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Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

First-time parents want to ensure all comfort for their child, as well as for themselves when it comes to strolls.

They don't want anything to be missing, and so they choose a full-featured stroller... but they're in for some constant trouble.

A lightweight model simply lets one do more.

We are going to discuss what this offers and what it lacks and what you should look for in the best lightweight stroller in 2021.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to make an easy decision, which will please you as a parent and also be ideal to your beloved child.

Keep in mind that you will be going out daily, even a few times a day, with your kid in the buggy.

This can be a simple task or a never-ending struggle with whatever may be in your way.

This is why lighter versions of strollers were invented. It may seem like they offer less, but in fact these can do so much more for you.

You're not “opting for less”, although it may look so. You're actually allowing yourself to do more and to offer your children more.

Getting rid of limitation, while they are enjoying the ride in uncompromising comfort.

5 Best Lightweight Stroller for Infants Reviews 2022

The The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) Stroller is apparently the lightest stroller on the market, weighing only 9 pounds, which is incredible.

The aluminum frame makes this stroller light and durable for daily use.

Every parent knows that every pound counts when shopping for a top lightweight umbrella stroller, because who doesn’t love to travel.

The canopy is descent, it is large enough to provide shade to your baby.

Many strollers have canopies, but most of them are not as light as the ZOE’s canopy.

The stroller features and adjustable seat that can easily tilt up to 135 degrees, a comfy tilt to lay down and take a snooze.

The stroller also features a five point harness system which is padded to ensure that your baby is always safe.

The folding mechanism of The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) Stroller only needs one hand, making it easy and quick to fold.

You only need to pull the strap at the center of the seat the unit will fold up almost instantly.

Furthermore, it is self-standing and auto locks. This is an incredible feature because you can use one hand to hold your baby and the other hand to fold your stroller.

Another interesting feature of the stroller is that it folds compactly.

The manufacturer claims that the stroller can fit in any compartment of any airplane. The unit measures 26.5” x 15.5” x 7” once folded.


  • Very lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • Easy to fold and open.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Large canopy for shading.
  • Cup and snack holder.


  • Fixed fabric part so you can't take off for washing.
  • Most expensive among all reviewed lightweight strollers.

This lightweight stroller for infant is an ultralight umbrella unit with a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

If you are looking for the best stroller for everyday use, and which is pocket friendly , don’t forget to check out this stroller.

The stroller itself weighs 12 pounds, thanks to the strong yet light aluminum design, despite being cheap, it comes with a wide range of features that every lightweight stroller should have.

This stroller was made to support children who weigh up to 50 pounds.

Besides the weight, what makes the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black portable is that it is very small in size, especially when you fold it.

It measures 43” x 10” x 9”. In addition, it also features a shoulder strap which lets you carry it easily.

This stroller also has a wide, adjustable canopy that will protect your child from the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun.

The pop out sun visor is a feature that you can use on hot summer days.

This stroller specification’s indicate that approximately 99.8 percent of UVB and UVA rays are blocked by the sun visor.

One of the interesting features of this stroller is that you can configure the seat in such a way your kid is facing you.

The best thing about this feature is that it is extremely convenient to help you monitor your baby.

Furthermore, the canopy is also reversible, isn’t that awesome. Finally, you will love its simple folding mechanism of this unit.


  • Easy to fold frame makes your job simpler everytime you want to store it in a safe place in your home.
  • Carry strap enables you to carry your baby around strapped around with super easy steps.
  • Stylish aluminum frame will make it stand out.
  • Its lightweight quality will make your journey stress-free.


  • The carry strap is completely automated thus there are chances of it getting spoiled soon.
  • The canopy doesn’t completely cover the baby from the outside weather.

This stroller is well rounded in size, and has the perfect height for a great stroll. Handles are nicely made and padded to ensure a comfortable grip.

For less than 100 bucks, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red is undoubtedly built with all around cushions.

The seats are also comfortable for your baby with padding for a great comfort.

For storing or traveling purpose, you can conveniently the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller using only a single hand and tuck the unit into tight spaces.

There is also a large parent tray and a child tray. The parent tray comes with 2 cup holders that can handle many things with ease.

