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Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

When babies are left to sleep in the same position for too long, it can result in flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly. This condition occurs either on the side or the back of the head.

Although not physically dangerous, it can make the child appear deformed in severe cases. To prevent this, parents have to pay special attention to the baby’s head while putting them to sleep of laying them down by using the best pillow for baby flat head.

Using specialized pillows to prevent flattening the baby’s head is not only recommended by pediatricians, but it has also been a common traditional method used all over the world.

Since flat head syndrome can happen on the sides or the back of the head, choosing the right pillow can get tricky. The main goal of using special pads for a baby flat head is to ensure that it takes away the pressure from affected parts and supporting the neck.

So considering the needs for different types of flat heads, here are some of the best pillow to correct flat baby head.

5 Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head Reviews 2022

Babymoov is a reputed brand that specializes in baby products, and this pillow is one of their earliest inventions to help babies with the flat head syndrome.

This pillow was developed to ensure that the pressure on the head is distributed evenly on the head and neck without restricting the baby’s movement.

The material is made of soft and breathable fabric so that the baby can sleep peacefully and without cribbing.

The fabric feels luxurious and provides ease for the baby’s skin. 

The heart-shaped pillow comes in a size that is compatible with the majority of the infants so that it fits snugly on everyone.

The best feature of this cute pillow is that the material is easy to clean, and it does not accumulate dirt quickly. There are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing process, so you can rest assured for the safety of the baby too.

So if you need a pillow for your little one, this is probably the most effective pillow in correcting and preventing flat baby heads.


  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Provides even pressure on the skull
  • It comes from a trusted brand of baby products
  • It is easy to clean and doesn’t catch dirt or stain easily.


  • It comes only in one size
  • Need frequent sun-drying to retain its original shape

Specifically designed to balance a bay’s head to prevent flat head, this pillow allows you to place the baby in any position conveniently.

The concave design in the center of the pad creates a crater for the baby’s head to rest without putting pressure on the skull.

Your baby will love the texture of the cushion as it has a high-quality memory foam that is not only organic but also breathable.

It does not cause rug-burns on the baby’s skin, and the mesh construction allows temperature control in hot and cold weather.

Another exclusive feature is that this pillow is extremely versatile for all different head sizes, making it usable from birth up to a year.


  • Made from high-quality memory form
  • Fits different head size
  • It has breathable mesh material that controls the temperature
  • Corrects baby’s posture and prevents flattening the head


  • Dirties easily
  • The pillow soaks up moisture and sweat

This headrest for babies is also an exceptionally well-made pillow for babies with a flat head syndrome.

Not only does this correct babies who already have flat heads, but it also prevents flat head syndrome in newborn babies.

One of the outstanding features about this baby pillow is that it has a unique shape that not only works as a pillow but also as protective headgear and neck support.

Because it has a five-point harness, it is also compatible for use in strollers so that your baby is comfortable wherever you take him.

You will also be pleased to find that it is machine-washable, and the dirt comes off easily.

With a neutral and simple pattern, this baby pillow is perfect for both males and females, so it works as a thoughtful gift for a baby shower as well.


  • Plush and soft material
  • Compatible for use on strollers
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Protects top of the head from bumps while lowering pressure on the back


  • The plush cushion becomes flat over time
  • Maybe damp because the material doesn’t absorb moisture well

If you are looking for a regular shaped pillow but one that will prevent flat head for your baby, this pillow fits the right criteria.

It has the design of a regular pillow but much smaller and with better features.

The materials used in this pillow are 100% organic and does not cause allergic reactions.

Since it is organic cotton material, it makes it a breathable pad with high-quality air control on the mesh fabric.

While putting your baby to sleep over this pillow, you will notice how comfortable and snugly the pad fits on to the head.

For better support on the neck and shoulder, you can easily adjust the height by simply pushing the edge of the pillows to the sides so that the weight of the head is even to prevent fat head.


  • The mesh is 100% organic cotton
  • Safe for sensitive skin and fragile baby head
  • Adjustable height with a simple hand gesture
  • Absorbing and ventilating cushion for a comfortable sleep


  • Hair gets stuck on the mesh cover
  • It doesn't last long

Like the first pillow mentioned above, this pillow has a 3D memory form that is light, soft, and gentle on the head and the skin.

It has a breathable exterior cover that provides comfortable headrest both in cold and hot temperatures.

The heart-shaped pillow is modeled after the original flathead baby pillows to ensure that the concept of the head support is correct.

The concave dip in the center of the pillow removes pressure on the back of the head and prevents flat head syndrome.

Since it has a rebound form, the headrest will not flatten easily.

It gets retains its original shape even after months of continuous use so you can rest assured on the durability and stability of the pillow.


  • Suitable for newborn babies
  • Easily fits all infants below one year
  • Made of superior fabric and comfortable shell cover
  • It is light and easily portable


  • You can’t replace the cover
  • Difficult to wash and dry


With all the benefits of the best pillows for baby flat head and the different options to choose, picking the right one is still not easy because it involves a baby.

To select the best option, you can always check for the size if you are in a shop, but since that is not possible, let us share our favorite pick.

Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support - Editor's Choice

The Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support Pillow has a classic and well-molded frame, and since it is modeled by one of the most dedicated pediatricians, it has truly earned our favor. Not only does it prevent abnormal baby head growth, but it also shapes them beautifully without causing discomfort of pain.

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