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100 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You

Congratulations! This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life! You’re going to be a MOM!

Motherhood is a wonderful and amazing experience as life is created in your body. You are following in the footsteps of countless mothers before you as you embark on your own personal journey.

Pregnancy isn’t easy and there are many things to take into consideration so that you and your baby will remain healthy and happy throughout this little adventure. Over the next 9 months your body will undergo major physical and emotional changes to accommodate your little bundle of joy.

It is important you are aware and up to date with the latest advice and current practice to aid in this process. No two mothers are the same and it is important that you get the right advice that is specific to your situation.

This post provides tips that have been proven to be effective by different mothers all around the globe; combining traditional medicine and alternative therapies.

These 100 do's and don'ts address pregnancy, labour/giving birth and after child birth. Now go and enjoy your adventure!

50 Pregnancy Do’s

1 – Seek Professional Help

Once pregnant, you should start taking care of your body more. Consult a healthcare provider, particularly an obstetrician or midwife. Choose a doctor who has a good record and is someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins which will help in your baby’s proper development. Prenatal vitamins reduce the risk of some birth defects and issues such as low birth weight, and preterm birth.

2 – Eat Right

Now that there’s a human being growing inside your tummy, you have to eat for two. That doesn’t mean you have to get two servings every meal. It means you need to be more watchful of what you eat.

For your child to develop well, it needs proper nourishment. Since it can’t do anything while it’s inside you, you have to provide for your baby’s nourishment. Limit sugar, salt and fat. Eat more fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein sources.

3 – Eat Lots of Fiber

Fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals contain dietary fibers. These are great for treating constipation and preventing hemorrhoids, which can be common among pregnant women.

4 – Avoid Some Foods

Even if you’re craving, it is wiser to avoid the following: undercooked meat (may harbor toxoplasma), raw eggs (salmonella), raw seafood like sushi (parasites), raw sprouts (bacteria), soft cheese (listeria), unpasteurized milk (listeria), unwashed fruits and vegetables (toxoplasma), and TOO MUCH caffeine (may cause miscarriage).

5 – Drink Lots of Water

You should be reminded that drinking plenty of water a day is good for your health. We’ve been hearing this since we were kids. Keeping yourself hydrated will also help with constipation, headaches, and other common symptoms.

6 – Work It

Getting pregnant does not mean you should stop being active and just stay in bed. Unless your doctor tells you to do so, you must avoid being idle.

At the early stages of your pregnancy, you can continue with your exercise routine. As your belly grows, lessen the intensity of your workout.

7 – Do Some Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that centers on calming the mind through physical movements. It is a great stress-buster and works well against headaches, pain, and such.

8 – Keep Your Hands Clean

To avoid diseases from bacteria and parasites, wash your hands with soap and water regularly. Wash your hands after handling raw meat, doing some backyard work (where animals may have deposited their wastes), or cleaning materials. If possible, wear gloves.

9 – Do Away with Morning Sickness

One of the most dreaded symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. Only a few women are lucky enough not to experience this. But for most pregnant women, queasiness in the morning is a normal thing.

To lessen the discomfort, drink a cup of ginger tea. Saltines also help provide relief against morning sickness. Eat a couple of crackers before getting up. You can also eat small meals throughout the day instead of three full meals.

10 – Accept the Physical Changes

The sooner you accept that the price of having a baby is getting through a number of physical changes to your body, the better things will be.

Hormones will be overly active resulting in weight gain, bigger and sore breasts, larger and darker nipples, and darker linea negra – the line from your navel down to your pelvis. Also, your skin will undergo changes as your skin becomes blemished while your veins start to become more noticeable.

11 – Be Proud of Your Bump

Don’t try to hide your bulging stomach with baggy clothes; they will only make you look plumper. Go for fitted clothes to highlight your beautiful baby bump.

12 – Know What Medicines are Safe to Take and What are Not

Pregnancy is a delicate thing. If you suffer from other medical conditions while pregnant, you and your baby may be at risk.

Ask your doctor for a list of medicines that you can take during your pregnancy. Such medicines should include over-the-counter drugs such as antihistamines, decongestants, and painkillers.

