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Best Moisturizer for Baby Hair Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Taking care of baby hair when they are infants is an essential routine that grooms them for later years.

Hair growth for infants vary with genetics, but once they grow, they need as much attention and care as they need for their skin and nutrition.

Baby hair tends to be sensitive and can sometimes be hard to manage. While you are still learning about the texture of your baby hair, it is good to treat it with the best moisturizer for baby hair.

Whether your baby has thin or thick hair, with curly or straight texture, choosing the right products to groom them is not only crucial for their grooming but also their safety.

Using the wrong products can result in hair-growth mutation or even allergic reactions, so you must check the products carefully.

So to narrow down your options from the wide range of products, here are top moisturizers you can use for baby hair.

5 Best Moisturizer for Baby Hair Reviews 2022

This product is at the top of our list because of its versatility and the gentleness of the ingredients. It is specially formulated to tame curly hair, but you can conveniently use it for all types of hair.

The ingredients used are free from harmful chemicals usually found in many baby products that make is safe and highly commendable.

The main ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, and honey, which are all-natural products so you can rest assured that there are no allergic reactions.

These ingredients make it highly moisturizing and nourish the hair to soften and strengthen sensitive hair.

You can use it to style, tame, or define baby hair without the fear of damaging it.

So if you are looking for an effective yet gentle hair gel for baby hair, this is the top product to start your grooming sessions.


  • It contains active natural ingredients
  • Does not cause allergic reactions
  • Strengthens and nourishes sensitive baby hair
  • No need to use too much of it


  • Might have an unpleasant smell for some users
  • It is not readily available

If your baby is prone to tangled hair, it might get challenging to comb it, especially since their skin is still so sensitive.

However, if you want to groom them gently without damaging their hair growth and the natural textures, this is one of the best baby hair gel.

This hair moisturizer is a leave-in conditioner that nourishes and untangles difficult hair and is especially useful for sensitive skin.

One of the main features that we love is that it is eczema friendly product so if your baby has excessively dry skin, you can comfortably use this product without any consequences.

No matter what type of hair texture, this product works beautifully on all babies.

With this product, you can now style and groom baby hair without harming the sensitive skin or hair.


  • Sensitive hair and Eczema-friendly product
  • Suitable for all hair type and textures
  • Untangles stubborn knots
  • It nourishes while holding hair in place


  • Might leave a crunchy residue if you leave it for too many days
  • Works better for dry hair as it has a lot of moisture

Specially designed for babies with curly hair, this product is one of the best moisturizers for fizzy and wavy hair.

The product is also designed especially for girls, but you can also use it for boys with the same hair texture to define and groom as the ingredients are both natural and safe.

The curling and twisting hair moisturizer comes in an attractive tub with a wide opening to make it more convenient to scoop with your hand and apply.

The main ingredients used here are also shea butter, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil, which are rich in natural fats that will hydrate the hair and strengthen it.


  • Long-lasting effect
  • Defines and hold curls in place
  • Leaves a soft texture
  • It has a pleasant smell


  • Bulky packaging
  • Too heavy for thin hair

If your baby’s hair keeps getting tangled on the baby hairbrush and you want to be more gentle while grooming, this is the perfect moisturizer for baby hair.

While other products are heavy on the hair and can get greasy quickly, this product is lightweight.

It does not leave product stain on clothes and hairbrush and makes it manageable to brush through even the most delicate textures easily.

The botanically enriched hair gel for babies leaves a light and soft texture, keeping your baby looking fresh and well-groomed throughout the day.


  • It is not too greasy
  • Works great for oily and sensitive hair
  • Lightly conditions hair while keeping it in place
  • Entangles even fine and stubborn strands
  • Softens hair without making it brittle


  • Quite expensive
  • Hard to find a refill

Last, but definitely worth mentioning is this leave-in creme from Gurls.

It is specifically for managing curly hair so that it is easy to style and tame.

Enriched with natural oils and vitamins that promote hair growth, this product also brings out the natural texture of the baby's hair while making it more controllable and nourished.

It is great for styling and defining curly and fizzy hair. 

Once you apply it, it makes the hair softer and allows you to use baby hair brush it without hurting the scalp. 

It also has a smooth and pleasing smell that makes babies even more adorable.

Not only is this product great for styling, but it is also an excellent option to keep the hair nourished without requiring other hair products.


  • Defines and nourishes curly hair
  • Leaves a shiny and soft hair
  • Makes hair brushing less painful
  • Enriched with natural oils and vitamins


  • Not suitable for straight hair
  • Not recommended for babies sensitive to smell


Most of these hair products have specialized functions, and they might work well for some while they fail for others. They all depend on the type of hair and the number of products that you use.

Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream - Editor's Choice

However, considering the safety and effectiveness of the products in moisturizing baby hair, Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream can take the prize. It is affordable, creates, and defines all types of hair texture and contains enough moisture and nutrients to nourish and style baby hair. It is by far one of the most effective hair gels for babies with so many benefits, and finally, you can carry it wherever you take your baby to in case you need a retouch.

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