due to denser and heavy materials.
  • Pricey.

This Baby Trend jogging stroller is also easy to maneuver but is certainly not designed for daily use.

It features a pivoting front wheel and big bicycle tires, of which the former can be unlocked or locked for controlled maneuvering.

This stroller is flexible to embrace any infant car seats of the brand for converting into a travel system, which is another plus point.

It also has multi-position seat with enough padding and reclining ability, completely adjustable five-point harness as well as canopy, and tether strap all ensuring safety and comfort to your little one.

You can easily fold the stroller via a trigger release for easy carriage or storage.

The rubber handle is ergonomic and extra wide for pushing easily while on the move, while the footrest reflectors ensure more low-light visibility.

It also offers a jumbo storage basket, a parent tray with cup holders, and a child tray with cup holder, the latter being rarely found in jogging strollers.

The lightweight steel frame construction is durable but the overall stability is questioned by the wobbling front wheel.

However, this issue is fixable with a bit of persistence. Otherwise, this unit rolls very well.


  • Cheapest among all reviewed.
  • Ergonomic handle and good strapping.
  • Super smooth ride and easy to push.
  • Decent storage.
  • Canopy can be moved easily to block sunlight.


  • No adjustable handle.
  • Not easy to carry once folded.

This one is quite rich in features for any parents who wish to take babies on the go and is highest rated travel system currently.

It is lightweight and portable enough to move easily and fold in just a second.

It features locking front pivot wheel for easy conversion from strolling to jogging daily, ability to accept all infant car seats from the brand with one-step secure attachment, and air rubber tires for suspension.

When folded with one hand, the automatic storage lock comes into action and that the unit stands on its own within the closet or behind the doors.

This is useful for those who have less storage space in their homes.

While the design is minimalistic, the functionality seems to be comprehensive.

Other features include ample of storage, padded three-position reclining seat, removable infant head, lightweight aluminium frame, a big canopy with a window, smartphone holder, parent’s tray with two holders for cups, rear wheel brakes, covered storage compartments, and ability to hold itself upright.

There is also a five-point harness transitioning into a three-point lap belt for moving freely as the baby grows.

The only issue with this unit is its 30 pounds of weight but this does not affect the comfort and convenience of ride as well as maneuverability on all types of terrains.


  • Very maneuverable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to fold and set up.
  • Many seat adjustment positions.


  • Pretty heavy to carry.

This one is the latest one from BOB having everything to be a first class unit for jogging.

Although it has all the features of the famous SE model, the unique addition is the adjustable handlebar, reason for naming the model as ‘Flex’.

You can position the handlebar in any of the nine positions to deal with short and tall runners comfortably.

The front wheel swivels allow maneuvering on any terrains.

You can also lock the wheels for added stability when strolling on rough terrain or just simply for jogging.

Most importantly, this BOB stroller comes with an exclusive and adjustable suspension system that features 2-stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride.

One reason I really like about this unit mainly due to its lightweight and portability.

Within two-steps folding, your BOB Revolution Flex Stroller is ready-to-go.

This unit is a bit costlier than the SE one but the way in which its tailors the handlebar position covers the cost, as it is a perfect fit.


  • Sturdy construction and very durable.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Large canopy/shade.
  • Great storage.


  • No parents cup holders.
  • Most expensive among all reviewed jogging strollers.

This one has a lightweight and sleek design to ensure steady mobility while jogging on the most visited path.

It gives best of both the worlds: a jogger working on a trail and a daily stroller performing well anywhere right from the zoo to moving errands.

The swiveling front wheel allows maneuvering any types of terrain easily.

Moreover, you can also lock it into place for jogging.

At 32lbs, the Urban Glide is one of the lightest double sport strollers on the market, making it easy to navigate and transport.

You are ensured of smooth ride with locking pivot wheel, ergonomic handlebar with varying heights, rear suspension, and 5-point harness system with a padded seat with opening top reclining to almost flat position for sleeping on the go.

The unit also features compact folding design for easy transportation and storage, multi-position canopy, and big storage compartment having a water resistant zippered cover.

A full rear-suspension system soaks in all shocks on behalf of the small one, while a completely adjustable shade with a peek-a-boo window ensures safety and anytime monitoring of your kid.


  • Very easy to fold and unfold.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Sleek design.
  • Large canopy/shade.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • Thin handle bar and no cup holder.
  • The brake is a little difficult to use compared to BOB.

Types of Jogging Stroller

You have a few options when it comes to the jogging stroller. Among these, you will need to decide which one would prove to be the best for you.