The strollers also features a 3-tier canopy that is also extended.

You can fully adjust the canopy to fit and protect your baby from the sunlight coming in all directions.

There is also a peekaboo window which allows you to check on your baby while you are strolling.

You can adjust the seat to a more relaxing and comfortable sleeping position for your baby.

Finally, the stroller comes with a 5-point harness system that ensures your little one is always safe, and that concludes the incredible offering of Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.


  • Easy to fold and carry around thus making your work easier and simpler.
  • Extended canopy offers protection from UV rays.
  • Has a larger room for the child and other utilities safe enough for you to take out during shopping.


  • The fabric is not stain there are chances of it getting spoiled soon.
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness can always become defunct after regular usage.

Are you looking for a light and an ultra-mobile stroller. Then consider the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, Zuba.

This convertible lightweight strolled is specifically designed for active families.

The stroller comes with a storage lash where you can store all your baby’s item when you are walking or strolling.

When considering various baby strollers, this will be the obvious choice for parents who want portability.

Furthermore, you can fold the stroller with a single hand. In addition, the stroller can fit to any Graci Click Connect infant car seats.

This means you can make your own customer travel system with a single step attachment.

The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, Zuba is not only built for convenience, but also comfort.

It comes with two-level reclining seat which is padded. It also features a detachable tray to ensure your baby is always comfortable.

There is also the parents tray which has two cup holders and an additional storage basket- meaning you will carry everything you need.

This stroller is truly one of the best strollers currently on the market.

The front- swivel wheels of Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, Zuba is lockable and features a suspension to ensure you and your child stroll along smoothly.

The strollers also boasts of a five point harness that gives your child security as he grows.

The material used to design the stroller is strong and durable, and can hold up to 40lbs of weight.

Finally, the Zuba fashion is what makes this stroller unique and different from the others, it will delight your baby.


  • Lightweight stroller specifically designed for an active family.
  • One-fold latch makes the stroller very portable giving you that free space in the house or anywhere you go.
  • Contains removable tray for the comfortable seating of your child.
  • Pretty good amount of storage in the bottom.


  • Canopy isn't large enough for shading.
  • The frame feels a bit flimsy.

Use this top-rated lightweight umbrella to take your child on a walk on the wild side.

Your children will most definelty love riding along with these incredible critters.

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot comes with covered handles which a bit higher that other normal umbrella stroller handles, giving you a more comfortable stroll.

You will also fall in love with the light frame.

The frame is constructed with aluminum which gives makes the unit only light, but also durable and easy to carry around.

Another feature of interest is the compact folds that allows you to hide the stroller in the closet when you don’t need it or in the trunk of your car.

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot is a great tool is good for your home or an easy to keep stroller your family keeps handy in the house.

In addition, the strollers comes with a wide canopy to ensure that your child is protected from UV rays, you kid will definetly love this feature.

Unlike other umbrella lightweight strollers we have seen, this one comes with a footrest that ensures you child is always comfortable while sitting.

There is a 3 point harness which is padded to give your baby the security he deserves.

The double foot break is also another feature of this stroller. This feature lets your take a emergency break more easily.

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot measures 6.80 x 6.00 x 40.20 inch and can carry up to a maximum of 40lbs.


  • Very cute design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Nice and stury frame.
  • Perfect for traveling.


  • Might be too short for some.
  • Lack of storage space.

What's a Lightweight Stroller?

Lightweight buggies can make a huge difference in your life. Not only that these things get through narrow doors, are easy to push up on a stair etc...

But will also never trouble you when using the public transport, when shopping down supermarket aisles or simply when you're drained and can barely handle your own body weight.

They are also called "pushchairs". When you choose the right lightweight stroller, your baby can be easily transported everywhere without breaking a sweat. The item should weights under 6 kg and goes inside a car boot effortlessly.

It can be defined by quality and style and can also have more features than expected, scoring extremely well on usability.

Such strollers come with ergonomic handles, large sunshades, storage places, braking systems and more. You can find a lightweight stroller for infant and toddler alike.

5 Types of Lightweight Strollers

There are roughly five types of baby strollers which can have a reduced weight. Their specific features make the difference. Therefore, it can be about shape, folding or storage options.

