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60 Greatest Minute To Win It Games for Teens – Ideas

A game or tournament is not always meant to be continued for a long period. A short game may bring lots of fun. You haven’t perhaps thought of some interesting gaming activities that cover the duration of only one minute.

These are what we call as minute to win it games. If you love facing challenges, then these party games are best for you.

With such incredible games, you may test not only your individual strengths but also your ability to do teamwork. The games check your planning skills, imaginative thinking and agility. Moreover, the games’ varieties offer you several options to have utmost delight.

Often, the corporate groups are found to make arrangements for Minute-To-Win-It. If you like to see whether your team members have a bond in a unique way, then these party games allow you to do it.

Besides, you may also add more fun to your social party and other events, simply by finding different ideas for these party games. However, the children are not excluded from the games. We think that they may get thrilled with joy as soon as they get concepts from you.

Now, we want to present some cool Minutes to Win it Games for Teens Ideas.

60 Greatest Minute To Win It Games for Teens – Ideas

1. Baby Rattle

Strong patience is needed to play this game. Take 4 soda bottles along with a number of gumballs. Fill the bottles with those gumballs. Besides, you need a table for placing the bottles and a tape for holding all those bottles together.

To play the game, you have to move all the balls from bottles.  Place all the balls into reverse bottles and try to remove hands, within sixty seconds. The trick is that if the gumballs are trapped, start shaking your bottles.

2. Hanky Panky

If you want a simple game, Hanky Panky is the best one for you. In this game, you have a box, from which you should drag the tissues, with a single hand within one minute.

Before starting the game, decide on the hand, you must use for playing. Another hand has to be positioned on your back. You gain success, if you can remove one hundred tissues.

It’s the best party game, and it may become more interesting if you use themed tissue boxes.

3. Movin’ On Up

The simplicity of this game attracts most; there is no need of several stuffs. Adults or children also may enjoy this game. Find thirty nine cups (blue) and a red cup.

Take a mug or cup from pile, and place it on the base using your hand. Continue this step a number of times, until your red colored mug gets back to the initial position.

And you have to finish it before a timer declares the completion of one minute.

4. Nose Dive

It’s another Minutes to Win it contest. For playing it, you don’t require taking any intricate tool or comprehensive guidelines.

The components needed for the game are cotton-made balls, desk, time and petroleum jelly container. Dive your nose into jelly container and stick one ball on the nose. Then transfer this ball to the bowl, which is empty.

To win this game, there is a small trick. Apply just a bit jelly, while dipping the nose’s tip. This game brings a huge amusement in your mind.

5. Separation Anxiety

If you have played Matchmaker previously, then this game may be easier to you. In such game, you should take fifty cadies, which have to be separated according to color.

However, you need to apply just one of your hands for sorting out those candies. For this game, you have to collect not only candies but also a plastic glass and 5 colored (as per the color of candies) containers.

No unique skill is needed to play the game; so, be steady for playing it.

6. Junk in the Trunk

To take part in this game, place the box mechanism together.  This container is trapped on remnant. Then, find ping pong balls, and place inside this box. The balls may be of any color.

While the timer is activated, you have to jump to pull out all eight balls from box. The most excellent trick for this game is that you can move your hip or make different other movements.

This game is enjoyed by gamers mostly during the Christmas season.

7. Face the Cookie

It’s an interesting game, where you have to control the muscles of your face. Get some cookies and chair for playing this game. Lean back your head; keep only one cookie at forehead’s central part.

With the activation of the watch, apply just your face for shifting that cookie towards mouth from forehead. By chance, if your cookie drops prior to accessing the mouth, another one is to be taken.

Play this game at any place and with any person.

8. This Blows

It is also a game with a much uncomplicated concept, and is intended for gamers of any age. Many elements, needed for this game, comprise a balloon, cups (made of plastic) and a table.

Hold your balloon for blowing it. The untied tip of your balloon is to be faced towards cups. Then, drive out air to blow off all cups. Drop all your cups on the ground within a minute.

The rule is that you must not touch cups using hands.

9. Stay on Key

With more practice, you may increase the chance of winning the game. You have only two glasses along two keys for playing Stay on Key.

Place each key before two glasses, and by means of a little stick, you need to toss keys in air in a way that they can fall into your glasses. While you fail for first time, you may get another chance.

Though it is little tricky, you don’t need much components to participate in this game.

10. Tilt-A-Cup

Balance and concentration are the major things that you need for maintaining the game. Spring up eight balls to hold them in your cups. With the help of these balls, a tower is to be created.

The small balls should bounce for only one time prior to getting into cups. You will not be qualified if the cups’ piles fall. Try not to move suddenly with the increase of your tower’s size.