13 – Prepare for a Drastic Change in Your Lifestyle

If you used to go out a lot during your singlehood, expect a complete turnaround from now on. At the onset of your pregnancy, you should stop any kind of vice, may it be drinking, smoking, or doing recreational drugs.

And when your pregnancy reaches the latter stages, you will be asked to lessen your physical activities. You still need to exercise but the level of intensity should be decreased.

14 – Print Your Medicine Chart

As mentioned, your doctor will prescribe medicine necessary for you and your baby’s health. It is vital to stay on schedule when it comes to taking your medicines especially if you are taking medicines other that the prenatal vitamins that doctors normally give pregnant women.

15 – Know the Tests

Talk to your obstetrician, especially if you’re worried about medical history of the family from both sides, about the necessary tests to be conducted to ensure your baby is developing properly.

Prenatal tests will determine whether your pregnancy is on the right track. Genetic counseling may be needed if you’re older than 34.

16 – Plan Ahead

Having a child is no easy task. Aside from the physical burden of carrying a human being in your body, you also need to think about your financial status.

If you’ve been planning this pregnancy for quite some time now, you’ve likely saved up enough money for your hospital bills and other expenses.

If you’re great in saving, you should have enough in the bank to secure your baby’s future. But not everyone can look that far. The least you can do is to have money saved up for the hospital bills and to buy the necessities for your bundle of joy.

17 – Watch a Movie

Besides giving your sore feet around two hours’ worth of rest, plopping yourself on the couch and watching a movie, or two, will actually help boost your mood and that of your baby’s as well.

Scientists have found out that the unborn child responds to the mother’s moods; so if you were to watch a feel-good movie, expect your baby to feel almost as elated as you are.

On the other hand, you should avoid tearjerkers for now since these will make the baby stoic, plus your hormones are raging right now, you may not be able to handle a sad movie on your own.

18 – Avoid Heavy Loads

This is a no-brainer, but some women insist on doing heavy lifting even if they’re already in the later stages of their pregnancy. While it is perfectly okay to do some physical activities, lifting heavy loads should be avoided.

Have someone else lift that mountain of clothes when you’re doing the laundry. If you have to lift something, do so using your knees and legs and not your back. Lift slowly.

19 – Sit Straight

With all the weight you’re carrying around, it is quite understandable that you want to crouch over and slack it off when you get to sit down. But you need to sit straight with your shoulders back.

Use a lumbar roll or pregnancy pillow for back support if you wish. This will ease the strain on your back. At the early stages of pregnancy you should start practicing how to maintain good posture so it is easier to do when your tummy grows bigger.

20 – Stand Straight

Proper posture when pregnant is a good way to relieve pain. When standing up hold your head up straight, chin in, chest forward and shoulders back.

21 – Invest in a New Bed

If your mattress is already worn out and sagging at the middle then it’s time to get a new one. A worn out bed is not good for anyone, as it will only cause back pain. This is worse for pregnant ladies. Get a firm one.

22 – Buy A Comfortable Pair of Pregnancy Shoes

Set aside your killer heels for a while and strap yourself into the most comfortable pair you own.

Your feet will be subject to some swelling during the pregnancy so you better take note of the shoe size. The additional weight will also add more impact, as you walk it may make your feet feel more tired.

23 – Wear Bigger Bras

Some ladies wish they had a bigger breast size, pregnant women wish the swelling would stop. Buy bras with a cup size bigger than what you normally wear. Insisting on wearing your old bras will only cause discomfort and lack of support.

24 – Take Off Your Rings

Forget any vows of not taking off the ring your significant other gave you. When you’re pregnant, your fingers will swell. Take it off before it’s too late.

25 – Use a Girdle

Women use bras to support their breasts. Men use supporters or jock straps to support their you know!

Pregnant women should use a special girdle meant to help your body handle the weight of their tummy. Elastic slings will also work.

26 – Strengthen Your Abs

The stretching of the muscles and ligaments as your baby grows inside you will cause abdominal pain. Tone your abdominal muscles through simple exercises to prepare your abdomen for more stretching.

It also helps in relieving the pain. But be careful when doing such exercises. Do not overexert yourself and avoid lying on your back for too long to prevent affecting the blood flow to your baby.

27 – Sleep On Your Side

The weight of the baby will strain your body if you sleep on your back. Turn to your side and slide a pillow between your legs to make sleeping more comfortable and take pressure of your hips.

