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Best Organic Baby Formula Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

More and more parents are focussing on buying the best organic baby formula to care for the babies in 2021.

We have observed that the good organic formula has no harmful chemicals.

Thus, your little baby has perhaps no possibility of experiencing any problem in tummy.

Besides, these organic products have almost no mycotoxin, which is a very poisonous substance.

Rather, such supplements are full of plant-derived components along with various antioxidants.

Some of them have also dietary fatty acids, which are extremely useful to develop the baby’s mental and physical features.

Lutein is also another element to improve the vision strength of your baby.

By buying any organic ingredients-based formula, it is easy for you to feed babies naturally.

Though the non-organic ones do not always hamper your baby’s growth, there may be some adverse effects on lung and nerves.

With organic formulas, you will turn out to be a happier mom. If you’re concerned on babies’ weight or your own breastfeeding problems, then this organic recipe is ideal option.

Your baby will get all the nutrients he needs and the immune system will be stronger than ever.

All of this means that organic products are the first choice, simply due to the fact they don’t have side effects and they are the safest choice as well.

5 Best Organic Baby Formula Reviews 2022

If you want to look for the top 1 organic baby formula, then you’ve just found it. Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula is designed with inspiration taken from breast milk and for women whose milk production declines with time, this is a perfect substitute.

The similarity is remarkable when put next to real breast milk.

The formula is composed high-quality proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and most importantly f all, essential fatty acids.

It is these fatty acids like DHA and ARA that are present in abundance in real breast milk and these components make this formula as close to the real thing as possible.

This formula that is based on organic non-fat milk is intended for babies up to the age of 12 months and is designed as a complete nutritional supplement for them.

This can be given on its own or alternated with breast milk.

So this is ideal for mothers who face the problem of lack of milk production after a while.

The formula can even be refrigerated for 24 hours and then re-heated to be used but you must remember that once the seal is broken, the formula must be consumed within a month.


  • Organic ingredients.
  • Very easy to digest.
  • Including Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids.
  • Both USDA certified & Kosher certified.


  • Some questionable ingredients - syrup solids, hexane derived DHA.

There is a lot of emphasis and demand for organic formulas for babies and rightly so, after all the cleaner your babies eat at the beginning of their life, the better and faster they are likely to develop as time proceeds.

The Baby’s Only Organic Dairy with DHA and ARA continues the commitment of the company to producing quality organic products for babies except in this addition, you get the advantage of boosted DHA and ARA.

As any doctor will tell you DHA and ARA are two essential fatty acids that are found in breast milk.

DHA is very crucial for the development of the brain and the nervous system and is very essential for the baby.

For the manufacturing of this product, both these essential fatty acids are generated from egg phospholipids which is pretty much as natural as you can get.

The taste is rather easy on the tongue too and your child should take a liking to it rather quickly.

The product is completely gluten free and neither is there a presence of corn syrup in it.

This make it perfect for babies that are suffering from gluten or corn allergies.

As with most Baby’s Only products, there are no genetically modified ingredients used here and neither is the milk coming from cows that have been on steroids or growth hormones.

All these qualities make this, without a doubt, one of the best organic formulas in the market today.


  • Decent taste and very easy to digest.
  • Including Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids.
  • Hexane free.
  • Gluten Free No rBST Dairy No Corn Syrup nor GMO Ingredients.


  • Very constipated and too much gas.

There are a couple of main reasons why the Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is favored by a lot of parents and recommended by many others.

This particular formula has managed to form its own niche and has garnered a solid fan following and is rightly considered the best all natural baby formula today.

The first reason for its popularity is the fact that is certifiably gluten free.

Even more impressive is the list of ingredients that they have managed to avoid putting in this baby formula.

There is no corn syrup, rBST dairy or any kinds of GMO ingredients whatsoever in this baby formula.

The company also assures you that none of the ingredients that have been used in the production of the product have been genetically modified.

These guys really do take the term organic seriously. Which is why even the milk base of this baby formula has only been taken from cows that have never been given steroids, antibiotics or any artificial growth hormones whatsoever.

