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Best Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

As a mom, you know how it feels when you take your little one grocery shopping.

It is quite peaceful when they are pretty young and unaware of their surroundings, but that changes when they grow older.

Five months and teething is especially crazy because they are not only curious, but they will constantly need to rub their throbbing gum.

They will use anything handy to accomplish that task, including the handlebar of the shopping cart. Mom cringes!

Since you cannot leave him behind on your shopping trips, you will need to invest in the high-quality shopping cart cover.

It will give you the much-needed peace of mind next time you go grocery shopping.

5 Best Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Reviews 2022

When your baby cannot sit properly on their own or when they sway side to side with every former you take, you feel awful for putting them on that cart.

This cart cover not only keeps the baby comfortable and germ-free, but it also supports their delicate backs.

It encompasses the whole body.

Knowing that babies, especially older ones get bored quite quickly, this cart cover has two loops for attaching toys to keep them busy.

It also has a vinyl pocket for your phone or other valuables.

One of the greatest discoveries is that it grows with your kid.

When they are older and can sit correctly in the cart, you can remove the positioner to create more space.

The cart will still have the loops for toys, and you can attach those educational gadgets to keep them occupied until you finish shopping.

And if you are wondering how you would carry this cover with a toddler on the one hand and your other stuff on the other, it folds up nicely into a pouch.

The outer material is machine washable and easy to remove and put back.

The positioner handles both small and big babies pretty well, and the cover features a belt to secure them properly.


  • It fits most grocery store carts and high restaurant chairs.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Has a positioner for toddlers.


  • The material on the positioner is too soft for some people’s liking.

The thing about babies, when they are teething, is that they will need to rub their gums regularly.

In designing this cover, they gave thought to this fact and included a teether.

How amazing is that?

They also have a toy loop on the face of the cover to keep them busy, so you can sit down for a cuppa undisturbed (if you are lucky).

The polyester cover is flowery and colorful, and the cover is machine washable.

Because it is quite thick and cushy, it will encompass the little one completely to keep them safe from the steel material of the cart.

Oh, and besides the teether and toy hook, you have a sippy cup as well.

Munchkin is not only safe and warm, but they are entertained and fed too!

For the baby’s safety, in case they decide to be a little adventurous while mommy or daddy is not looking, the cover has a strap for reinforcement.

It is not only ideal for shopping carts, but for restaurant high chairs as well.

Unlike the Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover, this one does not have an infant positioner.

We would recommend it for parents with children over 6 months, who can sit on the cart unsupported.

However, it totally makes up for that lack by being extremely comfortable and supportive.


  • It has a teether and a sippy cup holder.
  • It holds the baby snugly all around their body.
  • It fits in most shopping carts a well as restaurant chairs.


  • No infant positioner.
  • It takes a little practice to fold in neatly into a tote.

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner is blue and attractive.

It is not only a seat cover but also a positioner and recliner for the little one.

Because of its back and overall support, it is ideal for infants.

As the child grows, you can remove the positioner, as it will no longer be necessary.

It takes up a whole lot of space too, and so removing it will be creating room for the now bigger child.

We especially like the recliner that lets you child sit up like a boss.

The vinyl pocket at the front is for your phone to keep your child entertained as you shop.

You have two top loops for your baby’s favorite toys.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not attach a teether, but you can put it in any of the two loops.

Travels are easy with this cart cover as it folds nicely into a tote.

The straps on the side keep the baby in place when shopping or dining, but later you can convert them to handles on your small tote. It is super light too.


  • It has an infant positioner, and so it is ideal for little babies as well as older kids.
  • It folds compactly for easy travels.
  • The cover material is breathable and machine washable.


  • It has a 15-lb weight limit.
  • The positioner pillow is too small for most restaurant high chairs.

Since the baby is coming along for the ride when you go grocery shopping and dining out, you might as well buy a cover that fits both a cart and a high chair.

This one has ample leg space for the little one as well as three toy loops to keep them entertained.

The outer material, premium polyester is silky soft and machine washable.

It also keeps the child warm especially given that the shopping cart is made of steel.

This cover fits most grocery store carts and high chairs in restaurants. Polka dots are easy on the eyes, no?

Apart from the vinyl pocket that protects your phone, this cover has a larger pocket for other things you may need for you and baby.

Portability? Fold it into a small pouch and use the handle that has been designed for this purpose.

For baby’s safety, the straps on each side of the cover keep the baby in place.


  • It covers the entire cart to keep baby safe from germs.
  • Ideal for shopping carts as well as restaurant high chairs as it is large.
  • The padding is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.


  • No infant positioner for young babies.
  • No sippy cup strap.

Its bright colors will attract you from afar, as will its price.

The owl designs on the top will keep the baby intrigued until the novelty wears off.

They will still have their favorite toys looped at the top to play with.

Should that bore them too, their favorite cartoon streaming from your smartphone should keep them entertained?

This cart cover is quite large and hence ideal for most shopping carts and high chairs.

The padding on the sitting area is 100% cotton, with a silky cover that keeps the baby warm and comfortable.

You can choose to hand wash or machine wash the cover, and it will still hold perfectly.

This 9.6-ounce cover folds nicely into a small, portable package, and the pouch acts as the carriage.


  • The padding is really comfortable for the baby to sit on.
  • The cover is large enough for most of the grocery store shopping carts.


  • No bottle strap.
  • No infant positioner.

Why You Should Get a Shopping Cart Cover for Baby?

Children, as we know them, are curious by nature, and when they are at an age where they can attempt to ‘break out of their little prison’ (read shopping cart), they could get hurt. The pad provides a safe nest that keeps them grounded until you get that tissue roll from the rack.

You never know where the shipping cat has been and so naturally, you will want to protect your child from germs. The shopping cart pad surrounds your baby preventing them from touching the bar that we can both bet to be germ-packed.

Oh, and it will also keep them warm. However, that will not prevent them from jamming side to side, but at least they will be safe.


You notice that you are in a better mood when you are not worrying about what the baby is touching or putting in their mouth. You are even happier when the cover keeping these germs away is machine washable and portable.

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner - Editor's Choice

We highly recommend them, but we have a bias for Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover. Well, starting with the price, it is hard to believe that with all its qualities this cover costs this cheap. We love the beautiful colors, the infant positioner, the vinyl pocket, and the fact that it grows with your baby.

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