28 – Take a Warm Shower or Bath

Warm showers or baths are great for relieving the discomfort of pregnancy. Let the warm water run all over your stiff muscles and joints, this will help loosen them up and reduce the swelling and pain.

In addition, warm showers are like natural sedatives, you will find it easier to fall asleep after soaking in some warm water.

29 – Keep Your Weight Down

To make things easier for you especially during delivery, control your weight gain. BUT this doesn’t mean you have to skip meals or go on a drastic diet program.

You and your baby still need the right nourishment. Just control your food intake and remain physically active.

30 – Take Note of Your Weight Gain

Check your weight frequently. As mentioned, you need to keep your weight down. But it is also dangerous if your weight falls beyond the average body mass index or BMI.

The Institute of Medicine suggests that underweight women (according to BMI) to gain 28 to 40 pounds while those with normal weight to add 25 to 35 pounds.

Overweight ladies must add 15 to 25 pounds and the obese can only afford 11 to 20 pounds. If you are under or over your specific range, talk to your doctor about it.

31 – Dealing with Back Pain

As the baby grows, so will its weight. The added weight will take its toll on your back. Heating pads are popular among pregnant women as it provides relief from the pain. Getting a body pillow might also be a good solution as it provides good support when sleeping.

You should also have regular physical activities to keep your back strong, but nothing too demanding. You can try walking a couple of laps around the block, or partake in water exercises in your local community center.

32 – Breathe the Pain Away

Get relief from pain and discomfort by learning some breathing techniques that specifically aid in relieving stress and pain. You can google them or just take deep breaths, hold them and exhale strongly.

33 – Think the Pain Away

Another technique for the pain to dissipate is to use your head. That is to think deeply and visualize the pain going away.

Visualizations are used to combat anxiety and depression with great success. If you see a psychologist they can teach you the basics.

34 – Meditate

People who have been practicing meditation will find it useful when they are pregnant. By sitting in silence, you train the mind to focus on the present and look at physical manifestations as simply that.

Meditators know how to not get attached to the sensation – pain – thus providing relief. Meditation is also a good way to clear the mind from other stressful things related to pregnancy and in life in general.

35 – More Ways to Say Goodbye to Pain

If getting off your feet and lying on the bed doesn’t help in reliving the pain anymore, you may need to take some drastic actions. Some may find hypnosis and acupressure effective against the pain and other discomforts of pregnancy.

36 – Make Your Home Baby Safe

It’s about time you learn about the hidden hazards in your home. Get rid of stuff that may be toxic to the baby and to you as well. Use hypoallergenic carpets, organic linen and swap to non toxic cleaning products.

37 – Do Some Research

Read up on everything about being a mother. There are tons of parenting books and magazines around. Start by understanding the things you need to do to keep your baby healthy while still in your tummy.

Also, know the ins and outs of labor and childbirth. By having an idea about giving birth, the less you’ll be scared when the day comes.

It is recommended for you to read and learn as much as you can. But you need to decide on the philosophy that best suits you and your families future.

38 – Practice Kegels

Kegel exercise is necessary to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Simply pretend you’re halting the flow of urine by squeezing your muscles.

Hold it for three seconds then release for another three. Do this ten times each time. This will help make child birth a little easier.

39 – Decide on How You’ll Deliver Your Baby

There are different methods of delivering a child. The most common is natural childbirth, which is known as vaginal delivery. Sometimes though, vaginal delivery may necessitate the use of instruments such as spoon-like forceps for cupping the baby’s head.

Vacuum delivery is done by using a plastic cup to suction the baby out. Other kinds of natural childbirth include the Alexander Technique, the Bradley Method, Water Delivery, and the Lamaze Method.

Another option is through Caesarean operation, which is often done when there are complications that arise during labor.

40 – Attend a Birthing Class

Nothing will ever prepare you for what you’ll experience during childbirth. However, it won’t hurt to try. Go to a birthing class to learn about the different breathing techniques and positions that will prove useful during labor and childbirth.

41 – Do You Have a Birth Plan?

By now you should have your birth plan down pat. Talk to your spouse, your family, and your doctor about your birth plan. The birth plan should include how you want your environment to be like.

