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Best Bike Trailer for Kids Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

The simplest way to bond with your kids is by involving them in different activities in and out of the home.

If you live away from the busy streets, and you like going to the farmers market over the weekend, why not bring your kids along?

You worry that you will struggle to carry grocery bags and your fussy child after a few hours, don’t you?

Riding a bike is an effective way of keeping healthy and fit. Instead of driving, hop on the bike with your kid and your bag in the trailer and get ready to enjoy the afternoon as you bond with your kid(s).

A bike trailer lets you roll and have fun with your kid over long distances.

A bike trailer is the compact side car which you connect to your bike’s rear frame or axle. In the trailer, you can have one or two kids, pets of cargo.

Trailers make it easy to travel with bikes because you can put more stuff in the trailers and you can take your bike to the countryside easily.

Unfortunately, even with these enticing benefits of bike trailers, finding the best one on the market is challenging.

So, which makes the best trailer for kids? Should you get a high-quality bike trailer?

What will the trailer do and for how long will you use the trailer? Read on to find out.

5 Best Bike Trailer for Kids 2022

The InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer from Pacific Cycle comes in three color, including green/gray, blue and red.

It has a unique folding frame and quick release wheels that pack up very neatly, so store and transportation will not be a problem at all.

A lot of these bicycle trailers can be a real pain to haul around, but that is not the case with this one at all.

There is also the universal coupler, which easily attaches to almost any bicycle for complete versatility.

This means that you should need to worry about any compatibility issues.

The 16” air-filled tires with molded rims provide a consistently smooth ride, so your child will stay safe and comfortable at all times.

These tires are also very durable, so you can count on them to hold up well even when you are going over rocky or bumpy terrain.

The sheer versatility and sturdiness of this bike trailer are just two of the things that so many parents love about it.

There is absolutely no question that the InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer is the very best option for parents who want to stay fit by cycling with their children in tow.

This bicycle trailer only weighs a total of 21.5 pounds, so you know it won’t be a problem carrying it around for short distances when you need to.

There is a canopy that features both a mesh screen and weather shield so that you won’t need to worry about your child being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as rain and bugs.

If you are going to be cycling with your child in a trailer in back, you definitely want this feature.


  • Lightweight design for easy transport.
  • Two-in-one canopy that offers complete protection for your child.
  • 16 inch air-filled tires with molded rims provide a ride that's always smooth.


  • There is not really a dedicated strap to hold the safety flag on the unit.

The InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer from Pacific Cycle is another great choice that you will want to consider if you are currently looking for one of these trailers.

This trailer offers an excellent overall value for family-minded cyclists who want to bring their kids along when riding their bike.

You will quickly discover that this particular bike trailer has a very simple design, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems when it comes to setting it up as well as storing and transporting it when necessary.

There is a two-in-one canopy with a bug screen and weather shield that will effectively protect your child from the rain, sun, wind, and other potentially harmful elements while you are out cycling.

The 16” pneumatic air tire with molded rims provides excellent overall performance and style that you won’t find with many other trailers these days.

The coupler attaches to almost any bicycle, so you most likely won’t run into any issues using it with yours.

This bike trailer measures 51.8” x 32.5” x 31.9”, so it is fairly small but still offers enough room for your child to comfortably rest while you are in front cycling.

The collapsible folding frame and quick release wheels both provide subcompact storage, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to putting it away in your home or garage when you aren’t using it.

When you feel like going for a bike ride on a nice summer day, you will be able to count on this trailer to provide you with a way of doing so with your child in tow.


  • Canopy offers protection for your child against the elements.
  • 16” pneumatic tires that are highly durable.
  • Easy fold design to make storage and transportation easy.


  • No shocks on the wheel.
  • Rear tire can kick up a lot of dirt.

The InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer offers a wonderful overall value for those who enjoy cycling but also have a child that they want or need to bring along with them.

The simple design of this trailer means that it is very easy to fold down for easy storage and transportation.

If you are planning on traveling quite a bit with this trailer, you will certainly be glad for its convenient design.

The two-in-one canopy has a bug screen and weather shield, so your child will be completely protected from all the elements while you are cycling up front.

The 16” pneumatic tires have molded rims, so you can always count on them to function perfectly at all times while you are riding your bike with your child in back.

The coupler attaches to a majority of bikes, so chances are you will be able to get it into your bicycle without any problems.

One of the best things about this bike trailer is that it has such a versatile design that makes it perfect for most people.

There is also a stroller kit with swiveling front wheel and handle bar, which means excellent performance all the time.

The Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer has a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds, so you therefore shouldn’t have any problems having your baby in it while you are riding your bike.

The parking brake is a strap that you have to engage.

Simply wrap the strap through the rear wheel and around the back of the trailer frame.


  • Versatile design that is completely compatible with most bicycles.
  • Sun canopy and weather shield to protect your child from the elements.
  • Parking brake to keep trailer still when necessary.


  • May not work with all bike frames.
  • No shock absorbers.

The Allen Sports Premium Aluminum 2 Child Bicycle Trailer and Stroller fits a total of 2 children, so it is perfect if you have twins.

The fact that this trailer has an aluminum frame makes it very durable but also lightweight, so you won’t have any problems with storing or transporting it at all.

If you want to go cycling with your child, this trailer will provide them with a very safe and stable place to rest the entire time.