So, set your watch to alarm you after a minute, and keep on practicing this game.

11. Magic Carpet

While playing it you may enjoy a kind of physical exercise. Sit on your small carpet. Then start moving across the floor bit by bit. You need to use your two feet to reach the ultimate line.

However, when you mistakenly tap on the ground with hand, you have to again correct yourself. The game seems to give you lots of fun. Within one minute, you must touch the ending line.

You may plat it with friends for more enjoyment.

12. Floatacious

The main purpose in this game is to load up soda containers on a paper-made plate. However, this plate has to float on water of a bowl.

One rule, which you have to consider, is that the cans’ tower should stand perfectly for about 3 seconds. To win it easily, you may wait for a few seconds after leaving the plate on bowls of water.

This is not much difficult to play but still you need to be stable for proper balance.

13. Ball Cap

It is such an amusing game, where you need glass-made bottles and small balls. Place the lids on the bottle by turning down its face. Drop your ball in a way that the cap can get replaced and the ball finds its place on the bottle’s nozzle.

If your ball is not placed in this position but the cap falls, you may not get the scores. Deal with all the ten bottles in the same way within only 60 seconds.

14. Candelier

Create an upturned pyramid shape with the use of some empty soda containers. To have fun in Candelier, Collect fifteen cans along with five plates (paper made). You have to build layers of particular number of soda cans. Continue doing the same thing to pile all the cans.

The plates are to be inserted between every level. Empty containers may drop with some movements, and so, always remain careful. If you desire playing it during Christmas, use the plates with relevant theme.

15. Card Ninja

The speed of tossing your cards and accuracy level may be the major factors to be considered. Besides the cards and a table, you need two watermelons.

To start this game, there should be a gap (6 feet) between watermelons and particular area. Fling your cards in a way that may attach to every part of your watermelon.

Be careful while tossing your cards so that you may reach your target. A card that has touched the point somewhere out of specific area will never be considered.

16. Ready Spaghetti

It is one of the odd party games, played with a partner. Your only aim is, in fact, to shift empty cans with noodles and mouths. Build up a pyramid-like structure using all cans. The two ends of noodles have to be grabbed by two players.

And in this way, the players should carry the cans to make pyramid in another table. Use only your lips to hold noodles so that the thread may not break easily. Besides, do not move fast while carrying the cans.

17. Whack Attack

No distinct skill is required for playing it. To make plans for the game, only take some water filled glass bottles, same number of markers and a spoon. Drop each marker on the water of every bottle, place on your table.

By hitting the tip of markers, the participants should get all of them submerged. If this can be properly completed within time, the player may win. The game truly involves simple the action of hitting, and so, it’s not impossible for any player.

18. Back Flip

This is thought to be much easier. Only toss pens from rear portion of palm. Grab them only in one hand. The number of these pens is to be raised by 2 on every round.

At the starting stage, there are only 2 pens but it ends with 12. Complete everything with a minute to progress and win. However, the erasers and pens must be in same course. Besides, if the pens are clustered properly, you can play easily.

19. Spin Doctor

It is a contest of two teams, and one of the players has to spin the coin of 1 dollar. So, a coin and a small table are main requirements. Another player needs to prevent the rotation of coin by applying a finger.

The coin’s movement must be stopped prior to reaching the edge. You need much focus for preventing the spinning coin. Do not rush so that you will not hit down everything. Rather, move fingers little by little.

20. On the Rebound

This game cannot be played without a partner. Take several balls, a bucket and a cardboard. The cardboard needs to be strong tied to your partner’s waist with a string.

From a distance, you have to fling every ball to this cardboard, and this ball then must on the bucket place before your partner. Thus, your game partner plays important role in helping you to be the winner. Throw each ball carefully not to miss any chance.

21. Spoon frog

Your only aim for the game is to place spoons inside cups. This has to be done with the use of a different spoon. Stand before the spoons, while the game begins. Put one spoon before a cup and repeat the same steps.

Your spoons should touch the base of your beaker, not instead of the border. Besides, the same spoon cannot be tossed more than one time. This is one of the vital rules to play this game.

22. Tea party

It’s a game, where many players cannot easily reach their goal within a minute. Put on a cap and then fit one tea bag at either side at the edge of cap.

The bags have to be tied with the help of a thread. Swing those tea bags so that two bags will rest on two sides of your cap. This has to be completed in sixty seconds.

You should not use any of your hands for winning this game.

23. Pink Elephant

Though there is nothing pinkish in this game, the word- pink is included in the game’s name. One of the major things, useful for the game, is a flexible headband, a spring game model. Put on your band and attach the toy to it. Hang the secure spring before your body.

