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How to Stop Your Baby From Crying

A baby’s cry is one of the most striking, moving and emotional sounds which fill and add color to parenthood.

This sound ushers a realization of a start of the life of an individual in this world. There is no other sound which can directly communicate with every society in the world than a baby’s cry.

In every country, in every language and in every society, a baby’s cry means the same thing, which is very amazing. In every social group, a baby’s cry is always connected to joy.

However there are times when this same joyous sound can become confusing and at some point irritating, especially in our modern times.

The modern parent can sometimes have a difficult time understanding a baby’s cry, but through this guide, we can finally understand it fully.

Understanding Why Baby’s Cry

Crying is basically your baby’s only way to communicate with you. Contrary to common belief, not all crying means something is wrong or the baby is hurting.

In fact, there are many reasons why babies cry and a parent must be keen to their baby’s attempt to “talk” and communicate.


The first and foremost reason why babies cry is that they are hungry. This is the most basic instinct nature has bestowed to babies.

Whenever your baby is hungry, his or her body triggers the crying button and initiates that “crying alarm” to catch your attention. From the first day your baby is born into the world, his or her cry will almost always mean that he or she is hungry.

You must immediately react always when your baby is hungry and quickly feed your bundle of joy. It is bad to disregard a baby’s cry especially whenever he or she is hungry.

You must be always ready to fulfill your baby’s desire to eat. This is one of the most common reasons why babies cry.

There are scientific studies today that advice parents to feed babies, especially newborns every 2 hours. However, newborns do not eat that much per feeding, so it is understandable if he or she be hungry almost always.

Experienced mothers can find out that a baby’s “hunger cry” have intervals of about an hour or two and they almost always fall asleep every time you feed them, especially those who breastfeed their babies.


Any form of discomfort experienced by baby will trigger crying outbreaks. Discomfort can range from insect bites, itches, colic to pain due to sickness and such.

However, babies crying due to pain can be a good sign as if ensure you that your baby is still strong enough to produce ear breaking cries.

A baby with serious sickness which weakens the body almost doesn’t cry. You should always get in touch with your pediatrician whenever your baby is sick.

Colic on the other hand, though scientists are still unsure on its main causes, is a form of discomfort experienced by babies which make them cry for extended periods of time. Parents often do not immediately know that their child is suffering from colic.


There are times when babies long for your company, which is why they call you when you are away and they do this by crying. Babies long for your company so always are there whenever your baby wants you there.

These are one of the major reasons why babies cry in the first place. Once you know these three major reasons why babies cry, you can now have an idea how to stop them from crying.


As surprising as it might be, babies get board also. Actually, babies get bored easily, especially if you place your baby in a bland room.

This is the logic in designing your baby room as colorful as ever. Babies love colors and designs so design your baby room as such.

However, there are times when you need to really be there for your baby as much as possible.

Not Getting What They Want

As with normal people, babies have their “wants” even if they are just months old. They want it hot; they want it cold, always wanting what is not.

Any parent must always be ready to give what their baby wants every time. This is important as any feeling of neglect babies experience will have an indelible imprint in their subconscious.

This is why it is very important for parents to always have the means to provide for their children, especially during those infant years. It is the main task for parents and should not be neglected.

Now that we know the main reasons why babies cry, we can now learn ways to ease our babies from crying heavily.

Things to Do to Stop Babies from Crying

As we have learned, babies cry for so many reasons and in order to stop them from crying you just simply give them what they want.

Remember that babies do not have any other means of communication apart from crying.

It is your baby’s way to saying “I want this or I want that.” Parent should always be keen to what they want so that stopping them from crying will be easy.

Babies Not at Ease

One must remember that any discomfort babies will experience will always result in babies crying. So, you need to always remove any discomfort from your baby.

Insect bites can be troublesome, especially ants, mosquitoes and other biting insects. In tropical countries use screens to shield your baby from mosquitoes and flies.

Make sure to clean your baby’s bed and sheets in order to avoid ants. In order serious situations that cause discomfort such as diseases, one must immediately consult a pediatrician.

Bored Babies

Though babies are often asleep, they can be cranky when they are really bored. Baby boredom is caused mainly by bland rooms and uneventful days.

There are cases when babies will cry just to get your attention. They are saying “please get me out of this room” or “please carry me to another part of the house.

If your baby cries and is not hungry then a little carrying time can be the solution.

  • Just embrace your baby and carry it around, this will also be the best bonding time you have with your baby.
  • Just cherish the moment you are carrying your child as there will come a time when you will miss that precious time in you and your baby’s life.

At the first few months of your baby’s life, you need to give them everything they want. Scientist now agree that you cannot spoil your child during these early months as their brains still are developing in order to allow conscious interaction with the environment.

Lonesome Babies

Babies need always the presence of their parents, especially if they are not yet used to being alone.

Once they sensed that they are alone in a room, they will cry. “Where are you, I am alone” is what they mean, but couldn’t not convey that message and they voice out their grievances through an ear piercing screeching cry.

If you are at home, then try to bring your baby anywhere you go, that is if it is possible. Remember that babies are sensitive to their surroundings and they can be cranky when ticked off.

So always be there for your baby. In the first few months after birth, you need to be always there, but as your baby gets older, he or she will get used to being alone.

“I want that” Babies

Giving babies what they want especially a few months after birth is normal. Scientists agree that at this point in time, your baby will not get spoiled when given everything they want every time.

You baby should feel that everything he or she needs comes from you. The dependence will create a stronger bond between you and your baby.

