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When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins aren’t something that should be taken during a pregnancy, it is something that MUST be taken. In general, they can help you have a much better and easier pregnancy, without most issues.

Another reason why they should be taken is simply because they will have a positive effect on the health of a new mother. The biggest question is when to start taking them? Another question is which ones to buy?

Both answers can be gained from the best otc prenatal vitamins buyer’s guide and they are definitely something that should be taken into consideration.

Should you Start Taking Them Before or After Pregnant?

Most women believe that prenatal vitamins should be taken when a pregnancy starts. Maybe it sounds correct, but it is a mistake. After all, the name of these vitamins suggests that they should be taken before pregnancy starts!

It is highly advised to start taking them 3 months before you plan a pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, but you didn’t take prenatal vitamins, start as soon as possible.

Most women simply forget about these vitamins, so they start taking them after they find out they are pregnant. It is definitely a much better choice than not to take them at all.

As we mentioned, they should be taken 3 months before you plan pregnancy. They are needed to be taken when you are planning to conceive simply because they will eliminate the risk of birth defects!

Keep in mind that prenatal vitamins have no side effects, and they are perfectly safe, but it is highly recommended to get a prescription for them because these vitamins are tested and they must meet strict regulations.

Another fact you should know is that most of these vitamins contain different nutrients, but none of them contain all of the nutrients a mother will need. The best choice is to get those that have the nutrients your body needs the most.

The Most Important Vitamins

As we already mentioned, prenatal vitamins are important and they are safe to use, but they are not all the same! There are different vitamins with different ingredients.

After a long research, the three, most important prenatal vitamins are iron, calcium and folic acid. Each one of them has a certain advantage and each one is important for one thing. Now you can get an idea what each one of them does.

Calcium supplements are important simply because they will help your baby has stronger bones. They are perfect if you have some issue that may affect on the strength of baby’s bones.

Iron will improve the oxygen levels in a baby’s bloodstream, which is related to several benefits. It will also eliminate the risk of anemia of a mother. It is recommended that mothers with potential anemia, or related conditions take these vitamins.

Folic acid is a bit more complicated to explain, but it is equally important. It will reduce the risk of neural-tube defects, which makes it more than just needed! This fact has been confirmed by several studies, conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States.

No matter which prenatal vitamins, you take, if you have morning sickness, their effect will be eliminated! In those cases, you should take them at night, before you go to bed. By doing this, they will react during the night and they will have the best effect.

If a mother is vegetarian, she must take supplements with iron, zinc, omega 3-fatty acids and B12, because they don’t eat animal product, low levels of these nutrients are a common thing, so they must be increased.