Flexibility is also a key concept when defining the various types of buggies. Read below to understand what makes each category special.

This type of buggy is ideal when the baby is too heavy for the usual car seat. It’s very light and the child has freedom of movement for arms and legs. It is normally very simple – just a fabric and a frame.

On top, it’s got a sort of hood or cover, like a canopy, to protect the kid from rain and sunlight. This isn’t where its name comes from, though. It looks like an umbrella only when completely folded, forming a very compact shape.

It is airplane friendly, which is one of its best features. This buggy will simplify your parent life in such numerous, wonderful ways.

Here’s a precious tip: make sure you check the weight before you buy. Some umbrella strollers are oftentimes too heavy for the type they’re supposed to represent.

  • Umbrella stroller
    This type of buggy is ideal when the baby is too heavy for the usual car seat. It's very light and the child has freedom of movement for arms and legs. It is normally very simple – just a fabric and a frame. On top, it's got a sort of hood or cover, like a canopy, to protect the kid from rain and sunlight.

    This isn't where its name comes from, though. It looks like an umbrella only when completely folded, forming a very compact shape. It is airplane friendly, which is one of its best features. This buggy will simplify your parent life in such numerous, wonderful ways.

    Here's a precious tip: make sure you check the weight before you buy. Some umbrella strollers are oftentimes too heavy for the type they're supposed to represent.

  • Folding seat
    Enjoy great flexibility with this economical model featuring a folding seat. Have your baby lying flat in the first months of life; then, fold the seat up, so they can sit upright. In many ways this resembled the model presented below.

  • Travel system strollers
    This is yet another flexible innovation which can be used both as a stroller and a car seat. It's because it has a snap-in car seat suitable for the infant stage and also a stroller seat for when the baby has grown.

    Therefore, it's the best choice if you don't want to buy separate buggies for the different stages of development.

  • Double strollers
    These are a must for parents who have twins. However, this isn't the only case. Some couples have an infant and a slightly older baby. When there isn't much of a gap between the too, a double stroller works just fine for both. It won't be easy to maneuver, though, considering the width.

    There are people who refuse to buy this model and prefer separate buggies. It's up to you to decide which method you can handle best. In any case, a side-by-side model is not as heavy as you may think. They have some folding features as well, which come pretty handy.

  • Car seat frames
    Helpful and versatile, the car seat stroller frame is basically a frame made of light metal, to which you can attach a baby car seat. Just snap it in and there you have it, a perfectly functional stroller for the streets.

    You will be moving the baby along with the seat, so there is no trouble at all for you or them. Of course, the frame can be folded up and placed in the car trunk.

    All you have to be careful about is which size you choose. The smallest ones will quickly be outgrown by the baby and will be rendered useless.

Why You Need a Lightweight Infant Stroller

Large and heavy baby strollers appear as luxurious and stable. Besides, they have so many tempting features – even mobile phone pockets. They're packed with everything you or your baby might need.

The truth is, you won't really need all those features. You don't even need the weight. If you are an active or very busy parent, it will make your life a nightmare. The size won't let you enter many doors, for example.

Also, the weight can make it impossible to carry it up on a staircase, especially when you are lightweight yourself... or tired. Have no worries about the child – he or she will feel just as good and protected, regardless of the type of buggy you choose.

First and foremost, the advantages are about you. There is no need to feel that you are not offering the best to you precious child.

Sadly, this is what many parents think when they choose to spend a fortune on a bulky pushchair – they imagine it's going to serve them best and somehow ensure a safer ride for their baby, which isn't true.

Lightweight strollers are like a breeze: so easy to handle and you barely feel them. These cannot be a burden. All the basic strolling needs of the baby are covered and, if you choose a good make, the materials are comfortable and reliable

There will be adequate sun and rain protection, good wheels with anti-shock systems, as well as plenty of storage room. One of the biggest advantages is the folding quality.

Due to how these are built, you can fold the buggy and place it inside the car or store it at home. Since there is far less material to go into a lightweight piece, you won't be paying that much for one.

Let's face it, some buggy prices can be downright ridiculous. Don't pay for the brand or for some extravagant additional features.

