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Best Nipple Cream Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

To be honest:

Motherhood is a great joy, but it has its pains.

We all look happy when we look at our smiling babies but, sometimes the big smiles hide a lot of pain from breastfeeding.

While breastfeeding is the best way of feeding infants and creating bonds that last a lifetime, it is not a sweet journey for all moms. For this, you can blame cracked and sore nipples (source).

Not all moms get sore and cracked nipples but, the ones who do go through too much pain.

Since most moms don’t know of the existence of nipple creams, they stop breastfeeding and resort to bottle feeding (source).

On the other hand, moms who aware of nipple creams may not get the high-quality creams because the market is full of confusing creams and fake reviews.

Soft and tender nipples mean that you breastfeed comfortably for long. In return, you child grows up healthy and brighter.

For this reason, we are here to help. We don’t want you and your baby to miss out on these precious moments.

5 Best Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding Reviews 2022

You may want to reconsider your decision to give up breastfeeding and to feed your baby using a feeding bottle this early.

We know that it is tough when your nipples are cracking and painful.

All you only need is the best nipple creams on the market.

One such cream is this Natural Nipple Butter Organic Breastfeeding Cream.

It is one of the best and our favorite nipple creams.

It is an organic and comforting natural nipple butter rich with calendula.

It is lanolin-free and non-sticky.

Calendula is a deep moisturizer, and it will soothe your nipples.

As a result, you will no longer feel discomfort when breastfeeding.

Besides nipples, this cream also works to soothe and soften dry lips, cheeks, heels, rough elbows and generally dry skin.

Baby friendly – The use of natural ingredients makes this cream safe for use by mother and baby – you do not have to wash it off your nipples before nursing.

You can also use it to moisturize your baby’s dry cheeks and the whole body.

Thanks to its effectiveness and safety, hospitals use it even for fragile NICU babies.

It clears cradle cap, dry patches, and drool rash.

GMO-Free – it is difficult to find a product that is entirely GMO-free.

However, the specialists understand the need to feed your baby in the safest environment.

They recommend the use of this cream because it is the first verified Non-GMO project.

So, you can apply this cream knowing that your baby is safe.

This cream is non-toxic. It is naturally vegan, and yes, it is gluten-free.

It also doesn’t have artificial fragrance, dyes or flavors.

At the same time, it is free of petroleum products, phthalates, parabens and vitamin E. It is also lead-free.


  • Heals cracked nipples fast.
  • Soothing and relaxing to mom and baby.
  • Safe and non-toxic ingredients.
  • It doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Versatile, and you can use it to moisturize your skin.


  • It has strong sweet smell.
  • Costly price.

It is sad to know that many moms are struggling with cracked and chapped nipples when there is a solution out there.

Most moms have given up on breastfeeding and resorted to pumping and using bottles because of the pain.

Fortunately, that wouldn’t be the case if they tried some of the best breastfeeding creams.

This is one of top creams on the market, and it comes highly recommended to moms by other moms and lactation consultants.

This topical nipple treatment soothes and protects your dry, sore nipples.

After a few days of use, your nipples will feel good again, and you will get to breastfeed happily.

Maybe you’ll twitch a little when your baby bites but, that is nothing compared to the pain of a cracked nipple.

This breastfeeding salve has HPA lanolin, the world’s purest lanolin.

This HPA Lanolin is safe for baby and mom. Natural lanolin is an excellent moisturizer, and the use of this cream will leave your nipples soft and supple.

It's also hypoallergenic. This means that your baby’s sensitive skin won’t react with the cream.

Your skin is sensitive too so, thanks to being hypoallergenic, you will not scratch your boobs.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve doesn’t have any additives or preservatives.

It is 100 percent natural, and it has a single ingredient – BHT.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about weird reactions or long term side effects.


  • Doctor recommended.
  • Great moisturizing properties.
  • Heals cracked nipples fast.
  • Relatively easy to open and close.


  • Your baby may not like the taste or the smell.
  • It's very thick and can stain clothes.

This is a certified organic salve that is perfect for every breastfeeding mom.

If your nipples are cracking and they feel sore, then you better get this nipple cream.

At the same time, if you are expecting soon, you better get it or add it to the gift registry because you will need it.'

It is a favorite for many moms across the world thanks to its effectiveness.

It is all natural, and it doesn’t have lanolin.

Its main ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, marshmallow root, shea butter, and calendula flower.

It is also free of vitamin E. Ingestion of vitamin E by infants may be fatal.

All the other ingredients in this nipple cream are safe for ingestion by your baby.

Upon application on your sore nipples, these ingredients work to soften and heal.

It is 100 percent USDA organic and certified as safe for use by humans.

It is cruelty-free certified and will heal your sore nursing nipples after a few uses.

You do not have to wash it off before nursing.


  • Great price.
  • Organic ingredients, and you don’t have to wash it off before nursing.
  • Works fast and heals cracked and sore nipples.
  • It doesn’t have vitamin E.


  • It smells strongly of olive oil.
  • It stains clothes.

You don’t have to give up breastfeeding just because your nipples are sore and cracked.

Most ladies find themselves in a new world of motherhood where nothing is rosy.

The beautiful pictures you see are deceitful because moms go through a lot of pain for those pictures.