When we talk about the types of jogging stroller, there are two main options that you ought to keep in mind: fixed wheel strollers and swivel wheel ones.

  • Fixed Wheel
    These jogging strollers are considered to be the ideal choice for dedicated runners. They offer you more stability and decrease the chances of an accident.

    Fixed wheel strollers have been considered as one of the most important baby gear items for serious runners for the longest of time. While running, you are required to tip the stroller slightly in the backward direction while raising the front wheel off the ground in order to turn it.

    While this is not much of an issue if you are running on a trail, you will find it a bit difficult to navigate the stroller around a store due to this feature.

    The reason that fixed wheel proves to be an ideal option for runner lies in its physics. It offers greater stability at high speeds and thus, it is worth consideration when you are looking for jogging strollers.

  • Swivel Wheel
    Jogging strollers with swivel wheels are the ones that have a front wheel which rotates unless it is locked. Due to the freedom of movement, these strollers prove to be a better choice when it comes to maneuvering them around and navigating them through tight turns and spaces.

    The feature of swivel wheel serves to increase the versatility of the stroller. You can use it in a number of situations, which include the likes of running errands, taking strolls in the park, or shopping.

    If you feel like jogging while doing a certain task, you can easily lock the front wheel in place and jog to your heart's content without worrying about the safety of your child. In the past, swivel wheel strollers used to have a certain wobble in them and as a result, serious runners did not find them to be an apt choice when it came to choosing jogging strollers.

    However, with time, the innovations in technology have taken care of this issue. Due to the locking mechanism, you can now use these strollers for the purpose of jogging with ease.

    Professional runners will also find them to be worth contemplating when they think of purchasing a new stroller.

  • Other Options
    Apart from these two main types of jogging strollers, there are several other options that you will find. There are jogging strollers designed for the purpose of certain workout sessions.

    For instance, for professional runners or athletes, there are heavy-duty strollers which have a certain resistance to them. Thus, they offer greater benefit to the athletes who have to use more energy to pull the stroller around. For casual runners, there are lightweight strollers which they can push around with ease.

    The track on which you will be running along with your requirements ought to play a role in deciding the type of stroller you should make use of. If there are a lot of bumps and cracks along the track that you will be running on, you will need to get your hands on a stroller that is equipped with shock absorbers.

    Thus, in the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for and where you will be using the stroller.

Why You Should Buy the Best Jogging Stroller?

When it comes to jogging, traditional strollers are not safe for the baby. The traditional strollers are not equipped with the features which would safeguard the child from the jarring shocks that they would have to face as the stroller moves quickly over uneven surfaces.

These strollers are also not capable of moving over different types of terrains at a quick speed. While you are jogging, it is next to impossible to avoid the bumps in the road, uneven sidewalks, curbs, non-paved surfaces and so on.

The ordinary strollers do not have the ability to navigate through these issues while maintaining speed. Thus, using ordinary strollers while jogging with a baby can prove to be harmful to the child.

On the other hand, jogging strollers are equipped with a number of features which ensure that the impact of bumps and similar other hurdles on the road is reduced for the baby.

There are large pneumatic i.e. air-filled tires present in jogging strollers.

Usually, the front wheel diameter is double the size of traditional stroller wheels. These large wheels ensure that the stroller is able to roll over bumps with ease and less stress is transmitted to the baby along the way.

The larger wheels also serve to offer you reduced rolling resistance.

This, in turn, requires less pushing effort on your part as you run. Traditional strollers have small wheels, which do not have the ability to reduce shock and are not easy to navigate on rough tracks.

Jogging strollers are provided with effective suspension systems. They are also provided with a shock absorber system, which ensures that the stress is further taken out of the bumps encountered along the road.

Most of the jogging strollers have shock absorbers on each wheel along with a sling style seat, which ensures that the constant jarring motion does not harm the baby.

This type of stroller tends to push the front wheel in the forward direction, away from the center of gravity of the baby. This ensures that the front wheel is able to bounce in the upward and downward direction freely if a bump is encountered along the way.

You would not have to be worried about a great deal of stress transferred to the baby in this case.

Recline seat angle is another feature that a jogging stroller has to offer. As compared to the seat angles of traditional strollers, the ones in the jogging stroller offer you more recline, even while they are in the upright position.

This ensures that there is reduced stress transferred to the baby. The impact of the shock tends to spread on the bigger surface area due to the recline and across the whole body of the baby rather than affecting the spinal column from the seat.