Do you prefer a certain kind of music playing in the background? How about the lighting?

Inform your doctor and the staff of the medications, procedures, pain relief methods and stuff that you’d like during childbirth. What about your placenta? What do you want to do with it after your delivery?

You also need to get your recovery room ready before your baby comes.

42 – Know When It is Time to Call the Doctor

You will be given a specific date when your baby is due. That is just an estimate. Give or take at least one week.

The better way to know when you’re about to give birth is through the contractions. Sometime during the 20th week, you will start experiencing mild contractions.

If they begin to intensify and come at regular intervals, then it may be time. Tell your doctor at once or make your way to the hospital.

43 – Watch Television

While you are experiencing contractions, you can distract yourself by watching some TV. Ask the staff to have your favorite show on or bring a copy of your favorite movie. And no, watching Knocked Up won’t help.

44 – Prepare for the Best But Expect the Worst

Take the necessary steps for your childbirth to be perfect but expect everything to be messy and painful. Keep practicing that after-child birth smile. It might come in handy.

45 – Ask for an Epidural Only if Necessary

Many women prefer to go about childbirth as natural as possible. For some, feeling the pain is all worth it. Others who can’t stand the pain may request for an epidural or anesthesia.

46 – Breastfeed As Long As Possible

No matter what baby milk companies are shoving into your faces, breast milk is STILL the most nutritious for babies. There’s an ongoing debate about when to stop breast-feeding your child.

It is entirely up to you if you want to wean after more than three years. The point is to breast feed until necessary.

47 – Wear Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding moms are often embarrassed when milk leaks and leaves a wet spot on their clothes. First of all, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Second, you can avoid leaks by using nursing pads.

48 – Pump It Up

There will be instances when you cannot be there to feed the baby. Purchase a breast pump so you’ll have ample supply in the fridge even if you’re out or at work. Pumping milk from your breast will also lessen the pain and discomfort.

49 – Unblock Those Blocked Ducts

One of the main problems of breastfeeding moms is that no milk seems to come out. If your ducts are blocked, you can use a breast pump. Also, a warm compress may help.

50 – Get Some Sleep

Take turns with your significant other. Create a system that will allow both of you to get ample sleep. It is not your responsibility to always get up during the night, get them involved.

50 Pregnancy Don’ts

1 – Don’t Fret

Sure, being pregnant is a good thing. An experience of a lifetime, some might add. But ask any mother and she will tell you lots of horror stories about their pregnancy.

Don’t worry! If they can handle it, so can you. If their elephant ankles returned to normal, so will yours.

2 – Don’t Worry About the Gender

Despite what some people say, you can’t control or dictate what your baby’s gender will be. If you are hoping for a girl while your spouse is wishing for a boy, don’t be disappointed with the results. Be happy you’re finally a parent.

3 – Don’t Stop Working

If you were employed when you got pregnant, don’t make this an excuse to quit your job and just stay at home. Don’t let your pregnancy get in the way of your career.

If you have a low-risk pregnancy, you can continue working. This is actually good for you, physically, mentally and even emotionally.

If you experience nausea, vomiting and other severe symptoms of pregnancy, don’t hesitate to ask for some time off. Another alternative is to work from home.

4 – Don’t Hesitate to Borrow

Pregnancy, especially unplanned ones, will likely make a dent on your budget. To save money for the hospital expenses, don’t hesitate to borrow stuff from other mothers.

Ask your female friends and family to lend you their maternity wear, and other stuff that may come in handy while you’re expecting. You can also borrow a stroller, car seat, walker, crib and other baby stuff that will prove useful once the baby’s out.

5 – Don’t Stop Fixing Yourself

Even if it’s expected that you would add pounds and look less glamorous than your usual self, it doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself altogether.

Get yourself some nice looking maternity wear, shift dresses or maxi dresses to wear on days out. Don’t forget to put on some accessories and a little make up.

Even if you’re at home, fix yourself up. Take a nice shower, fix your hair, and wear something nice and comfy.

6 – Don’t Forget to Document Your Pregnancy

It’s always great to have something to look back to. Of course the pregnancy and your baby will always have that special place in your memory, but time will come when you find yourself forgetting stuff.