However, when your bundle of joy reaches 1 year, then limitations can be placed. Remember that all the attention in the world must be focused on your baby at this point in time. 

The Best and Proven Methods to Halt Babies from Crying

As stated above, methods to halt crying babies differ according to certain situations. However, there are some general methods to halt babies from crying, which seems to work every time.

These are some of the best and proven methods to halt babies from crying. These tips come from experienced mothers and professional pediatricians worldwide.

Dr. Harvey’s “5–S” Method

The Five “S” methods is one of the most common methods mothers use to calm their babies and halt them from crying.

The Five “S” stands for five methods which mothers can use all the time.

  • Swaddling
    Whenever your baby is crying from hunger or if they are really crying uncontrollably and seemingly for no reason, wrapping them up with comfortable linen or swaddle can be very helpful to calm them.

    This can be especially helpful in cold weather and in winter. However, if you are living in tropical countries, wrapping up babies will make them hot and make them cry more.

  • Side and Stomach Positions
    When your baby is crying, you can place them on their side or on their stomach. This will allow them to view the world in another angle and hopefully “distract” them from concentrating in crying.

    However, when your baby stops crying, you should place them again on their backs. Always have you baby lie on their backs when sleeping.

  • “Shush”
    Doing a shushing sound can in a way help babies become comfortable. Whenever you baby cries, you can hold him or her on your arms, do a “shushing” sound and rock them to sleep.

  • Swinging
    You can place your crying baby on a stroller and roll them around, or you can place your child on a rocking crib and “swing” them to sleep. Only remember not to swing forcefully or shake them to sleep as it can damage the brain of your child.

  • Pacifier
    pacifier can be a nice way to calm you child, however the best pacifier is a mother’s nipples. Breastfeeding is arguably one of the best methods to calm you child, especially if you are a breastfeeding mother.

    It will automatically calm your child and create a huge bonding experience between you and your baby. However, many mothers do not have the time to do this, but experts all agree that breastfeeding is one of the most important things mothers must do to their child.

  • Lullaby
    The loving lullaby sung by a caring mother to her baby is one seen in almost every culture on Earth. Singing to your child makes them comfortable and at ease.

    This is why in almost all countries there is a well-famous lullaby which defines their culture. Music is always good for children as it helps in the development of their brains.

    So, if you know a lullaby for your child, by all means sing it to your baby whenever you are putting him or her to sleep.

Odd and Crazy Ways to Stop Babies from Crying

If there are conventional ways to stop babies from crying, there are odd, strange and even crazy ways to stop babies from crying. This list came from various experiences from parents all over the world.

  • Hair Dryer or White Noise Machine
    As odd as it may seem, there are parent who are successful putting their child to sleep using a hair dryer. They just place the dryer near the baby and its sound is enough to send your babies to dreamland. The monotonous sound of a vibrating hair dryer is called “white noise” and it can help soothe crying children.

    There are many electrical devices which can be used to create these “white noise” and a hair dryer is one of them. Another alternative to this is the sound of running water. The sound of water has also been used by Buddhists and those who practice Shintoism on their meditations and such. The relaxing sound of flowing water can be used to soothe babies. Try it and see if it works.

  • Rock n Roll songs
    There are cases where babies can be put to sleep when rock n roll music are being played. There are stories of bands like AC/DC, singers like Michael Jackson and a plethora of other singers that can successfully make babies sleep.

  • Car ride
    Many parents find baby crying solution by driving their inconsolable baby around. Many claim that it is really effective and are constantly doing this to soothe their child and help them to sleep.

  • Whistling
    A website tackling ways to stop crying babies have listed whistling as one of the proven methods to stop babies from crying their hearts out. A soft gentle whistle is claimed to be effective to stop crying babies.

  • Exercise Ball
    This bouncy ball can help your child bounce back to sleep. Just carry your child while sitting carefully on the exercise ball and sway your child to sleep.

  • Giving a bath
    Giving your child a bath can really relax your kid and make them sleepy. This is especially effective when done in hot summer days, where a good bath can effectively cool your baby down.

  • Giggling
    There are cases where giggling in front of your baby can help them fall to sleep. There are stories and testimonials from parents who are able to soothe their baby from crying just by giggling in front of their child. You can try this and maybe it can help you.

These are some of the odd ways to keep your babies from crying heavily. However, one must always put into mind that a baby’s cry is a normal thing and should not be angry about.

Babies do not yet have the capacity to convey their thoughts and ideas to their parents, aside from crying loudly.

Next on this list are the big “NOs” when putting your child to sleep. These are the wrong ways of putting children to sleep.

Wrong Ways to Stop a Baby’s Cry


This is one of the most dangerous things you can do to a baby. Shaking them to sleep does not only irritate your baby, it also can damage your baby’s internal organs much especially the brain.

This wrong method of putting babies to sleep can result in what is now called “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” This is a condition where babies suffer organ damage due to violent shaking, which in some cases can lead to permanent physical damage and even death.

It is wrong to shake babies especially out of frustration from failure to soothe their crying. 

Ignoring Their Cries

This is a big issue, especially as many pediatricians today support the self-soothe method, where they allow the baby to cry his or herself to sleep. Newly born infants are totally dependent on their parents especially their mothers.

It is instinct that babies long for their mothers every time. For this reason, mothers should not deprive their baby’s request of attending to their needs. Remember that crying is the only communication you baby can have with you so cherish it always.

Whenever your baby cries, always be there every time. You don’t know what the cause of your baby’s cry so always be there to check what is happening. You can introduce self-soothing, after you have shown all of the love you can give to your child.