There are 6 cans in per package and this formula is available in both lactose and non-lactose versions.

Vegetarians or vegans can also use the soy version as well.

This is the ideal product for parents who are ultra health conscious and are very particular about what goes inside their baby’s body.

A perfect all in one meal package for your baby’s nutritional needs.


  • 100% organic ingredients.
  • Cheapest formula among all reviewed ones.
  • Contain DHA & ARA to promote eye and brain development.
  • Gluten Free No rBST Dairy No Corn Syrup nor GMO Ingredients


  • Not for sensitive tummies - can cause constipation and gas.

As you can guess by the name (the word sensitive to be clear) this is a formula that is meant for babies that have sensitive stomachs or those who have faced problems with digesting other kinds of formulas so far.

Needless to say, this formula is intended for babies who are a year old or less and is structured in such a way that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the tender tummies of babies.

The core of the formula is based around whey that is included with a blend of carbohydrates that are very easy on the baby’s tummy.

Similarly, the formula is low lactose that makes digestion rather easy and avoids problems of gas.

To keep things very clean, there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors used in making this formula.

Neither are there any traces of growth hormones, steroids or any antibiotics present in it.

You do have plenty of DHA and ARA present, which helps in the development of brain and eyesight in little babies.

All in all, Earth’s Best Organic formula eliminates all the bad things while focusing on the good ones to produce a formula that is god sent for many parents whose babies have difficulty with formula.

There are better products in the market, especially some of those that are reviews above, but if your child is facing a lot of tummy problems then maybe you should give this one a go.


  • Low lactose, easy-to-digest.
  • Contain DHA & ARA to promote eye and brain development.
  • Both USDA certified & Kosher certified.


  • Not for sensitive tummies - can cause constipation and gas.

Just like babies who are sensitive to regular kind of formula, there are babies who are lactose intolerant and the Earth’s Best Organic Soy Infant Formula is meant just for such babies.

This product, which is meant for babies that re less than a year old, is modulated after real breast milk and as a result it has plenty of vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein packed in.

Of course it has plenty of DHA and ARA in it so that your baby’s central nervous system and his or her eyesight can develop quickly too.

The product is Kosher and USDA certified and contains absolutely no traces of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GEI or any sort of potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides.

As mentioned above the formula is completely lactose free and this means that this is a very good solution for babies that are lactose intolerant.

So if your baby is facing problems of gas, suffering from reflux or any other sort of dairy allergy, then this is a baby formula that you should definitely try.

Still, it is a complete nutritional supplement that is packed with essential nutrients that every growing infant needs.

The formula is also fortified with iron for red blood cell development and made from completely organic soy beans, thereby no presence of GMO whatsoever and the product is USDA certified organic.

Great for babies who cannot digest milk based formula.


  • Contain DHA & ARA to promote eye and brain development.
  • Lactose free, easy-to-digest.
  • Both USDA certified & Kosher certified.


  • There are quite a few issues with feeding soy to an infant. Make sure to consider carefully before buying.

Advantages of Using Organic Baby Formula

There are various advantages of feeding organic formula to your baby, some of which are:

  • All ingredients and the sources from where the ingredients pass all the standards so as to acquire the certification of becoming a baby formula.
  • All these products are grown with proper care such that sewage sludge, genetic engineering or ionizing radiation cannot be used for practices of growing the required ingredients.
  • All the crops, used in the formula, are grown with natural standards to make sure there are no pesticides or chemicals used for growing.
  • The powered formula is normally made from natural ingredients, so it does not create any problem to child’s digestion system.
  • Organic Baby Formula is quite similar to supplement of breastmilk which helps your child stay healthy and fit.

Why Choose Organic Baby Formula For Your Child

Although it’s highly suggested that breast milk is best for your babies, you might need to look for an alternative option other than maternal milk such as baby formula.

Parent must only trust the organic baby formula and not any other conventional formula for baby because they are specifically designed to offer all the nutrients without containing any harmful chemicals.

