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The Pros and Cons of Baby Organic Products

There is nothing more important to us than the health and wealth of our babies.

Every day, mothers turn their worlds upside down to make sure that their children survive each day and that they are fed properly.

What you feed your baby now will establish their diet patterns for the future.

Feeding your baby bottled food does give them the nutrients they need, but does it provide them with all the necessary nutrients?

Most of these bottles, cans, and jars have various chemicals mixed in them which can be dangerous for the baby.

Thus, your safest bet for providing your child a healthy lifestyle is by making sure you use organic baby products.

Types of Organic Baby Products

When you talk about organic baby products, you will find a whole range available. With every passing day, parents are starting to realize the importance of giving organic food to their children.

Not only that, but there has been an overall shift in the lifestyle of many families to using 100% organic products.

The thing with organic products is that it is not only limited to food. You will find that various clothing and bathing products are also organic such as organic towels, organic toothpaste, and organic baby cereal.

Yes, to some extent, using all these products will be better for the baby as they will be using natural products (like baby wipesnatural soap for soothing eczema, etc) which will not cause any harm to them.

However, your primary focus should the intake of your child and what they eat and drink.

We would even suggest that you stop giving your baby juice as that is filled with lots of chemicals. It’s best to give them fresh, organic juice instead as it will have essential nutrients.

You also need to remember that if your baby is under a year old, do not give them any fruit juice.

The statement has been advised by many pediatricians, and research has shown that it can have an adverse effect on the baby’s health.

Pros of Giving Organic Food to Your Babies

Before we start off with the pros of organic food, we would like to share some statistics with you. Since 2002, the US has witnessed a rise in sales in the organic formula department. The upward shift in the sales of the product shows that people have started to understand the positives of using organic products for their babies.

As all organic baby food needs to be approved by the USDA before being labeled as fit enough to be consumed and released into the market, it shows that these products will be made keeping your baby’s health in mind. Aside from that being the biggest pro, organic baby food can have the following advantages for your baby.

1 – Reduces Exposure to Pesticides

Most of the products you get in the supermarket have been exposed to a lot of pesticides. These can be extremely toxic for your child and can eventually cause health problems as well. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, due to this food, children are in contact with pesticides daily and have unique vulnerabilities to their potential toxicity.

Upon consuming organic food, the health risk by pesticides gets reduced by 94%, which means a healthier and longer life ahead.

2 – Boosts Immunity

The reason that breast milk is emphasized is that it provides nutrients that boost the baby’s immune system. Similarly, organic food contains various nutrients that will help your baby get a better immune system (source).

As deficiencies in nutrition cause your child to be more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, it is best to make sure you give your child organic foods that ensure all levels of minerals and vitamins are maintained in their bodies.

3 – Provides Nutrients

Though we have listed this fact above many times, the emphasis on it is not enough. The key to your baby’s development and growth is what their body is getting in terms of food. Yes, many doctors provide children with vitamins, which is good as it gives them extra, but why rely on medicines when you can fulfill this requirement with organic food?

Every piece of organic fruit, vegetable or meat your child eats will contain a sufficient amount of nutrients so that their bodies can maintain the optimum level, thus functioning as best as it possibly can.

Cons of Giving Organic Food to Your Babies

It is up to you to decide whether the cons of organic food have more weight against the pros. As shifting to organic products is a complete change in lifestyle, you will need to be ready for that commitment and be prepared for what comes with it.

1 – Cost

One of the biggest problems associated with organic products is that they cost more than other products. As the raw materials and the processes involved in producing them are more and harder, the effects are reflected in the selling price of the organic products. You need to make sure that whatever you use fits your monthly budget.

2 – Is It Just a Fad?

The real question that many people have been asking themselves is whether the rise in the interest in organic food just a fad, even as far as baby products are concerned.

Many believe that the “sold out” factor is just a marketing gimmick, while others feel that many people have been making the shift in their lifestyle. We guess only time will tell.


Your child's well-being should be your biggest concern, so if you feel that organic food will be best for your baby and you can afford it, then do a little research on your nearest organic farm and store.

There are many popping up almost everywhere that are dedicated to changing the environment for the better.

There are studies that show that organic products are best for your child and you as well. However, one thing we must let you know is that there are still no studies that provide solid backing about the pros of organic food.

Aside from the pesticide factor, many believe that it does not make a huge difference to the environment.