When the timer system is operated, you have to move your body to place the spring on forehead. However, remember that your spring must not be touched with arms.

24. Yank Me

In this game, your activity seems to be like a magician. You should pile index cards and cups (mainly plastic). Drag the cards for dropping one cup on the other.

However, before dragging it, you should erect the tower using the two major components alternately. While dragging those cards, you shouldn’t grasp the cups.

If the tower has been developed in a proper way, you have more chances to succeed. So, be careful and self-assured to play this game.

25. Rapid fire

The arrangement for this game is extremely simple, because you need only some cans and elastic strip of any size. As soon as this game begins, you have to clutch a band.

Discharge the band just at the tower of the cans.  All cans need to be banged if you want to have victory.

When you host this game, you may build multiple pyramids in order to enable a number of performers in playing simultaneously. So, play this interesting game with anyone.

26. Cappuccino

For this game, you require sixty four plastic cups, which are of 4 diverse colors. Reverse the face of your cups and then mix them up properly for the preparation of the game.

As one of the player, you may grab a pile, close to your stacks. If multiple piles get separated by you, you may have them by eliminating them completely from contest. The player with the maximum stack will be able to get success in his game.

27. Switcheroo

It is also Minutes to Win it category of game, in which you have to transfer some balls by blowing them. Take 2 tables of same height and some balls of two different colors (like white and red).

Keep white colored balls on one table and the red ones on the other. Stand before one table, and blow its balls for transferring them to another table.

Change your position to do the same thing. If one ball gets dropped, pick it and again blow it.

28. Tipsy

This may be the favorite game for those, who like soda drinks. But, do not try this game, when you have intestinal issues. You will have sealed soda container before initiating the game.

Take one of the soda cans and then drink after opening it. On the basis of the beveled border of your can, you have to make balance of the amount of drinks. If you have no soda containers, you may use other cans with full of water.

29. Speed Eraser

If you are at your office and feeling bored, then play this game. Bounce or toss the pencils to play this game. Fling your pencil in such a method that it may jump to enter a cup.

However, the bouncing activity should be done for only time. One problem, faced by players, is that often the eraser begins to spring up. You may try playing with various angles in order to know whether some regularity can be gained with your tilting direction of pencil.

30. Glass Road Trucker

To play this game, drive a ball by the side of some bottles, which are arranged in inverted position. You must use the mouth for blowing the ball. When your ball drops from glass, the game is to be started again.

Do not waste much amount of time to place bottles. If they are straight, everything is right for you. Manage the time because only one minute is available for all the steps of your game.

Besides, do not blow strongly to become a winner.

31. Office Tennis

This game can be enjoyed by taking a paper and clipboard. You may make balls with the use of trash papers. Hold the ball to hit it. While you reach near a basket, you have to strike the ball. You should not go beyond 2nd border at any time.

The major task is to land one ball in the basket. The ball should remain within basket with no bounce. You must attempt to recognize your gaming partner’s accuracy and strength.

32. The Nutstacker

There are a few easy rules, related to this game. With metal-made nuts, form a tower. However, the size of these nuts should be same. Among other requirements, you have to take table and chopstick. Pile them using just one chopstick in your hand.

According to this game’s rules, you are not permitted to stroke the nuts with hand. Moreover, the specific tower must be laid in a straight way. Thus, more practice of the game may help you to get victory easily.

33. Stack Attack

This is also a game of building tower, only by using cups. There are thirty six cups, which are to be utilized for triangle-shaped tower. If your tower gets separated while creating it, you may need to play again. The row, which is at the foot, comprises 8 cups.

From the subsequent row, decrease this number of mugs by one. The topmost portion of the structure needs to have one cup. These cups have to be eliminated crosswise for your calculation.

34. Suck It Up

This involves a delicate game as you need some skills for winning. You require holding few candies with vacuuming activity and one straw. Grab the twisted tip of straw using your mouth.

Then, take the candies, with its help and start sucking until you reach another table. While your candies drop, the game cannot be carried on. Thus, you have to depend on your sucking ability for having the triumph in this game.

35. Extreme Christmas Nutstacker

Play this game considering the important factor- balance. Take a colorful candy stick along with metal nuts (8 nuts). As a participant, put your sticks through the holes of those nuts.

Then, using your hand with which you hold the stick, place the nuts vertically. Make tower in this manner. While this tower breaks, you are not eligible. You can take a plate to create the structure on it. Do not move this plate to save the tower from falling.

