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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy as a Single Mom

The famous saying, "All work with no play made Jane a dull girl," applies perfectly in a single mum's life.

After a big meal, when you want to relax or take a nap, you will hear a tiny voice whispering how the dishes need a quick wash. You shouldn't rest. How you need to prepare kids for bed, finishing up on the pending job… and emails.

Juggling between cooking, work, family, and running errands is tough.

When it comes to taking care of your kids, you will notice that you put even your health at the pedestal.

Deep down inside, you know that you need to be healthier and happier to be the best mom. Below are savvy ways to keep yourself healthy despite having so much on your plate.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy As A Single Mom

1 - Get a Healthy Sleep

Being a single mum is a full-time job; you will benefit greatly from sufficient sleep. Experts at the National Sleep Foundation found that failure to get enough sleep could result in depression.

And remember, being stressed and depressed will stress the kids too. You probably know that your mattress determines the quality of your sleep.

If every morning you get up feeling tired, then it's time to get a mattress topper designed for back pain. When you get sufficient rest, the world tends to look and feel like a different place.

2 - Get a Circle of Friends

It may be hard to tell people honestly how you feel. However, it is crucial to let the people around you know how you feel. Are you feeling depressed, angry, stressed out, etc.

Talking it out will leave you feeling better. Besides, your friends will understand and support you.

You need a supportive circle of friends. Feel free to seclude yourself from anyone who shows a lack of empathy.

3 - Exercise

There are numerous advantages associated with exercising. When you take part in physical activities, your brain secretes endorphins.

The hormone is essential in uplifting your moods. Besides, it is a way to keep fit. But, it's never a must to engage in vigorous exercises.

Simple activities such as jogging and walking can provide you with similar benefits.

4 - Appreciate Solitude

You probably know that any activity that is not in the schedule never happens. Besides, giving yourself random acts of self-care rarely occur.

However, when you set apart time for self-care, it hardly gets left out. You should treat alone time as a daily pill.

During that time, do anything that you strongly feel like doing. For instance, go for a yoga class, make it nap time, or go for nature walks.

5 - Spend Time with Your Kids

Although sometimes you will need some time away from your kids for sanity, you also need to nature some mom-kids bond.

There is no better way to improve the relationship than spending some quality time with them. Your interactions should be uninterrupted.

If you have set 30 minutes of play, try to put off anything that can distract you. The bond will be worthwhile as you will get your kids to trust you. Also, you get to learn your kids better.


As a single mum, you will have your to-do list full of responsibilities. However, every passing day becomes a memory.

Make the best of each day so that you do not look back at your single mom years with disdain. Besides, your kids will not be happy to discover that their mother wasn't delighted when bringing them up.