The worst pain is that of sore breasts.

Fortunately, someone saw the need to save moms from this pain and developed some of the best nipple creams on the market.

This Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube is one of the best.

It comes highly recommended thanks to the fact that it is safe for use by mom and baby.

It has natural ingredients, and you won’t have to clean it out before nursing.

The use of natural ingredients also makes it hypoallergenic.

Therefore, you and your baby won’t have to worry about allergies.

This cream offers immediate soothing relief and protects your nipples from further chaffing or cracking.

Its application is easy, and it doesn’t create any messes. It glides smoothly and gently.

With its great price, you have no reason to give up breastfeeding. It is lead-free.


  • Soothes sore nipples fast.
  • Easy to apply since it is not too thick and it glides smoothly.
  • Natural, and you don’t have to clean your nipples before nursing.
  • Not sticky or gooey.


  • It will stain your clothes.
  • The soothing action doesn’t last very long.

Instead of giving up n nursing completely, losing out the precious moments when your baby coils her little fingers around yours, get this nipple cream.

After a few uses, your sore nipples will heal, and you can get back to breastfeeding full time.

It is made of natural ingredients which make this nipple balm safe for you and your precious angel.

Its main ingredients include sunflower oil, tamanu oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

It also has shea butter, calendula, beeswax, and aloe vera.

These ingredients are safe for ingestion.

Olive oil in the balm deeply hydrates and also soothes the skin.

Tamanu oil, shea butter, and aloe vera keep your nipples soft, supple and resilient to nursing.

It is also hypoallergenic. Thanks to this, your baby and your nipples will not look worse after using the balm.

It has a certification for Organic Vegetarian Ultra-Light Safe.

It is, therefore, one of the safest nipple balms on the market.

It is free of chemicals and components like gluten, vitamin E, lanolin, mineral oils and petroleum.

Phthalates, parabens, dyes, flavors, fragrances and common allergens are also absent in this nipple cream.


  • Nice and soft texture for ease of application.
  • Help softens and moisturizes the nipples.
  • Facilitates faster healing of sore nipples.
  • Natural, safe and ingestible.


  • Absorbed too fast.
  • Too oily.

Features to Look for When Buying Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding

  • Does it fulfill its purpose?
    Nipple creams are there to relieve soreness in nipples. It should help heal cracked and chaffed nipples. It should also moisturize your dry and cracked nipples.

    Therefore, good nipple cream can soothe and heal your sore nipples fast (source).

  • Ingredients
    Are the ingredients in the nipple cream safe on your skin or your baby’s? What happens if your child ingests the cream?

    For you not to worry, look out for nipple creams made using all natural and plant-based ingredients.

    The ingredients should be safe for ingestion for your baby. The cream should be free of preservatives and pesticides.

    The best nipple cream doesn’t come with a warning to remove before breastfeeding.

  • Ingredients to avoid
    You should avoid any cream that has harsh chemicals like parabens, petroleum or triethanolamine. These cause irritations.’

    You should also avoid nipple creams with alcohol in them. Alcohol dries the skin, and it will cause more cracking.

  • Numbing effect
    Check out user reviews to know if the nipple cream has any numbing effect. And, if you find that the cream you bought has numbing effects, discontinue use immediately because numbing will affect milk let-down.

    Steroids are the leading cause of numbing. It may also numb your baby’s mouth preventing him or her from feeding.

  • Application
    Nipple creams aren’t always easy to apply. Some are too thick others too sticky, and some creams are too thin and oily.

    Before buying the nipple cream, ensure that its application is easy and smooth and that it won’t cause more pain and soreness (source).

  • Smell
    Fragrances are unsafe and shouldn’t be ingested. Therefore, unless the safe ingredients have fragrances, you should always get unscented nipple creams.

    Some smells may also cause irritation. Also, your baby may refuse to breastfeed because of the scent despite your efforts.

  • Cost
    How much are you willing to spend on the nipple cream? Are you looking for an expensive brand nipple cream or cream that gives you value for your money?

    Keep in mind that the expensive creams have organic ingredients and they are the best.

  • Labels
    If the nipple cream has a label warning or recommending removal before breastfeeding, run to the market for something else.

    Such labels show that the cream is unsafe for use.


You need to get a nipple cream if you are considering full-time bottle-feeding instead of breastfeeding because of the excruciating pain from cracked nipples.

Taking a few days to recover is alright, but for continuous breastfeeding after healing, you have to have a breastfeeding cream.

You also need to get the cream because breastfeeding is the best way for you to create a bond with your child. It is the perfect mommy and baby time, and you can’t let sore nipples take that away when you buy nipple cream.

The five creams reviewed above are among the best on the market, and they are favorites for different moms.

Natural Nipple Butter Organic Breastfeeding Cream - Editor's Choice

Our recommended pick is the Natural Nipple Butter Organic Breastfeeding Cream. It is the first non-GMO Project Verified nipple cream. It is made with all natural ingredients, and it is the safest mom and baby cream on the market. It is rich in calendula, and it is, therefore, an excellent skin moisturizer. You can use on other parts of your body, and it is safe on your baby’s skin too. Most importantly, it is lanolin free and non-sticky.

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