Take lots of photographs during your pregnancy. A monthly shoot in one pose showing your stomach is a nice way to see the changes in your body. You should also ask for printouts of your baby while he or she is still inside you.

7 – Don’t Be Grossed Out With Yourself

Aside from the obvious physical changes, your hormones are altered as well resulting in some not so pleasant changes. You will experience morning sickness, intense mood changes, and increased sense of smell, which may make you nauseous.

There will also be more vaginal discharge and you’ll need to go to the toilet more because of the need to urinate. Some women also suffer from constipation.

8 – Don’t Give In to Stress Eating

Some people indulge in food when they get stressed. This is something you need to avoid during pregnancy. The extra weight you gain from eating too much will cause you more pain and discomfort and will make delivery even harder than it is.

9 – Don’t Stand for Too Long

People who are not carrying a child find it exhausting to stand for a long period. After some time, you’ll feel pain and discomfort on your feet, legs and back.

The same happens with pregnant women, only worse. Avoid standing too long to lessen the stress on your back and feet. (If you’re not expecting and only reading this out of curiosity PLEASE let the pregnant lady take your seat. Thank you.)

10 – Avoid Large Crowds

We’re not telling you to stop socializing. You need your friends even more during your pregnancy. What we’re saying is to avoid crowded situations.

Pregnant women may get dizzy and faint in a crowd. Get as much fresh air as possible in these situations.

11 – Don’t Forget to Rest

Nowadays, moms-to-be are still busy at work. If your work (or household chores) requires you stand for quite some time, don’t forget get off your feet and rest your legs every fifteen minutes or so.

12 – Don’t Expose Yourself to Toxic Chemicals

You can still do chores but it is not recommended for you to clean the house, especially the bathroom and kitchen, with chemicals.

Using pesticides on your garden is also a no-no. Mosquito problems? Deal with it naturally, don’t use insect sprays. Check your home for any environmental hazards.

13 – Don’t Handle Kitty Litter

If you’re a cat person, you better stay away from kitty litter. Cats may carry parasites which cause toxoplasmosis, a disease deadly to you and your child. While pregnant, have someone else take care of your pet/s for you.

14 – Don’t Take Pain Medications

Deal with the pain and discomforts of pregnancy using safer and natural methods such as hot compresses, breathing techniques mentioned earlier.

15 – Don’t Use Laxatives

In dealing with constipation, avoid laxatives even the over-the-counter ones. As mentioned, eat fruits, vegetables and other foods high in dietary fiber to prevent or treat constipation. You may also use a stool softener.

16 – Don’t Eat Spicy Food

As much as possible, avoid spicy food. They tend to cause heartburn in pregnant ladies. The same goes with greasy and acidic foods.

17 – Don’t Lie Down After Eating

This should be the norm whether you’re expecting or not. Doing so may cause heartburn, a common ailment during pregnancy.

18 – Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

The skin of a pregnant lady is more sensitive than those who aren’t. When you go out, apply chemical-free sunscreen.

19 – Don’t Shy Away From Calling Your Doctor

It is part of a doctor’s job to be bothered on short notice at any hour of the morning. Whenever you feel something wrong, call your doctor at once or go straight to the hospital and have your doctor meet you there.

20 – Don’t Use Flammable Materials in Your Nursery

As the due date looms, you should have your nursery ready. To make it safer for the baby, use materials that won’t easily catch fire.

Beautiful pregnant woman standing in nursery

21 – Don’t Stop Yourself From Being Intimate

There is this belief that having sex while pregnant is not good for the baby. That is false. Unless of course there is an underlying medical reason why you need to hold out until the baby is out, then you should listen to your desires.

22 – Don’t Forget to Pee

Pregnancy causes women to urinate frequently. Do not hold it in. Also, empty your bladder after sex. All these will prevent bladder infections, which are common among expectant mothers.

23 – Don’t Freak Out About Bleeding

Not all bleeding points to miscarriage. If you experience spotting, call your doctor to determine the reason. Remember, not everyone who experience bleeding ends up losing their baby.

24 – Don’t Fly

If you’re on your latter stages of pregnancy, doctors will advise you to refrain from flying. You may board a plane until you’re 14 to 28 weeks. If you do so, choose a seat near the lavatory, drink plenty of water, and stand up and walk once in a while.

