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Best Swing Sets for Older Kids Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

One thing that we can say with confidence is: almost all children like to play in a bounce house and also love to swing.

It might be difficult to set up a bouncing castle in the backyard, but you can get the best swing sets for older kids right in your compound.

It will keep your child fit and entertained.

Older kids have a lot of energy that they have to expel by playing around, and a swing set is a safe and exciting way of losing that energy.

A swing set usually consists of two swings and other play structures that you can easily install in your backyard.

Adding such a set to your sandbox for kids will complete your backyard playground.

Today, we will review the five best sing sets for older kids.

We want to help you find the ideal one because it helps to burn calories, help a kid relax, and exercises the muscles. Let us now get into the review portion of the article:

5 Best Swing Sets for Older Kids Reviews 2022

In our opinion, the Backyard Discovery Mount Mckinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set is the best choice for everyone if there is enough space.

You get everything your kid will ever need. Let us talk about what this set includes.

It has a wall-climbing side where one or two kids can try climbing.

It has an upper clubhouse that a child can climb up to using the ladder or the rock-climbing side.

Once you are on the top, you can slide down from the inbuilt slide.

The whole structure is of 100% cedar.

Keeping safety as the number one priority, the manufacturers have added flat step rungs for any child.

It also has a telescope and a steering wheel to allow for more imaginative play.


  • It is weather-resistant
  • The brackets that hold this structure together are of excellent quality
  • It meets the ASTM standards
  • The design is suitable for energetic children


  • The wood may split after long use

Another excellent Backyard Discovery that made its way to the top 5 swing sets is the Monticello All Cedar Wood Playset.

It has very similar features as the Mount McKinley.

However, there are a few placement differences and some additions and missing parts on this set.

The added features are a sandbox and a monkey bar. Some children love these additions.

It has a slide, a big ladder, two swings hang on the side along with a trapeze swing.

The clubhouse has a wooden roof and a lemon stand at the front covered with a pergola.


  • It comes with an inbuilt snack bar
  • Easy to understand the installation instructions
  • The quality of the structure is very high
  • Affordable for such an extensive product


  • The package may be missing some nuts and some bolts
  • Some of the wood pieces are not cedar

For a more open and breathable swing set, the Skroutz Metal Swing Set With Slide will make an excellent choice.

It has the accommodation capacity of 6 children between the ages of three to eight.

You will get a Skroutz unique E-book with his package.

There are five features on this swing set: two swings, a glider, a saucer glider, and last but not least, a wavy slide.

The total length of the Skroutz Metal Swing Set With Slide is approximately 14.8 feet.

The materials are all weather resistant, and it delivers durability.


  • It is weather-resistant
  • It has a saucer glider than all children love
  • It does not require much time to build it fully
  • It does not take up much space


  • A bit expensive
  • The Skroutz unique E-book is the only thing you get

The Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set can accommodate seven children at one go.

It has two swings, a slide, a ladder to climb up to the small clubhouse, a sandbox at the bottom, and a chalkboard on top.

Everything you need to build this structure comes with the package. The pre-stained wood is child-safe.

The play deck has a canopy over it to protect your child from the rain and sun.

You also get a rock wall to satisfy your kid’s climbing needs.

The brand has made sure that you do not have any trouble while building this swing set by providing detailed and clear step-by-step instructions.


  • Great value for the product
  • The assembly is simple and easy to follow
  • You get everything you need for a comparatively lower price


  • It does not come with labeled parts
  • The size of this swing set is a little small

Backyard Discovery has made its mark in our minds with their excellent swing set.

The Skyfort with Tube Slide is another product by Backyard Discovery that has fought and won its place in the top five best sets.

There are two levels in the Skyfort.

The first level of playing has a sandbox area, a snack stand, a picnic table, and two swings in the side.

It also includes a web swing.

The upper level has a rock wall, a small balcony, a wavy slide, and a tube slide.

There is nothing more your kid could ask for.


  • It has both a tube slide as well as a wavy slide
  • Clear labels and building instructions
  • The wood is smooth and of high quality


  • The clubhouse is a little compact
  • The overall size of the swing set will take up a lot of space in your backyard


Swing sets will keep your active children occupied with something healthy. The products we have mentioned are excellent choices for any family.

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set - Editor's Choice

However, the best one of all will have to be the Backyard Discovery Mount Mckinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set. It comes with the fundamental requirements for an affordable price. Its durability, easiness to build, and the weather-resistant features have made it one of the best swing sets for older kids.

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