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Best Shoes for Pregnancy Reviews 2022 – Top 7 Picks

You probably have a shoe for every occasion, and you can’t probably imagine ever lacking the right shoe to wear, right?

So, let’s take a look at your closet, do you have any pregnancy shoes?

Well, that is the same look I had during my first pregnancy.

Being pregnant certainly comes with its whims and pains, but most of us don’t think that we won’t wear almost all the shoes in our closets especially in the last trimester.

You may not think much about it, but the top shoes for pregnancy will reduce the aches and pains in later stages of pregnancy.

The pain around your hips, back, feet and legs affect your ability to walk and stand.

Since standing and walking are critical to every pregnant mom, you must get comfortable shoes.

Your ability to get through a working day will largely depend on the comfort and the support of your shoes hence the need for pregnancy-friendly shoes.

Here something else you need to hear – you cannot and should not wear high heels when pregnant.

With the increase of weight, you will walk differently because of your center of gravity which changes.

At the same time, your ligaments and bones are weaker during pregnancy, and you are prone to falls.

Don’t forget that your feet will most probably swell everyday increasing pressure on your feet.

7 Best Shoes for Pregnancy Reviews 2022

With swollen feet and the extra weight, you will have to get these Easy Spirit Women's Traveltime Mule pregnancy shoes.

They are the best shoes for pregnancy and having worn these; I can vouch for their superior quality.

The Easy Spirit Women's Traveltime Mule is a mix of leather and textile.T

hese materials make the shoe durable and worth your money. The fabric upper gives this shoe its unique design.

It has a rubber sole which is thick enough to absorb extra pressure and shock as you walk. The sole has a strong grip thanks to the lugs.

You can, therefore, walk with these shoes on smooth or uneven surfaces without worrying about slips.

The shoe also features a cushioned insole and a flexible outsole.

The insole adds comfort thanks to its breathability.

It also has an EVA molded footbed which gives a comfortable contoured fit.

This is also our favorite shoes for pregnancy thanks to the compression molded and the multi-surface sole.

These features offer cushioning, traction and stability.

The rear of the shoe is low, and it is easy to put on or get off.

This shoe, is, therefore the best all-purpose wear shoe.


  • Easy to wear and take off and they don’t have shoelaces.
  • The clogs are comfortable.
  • Heel padding and the arch support make the shoes comfortable.


  • The size may run a little small to some.
  • Tan color shows dirt pretty easy.

Every mother-to-be needs a pair of high-quality shoes for wearing during pregnancy.

The market has different types of shoes, but the Easy Spirit Women's Eztime Clog is one of the best.

It has a rubber sole for shock absorption and traction. The heel is low and measures about 1.5inches.

This heel is ideal for any pregnant mom.

It looks great, and you will love the shoe thanks to the suede or suede and textile construction.

It also has accented stitching details making the shoe stylish.

The low arch but comfortable arch support means you only have to slip into and out of the shoes.

Extra comfort comes from the removable insole. This insole has a moisture managing Nylex which is breathable.

This keeps the shoe fresh and enhances a healthy foot environment.

This Easy Spirit Women's Eztime Clog has a sturdy runner outsole finish for support and a stable foundation.

It also has a quilted upper with a padded collar for extra support.


  • It is a slip-on; therefore, it’s easy to wear and to take off.
  • It has an excellent arch support.
  • Easy Spirit shoes are comfortable & functional.


  • They are too wide for narrow feet.

If you are pregnant, you can finally look stylish, warm and comfortable when winter comes around.

This boot is lightweight thanks to the Techlite lightweight midsole.

This midsole also offers a high level of comfort thanks to its cushioning.

It also gives the boot a high energy return.

The shaft measures about 8.5inches from the arch and the heel measures an inch.

These measurements make for the most comfort since you won’t have to strain to balance.

The shaft’s height will keep your feet warm.

The boot’s opening measures about 12.25inches hence the boot is a perfect fit for most women.

The boot’s exterior is all leather, and this makes the boot durable.

The interior has trim acrylic/ synthetic fur which makes it warm and comfortable.

Both the leather exterior and the textile interior are waterproof. It also has a waterproof seam-sealed membrane construction.

The Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber absorbs shock and also makes for the boot’s excellent traction.

The boot has a 200g insulation, and it is ideal for wear in -25 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It is very comfortable and warm.
  • Ideal winter boots ideal for wearing in -25 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.
  • Techlite lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort.


  • They aren’t very easy to get off.

This is one of the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy.

First, being flat, you don’t have to struggle unnecessary elevation.

They are durable, and they come in different stylish colors and patterns.

It has a canvas upper. Canvas is strong and easy to clean.

It is also easy to wear, and you don’t need any break-in time with it.

The synthetic sole is strong, and it gives an excellent grip.

It measures 2.5inches from the arch hence easy to wear and to remove.

You won’t have to bend to fit in the TOMS Women's Classics Flat.

You will also like them because the sizes fit well. Unfortunately, the prices vary depending on the design.


  • It is a comfortable flat.
  • It is easy to slip on and off.
  • It is versatile, and you can wear it to work.
  • It's durable.


  • The size may run a little small to some.

As the name suggests, these shoes are plush, and they will give you all the love and peace you desire.

They are available in different colors meaning that there is a shoe for every woman.