Most importantly, it abides by all the quality and purity standards that are critical for your child’s health. Some of the features that increase the worth of organic baby formula are:

  • Quality
    When it comes to baby formula, the most important matter should be the quality of products you are giving to your child. Organic baby formula is itself a name that assures that it has only quality ingredients that are grown with certified farming practices.

    Also a baby formula can only receive the tag of organic when it is passed from all standards of purity certifications.

  • Delicate and digestible
    A small baby at such a young age can only digest mother’s milk and thus the Organic formula is formed after analyzing the pattern of mother’s milk and thus it is gentle on delicate system of an infant.

  • Nutritional value
    Other than being delicate over the child’s tummy, Organic baby formula is also a rich source of nutrition that a baby requires at a very young age.

    Designed for specific age it has proper amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate source that a child should intake in a day. This resembles the nutritional value equivalent to a mother’s milk.

  • Purity
    The formula contains only what is mentioned in the labels the organic baby formula is free from steroids, antibiotics, added flavors, gluten constraints, additional colors, peanuts or any tree nuts ingredients that can harm a child by any means.

  • Certification
    Before the actual manufacturin, all ingredients are properly analyzed for quality. Only those products are used that had passed the criteria of quality testing.

    These standards products are only those products which have received certification of quality in all measures.

  • Only Organic Ingredients
    The ingredients used in the formula are grown only in organic farms that have received certification of standards. In such farms all the required ingredients are grown with natural processes without any use of pesticides or chemicals.

  • Packaging
    As used for very small babies the packaging of organic baby formula is done with proper care in a sealed package so that no chemical or insects can enter the formula.

Without a doubt, the most important matters to all parents are their child safety and health. Fortunately, the organic baby formula is very safety, purity and provides great nutrients for your baby.

It’s the right decision for all parents to switch to use only organic baby formula for their child’s overall growth.

Why You Should Never Use Conventional Baby Formula

Here are few reasons why you should never use conventional formula for your babies:

  • Synthetic ingredients
    So as to fulfill the daily requirement of nutrition conventional baby formula is filled with synthetic vitamins and minerals.

    This highly processed formula lack antibodies that disturb the immunity of little child making him ill more often.

    Due to improper resistance ability to several diseases, the child is more prone to infections and other diseases.

  • Soy
    Conventional baby formula does often have soy and GMO corn which is added after genetically modifying it.

    It contains 70 % of contaminated soy ingredients that is not good for a small child as it is developed by certain products like hydrogen cyanide and air pollutants.

    In such formula, soy is processed with chemicals to fulfill the need of nutrition in child, but this is not good for child's health.

  • Added preservatives
    Regular formula has high preservatives in its composition.

    Usually, they are synthetic preservatives which are added in order to keep the formula fresh for long. However, they are quite harmful to small child.

  • Enzymes
    For a little child at a very age of 12 months or so there require some enzymes which could make his food intake simpler to digest.

    Unlike organic formula these enzymes are missing in normal formula thus it is harder for babies to digest.

  • Additional sugar
    Organic formula do have sugar but to very little extent but in the conventional baby formula the amount of added sugar is more than 50%.

    It is true that mother’s milk is little sweeter and so to make formula sweet as milk lactose must be added but as it is very costly they use a certain amount of sucrose that is harmful to a child and he can be prone to obesity at a very young age.

    Another type of sugar used in conventional formula is corn syrup, glucose syrup, malt dextrin, etc.

  • Difficult to digest
    Compared to organic food, the ingredients used in the conventional formula make it hard to digest for the sensitive tummies. 

    One of the reasons that make it difficult to digest mainly due to the amount of synthetic nutrients present in it.

Ingredients That Your Organic Baby Formula Should Not Have In It

Although there are several options when looking for organic baby formula, as a parent it is our duty to research wisely to pick the best for your child. The better option for child is selecting the best natural baby formula that does not contain ingredients that could harm your child in any means.

