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Best Manual Breast Pump Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

All that your body and your baby needs is your patience.

You may think that the fastest way to get breast milk for storage and late night feeds is through the use of an electric breast pump but, that isn’t the case always.

Well, it’s undeniable that you will pump more milk within minutes using an electric breast pump. However, when you do it too fast, you may hurt yourself.

At the same time, the flow of breast milk often increases or decreases depending on your emotions. Therefore, sometimes, you just need the top manual breast pump and patience.

Of course, that may seem like a life sentence especially in the current fast-paced society but, if you don’t like the aggressiveness of an electric pump on your boobs, just get a manual pump.

Manual pumps are easy to use, clean and assemble. They are also lightweight and portable.

A manual breast pump is also more hygienic than an electric pump. The other reason why there are many women stuck with the manual pumps is that the pump is slow and steady.

It is also helpful in collecting milk let-down from the non-nursing breast when your baby nurses.

The pumping or suction process of a breast pump doesn’t feel forceful, and you won’t feel any discomfort.

5 Best Manual Breast Pump Reviews 2022

Breast milk is crucial for baby’s overall growth.

Nothing created beats breast milk, not even infant formula from some of the best and the oldest companies.

The reason why breast milk is unbeatable is that of the components there in.

In breast milk, there are hormones, carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, growth factors and antibodies.

Therefore, even when you feel like your breast milk isn’t enough, you have to keep trying.

Pumping is the simplest way of increasing the volume of breast milk. 

Manual breast pumps are affordable to most moms hence their prevalence. This Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is one of the best choices on the market.

It has a compact and lightweight design which makes it easy to carry to work and when travelling.

You can use it to complement the Medela double electric breast pump, but you can also use it on its own.

It works using the two-phase expression technology. This two phase pumping process features the stimulation and the expression phase.

The stimulation phase mimics baby’s nursing at the beginning which is always fast and a little forced.

The expression phase is the deeper but slower phase where your baby nurses slowly because of the high and continuous milk flow.

This manual pump pumps at maximum comfort vacuum in the expression phase leading to the production of more milk.

The two phase pumping leads to the production of more milk within a shorter time. This technological simulation is the reason why this is our favorite manual pump.

Pumping is comfortable thanks to the pump’s soft touch and ergonomic swivel handle for manual pumping.

This pump is compatible with PersonalFit breast shields, and it is easy to use. It is safe, and all the parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA and lead-free.

This is the ideal breast pump to use when you need to be away from your baby for a few hours.


  • It works great at getting out clogged ducts for higher milk flow.
  • Lightweight, portable and discreet.
  • It is easy to use thanks to the ergonomic swivel handles.
  • It is fast thanks to the two-phase expression technology.


  • Costly price.
  • The swivel part feels a bit loose.

Being a mom is a challenge, and you hardly get a full night’s sleep.

Your baby will wake up screaming in the middle of the night and in case you didn’t put some milk away, you will have to breast feed and even pump some more milk.

The latter is highly likely to happen if your baby has a big appetite.

To make your nights less stressful, pump some milk when you can and store it.

A manual breast pump makes that possible because you can even have it pumping the non-nursing breast while your baby nurses.

This is, therefore, the right breast pump you may want to have around.

It is easy to use, and it doesn’t have any small and complicated parts.

You don’t have to assemble anything. To use it, just suction it to your breast and let the pump work.

It is lightweight and cord free. Therefore, you don’t have to plug it or charge. It is small, and you can put it in the diaper bag or your handbag.

It is safe, thanks to construction using food-grade silicone. It is also soft, comfortable and gentle on your breasts.

It is easy to clean, and you can steam sterilize it. You can sterilize it in boiling water too.

It is not dishwasher safe. Besides construction using food-grade silicone, it is also free of phthalates, PVC, and PBA. It is FDA-Approved.


  • Especially soft and comfortable - made from 100% food grade silicone.
  • It is lightweight, convenient and portable.
  • It is easy to use and clean.


  • The measurements are off.
  • It lose suction and comes off sometimes.

A manual breast pump doesn’t work as fast as an electric breast pump, but its stealth design makes it work.

A manual breast pump is effective if you are looking to store some breast milk for your baby if you step out for a few hours.

If you need to have milk ready for nighttime feeding for are going away for a short trip, you may want to buy this breast pump.

It has a simple and convenient design. Therefore, you can carry it around if you need to.

You don’t have to attach different wires to start the pumping process.

It is lightweight too, and you can travel with it wherever. 

The design and construction of the pump using high-quality and food-grade silicone make it eco-friendly and baby safe.

It doesn’t have any toxins, and you don’t have to worry about contamination of your baby’s milk or worse, your baby getting terminally ill.

The parts are easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about missing some parts after cleaning.

A bottle brush, mild soap and warm water will clean the pump, and there are no unreachable parts to clean.

It is also dishwasher safe which makes it even easier to clean.

Using this pump is easy. You only need to ensure that the pump is clean and sterilized, adjust it to your preferred position and then squeeze it at the bottom until you feel suction.