36. Ping Tac Toe

To get fun from this game, take a number of balls of 2 diverse colors. In this entertaining game, you have to compete with another participant simultaneously. Place some glasses on the table, and fill those glasses with water. The two contestants have to play, standing at two sides of the table.

However, other extra tables have to be positioned on 2 sides of main table (with glasses). You should pitch the ball on the empty table, and after a bounce, the ball must reach on the water surface. Fill the glasses with balls. The player, who has placed more balls on the water, is the winner.

37. Uphill Battle

This game appears to be much challenging. There are 3 marbles, with which you have to run the game. Another thing, essential for the game, is a tilted table. With the help of your spoon’s back tip, you should move the balls. But, there is high possibility of getting the marbles dropped on floor.

After hitting the marbles, they come back to you repeatedly. So, try to hit marbles slowly to avoid the chance of disqualifications. Try out this gaming method repeatedly for your perfection.

38. Horseplay

The game is named so because horseshoe is fitted to the table. With your blows, the balls should onto a bench to access horseshoes. The shades of your balls must be same as that of horseshoes’ color. While each of the balls with definite color rests on related horseshoe, you can have victory.

Regarding the dimension of table, there is no strict rule. But, do not choose a huge sized table for your purpose. Overall, it is quite hard to learn this game.

39. Obstacle Course Challenge

This is distinctive game, wherein you have to deal with more than one obstacle. For instance, a ball kept at a table’s corner, within a ring, should be moved with blows, to reach it to another ring on the opposite corner.

Again, there is game with pencils. Place three pencils on the reverse side of your palm. Toss all of them at once and catch them. All these have to be performed within one minute. Try to complete this within less time.

40. Pucker Up

The success in this interesting game relies on how good you have co-operated your partner. To win, you have to use your lips to hold the ball. Glasses are also kept another table, and carrying those balls with lips, fill the glasses.

If your team is competent to move all ball by filling the glasses within less than sixty seconds, you can win. One best idea is that consider the pace of your partner, while transferring balls. Do not move extremely fast or slow.

41. Get Forked

To get rid of boring time, play this party game. Make use of your firm hand for rolling coin to a fork’s point. The best feature is that the items, needed to play, are also easily available.

For example, you need string and metal fork. Draw a line using your cord, and from this line, spin coins. You may begin to recede back the fork after every round. The space may differ, according to the games. Moreover, a particular coin is to be rolled for one time.

42. Ponginator

Two players should contend with each other. In total, you have to position 3 tables in completely parallel line. The table, on which you will keep your balls, must be placed at the mid portion.

Take one egg carton, in which there are eighteen places to keep balls. From other two existing tables, you must allow the balls to recoil and lay on the carton. The balls may not be positioned rightly with one chance. So, your efforts and concentration may help you much.

43. Mega Bubble

This party game is mostly about the bubbles of soap. Transfer a bubble with the help of hoop and your own blow. But, this game is problematic to those players, who are smokers. Drive the bubble across your area. When you cannot do it, you have to return for puffing more numbers of bubbles.

You can have the option of touching hoop, but never bubbles. Besides, keep good control, while releasing air. However, play this game better during spring season.

44. Sticky Situation

The concept on this game is different as you can blend your balls with peanut butter. Spring your balls and get one to get it glued to a bread piece, which has butter.

Hold the box while throwing balls. Ensure that every ball touches the desk before sticking to grease. You much remember that it is essential not to cross the drawn line, while you are playing.

Do not hasten in order to avoid all the faults in the game.

45. Kick off

Your foot plays the major in this game as the action of kicking is essential for playing the game. Place some light-weight cans in circular path, and in the middle point of this circle, you have to keep one big bucket. With every kick, you should toss each of those cans to let them fall into that bucket.

You lose your chances, whenever you cannot drop the cans on floor, rather than on the bucket. So, try using your foot well to win.

46. Cup ballet

Getting a success in the game within one minute is highly difficult. The target of the player is to catch the cups with the bottles. You can place every cup on the table and fling it to air.

Repeat this several times, until the player is able to grasp one of those tossed cups. Within the definite period, try to clutch one of these plastic cups.

Though there is no particular trick for making the game simpler, you must be determined, as the best player.

47. Knee Trembler

This gaming activity is comparatively easier, if played carefully. You should pick up an orange from the floor, not with hand but with your two knees. Then, holding the orange with knees, you must move steadily towards the target. A place has to be considered as target point, by circling that area.

If you can bring more oranges, you will be a champion. But when the orange falls prior to taking it to your target, the game should be initiated another time.

48. Cool Bartender

There are only two items, which are to be used for playing it. A number of straws and glasses may help you in arranging for the game. Place all your glasses in straight line and take a bunch of straws in your hand. Keep on throwing your straws one by one.

