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Best Natural Baby Wipes Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Your baby’s soft and lush skin is a beautiful wonder with invisible ‘handle with care’ notice on it.

Having been in the womb for nine months, the skin is delicate. So, when you introduce unnatural chemicals on the skin, it will react.

From baby diapers to baby wipes and clothes, you have to choose materials that are friendly to the skin.

And, given the number of times you’ll wipe your baby’s delicate skin, you have to find the best natural baby wipes.

Natural baby wipes are free from unsafe and unnatural chemicals, and they do not affect the skin’s natural pH balance.

With such baby wipes, you won’t have to worry about diaper rashes or skin breakouts. They also prevent skin allergies ad allergies affecting the respiratory system.

The other reason why you need to get natural baby wipes is that they are soft and gentle. The absence of unnatural chemicals and use of safely processed natural fibers results in the best baby wipes.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when looking for natural baby wipes is this; they are not the cheapest on the market.

As you may have noted, most natural and organic products are expensive. That is because you are buying the best.

5 Best Natural Baby Wipes Reviews 2022

It goes without saying that Pampers is one of the biggest diaper and baby wipes brand on the market.

Pampers has been on the market for decades, and their products keep getting better.

In their quest to keep mothers and babies happy, they have their natural Pampers Baby Wipes.

The wipes have clinicians’ approval because they are gentle enough for use on your baby’s face and hands.

It is 20 percent thicker than many other wipes on the market.

This thickness makes them ideal for use when changing soiled diapers.

Babies love these wipes because, besides being gentle when used, they also restore the skin’s natural pH.

The restoration of natural pH means that the skin won’t feel dry, scaly or uncomfortable.

The right Ph is also ideal for prevention of diaper rash. The wipes are dermatologically tested.

The wipes’ patented Unique Soft Grip Texture wipes gently, and it cleans more.

Since the wipes clean more, you end up using few wipes.

This gives you value for money. The texture of these wipes prevents it from slipping or folding back when in use.

Use on sensitive skin: these wipes are ideal for use on sensitive skin thanks to the fact that it has natural non-reactive ingredients.

The wipes are hypoallergenic and suitable for babies whose skins react to almost everything.

Besides being hypoallergenic, the wipes are also perfume free.

Therefore, if your baby has allergies or asthma, he or she won’t start sneezing immediately you open the box of wipes.

These features also make it suitable for use by allergic or asthmatic parents.


  • The wipes are safe since they contain natural ingredients.
  • They are thick and have a good grip for ease of use.
  • They are perfume free and hypoallergenic.
  • The individual wipes are bigger than most other brands.


  • The seal is a thin sticker, not a plastic latch.
  • The wipes are a bit oily.

In this fast paced world, it makes sense to have a way of wiping your baby after a diaper change and disposing of the wipe.

Except for a few parts of the world, everyone uses these disposable wipes.

Well, they are economical, convenient and you don’t have to be near a bathroom to change your baby.

It is, therefore, only fair if we use the best wipes with natural ingredients, isn’t it?

We can’t be dealing with diaper rash.

Huggies remains one of the companies providing the best diapers and baby wipes on the market and a favorite for most moms.

HUGGIES Natural Care Baby Wipes are suitable for use on sensitive skin because it wipes gently.

The use of natural ingredients in their construction makes this Huggies baby wipes right for use on newborn skin.

It is gentle. The enrichment with vitamin E and aloe makes the wipes great skin care products.

The wipes are free of parabens, alcohol, and fragrance. They are, therefore ideal for use on sensitive skin.

The absence of fragrance makes these wipes suitable for allergic babies and adults.

They come in soft disposable packs and are handy for use wherever you go.

You can finally change your baby in the car without worrying about making a mess.

The Huggies EZ Pull Dispensing Technology allows you to pull out one wipe at a time.

For your baby’s room, you may want to get the Pop-Up tubs.

They are convenient and make for fast, clean ups in the house. The Clutch ‘N’ Clean feature is refillable, portable and totally adorable.

You can hang it on the stroller or put it in your purse for easy access.

The wipes come in refill packs and boxes which make for easy refills of the tub or the clutch.


  • Natural, fragrance-free and do not cause diaper rash.
  • High-quality fabric.
  • Soft and gentle hence suitable for newborns.
  • Refill Packs have a resealable closure to help keep your baby wipes fresh.


  • Sometimes get stuck dispensing from tub.

If you are looking for true natural wipes for use on sensitive or insensitive skin, these WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes are what you need.

We consider these our ideal natural wipes because they have two main ingredients – water and grapefruit seed extract.

They are versatile, and you can use them to clean your baby’s bum, face, hands, o a quick head-to-toe wash.

They are safe for teething and weaning.

Besides babies, you can use the wipes as pet wipes or wipes for the allergy-prone adult skin.

These are ideal general skin care wipes.

They prevent diaper rash because they are gentle. With the two natural ingredients, water, and grapefruit seed extract, these wipes are not chemical laden.

They do not disrupt the skin’s natural pH. You can use them from birth as they come highly recommended.

The absence of chemicals or fragrance makes these wipes hypoallergenic.

They are, therefore, ideal for use by asthmatic or allergic babies and adults.

These wipes are free of phthalates, chlorine, phenols, SLS, parabens, alcohol, perfume and formaldehyde.


  • High-quality natural wipes.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, and they prevent diaper rash.
  • They are hypoallergenic and don’t have any chemicals.
  • Awarded National Eczema Association of America Seal of Acceptance.