25 – Don’t Be Afraid to Go Au Naturel

This goes two ways. Don’t be afraid of your naked body. Stand in front of the mirror and be amazed with your pregnant nakedness. This is what motherhood looks like.

Also, don’t be afraid to go the natural route when it comes to giving birth. While it is highly suggested to seek the help of a licensed obstetrician, you may also hire a licensed midwife.

If you have your own birthing plan, a midwife will be necessary to see your plan through. An expert, like a doula, is also useful if you prefer to have a water birth at home.

26 – Don’t Worry About Breaking Water

Almost all mothers have experienced their waters break. It’s perfectly normal for the fluid to keep gushing for some time. Just place a towel or something absorbent between your legs.

When water breaks, tell your doctor. No need to rush to the hospital. Normally, childbirth will happen hours (24 in some) after the water breaks.

27 – Don’t Be Fooled By the Movies

Most of the time, movies featuring childbirth have it over the top. Don’t believe everything you see. When the water breaks for example, the fluid doesn’t splatter it flows.

28 – Don’t Think About the Horror Stories

When people find out that you’re pregnant, they’ll say two things to you:

1) being a mother is the best thing that happened to them, and

2) giving birth is horrific. Don’t pay attention to the second one.

29 – Don’t Forget to Cope

During labor you’ll feel pain and be worried at the same time, which is quite natural. But it is better to have a relaxed mind and body.

Though it is easier said than done, it won’t hurt to learn the different coping mechanisms like meditation, squatting, walking, breathing, hypnobirthing and such.

30 – Don’t Confuse Delivery with Doing Number Two

Moms describe the onset of giving birth as somewhere along the lines of having to empty their bowels. When you start pushing, you’d feel like something else will come out.

There’s no need to be embarrassed or to ask if you could go to the toilet. There are actually a number of cases when women did poop while giving birth.

31 – Don’t Entirely Depend On Your Doctor

Doctors are a busy profession. You’re not their only patient whose about to give birth. That is why they ‘schedule’ the delivery according to their schedules. There are times that doctors are unavailable so they ask their fellow doctors or partners to take the case.

32 – Don’t Rely On Episiotomy

Most doctors insist on slicing the perineum to help the baby come out. Some medical experts say that this is not needed anymore and the reason why episiotomy happens is because we’ve gotten so used to it. If you can avoid it, do so.

33 – Don’t Worry About the Stitches

If you don’t undergo episiotomy, the perineum will still probably split on its own. Don’t be surprised that the doctor has to stitch you up.

34 – Don’t Starve Yourself

Some women are so afraid that they will embarrass themselves by pooping on the delivery room that they will actually starve themselves a day or two before they give birth, and this is actually a bad idea.

You will need all the energy you can muster to push your baby out into the world, and you will have a hard time doing so if you are starving. So eat hearty and conserve your strength for the big day, you will need it.

Healthy breakfast during pregnancy

35 – Don’t Be Afraid of the Blood

If you failed med school because you couldn’t handle the sight of blood, then motherhood is probably not for you. Seriously though, prepare yourself to see blood during childbirth.

36 – Don’t Be Embarrassed to Wear an Adult Diaper

Adult diapers have this negative connotation which and they shouldn’t be if you are pregnant. If you are handed a mommy diaper, go ahead and wear it. Remember, there will be blood.

37 – Don’t Think of Breastfeeding as a Competition

You have breastfeeding moms and you have mothers who don’t breastfeed for various reasons. Whatever your belief or reasons may be for breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, respect your fellow mothers.

Some mothers have abundant milk that flows easily. Others experience pain (which can be soothed with breastfeeding nipple cream) and even lack or little flow. But that doesn’t mean they’re not trying.

Moms who have to go to work can still feed their child by storing breast milk in the freezer and having someone thaw and warm the milk when the baby gets hungry.

38 – Don’t Ever Be Embarrassed to Feed Your Child

When we’re hungry we eat. It’s that simple. Babies don’t have the capability to eat on their own yet but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat when they’re hungry.

When you’re out and the baby starts to cry out of hunger, don’t be afraid to whip out your breast and feed your child. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and you shouldn’t be persecuted because of it.

Bring a nursing cover or any big piece of cloth like a scarf to cover up if you feel like doing so.