While you can put a straw into a glass, you get scores. On every glass, keep one straw to enjoy success in this entertainment. Those, who are proficient at placing maximum straws, are the winners.

49. Flip your lid

Play this game with your friend and get excited. Take one plastic glass together with a bottle in order to start playing this game. In addition to it, a table is also a significant object for the game. Place both the stated items on the table.

However, the glass must be twelve inches away from the bottle. Fling the glass into air with your hand, and this glass has to drop with its face down on the bottle’s top.

50. Sliding Towers

The players should sustain the balance of towers. 3 towers are made for the players by utilizing soda cans. First tower includes a single can; the second one has two cans and the last one comprises three cans. The towers are placed on table.

If you can slide the first tower without inverting it, you may continue with other two. Move those towers very slowly. The final one is the most difficult one to move successfully against the table’s surface.

51. Dizzy Mummy

It is perhaps kid’s game, as there is almost no advanced skill needed to enjoy it. However, your fastness is the special feature that is very useful for such game. Wrap your body with the toilet paper. Coil the complete roll very fast to be the champ. Be much careful that the paper should not tear.

A tip of this paper roll has to be tightened in a single fist. However, your two hands can be used all over this game.

52. Match Maker

Collect candies of three different colors, for example, red, yellow and green. Each of the colored candies must be six in number, and so, you need total eighteen candies for your play. Take some glasses of the same colors. On a table, place those candies, and cover them with the glasses. And on other places, keep the empty glasses.

The player should be fast in taking out the covered candies, and placing them in corresponding glasses for winning easily.

53. Mad Dog

This game should engage multiple teams, involving 2 contestants. Tic Tac box, rulers, adhesive and towel are few of the needs.

Attach Tic Tacs with the rulers’ tip. The lids of the box have to be half opened. The player must lift a ruler using the teeth. He should start to shake the head for emptying mints of the boxes.

All boxes are to be emptied within time. He is not allowed to finger the box or ruler with hands.

54. How’s It Hangin

For the preparation of this game, attach a string’s tip with banana stem. Ensure that the banana will not fall while the player is playing. Another tip of thread is to be glued to a belt. The fruit must be 12 inches off the ground. Place a ring on floor and oranges, on each end of the ring.

With the hips, the participants have to push banana to the front. They need to transfer orange pieces to the ring.

55. Hangnails

This is an extremely easy game with almost simple requirements. You need only six nails along with a string. The size of the nails may be three inches. Tie up the two ends of long thread to two pillars.

After you turn on your timer, the gamer has to start hanging all the nails on the thread. If any of the nails falls, the game must be started again. It’s easy to win only when you play much steadily.

56. Mouth to Mouth

To enjoy this outstanding game, take some bottles and dollars. Place six bottles in a line in normal position. On the mouth of these bottles, place a dollar horizontally. Then, cover those dollars by inverting other bottles on top. This is the only arrangement to play.

Now, to play, a player should pull the dollar in a way that the inverted bottle can remain intact. At least, one of the bottle pairs must be treated in this way to win this exciting game.

57. Extreme Hanky Panky

Tissues and some boxes are the essentials, if you desire to enjoy this game. The number of tissues to be kept in box is one hundred and eighty.

While playing, you require taking out those tissues within proper time. Use a hand to deal with this game. It may be regarded as the simplest game; however, try to do the major task extremely fast.

Besides, it is also not difficult to gather tissues for starting the attractive game.

58. Ka broom

The major things to your play are marshmallows, plate, ruler, chalk, broom and a cup. The competitor will grasp a broom with the spike towards the ground.

On another hand, he has to take the cup. Lay marshmallow bag on a desk. He has to allow high broom’s knob to get loosened in order that this may touch a hanging plate. He can grab a marshmallow but should not cross boundary.

The players will perhaps find this game to be much amazing.

59. Hoop de Loop

The goal of participant in the game is, in fact, to turn over the rings through the ground. 7 bottles of average size are positioned with gap among them. You may pay individually or with other partners. Spin the rings from definite distance.

There is no trickiness in the game. Do not arrange this game on the grass field or carpet because in these surfaces, the game may be harder to play. Besides, the hoops must be made of plastic.

60. Bucket Head

Though it is quite complicated, the target at this game isn’t impossible to attain. Stand before a wall, but it must be 5 ft. away. Throw the small ball to make it leap on ground and touch the wall. The ball will naturally come back to you, while you should grab it with your bucket.

Do the process multiple times in a minute. You should not sit or stoop for grasping your ball. Focus on this ball for winning it.