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Best Nasal Aspirators Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

There are there things a parent fears most when they have a young baby; a fever in the night, uncontrollable crying, and a blocked nose.

Infants cannot blow their noses (yet), and so just cannot stand them not being able to breathe through their noses. It is heartbreaking.

Well, unfortunately, it is going to happen at some point in their young lives, and only the best nasal aspirator for babies would relieve their distress.

Simply put, a nasal aspirator is a small device that suctions snot from the baby’s blocked nose.

They work so fast, and you will have the little one breathing properly and laughing again in as little as thirty seconds.

5 Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies Reviews 2022

NoseFrida, a human suction nasal aspirator is BPA and Phthalate free, and so you can use it with ease on your baby.

It cleans easily too as you will only have a handful of pieces to take apart and clean.

It primarily consists of a collection container (tube like) that you attach to another rubber tube which you will use for sucking.

The collection container is transparent with openings on both sides. It is separated from the suction tube by a filter.

The package contains 4 replacement hygiene filter so that you have spares at all times.

The filter protects you from inhaling bacteria from the baby’s nose.

It also makes it impossible for snot to transfer from the collecting container into the suction tube.

You’ll only need to replace the filter if it has touched mucous.

One of the things that make human suction aspirators the best to use is their powerful suction.

Seeing that you are the one applying pressure, you will use as much force as you need.

This makes them the most effective of the three.

The booger catchers (filters) are disposable after every use.

You will only have the collection container and the suction tube to clean after the procedure.


  • All pieces are top-rack washable.
  • Comes with a pack of disposable filters.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to clean and cary.


  • Poor plastic quality.
  • Fairly inexpensive price.

This nasal aspirator looks a lot like NoseFrida, but for the collecting container.

This one is quite small with a cap on the tip. The little silicone top is non-irritant and ideal for a baby’s blocked nose.

The BPA-free tip has won accolades for being small and gentle on the baby’s nose.

The suction tube, made of rubber is as long as you will need to bend forward and suction (not long but does the job).

Unlike the Frida, this nasal aspirator does not require filters. It makes use of saline drops instead, for freeing dried up boogers.

Now, the tricky bit is in the actual suction.

Seeing that it does not have a filter, you will need to be careful lest you end up with baby’s nasal gold in your mouth (gross as it sounds).

The aspirator has two chambers: the upper, which contains the tip and the lower where snot collects.

You will attach the suction tube on the upper chamber (also a lid for the whole container) and then lock both chambers together to make one small container.

To create a barrier between you and the baby’s gunk, place some tissue to catch the mucus.

Why is it not out first choice?

Well, it has a better tip than the Frida’s, but the filter (in Nose Frida) protects you from an unpleasant encounter.


  • Easy to use and carry with neat carrying case.
  • No need for filters.
  • The silicon tip is small and comfortable for the little ones.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.


  • The cord could be longer.
  • The nose tip is a bit tiny.

As far as snot suckers go, this one has the best structure.

It is hospital grade, quite cheap, and the manufacturer throws in a lifetime guarantee.

The small removable collection container has a lid that holds two tubes.

One of them goes into the baby’s nose since it attaches the tip, and then there is the suction tube for the parent.

Both of these tubes pour into the collecting chamber.

When you suck into the tube, the air goes into the collecting chamber and then up the tube with the nosepiece.

Because the tubes are so far from each other, there is no chance of mucus getting in your mouth.

The nosepiece is plastic, and this is both a good and bad thing.

Some parents feel it is too hard for the delicate noses of their little ones, but in the real sense, it does not hurt them.

Why is it good?

Because the sturdiness of the plastic keeps the tube in place while sucking out the stuff in the nose.


  • Most affordable aspirator.
  • Small and portable to carry.
  • No need for filters.
  • Small and easy to clean.


  • You will need heavy suction to get into the baby’s tube from your end.
  • Hard to get nose gunk out of the tubing.

If the thought of human suctioning turns you off, you could try this battery-operated aspirator.

Although it is not cheap, the OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator lasts long, and it gets the job done in seconds.

Additionally, it saves you the trouble of sucking into a tube whenever baby catches a cold.

You would expect it to be a bit noisy, seeing that here is a small motor running, but it is not.

The baby will hardly notice, except for when you insert the tip.

Speaking of tips, it has three; Power Suction, Long Reach and Gentle, which serve different purposes.

The gentle suction tip is ideal for newborns, while the long each tip is for when you need to suction the nose continuously.

When the baby has stubborn, dried-up boogers, the power suction will do.

The primary of using a battery operated aspirator over a manual one is that you o longer have to suck into the tube.

This one needs no filters too, and clean up is easy.


  • Small and portable to carry.
  • All three tips are small and soft.
  • Simple and safe to use with FDA approved.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.


  • Expensive price.
  • The suction is not very powerful.

Mom’s Choice presents this FDA-approved battery operated nasal aspirator that is quite easy to use.

You will only need to shove the gentle nasal tip into the baby’s nose and then press the button to suction.

The package comes with two tips and two O-rings for tightening the tip to the collecting cup.

Once you are done, you will rinse out the silicone tip and the collection tank.

Usually, electric and battery operated nasal aspirators have a suction limit that prevents them from harming your baby.

If the suction is too powerful, it will certainly cause more harm than good.

For this reason, you may have to spend a little longer suctioning the nose than you would with a manual one.

The longer the nasal tip is in the nose, the more uncomfortable the baby will be.

Luckily, the two silicone tips on this aspirator are long and slender for comfortable suctioning.


  • Easy to clean. Simply pull the silicone tip and the reservoir apart and rinse them with warm soapy water.
  • Portable, easy to carry around.
  • Has 2 different tips for different nose sizes.
  • Simple to use - one-handed operation.


  • The suction is not very powerful.
  • Does not suction dry booger s unless you use saline solution.

3 Types of Nasal Aspirators or Baby Nose Aspirator

There are 3 main types of nasal aspirators available on the market.

  • Bulb Nasal Aspirator
    It looks like an onion bulb with a long tip on one side. To use it, you are supposed to squeeze the rubber bulb and then insert the tip into the baby’s nose.

    Once inside, let go of the bulb and wait as it sucks the air and snot inside. They are cheap and disposable.

  • Human Suction Nasal Aspirator
    You may have already guessed by the name that it requires human suction. Guess what you will use… your mouth.

    Gross! You must be thinking.

    The good news is that snot is collected in a container and there is no way that it could get into your mouth.

  • Electric Nasal Aspirator
    It is simple to use as you ill only need to shove the tip up the baby’s nose and suck it all out. The downside is that suction is not very powerful.


You will sleep soundly when you baby is breathing peacefully. The bulb aspirators given in hospitals are only meant to be used once before disposal.

Since they are difficult to open, they could grow mold that would certainly affect your little one.

It's also easy to use, clean and gets the work done in seconds. The filter prevents the passing of bacteria from baby to mouth, but there still is a minimal likelihood of it happening.

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator - Editor's Choice

The five aspirators we have discussed in this platform are excellent choices that will not break the bank. FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator is especially unique seeing that is doctor-developed and doctor-recommended. That aside it is made of toxic-free material. You can wash all the pieces in the washing machine, except the suction tube since it is rubber made.

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