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The Samsung SEW-3043W Baby Video Monitor In-depth Review 2022

When it comes to baby video monitors, the situation is complicated. These are simple devices that mean a lot and their functionality is incredibly important.

In order to get the best product, you should have a consultation with the ultimate buying guide for video baby monitor.

By doing this, you won’t make a mistake, when it comes to choosing your first device of this kind.

We all know that Samsung makes some of the best electronic devices on the planet, so at the beginning, we can assume that the model in question is also one of the best baby video monitors.

However, this is a complicated device with a lot of features and a lot of abilities. The best secret is to pay attention on the drawbacks of each product of this type, simply because they can make a difference between a great and not so good baby video monitor.

Most Important Features

This Samsung SEW-3043W video baby monitor is packed with lots of more advanced features for increased convenience to gratify the fussiest parents.

Hence, let’s break down some of its most significant features.

  • Camera and touch screen monitor

    The camera and the monitor of these products are incredibly important and most people believe that they are the most important feature. If you are one of them, you should know that you get 720 p camera, paired with 5 inch monitor.

    Together, they can show you what is happening at any specific moment. This also means that this device is an HD video baby monitor so it is a much better choice than models without this feature. The camera can also be moved, so it is more practical than fixed cameras.

    In fact, you can tilt it, move left or right and you can zoom. All of this means that you can see anything that is happening with your baby.

    Moving the camera is simple and it is done via the touchscreen. In addition, it is very simple and it is done very fast. Even better, you can add additional, 3 cameras, in order to maximize the number of things you can see.

  • Customized Viewing

    Thanks to this feature, you can always be alerted when some sound comes from your baby room. The possibility to program the sensitivity of the baby video monitor makes it even better, simply because you will be able to know is your baby crying or just wake up from the sleep.

    Keep in mind that most products of this type don’t have this sophisticated feature and they will alert you on any sound.

    However, Samsung has improved this feature even more. They built a microphone and a speaker, so you can talk to your baby from your bedroom.

    This allows you to calm your baby while you are going to the baby room or you can even put her back to sleep, and you won’t have to get out of your bed. In addition, the audio also has HD quality, so there won’t be any distortion in your voice and a baby will be able to recognize your voice.

  • Four lullabies

    An interesting addition to the functionality of this Samsung baby video monitoring system is the fact it comes with lullabies.

    In fact, there are 4 of them, pre-programmed and they are very useful. Only the best and the best-known lullabies were used, so they can calm your baby and help her sleep in a matter of seconds.

    In addition, all 4 lullabies are soft and they are very relaxing, so they won’t have a negative effect to your baby’s sleep.


  • HD camera with 720p. It makes amazing video, so you can always see what happens to your baby in great quality.
  • 5 inch touch screen. Beside it allows you to see the video, it can be used for moving the camera and additional features.
  • 4 lullabies that can relax your baby and in most cases soothe her back to sleep, without a need you to go the baby’s room.
  • Like most long-range video monitor, this product can work perfectly within 900 feet.
  • It will turn on only when it detects a sound, so the battery will last long. In fact, it lasts much longer than with similar devices.
  • HD audio and a build in microphone, so you can talk to your baby, from your bedroom.
  • VOX or the Voice Activated Mode has been used to detect the sounds from your baby’s room. The sensitivity can be adjusted, so you can make a difference when your baby cries or she just woke up.
  • Can be paired with 4 cameras, so the monitoring feature is far more practical.
  • IR LEDs cannot be seen with a naked eye.
  • The camera can be moved in all directions and it comes with a zoom feature. This allows you to see any part of the room where your baby is. The controlling the camera is done via the touch screen, so it is very simple.
  • The dimensions are small, so this baby video monitor can be placed almost anywhere.
  • The USB charger allows you to charge the battery anywhere you want.
  • It looks very pleasant, so your baby will get used to it and she will like this baby monitor.


  • It isn’t very good when you add 4 cameras.
  • The lag between two scans is 2 seconds.
  • Lag with video and audio.
  • Sleep mode will turn off the display, so you will have to touch it in order to see the video.

What Do Customers Say about this Product?

This Samsung baby monitor review will prove what most people think about the aforementioned product. At this moment, it is one of the top rated monitors on the market.

However, due to the fact this is a popular product, we can expect that the amount of owners will soon be increased. Most of the people who have it, rated it with high stars, which means that most owners are completely satisfied.

People are usually satisfied with the video quality and the additional features. The ability to add 3 more cameras is appreciated as well, due to the fact it makes this device much better.

Also, they like the touch screen. On the other side, the biggest drawback is related to the lag this product has.


This 4 camera digital baby monitor is the latest model, so it is based on the latest technology and it comes with the latest features. In any case, it definitely should be on your list, when it comes to choosing your new baby video monitor. It is practical, offers great quality and the most important, it has an HD camera and you can add 3 more cameras.

All of this makes this product much better choice. In contrast, the price isn’t much higher than similar products have. The bottom line is simple, this is the best Samsung video baby monitor you can get on the market, simply because it offers the best combination of the great features and the price.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have some severe drawbacks, and all listed cons are usually the common issue all baby video monitors have. Simply said, you won’t make a mistake buying this product.