  • It is convenient and lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can use to pump milk on the side your baby isn’t nursing on so, no leaks.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.


  • The measurements are inaccurate.

Travelling when you have a baby at home isn’t hard not just on your mommy instinct but also on your boobs.

Breast milk will accumulate throughout the day if you don’t let it down and tender breasts aren’t funny.

Since we all agree that no drop goes to waste, you may want to buy a breast pump you can take everywhere.

This Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is the solution you don’t know you are looking for.

It is the ideal travel companion for nursing and travelling moms because of its lightweight and compact design.

It is easy to use, and it is an excellent breast milk collector.

Any milk let down from the non-nursing breast as you nurse your baby collects in this breast pump.

It has a slow but steady suction meaning you have a little extra milk whenever you are nursing.

You don’t require any batteries or wires to use this breast pump.

After nursing, you get to put away the pumped milk safely thanks to the pump’s free lid.

It is safe thanks to the use of food-grade silicone which is 100 percent BPA-free.


  • Lightweight and compact breast pump.
  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • It is safe thanks to construction using food-grade silicone.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The measurement are off.
  • It lose suction and falls off sometimes.

To collect milk let-down, leaks and to offer relief from breast engorgement, you may need this Silicone breast pump.

It uses pure natural suction pressure and knowing just how frustrating it is when your breasts produce less milk, you need it.

The best part is that after a few uses, you will notice an increase in the supply of your breast milk.

Every ounce of breast milk is precious, and this pump will help you save every drop.

It is soft, safe and comfortable thanks to the use of high-quality silicone to make in the pump’s construction.

It is 100 percent FDA-approved and BPA-free meaning that your baby’s milk will be safe.

The breast pump comes as an all-in-one set with an airtight vacuum packaging, a dust lid a silicone breast pump, a luxury pouch and instructions manual in English.

It is lightweight and portable and also easy to use. The ease of use comes from the pump’s hands-free operation.

You can travel with it and collect breast milk from the free breast when nursing.


  • It's easy to use, clean and sterilise.
  • It's extremely soft, comfortable and safe.
  • Lightweight design ensures hands-free attachment.


  • The breast pump may falls off if you don't watch out.

Amazing Benefits of Having a Manual Breast Pump

  1. 1
    It reduces breast engorgement.
  2. 2
    It helps moms with an insufficient supply of breast milk.
  3. 3
    It is effective when babies have problems latching on the breast and sucking well.

Features to Look for When Buying Manual Breast Pump

Here are some important features to consider when purchasing a manual breast pump:

1 - Ease of Use

The most important feature of any baby accessory has to be its ease of use. You don’t want to struggle with the pump during breastfeeding.

Fortunately, the good manual breastpump mostly lack complicated part to put together. They are mostly straightforward.

2 - Noise

Manual breast pumps do not have motors are they are virtually noiseless. The only noise you can hear from a manual breast pump is occasional squeakiness which doesn’t last.

Therefore, if you need a quiet pumping solution for a few minutes of solitude, ensure that the breast pump is quiet.

3 - Dual-phase Expression

This is a common feature with electric breast pumps, but some superior manual breast pumps have this feature too. The dual technology mimics your baby nursing hence stimulating a fast release of milk.

The first step of the stimulation involves short, shallow and frequent sucking to produce a let-down. In the second phase, sucking is longer and deeper producing more milk steadily.

4 - Comfort

The comfort of the pump determines the amount of milk you get when pumping. The most comfortable breast pumps feature soft breast shields, cushions, comfortable handle designs and they also feature a custom fit. Your hand and your breasts should be painless after those 30 minutes of pumping.

5 - Collection

How is the breast pump’s collection process? Good breast pump will allow you to collect milk from the non-nursing breast while your baby nurses.

Therefore, the breast pump should have a design that makes it possible for you to collect the milk without struggling to hold the bottle.

6 - Portability

Is the breast pump compact and light to travel with? Will it fit in your hand bag or the diaper bag?

7 - Safety

Make sure to find the manual breastpump that is made with BPA, lead, latex, phthalate-free materials. They also use food-grade silicone.

8 - Ease of Cleaning

You should look for those breast pumps that don’t have hard-to-reach areas. They are easy to disassemble, and most of them are dishwasher safe too.


We all worry that maybe, just maybe, there will come a day when out breast milk won’t be enough to feed our babies.

Also, not all moms can produce enough milk. But, you may be surprised to note that you can increase your milk supply with the help of a manual breast pump.

Whenever your baby is nursing, the non-nursing breast leaks some milk. With a little suction from a manual breast pump, the milk will leak and collect in the pump’s bottle.

The manual breast pump is also lightweight, and since it lacks cords and wires, you can carry it with you everywhere. This is important because breast milk is critical for the development of babies and not even formula can match it.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump - Editor's Choice

For these benefits, you may want to buy the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. This is our favorite breast pump and the overall winner in this review. It employs the two-phase expression technology and which increases the amount of milk expressed manually. It is safe, lightweight and discreet.

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