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Best Mini Crib Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Since sleep time is the only time you are not attending to your baby, you have to make sure that they sleep in the safest mini crib.

Though a crib may seem like a big bed for a baby to sleep in, it is safe.

Getting the best mini crib saves you money in comparison to buying a bassinet, cradle or a bedside sleeper for use in the first few months.

It also saves you worry. This leads you to the big question, which is the best for your baby?

In determining which the best mini crib is, you have to look at some factors such as safety and certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

The high-quality crib should have this certification because it shows that the crib is safe for use by a child.

You should also consider getting a new crib because the older one may not meet the set safety standards, you also don’t know what the old crib carries.

You may also want to buy the crib’s mattress with the crib. Though sold separately, this will help you make sure it’s the right fit.

After getting the mattress, make sure the crib has properly fitting sheets.

The sheets should fit tightly, and your baby shouldn’t be able to pull it out preventing entangling or strangulation.

5 Best Mini Crib Reviews 2022

This mini crib is available in cherry, white or natural and it ideal for use in small spaces.

It also works as a travel crib thanks to the fact that it is a portable folding crib.

Even though it is lightweight, its wood construction is strong and sturdy.

This crib meets the strict safety standards set by JPMA. 

For support of your baby as they grow, it has a two-position mattress support.

It comes with a comfortable 1-inch mattress pad which creates a safe sleeping space.

The mattress is waterproof, and you can carry it with ease alongside the crib when visiting friends or family for a night.

The portability and transportation, the crib come from the fact that this crib folds flat and measures 6 inches making it easy to store away.

The four hooded caster wheels make the crib highly portable, and you can move it in and out of different rooms.

Its compact size means that it fits through doorways easily.

The crib has stationary front and back rails.

This mini crib requires minimal assembly, and you can fix it up with a little help.

Besides sturdy construction, the crib has a JPMA certification having undergone tests that show that the crib is free of lead and other toxic elements.

By being JPMA certified, this crib has met all CPSC and ASTM safety standards.


  • It's lightweight and multi purpose crib.
  • It has 2 Position mattress height adjustment.
  • Meet the CPSC and ASTM standards.
  • Strong and sturdy wood construction.


  • The mattress pad is too thin.
  • The varnish paint smells strong.

Are you looking for a black 4-in-1 convertible mini crib?

Or rather, are you looking for a mini crib that will fit the minimal space in your house?

Well, this has been a favorite for most moms, and we bet you’ll like it too.

The convertibility comes from the fact that you can use the mini crib as a day bed or as a twin-size bed whether you use the footboard or not.

The twin size mattress and the frame will need separate purchasing though.

With the unbelievable rate at which babies grow, it is important for the crib to last through the first few years.

This crib has three different adjustable mattress heights meaning that it will meet the growing needs of your child.

Begin with the highest setting and lower the height to accommodate your child’s height and safety.

The height should accommodate your comfort as well. It comes with a user manual and a guide to help with set up and height adjustments.

This crib has an ergonomic design, and its stealthy design has your comfort and the safety of your child in mind.

The strongest material is used enhancing the stability of the crib.

It meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

For enhancement of safety, the crib is free of phthalates, lead, BPA, and latex.

Its construction is out of natural and solid wood.

This Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib sits low and very close to the floor.

It is stylish, and the precision of the crib makes it an ideal choice for every parent.

Thanks to the eight available bright finishes, you will find the right one to match your home’s interior theme or color scheme.


  • It can convert easily into a day bed and a twin-size bed.
  • Aden's mattress support frame has 3 different height settings.
  • Meet the CPSC and ASTM standards.
  • Ergonomically designed, structurally sound and stable.


  • It's quite hard to follow the instruction manual.

This stylish crib with subtle curves is just what you need for your baby to sleep undisturbed all night long.

It has four adjustable mattress heights/ levels meaning that the mini crib will meet your baby’s needs as he or she grows.

The twin bed convertible option is also there, but you will have to buy it separately.

You will also have to buy the mattress separately. With the wooden rails, you can also convert the mini crib into a full-size bed.

For the safety of your child, the mini crib’s construction is with the use of non-toxic high-density fiber fills.

The fiber fills provide a firm yet lightweight feel to the mattress.

The mattress is medical-grade, it is lightweight, waterproof and free of allergens.

It can also repel allergens.

Thanks to the low weight, you can change the sheets easily.

For the organization of baby items, this Da Vinci Mini Crib has three drawers.

These make sure that you have adequate storage and changing space.

You will also like the Da Vinci Piper recliner and the glider with a streamlined design on the plush pop-up leg rest.

It also has a swivel metal base plus lumbar pillow.

These parts add comfort when feeding your baby late at night.


  • Lower profile crib for easy reach and 2 adjustable mattress positions.
  • Meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards & includes 1-year warranty.
  • It is sturdy but lightweight to move around the house.
  • It's easy to put together.


  • Expensive price.
  • The mattress is thin and soft.

Knowing how fast babies grow, it is vital to buy a mini crib that will last for your child’s first few years.

While such mini cribs are hard to come by, they are there, and the DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed is one of these mini cribs.

It is a safe, mini crib seeing as it meets the ASTM international standards and the US CPSC safety standards.

Its multi-step painting process and the resultant stylish white finish is non-toxic.

The crib is free of lead and phthalates.