You can also get more than one pair.

The shoes feel comfortable thanks to the layered construction and the memory foam footbed.

The foam and the layers help in absorbing shock protecting your feet.

They are also lightweight, and you can wear them everywhere.

The interior of this classic slip-on has a flexible goring wedge insert for extra comfort and protection.

The sole is durable, and though made of synthetic materials, it will hold well for long. The sole offers excellent traction as well.

The softly woven canvas upper enhances breathability. The stitching plus the overlay accents enhance the shoe’s appeal.

The interior has a fabric lining which enhances free air circulation for freshness.


  • Breathable upper and lining for comfort.
  • Strong rubber sole with excellent traction.
  • Classic slip-on with flexible goring wedge insert and layered construction.
  • Memory foam enhances comfort.


  • The memory foam flattens with time.

This is a comfortable and a durable leather shoe that works well for pregnancy.

The design of this mule makes it versatile, and you can wear it formal and informal events.

It has a strong rubber sole that offers great traction. 

The heel is about 1.75 inches and the platform measures 0.75 inches.

These dimensions keep the shoe balanced and comfortable.

You can easily wear this pair throughout pregnancy.

Dansko had your comfort in mind when making this Dansko Women's Professional Mule.

It is a comfort-minded clog with a roomy reinforced toe box. The toe box offers a high level of protection.

It also has a polyurethane outsole with a rocker bottom for shock absorption.

The rocker bottom also reduces fatigue.

You will also like the fact that it has a breathable PU foam footbed for enhanced breathability.

The padded instep collar makes the shoe comfortable when walking and also easy to wear.

You can slip it on fast. You don’t have to struggle wearing or to remove this mule.

The shoe’s wide heel strike adds stability to the shoe.

In addition to the strong sole for traction, you can wear this pair of shoes on almost all surfaces.


  • It is comfortable thanks to padding and the breathable construction.
  • Exceptional Arch Support for all-day comfort and support.
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability.
  • Padded Instep Collar provides comfort when walking.


  • It feels a little stiff.
  • The size may run a little small to some.

These lightweight sandals are the perfect pregnancy shoes to wear in summer.

They are strong, and you no longer have an excuse for trying to fit into your old or uncomfortable sandals.

You can also let the crocs stay at home thanks to these stylish sandals.

The heel is 1.5 inches while the platform if 1 inch high.

These measurements don’t just make the sandals comfortable but also keep your toes off the ground and from dirt.

The sole is strong and stable. It has excellent shock absorption features and great traction.

Don’t be surprised if you wear this sandal all summer!


  • Good price.
  • It is perfect for wide foot women.
  • The sandal is very comfortable and lightweight to wear.
  • Easy to get on and off.


  • It doesn’t last too long.

Features to Look for When Buying Shoes for Pregnancy

  • Types of shoes for pregnancy
    Now that we know why we cannot wear high heels – extra weight, weak joints, and instability let’s find you the right shoes. You have three options; flats, sandals or flip-flops.

    Flats are the go-to pregnancy shoes. Just make sure that they are slip-on. They should also offer ankle support. For sandals and flip-flops, only wear them in summer. They should be easy to wear.

  • Is the shoe easy to put on?
    One of the things we hardly ever think about is the fact that a baby bump can make it impossible for you to reach our feet.

    As your bump grows, you realize that wearing shoes with straps and shoelaces becomes impossible.Therefore, you have to look for a shoe you can slip into easily. Avoid shoes with laces at all costs.

  • Do the shoes offer sufficient support?
    The added baby weight puts pressure on your joints, and your ankles suffer the most.

    So, to avoid feeling as if your ankles wish to separate from your feet, get shoes that offer the most comfort. The shoes should also offer arch and ankle support. It should be shock absorbing.

  • If it fits perfectly, it’s wrong
    Whether you are buying your shoes early during your pregnancy or later on, they should be roomy. Your feet will swell continuously, and your old fitting shoes will feel a size or even two small.

    You may want to buy shoes half a size or a full size larger than the shoes you normally wear. If they feel loose in the second trimester, wear socks.

    You won’t have to buy new shoes in the third trimester. The extra room will let you stand a little longer comfortably.

  • Do the shoes look stylish?
    The best thing that you can do to your pregnant self is to look great even when your feet swell, and your nausea can’t lift.

    We have all seen fabulous pregnant moms, why can’t you be one of them? There are stylish and ultra-supportive and comfortable shoes for pregnancy waiting for you.


When pregnant, your body requires a little extra support and comfort. Since your feet carry extra weight, they should be strong to hold the weight and remain comfortable.

The right shoes for pregnancy will prevent lower back pains and also reduce fatigue.

Knowing how important exercise is during pregnancy, wearing the right shoes will make it easy for you to take the daily recommended walks.

While there are many shoes for pregnancy on the market, these seven are among the best.

Easy Spirit Women's Traveltime Mule - Editor's Choice

Among the seven, we have a favorite shoe. This is the Easy Spirit Women's Traveltime Mule. We love it because of its elegant and functional construction design. It is a slip-on with a stealthy design. It has a compression molded and a multi-surface sole that offer excellent stability, cushioning and traction. The EVA molded footbed gives a contoured fit. Finally, you can wear this shoe easily everywhere.

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