The 20” inflated rear wheels and foot bed insert for total comfort, so you’re baby should be completely happy and content the whole ride long.

The large front and side windows will allow your baby to see outside and also for you to see your baby to make sure it is always okay.

There is a safety harness and flag, so you won’t have to worry about anything bad at all happening to your child while you are riding your bike.

One of the really unique and cool things about this bicycle trailer is that it actually converts into a stroller via the adjustable handle and swiveling front wheel.

The wheel on this trailer is very durable and will be able to handle even unsteady and bumpy terrain without any problems.

If you have two kids but still want to be able to go cycling once in a while, this trailer definitely offers a great solution.

You will certainly be glad you took the time to look into this option before deciding on one trailer in particular.


  • Large capacity trailer fits two children.
  • Large front and side windows; safety harness and flag.
  • Converts to stroller via adjustable handle.
  • 20” inflated rear wheels for excellent performance.


  • Wheels can be a bit wobbly on unstable terrain.
  • Expensive price.

The Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike Trailer features a locking swivel front door and full-suspension system, so you can be sure that every ride with your baby will be a smooth one.

This trailer has a full suspension system that will make each ride more comfortable for your child so they don’t feel every single bump and bounce in the sidewalk.

The hand lock brake system on the rear wheel is great for locking the stroller while parked, which is definitely important.

This stroller can go over just about any terrain smoothly, which means that you won’t need to be concerned about your child bouncing around everywhere inside the trailer.

The front wheel can swivel for strolling, and it can be locked in for jogging or removed completely while in use as a bike trailer.

The maximum weight of this trailer is 88 lbs, so you shouldn’t have any issues at all with putting your baby in it.

There are absolutely no tools needed for setup and breakdown, which makes it even more convenient.

Any parents who want to make sure that their children stay safe and comfortable in the trailer they are towing with their bicycle will want to look into getting this one because of all the great features it has to offer.

This trailer has a 3-in-1 design, which means that it can be used as a stroller, trailer and jogger.

The sheer versatility of this Aosom trailer is one of the best things about it.

The all-weather canopy will protect your child from the elements when you are out together.


  • Versatile design that allows it to be used as a stroller, jogger, or trailer.
  • All-wheel suspension for completely comfort for your child.
  • Converts from a trailer to a jogger in minutes.
  • Front wheel can swivel for strolling, be locked in for jogging or be removed completely while in use as a bike trailer.


  • Expensive price.
  • No drink or snack holders.
  • It can be quite heavy when folded up.

Features to Look for When Buying Bike Trailer for Kids

  • Type
    Will you get a standard trailer, a pedal trailer or trailer cycles?

  • Size
    How big is the bike trailer? Does it have the capacity for one or two kids? Will the size of the bike trailer comfortably hold your kids as they grow older?

    In your search, you will realize that most bike trailers come in single rather than double styles. The internal dimensions also vary depending on the brands.

    Some trailers offer more leg room, and others are limiting. You will also note that high-end trailers have more space than the affordable trailers.

    Therefore, consider all these elements of size and space before buying a bike trailer.

  • Storage
    Say you will take bike trailer with you to the market, will it hold your groceries? You should also consider how easy it will be to access the trailer with groceries in hand.

  • Ventilation & Weatherproofing
    Whether you are carrying your child in the trailer, a pet of groceries the trailer should be waterproof.

    The weather is unpredictable, and the last thing you want to deal with is a wet kid or pet. The trailer should, therefore, keep the water out.

    You should also consider getting a bike trailer with a door panel and a mesh casing with elastic tie-downs connected to water resistant casings that come with closed zippers.

    Look for a trailer that comes with a climate shield. You should also look for a trailer with a window to provide air flow.

  • Adjustable Handlebars
    If you plan on using the trailer as a stroller, look for a trailer with at least two adjustable heights.

  • Folding
    For little hassle when storing the trailer, it should be foldable. Some trailers fold easily others don’t. Look for a trailer with a quick release wheel if you must have a folding trailer.

  • Braking
    The best trailers have an option for inclusion of a brake to prevent the trailer from rolling away. The brake can be a hand-activated drum brake or a meek strap around the tire.

    While looking for brake systems, look out for trailers with adjustable suspension systems for smooth rides on bumpy roads.

  • Strength & Durability
    The trailer should hold the weight of your kids, pets or cargo easily. It should be durable.

  • Types of Seats
    Does it come with straps to hold your kids and to prevent them from slithering into each other? The best trailers have bench-style seats.

  • Safety
    Are the straps of the trailer safe? Kids chew on everything, and they love chewing straps.

    Ensure that the straps are made using non-toxic substances. You also have to consider the seat’s harness system. The best trailers have five point harnesses.

  • Comfort
    Look for trailers with extra padding for the comfort of your child. Finally, keep in mind your budget and buy a high-quality bike trailer.


If you are trying to find a bike trailer that is going to hold up very well and stand the test of time, this is certainly a great choice to look into immediately.

In conclusion, we highly suggest that the InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer is by far the best choice because of all its impressive features.

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer - Editor's Choice

There are lots of different bike trailers out there that you can purchase for when you want to go cycling with your child, but the InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer is certainly the best overall option you have. This trailer will provide your small child with lots of space and a canopy so that he or she isn’t exposed to the elements. There are a lot of things to like about this trailer, including its durability and sturdiness.

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