  • The package doesn’t allow for easy dispensing.
  • Smaller than other wipes.

Aren’t you tired of buying fake thick baby wipes for sensitive skin?

These Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes promise to end your search.

They are thick and strong meaning that they clear the messes much faster. You’ll also use few wipes.

They are natural wipes, and they lack chemicals.

Therefore, they are the safest wipes to use on your baby’s sensitive skin.

They are non-sensitizing, safe and totally hypoallergenic.

They aren’t just safe for babies but adults too.

The wipes are soft and comfortable when used.

This means that your baby won’t make an angry face or squeal when you wipe them.

You can use the wipes to clean your baby’s face, hands, bum and also the whole body.

Being chemical free and natural, these wipes prevent diaper rashes or skin breakouts.

These wipes are also our favorite because they promote healthy skin by keeping it moisturized.

This is because of water, aloe vera, and vitamin E which are skin nourishing essentials.

Lack of fragrances and perfumes makes these wipes perfect for allergic babies, adults, and pets.

Unfortunately, the packaging on these wipes isn’t the best and getting out a baby wipe at a time almost impossible with one hand.

Also, the lid doesn’t close well.


  • Thick and strong make it easier to clean up all of baby's messes.
  • Affordable price.
  • Gentle wipes made for baby’s sensitive skin and safe for baby.
  • Fragrance free and 0 percent alcohol, parabens and phenoxyethanol.


  • The lid doesn’t close tightly drying out the wipes.
  • They leave lint.

The best baby wipes make it easy for you to clean or wipe your baby after changing diapers.

You can also use them on other parts of the body and when in use, your child doesn’t get rashes or starts to sneeze.

Finding such excellent baby wipes is difficult.

These bloom + KIND wipes are among the best picks on the market.

They are unscented and hypoallergenic.

Therefore, your baby will not get bad allergies or ugly and uncomfortable diaper rashes.

The reason why these wipes make it to our top list mainly due to their design using plant-based formula.

They have plant-derived vitamins such as A, D and B-Complex vitamins.

The use of natural ingredients and absence of unsafe chemicals makes these baby wipes ideal for all skin types.

You can use the wipes on eczema prone, rash prone or sensitive skin.

The wipes are free of parabens, phthalates, phenols, chlorine, and alcohol.

They also lack unsafe complex chemicals like lanolin, formaldehyde, SLS and quaternary ammonium compounds.

The purest form of water is the main component of these wipes hence its hypoallergenicity and overall safety.

The wipes have natural fibers.


  • Gentle and ideal for use on sensitive skin.
  • They are thick and big making cleaning easy. You also use few wipes.
  • They prevent diaper rash.
  • Nice texture that makes them easy to wipe with.


  • The flap is sticky and not a pop-up.
  • A little pricey.

Features to Look for When Buying Natural Baby Wipes

Unfortunately, finding a good natural wipes for your babies isn’t easy. There are wipes with ‘natural’ on the packaging but, they may not be natural at all.

That is why we have this guide. To find the best follow these guide and consider the following features:

  • Ingredients
    The first thing you should consider when buying natural baby wipes is – what is in the wipes? Are the ingredients natural? Will the ingredients enhance your baby’s skin health or prevent infections?

    The best ingredients in natural baby wipes include water, vitamin E, and aloe. Any other chemicals should be non-reactive, safe, and organic. Avoid the ones with cleansers, preservatives, and fragrances.

  • Size
    Baby wipes should be small enough to dispense with ease but big enough to clean the big mess your baby will make on the diaper. You need baby wipes that assure you of your security when cleaning that mess.

    Unfortunately, most brands fail to mention the size of the wipes. Therefore, we recommend that you look at user reviews to know if the wipes are a good size.

  • Durability
    You wouldn’t want baby wipes that will tear apart when wiping your baby’s bum. So, to prevent that unsightly event, make sure that the wipes are strong. The wipes should also note stretch too far when in use.

  • Wipe material
    Unfortunately, you may not find baby wipes made of all natural materials. Most baby wipes gave natural and synthetic materials.

    Therefore, you will not find flushable or biodegradable baby wipes. Avoid wipes that leave lint behind.

  • Texture and Softness
    The best baby wipes are soft, but they are also textured. The texture of the wipes determines how easy or hard wiping will be.

    Untextured baby wipes fold back when in use and they make big messes. Though textured wipes are the best, they shouldn’t be rough.

  • Moisture
    Look for those baby wipes that are soft and moist. They shouldn’t be too wet or dry. As we all know, you will know a great wipe the first time you use it or even hold it.


Finding the most-recommeded natural baby wipes may be challenging but, you have to look for the best for your peace of mind. Peace of mind because you will worry yourself sick when your baby gets a nasty diaper rash.

The natural baby wipes usually lack unsafe and harsh chemicals. Therefore, they do not react with your baby’s skin or affect the natural pH balance of the skin.

They will also prevent allergies, and if you are allergic, you won’t get sick taking care of your baby.

To find the best baby wipe, you have to check the ingredients, ease of use, safety, thickness, strength, and the texture of the wipes. Having reviewed these five baby wipes with these features in mind, we have a favorite.

Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 9X Refill - Editor's Choice

The Pampers Baby Wipes are perfect for sensitive skin, and you can use them right after birth. They are gentle and clinically proven to be mild. They restore the skin’s natural pH and clean well. They are also 20% thicker, and the patented Unique Soft Grip Texture makes wiping bums so much easier. With all these features, these are our best baby wipes!

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