39 – Don’t Underestimate the Small Stuff

When we say ‘small stuff’, we’re talking about the things we often take advantage of. The things we always do but barely notice when we were still single or childless.

Once you have a child to take care of, you’ll barely have time or energy to do that stuff. BUT that shouldn’t be the case. Motherhood will make you appreciate the little things that start your day such as washing your face and brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and making and eating breakfast.

40 – Don’t Ever Doubt Yourself

As the old saying goes, “No one is perfect”. That applies to motherhood, as well.

It’s a 24-hour job and sometimes it can bring out the worst in you. But never doubt yourself or your capability of being a mother, because motherhood can also bring out the best in you. Guaranteed.

41 – Don’t Be Paranoid

All those research you’ve done while waiting for the baby to come out will do you good. But if the same stuff you learned causes you to become too paranoid, then you didn’t get the gist of your research.

Mom blogs, instructional videos, and sites that offer tips to first-time parents are there to help, NOT to make you worry.

42 – Don’t Have Second Thoughts About Getting a Video Monitor

If you have the money, buy a baby video monitor. You can’t always be in the same room as your child.

Your baby’s naptime is just about the only time you can do other things such as chores, work, or some personal stuff. If you have a good range monitor by your side, you’ll feel more relaxed and less worried.

43 – Don’t Be Embarrassed

When you have guests over, especially the unannounced visitors don’t ever feel embarrassed about the mess in your house.

Parents will understand why you can’t seem to find the time to clean up. Your single relatives or friends don’t have a clue about parenthood so they don’t have the right to judge how you and your house look.

44 – Don’t Forget to Pat Yourself on the Back

Not to be boastful but motherhood is the most difficult job in the world. The same can be said for single dads out there.

Taking care of a child is, as mentioned a 24-hour job. If you were able to do laundry, prepare meals, do the dishes, clean up the mess, and take out the trash before the day is over, then you’ve done a magnificent job.

Go ahead and congratulate yourself. If you were even able to squeeze in some work or earn money through any home-based money-making endeavor, then a glass of wine and a good movie might be in order.

45 – Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Sleep

Again, it all boils down to motherhood being a 24-hour job. There’s just no time to get some shut-eye. On the event that you have some free time, use it to take a nap and recharge.

46 – Don’t Think That You’re Indestructible

Remember when you were single, younger and nothing seemed to disturb you? You thought that you could do anything and handle anything that came your way.

Well, motherhood changes all that. You can still be that strong independent woman but it is perfectly okay to break down some times.

If everything seems to be getting out of hand and you’re about to lose your temper, take a breather. Get out of the room, take a deep breath and clear your mind for a few minutes.

47 – Don’t Forget About Your Partner

Everyone knows you’ve gone through a lot during your pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Now that the baby’s out, you’re not out of the woods yet.

But don’t forget that your spouse has been there for you all along. Let him know how much you appreciate him. Let your partner get some off days too.

48 – Don’t Hold Back Your Desires

It was mentioned earlier that holding back your desires while pregnant shouldn’t be the case.

Now that the baby’s out, there should still be no reason for you to be intimate with your partner as long as you wait for the bleeding to stop (three weeks estimate). It will be a welcome relief from all the hassles of being first-time parents. NEVER lose the intimacy.

49 – Don’t Fret About Your Period

If you’re worrying that your period hasn’t returned yet, don’t. Women who just gave birth get their period back from 10 to 20 weeks after. Some sooner, some later.

period during pregnancy

50 – Don’t Forget to Bring Extras

Having a child is messy. Bring extra clothes for you and your little one when you go out.

You also need extra maxi pads and underwear. Extra diapers for your baby is a no-brainer.


To all the women out there, whether your already moms, moms-to-be or dreams of being a mom someday, let me send a genuine thank you to all of you in behalf of all children.

You have or will endure tons of difficulties starting with conception to childbirth until the time you see your child grow into a capable human being and even beyond that. But those difficulties are nothing compared to the joy that motherhood brings.

The 100+ tips you’ve just encountered are just a few suggestions on how to make pregnancy and motherhood a tad less difficult. But remember, your being a parent is unique to you.

All mothers may share the same experiences but only you can share that experience with your child. Make it a good one.