Make sure to check the label to know exactly the ingredients and whether they are chemical-free or good for baby’s health. It’s strongly suggested that baby formula should not include these ingredients as they can affect your child’s health.

  • Palm Oil
    Palm oil must be absent from the baby formula of your kid.

    The natural mother milk contains some amount of palmitic acid and so as to make the formula similar to the milk manufacturer often add some amount of palm oil to the formula but then this oil do not get absorb in the child stomach and form like soap in the intestine of baby.

    This then creates digestion problem and also lead to the weakening of bones. As a result, child has hard stool and lower bones density.

  • Processed sugar
    So as to make the formula as sweet as mother’s milk some sugar is added to the formula but though the present sugar is a form of lactose in a human milk manufacturer often add some other sort of sweetener that creates obesity and other problems in a child.

    Thus processed sugar must be avoided in formula. For this one can select a formula that has only some amount of sugar.

  • Synthetic preservatives
    In formula where DHA and ARA are the constituents several preservatives like beta carotene and ascorbic palmitate are added. This is because both are made form algae and fungus and so as to stop this two oils from decay these preservatives are added.

    These preservatives are also not good for a child and must be ignored. These types of preservatives can never be present in the organic baby formula.

  • Inappropriate nutrients
    There are some nutrients that are commonly present in a baby formula but are not good for baby health.

    One must try to avoid baby formula having the following nutrients that are rejected by National Organic Standards Board. Some of such nutrients are lycopene, lutein, taurine, nucleotides, l-methionine and l-carnitine.

  • Lycopene
    It is a processed nutrient that contains a synthetic neurological toxin that is produced by benzene. It contains solvent dichloromethane and solvent toluene that is harmful to a child.

  • Lutien
    Lutien contains marigolds that is treated with insecticides and then it is further processed with neurotoxin solvent hexane which is harmful altogether.

  • Taurine
    Taurine is nutrients that is synthetically produced by sulfuric acid or also sometimes produces by aziridine. This both fall into the category of toxic and as they are pollutants they are harmful.

  • Nucleotides
    Nucleotides undergoes different chemical changes for producing yeast that is then hydrolyzed so as to extract nucleotides.

  • L-Carnitine
    Carnitine present in several baby formulas contains epichlorohydrin that has been rejected by the NOSB for organic food use.

  • L-Methionine
    So as to meet the basic requirements of amino acid, Methionine is used in the soy-based formula. This is produced with synthetic material named acrolein and hydrogen cyanide which are both pollutants.

  • Carrageenan
    Carrageenan used in several foods including the baby formula is actually derived from sea weed that is said to stabilize the formula in its liquid state.

    In certain researches, it is also said to cause intestinal inflammation and specific type of tumors and thus must be avoided if possible.

In conclusion, you have to choose a baby formula that doesn't include any chemical, pesticide, additional sugar or preservatives, improper nutrient, etc.

All natural baby formula can be trusted because they have all proper composition that could never harm a child by any means.


As aforementioned, the organic products are the best, but there are a lot of them. Make sure you make the best choice, when it comes to choosing the best products, simply due to the fact it has an effect on the baby’s health.

Moreover, it will promote the development of the brain and eyes, so this product is something that definitely has to be taken into account. It doesn’t have side effects nor cons, so it is the safest choice you can make at this moment.

Using organic products has a lot of advantages and benefits, but not a single drawback. The latest products are affordable as well and they are developed with the help of the latest technology and research, so they are even better than older products.

It is mandatory to pay attention on the duration of organic products you should use.

For example, the aforementioned organic product should be used during the first 12 months. After that, it should be replaced with an organic product that is developed for older babies. Getting the best organic product also means that you will have a happy and healthy baby, so this is something you should use.

Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula with Iron - Editor's Choice

Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula with Iron is our #1 pick for the best organic baby formula you can get right now. This product is the best because it has been developed by professionals and it has been developed especially for babies. It should be used during the first 12 months. Moreover, it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals nor anything else that isn’t healthy for your baby.

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