Opt for a model that you can rely on, which is at the same time adapted to your lifestyle and daily needs. Our guide helps you do that – to select the right type based on how you live and what you expect of it.

Here are the main undeniable benefits of a lightweight stroller:

  • Easy to store inside the house.
  • Can be lifted without a problem, even when you are very thin yourself and lack physical training.
  • Goes easily past obstacles like stairs, pavements etc.
  • Takes very little of your energy overall.
  • The costs are significantly lower.
  • Can be loaded into a car.
  • Goes through any door.
  • Can be packed with nice features, too.
  • Offers great flexibility.
  • Is foldable and easy to store.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Lightweight Stroller

If you decided that a lightweight stroller is the most suitable to you, then you cannot simply go to the store and get the first one that’s being recommend.

These items come in many different shapes and sizes, still; not to mention that their features differ.

There are many lightweight stroller for infant and toddler types on the market and not all are made equal.

Below you will read about the basic features to consider when shopping for the best one.

1 - Adjustable Handle

How high is the handlebar? Is it good for you? Do you feel comfortable reaching and holding it? Can it be set higher or lower? All these questions are extremely important.

All parents are aiming for comfort and for the ideal height match, so this aspect is practically a deal breaker when the handlebar is not right.

2 - Flexibility

We have discussed this when discussing the various types of lightweight buggies. If you are like most parents, you won't like it when you have to buy a new stroller as the infant grows.

Choose one that allows for a horizontal, as well as an upright positions. It can be one with a detachable car seat or simple one that transforms.

3 - Storage Spaces

The presence of storage spaces is still important, even to parents who want a truly light and simple model. You may be interested in a cup holder or in a platform underneath the seat, where you can place necessary items like a pack of wet tissues, diapers, food or whatever you've been shopping for.

4 - Folding System

It's important to see if you can easily fold your lightweight stroller. This will give you many options for storing it.

Test it to see it for yourself. Assess the maneuverability and sturdiness. You want a system that's easy to fold but also a resistant one you can rely on.

5 - Wheels

The comfort of the ride largely depends on the quality of the wheels. The anti-shock ones will do well on gravel, cobblestone and any kind of rough terrain you may encounter.

This will ensure a smooth ride and your baby will be crying less while you're out and about. In addition, you won't have to slow down whenever there is rough terrain ahead. Anti-shock wheels will enable you to go faster without worrying.

6 - Seat Adjustments

This goes beyond the basic features like a click-in car seat. Check with the vendor to see in how many ways the seat can be adjusted.

Some have several reclining positions, thus offering more flexibility. Note that a reclining model will be heavier than the rest, though.

7 - Shading Factor

How much shade will your baby require? The answer depends on the climate in your area, but also on how much you will be keeping him or her outside in the sun.

There are all sorts of options here. You may get a basic sunshade or one with an extension. There can be an UV filter layer as well. All strollers come with some kind of cover. Sunshine is surely healthy, but not when in excess.

8 - Price

As for the price, there is no general advice here. Set a budget yourself, you can be sure to find something to suit it.

Deluxe models are usually around the $300 price range, while the cheaper and more popular ones are between $100 and $200. There is no reason to make a splurge, the more expensive types do not offer anything more.


Having a lightweight stroller means you will never get stuck or exhausted while out with your baby. You can take it with you as you travel or do your shopping.

You may even let your baby sleep as you switch their place – from the car to the stroller. It will work in any situation, unlike the bulkier types.

Low weight versions are definitely the most user friendly and isn't this what everyone is looking for, after all? It's not only about the parent or caretaker though – it is concerning the baby as well. A buggy like this may have a fragile aspect, but will last for years.

Large buggies with rich cushioning seem to be like the ultimate comfort for the child, but this isn't necessarily true. A small one will still ensure a very smooth ride which is also completely safe.

There is no compromising in the safety department if you choose a good, reliable make. A sturdy lightweight stroller with basic features poses no threat to its occupant. Besides, note that the newer generations of lightweight buggies are far superior to the models of the past.

The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) Stroller - Editor's Choice

Through our the research, we highly recommend The Tour+ (Zoe XL1) Stroller due to its outstanding features, price, maneuverability and quality.

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