Jogging strollers tend to focus on ensuring that no harm befalls the baby as you jog. While running, you would not have to compromise your speed because your attention is diverted to safeguarding your baby.

How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller

There are quite a few factors that ought to keep in mind when you head out to purchase a jogging stroller for infant and toddler. You need to ensure that the stroller is such that it would offer optimal safety to the baby.

You can also read up on jogging stroller reviews of various models to acquire more information about the features in them. This will make it certain that you are able to find the best jogging stroller to use.

Let us take a look at some of the factors that you need to focus on.

  • Stability
    Stability is one of the most important factors that you ought to look for in a jogging stroller. Stability does not imply that you endeavor to find a well-balanced stroller.

    You need to keep in mind that you need to use the stroller while running. While running, the turning of the stroller depends on the uneven distribution of weight among the three wheels.

    This ensures that the runner can run easily and smoothly make turns. You need to ensure that the stability is such that it would not impede running.

  • Front wheel
    As we have discussed before, there are many jogging strollers which offer you the feature of the front wheel being locked into a straight-ahead position which proves to be apt for running, and you can also leave them free to swivel while walking.

    If you are looking to use the stroller while running alone, you do not need this feature. You need to keep in mind that running with the swivel mode can be dangerous.

    Thus, pay heed to your requirements when selecting the stroller. Rarely anyone uses a stroller for running alone. If you are looking for versatility for using the stroller, you need to look for options that offer you this swivel and locking feature.

  • Handle height
    This factor depends on your height. If you have an average height, this is probably not something that you would have to be worried about.

    However, if you are short or if you intend to use the stroller with your partner who is of a different height, it would be a better option to look for a stroller that has an adjustable handle.

    It can be rather frustrating to run with a stroller whose handle is at an uncomfortable height. You need to understand that your arm swing is already restricted to a certain extent due to the stroller.

    If you are required to hold your hands at a higher or lower height than usual, you are likely to face a great deal of difficulty in running.

  • Wheel width
    This factor is more related to aesthetic. Many people tend to feel conscious when they have to push around a stroller that takes up a lot of space. There is also the issue of storing the device when it is not in use.

    However, wider wheels also have some benefits to offer. They offer you more space, which you can use to carry along supplies or materials.

    The stroller can also be used for larger children and are more stable. On the other hand, the narrower ones are sleek and tend to be easy to navigate through turns.

  • Handbrake
    The handbrakes ensure that the runner is able to maintain form and pace as he runs downhill with the stroller. You would not have to cut down on your speed as you run down a steep surface for fear of losing control of the stroller.

  • Sun canopy
    The strollers are meant to provide optimal protection to the baby. An hour in the sun can prove to be hazardous for the baby, which is why measures need to be taken to ensure that the baby is protected from the glares of the sun.

    There are some strollers which offer you the feature of an adjustable sun canopy. You can easily move it around to block the sun as per your requirement.

    However, the canopies that are fixed in place and do not have room for adjustment are best avoided. They do not offer you any control over the exposure that the child gets.

  • Folding
    There are two main features to consider when it comes to the folding mechanism of the stroller: how easy it is to fold it and how small it can get.

    If you have to store it in a small space or if you have a small car, you would want a stroller which can fold at least twice.

    This factor has an effect on your convenience. If a stroller requires a lot of work for the purpose of folding, you are likely to leave it as it is.

  • Safety certification
    Safety certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards would give you a guarantee that the stroller will offer your child optimal safety.


Those who are conscious about their fitness yet do not want to leave their babies with babysitters while they head out to run can benefit a great deal from a jogging stroller.

Using such a stroller, they can ensure that they do not have to compromise on their fitness regime and neither do they have to leave their babies with someone else.

Parents tend to be rather worried when they have to leave their babies with someone else, and their attention can deviate. Using the best jogging stroller, you can ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking care of your baby.

It is important that you make use of a jogging stroller because the safety of the baby is not something that is to be taken lightly. You need to ensure that while you run, no harm befalls your child.

This can only be possible if you get your hands on a quality jogging stroller. It is advisable that you read jogging stroller reviews to acquire more information about which one would be the best for you.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller - Editor's Choice

Among the various options that you have, one is the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller. This is certainly the best option that you will encounter in the market. With a durable and stylish frame, this stroller has been provided with a safety harness and anti-shock front wheels along with lockable rear wheels. You will find this stroller to be equipped with all the features that you are likely to look for in a jogging stroller.

Product Brand: BOB Gear

Product Currency: USD

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