This low profile crib is easy to reach, and it converts easily into a twin-size bed.

However, you’ll have to buy the conversion kit separately.

The size makes this crib a perfect fit for small bedrooms or nurseries.

It works as a great bassinet for newborns and ideal for use up to 18 months.

There are two options for the mattress, both of which are non-toxic – the Complete or the Total Coil Mattress. 

It is safe thanks to the construction without the use of polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, or vinyl.

Instead of the unsafe products, the mattress’ construction is with the use of medically grade nylon.

This alternative is safer, hypoallergenic, and it is easy to clean.

It is also lightweight, firm, and fitted for use in small cribs.

You can also get the Da Vinci’s 3-drawer dresser which helps keep things organized in the nursery.

Along with the drawer is the Piper recliner and glider with a plush pop-up leg rest for and a comfortable lumbar pillow for comfort.


  • Adjustable height for the mattress positioning.
  • Meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards.
  • Lower profile crib for easy reach.
  • Not too heavy to move around the house.


  • The instruction manual is not easy to follow.
  • It has heavy chemical odor.

This gray mini crib is exactly what you need if you live in a small space thanks to its petite footprint.

It is also rollable, and you can move to in and out of different rooms with ease.

Alternatively, if you want it stationery, you can remove the wheels.

It is a perfect mini crib that adds convenience when traveling since it has a simple folding mechanism which makes it easy for moving and storage.

This portable crib will work well when in a hotel room or at a friend’s place.

The mini crib is wooden and has two collapsible mattress levels with a solid mattress support.

The safety of the crib also results from the construction using sustainable New Zealand Pine Wood as well as Carb II Compliant MDF.

The crib’s finish is lead and phthalates free, and it meets the ASTM and the US CPSC safety standards. It comes with a mattress pad.

This Babyletto mini crib has one of the safest pure vegan mattress bundles (bought separately).

This mattress bundle is nontoxic. It is free of chemicals like polyurethane foam, vinyl, PVC, soy foam, dyes, and phthalates.

It also doesn’t have chemical flame retardants, PFCs, allergens, synthetic latex or off-gassing materials.

You can also add the fitted mini sheet.

There are mini sheets for every child, and you can choose the Galaxy fitted, the In Bloom Fitted, or the Tranquil Woods Fitted sheet.


  • Easily collapsible for storage and traveling.
  • It has removable casters.
  • Two adjustable mattress levels, solid mattress support.
  • Rolling feet allow for free moving around the house.


  • It is not easy to put together.
  • The paint feels cheap.

Features to Look for When Buying Mini Crib

  • Space
    The space in your home should guide your choice on the size of the crib. Some mini cribs take up too much space.

    Therefore, you should consider the size of the crib against the size of your home. You should, however, make sure that the size is reasonable to last through the first few years.

  • Price
    As you get ready for your bundle, you will note that of all baby essentials, a crib is the most expensive.

    Since the variation in price is wide, you’ll want to consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend and can you get the same quality of crib elsewhere?

    The reason for this is that most of the time, the most expensive crib isn’t necessarily the best.

    As you search, you will also realize that there is a perfect crib for every budget. Therefore, shop around. You should also consider beginning the search early.

  • Mattress supports
    Does the crib come with a one-piece board support? Is the metal frame suspended by springs?

    Or does it have metal hangers screwed to the wooden frame that supports the spring-wire grid frame?

    The best mattress support should be adjustable for raising or lowering of the mattress for the safety of your child.

    The mattress should also be held securely to prevent it from getting dislodged when changing sheets. It should also hold the weight of your child when they start bouncing.

  • Teething rails
    These should stay in place and not break when your child starts to gnaw on the crib.

    The teething rails should be smooth and with plastic coverings for the protection of gums and teeth.

  • Assembly
    We know that you’d rather get a fully assembled crib but, it isn’t cost effective. When it comes unassembled, it saves you loads of money.

    Even though assembly is an excellent DIY project, you will have to call for help when in your last trimester.

    Remember that the safety of your baby depends on how sturdily you put the crib together.

    Before assembly, count the parts of the crib and count the manufacturer if you miss any parts. Failure to do so, or assembling it the wrong way voids the crib’s warranty.

  • Standard size
    Though cribs come in different shapes and sizes, you need to make sure that you get a standards size crib.

    This will make it easy to buy mattresses and fitting sheets. An irregular bed means getting an irregularly shaped mattress.

  • Materials
    Besides contributing to the durability, the crib’s material determines if the crib matches your home. This is why you will find fabric, wooden, metallic, or plastic cribs. Avoid wood veneer since it chips away easily.

    Finally, trust your senses – smell, listen, taste, touch, and look at the crib to see if it feels like the right choice.


Getting a new mini crib is challenging given the big number of stylish and supposed high functional cribs on the market. As the most important baby essential, you have to spend as much time as possible researching and comparing prices.

The purchase of a crib isn’t entirely dependent on price seeing as there are many features to look at including the size, comfort, safety, durability, mattress support or adjustability. But, as mentioned above, there is a crib for every budget.

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib - Editor's Choice

We have the Delta Children Portable Mini Crib as our favorite crib. It comes in white and looks stylish. It fits small spaces, and since it is foldable, it is the perfect crib for traveling. It’s strong and sturdy wood construction makes it durable, and with two-position mattress support, you expect it to last long as it accommodates your growing baby.

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